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  1. S01.E10: All That We Have Found

    Got a new sound system so sat through these last few episodes. Reached for the mute on several occasions as the sound track of unceasing screeching dissonance (the worst kind of dissonance!) attempting to be scary (?) but isn't, just initiates headache. Nor does gore, especially gratuitous gore (the worst kind of gore!). D'Branin a self-absorbed dipshit from the 'nothing is more important than FAMILEEE' tribe. Rowan decides to become an axe-murderer as you do, as a grieving parent. Everybody else staggering around holding their heads in agony (because they don't have mute button) until they die in various unpleasant ways. The horror genre is lame, relies on people acting irrationally and is redundant - one 'OMG get it out of my head!' after another. And throws in subplots that lead nowhere eg what did that crew of man-milking women have to do with anything. Nothing, except because HORRIBLE. I quit reading Game of Thrones at the end of Vol 1 because he betrayed his main character. Because he could! To upset convention! Now this funfest. The crew should just drive the ship to the destination to let the scientists do their mission. Which as I recall was to communicate w the Volcryn in an attempt to save humanity. Which becomes an afterthought since the real priority is fifty shades of 'OMG my head!!!' - splat! So procrastinated til the season finale apparently. I'll watch it, mute at the ready to see how it ends I guess. Great sci-fi thanks George!
  2. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    Remarkable, thanks!
  3. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    Ye forum denizens have put more thought into this than the paid writers eh wot! Would go so far as out on the proverbial "limb" to bet that the writers simply forgot! (Known as a "limb-end bet".) About the dad and his big house. And their Ma jeez. Per Whatzisname's Razor, the simplest is most likeliestest explanation. Even more likely, they "couldn't be arsed" as they say "across the pond" (heh heh!). That is, either they didn't think of it, or did and did nae give shite. Nothing a bit of throwaway dialog couldn't fix, yes. So alas, chance missed. Whether a symptom of rushed work or evidence of hack writing, that's the rub. Is there a separate job in a writing dept of keeping track of "our story thus far"? Do they keep a big book, does it have a single owner? A gasp, private forum? Longer shows develop 'canon' (lovely word to this old Catlik) but this gang is starting from scratch. Weekly/daily writer meetings, does not one of them say let's put in a line explaining why she can't stay at her dad's. Or let's not forget, the mum died only two weeks ago, they should be grieving. How about let's say "Three months later..." to remedy the compressed time issue. Maybe the schedule is such that continuity is not as carefully curated as (obsessed, zealous, fussy etc.) fans would like. More $ and care taken in the action sequences - all those extras, equiptment, shooting! Script $ preserved for catering. And it gives fans something to nibble on - distracted by continuity nuts! We are not fooled though, these nuts are but a distraction! This is what THEY want you to obsess over, allowing them to punt the ACTUAL BIG QUESTION OF WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED into the next season, always the next season, until cancelled before they have to come up with some damn thing. And you do not catch the punted question, because it is in the future and you do not care, because your nose is down in the grass at the 5-yd-line searching for yes, continuity nuts. Well this is the coach telling you to look up and catch the ball/question! (Note, sort out this metaphor later. Or you know, not.) In spite of their piddling and cowardly distractions. Grace is mad again uh oh! I will do anything for my son! He proclaimed, yet again. Perhaps a separate topic? Can a civilian do that? (See couldn't be arsed above.) Categories of theory: Timey-wimey: Inadvertent multiverse displacement via wormhole opened above Jamaica. But wormholes are spatial not temporal right? In this case time only, space was static so, a time hole? Many Star Trek variants of this, pick a cool one. Temporal anomalies abound, many threats to the delicate fabric of space-time. They flew right into chronoton particle cloud (!) the result of temporal storm, cause of turbulence. Time distortion at exit a function of er say, plane speed. Inverse temporal toroid, the plane didn't disappear five years they are on 'normal' time and really the rest of the universe 'blinked' forward around the toroid oops! And the intervening time did not actually happen and they only have false memories. It all depends on your point of view. Because time is relative you see. If they found the time hole maybe they could go back! Well that's not a theory. Again, Kirk and Spock could help here. Still, since there was no spatial displacement maybe the scientists could visit the airspace and send drones through - could still be there? Consciousness woo: Mass hallucination, subjects actually unconscious, stored in pods (Matrix model) or used as seasoning in large gravy boat at lunch table of enormous alien. Individual hallucination. Ugh not likely! Bob Newhart wakes up, St Elsewhere happened in a snow globe, kind of thing. MIchaela in coma, her dream. I dunno this whole category smells of cheat to me. Mystic/religious: First of many such events, ongoing effects of God v Satan time fight! Crossover! TARDIS malfunctioned at nearby coordinates after Jamaican vacation and intersected with...Dr returns in Season 6 to give them the choice to go back. The Eyebrows of God. We prostrate ourselves before their abundance and magnificence. I am in their thrall so gonna have to choose this. Others: Is it Aunt Ethel's Razor? Could have a go at the you-know-whats. Kill Flanders! ETA: I think the writers of Futurama would be of great help to this crew, when the time (heh heh!) comes.
  4. S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    As of this episode the only reason I still watch is to be able to keep up with the excellent commentary here. One cheeseball dramatic technique in play here is dithering by the goods vs decisiveness by the bads. That is, the slowness of the uptake at action time eg Dad, look over there! Cal, how did you get here! Dad, over there! Michaela, bring Cal somewhere safe! Dad, over there! Cal, what do you mean over there - do you mean here? No dad, over there! Do you mean in my hat? Etc. All movement must be preceded by squabbling about protecting one or more of the participants - you can't go it's too dangerous, I'm going! No you're not, yes I am! Oh all right but stay in the car! So we understand how committed they are, and to take up time that could be used to advance the actual plot. The characters necessary to a scene end up at the scene anyway so of course all that could all be dispensed with. Or incredulity at the surprising nature of any suggestion. A farmhouse upstate, rilly? Between the two trees? Where do you come up with this stuff! Oh well maybe we should have a look after the commercial. Or applying guilt that the right action will cause drama later a la BBQ. All action is conscribed by impedimemts of mental slowness or domestic consequence. Whereas the evil lab people are remarkably brisk in their movements, able to tear down labs and move people in the time it takes our heroes to decide who rides in front or back. Would be fun to find out some day if the writers expected viewers to have sympathy for Grace and bungled the effort Wesley Crusher style, or are aware of the unfairness of her arguments (as well described upthread) meaning have made her this harridan on purpose. If the latter okay you have made your point and if presumably the target is getting Ben and Saanvi together then move it along please. Speaking of brisk action, the rescued people were certainly whisked off in a hurry! No autonomy for them, just transport to the next plot place god knows where. The concern for Cal's whereabouts doesn't extend to these poor souls. They'll miss Christmas! Still not noticed missing in their native countries because the rest of the world doesn't exist, only Famileee!
  5. S01.E08: Point of No Return

    Hey I just figured out multi-quote! Derrr. Yes, because "family" is the go-to excuse for characters to behave carelessly. We are expected to respond But that's crazy! Oh is it for family? Ah well then you are exempt from normal precautions - no option is too hare-brained, to protect FAMILEE! The standard for most sanctimonious family show is Blue Bloods in case anybody cannot get enough of this particular kind of treacle. Presumably further investigation into the weirdest physical event to ever happen in known history is being done by additional top minds beyond Ben, and it would be nice to check in on them. I do too. I want another daughter just so I can call her Little Lourdes Fauntleroy. There is a reporter on NPR named Lourdes Garcia-Navarro which is about the most beautiful name I ever heard. And she calls herself Lulu! Come on! This too is an abomination. Also unless you are careful you can grab a box of "ice cream food" or "frozen dessert" instead of proper ice cream. Again producers afraid to commit to their own product. Bastards! It's all connected!
  6. S01.E08: Point of No Return

    As the plot plods along a young lad's thoughts turn to...weird product placement. Fig Newtons, which are now, alas, mere 'Newtons' of which fig is just one possible filling. Nabisco retreating from their own product similar to Dunkin Donuts removing Donuts from their name. The fig associated with elderly people and their concern for 'regularity' it seems. By getting Fig out of the name they can introduce more trendy fillings like strawberry, that the youngsters are sure to enjoy. So Nabisco would not have paid for this outdated mention. Did I see the Stop and Shop logo on Ben's ice cream? And that girl made a Doritos sandwich. Doritos brand, accept no substitutes! Plotwise, sigh, Michaela misinterprets a voice AGAIN, and beats herself up about it. Reacting irrationally, which is disappointing and not the sort of hard-nosed thinking you want in a detective. While Ben gets to do math, she chooses the astrology department. Again, what is the point of ambiguous messages? Grace no thank you, still. I am not usually one to mention chemistry as it's subjective, but between her and Ben there seems none, imo. They are both so obviously acting. Ben has more chemistry with his boss.
  7. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Yes thanks (and Moose135) consensus seems to be that it was her after all. But wasn't there an unusual shadowy stealth that implied otherwise? And the NSA spirited away her body? I would rewatch to verify, but that's a level of commitment I'm not quite willing to make.
  8. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    At least the eyebrows provide continuity. They are comforting and I always know I'm watching the right show. Speaking of continuity has there been any followup of the shooting by the shadowy figure of the woman who went to the news? Mentioned by NSA dudes or our heroes. Anything. Happened at the end of Ep 2? It was determined that the killer was not the spurned assistant right? Meaning the real killer is at large. Which Michaela and Jared are aware of (?) so would pique their interest you might think. They went to some trouble with the shadowiness, then seem to have forgotten about it. Maybe they will cycle back to it in season 6 ha ha.
  9. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Without pathetic computer security most modern detecting efforts would simply cease in their tracks. It's too much work for writers who have to progress a plot briskly to deal with real-world safeguards, so the result is this kind of eye-rolling scene. Variations on the old "Look it's Halley's comet!" ploy - while their attention is elsewhere, you copy the files! Similar the guessing of passwords and the old 'enlarge and enhance' of crap security cam footage to reveal a license plate within the car-sized enlarged pixels, Might as well hold up a sign saying [hero breaks into computer to steal info vital to plot, never mind how].
  10. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Arthur C. Clarke's third law, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Hey for a real bummer check out the depressing Childhood's End miniseries yuck. In addition to go-it-alone Ben, there is a confab of a bunch of scientists gathered to try and make some sense of this event, in terms of physics and the like. We know because they showed us a whole brief scene of them! We don't want to see more of them though because the cause is only the engine for the wonderful domestic drama that is centered around Grace and her feeelings. I used to watch Suits which was centered on legal cases. Similarly hard to write so it devolved into 'You betrayed me Harvey!' 'No, you betrayed us Mike, you betrayed all of us!" Because law and physics are both hard.
  11. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Heartbeat like a geiger counter! I like the dowsing rod idea. Other possibilities may be Ouija and alphabet soup. Each week rolls out a new yet equally indirect method of whatever the source is, getting its point across. Each time the 'calling' is just ambiguous enough to provide drama, carefully between just straight out conveying the message plainly, and having it be so garbled that the eyebrows do not act correctly. That's a pretty narrow bandwidth. We don't know if the other passengers are experiencing similar callings. If not our main cast could have disappeared on a small charter plane. As of now the other passengers exist only to provide a supply of potentially spooky abilities, as needed by plot of the week. Otherwise, forgotten altogether. I guess the three categories of possibility are alien, spiritual, and evil corporate experimental. Others? Our heroes may be mere brains in bottles in an alien lab, experiencing a supposed 'future' virtually. Maybe Evil Corp is developing Mind Warriors and these are v1, who are unpredictably doing good instead of the hoped-for dastardly deeds. And they are tweaking the accuracy of the callings over time, to do their evil bidding. Will our heroes figure this out before marching off the cliff? It would be fun to see evil scientist leaning over a mike and twiddling dials saying 'Go left!' or 'Save him!' Dammit this signal is so unreliable! Or an alien slithering around wondering if he can get the eyebrows to twitch just so. But we are being guided away from this kind of speculation, in favor of will Michaela something something triangle best friend etc. Disappearing for 5 1/2 years is a mere detail of plot! Allowing us to focus on fascinating domestic drama. Okay then. If it's me in charge I'd be sending Ben a simple message. Via skywriting, why not. Cal asks Ben what's it spelling dad? I don't know Cal, looks like d-i-v-o-r...hmm wonder what it could mean.
  12. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    Danny can go off with Grace. Take off hosers! (Tho filmed in NY not Vancouver? Yay budget.) Ben can have visitation rights to see Olive and Cal. Ben and Saanvi path available. Boom, done! But as described above, network or the writers or everybody besides us viewers prefer the soap opera. Easy to write and produce. Everybody's an expert, don't need expensive sci-fi effects, can drag on as needed. I noticed for the first time that eyebrow girl has a really nice figure. Good for her! If she would just visit a landscaping company. I like IT guy - eager to show new employee who happens to be a math prof and an 828er weird massive data files from client company! Enthusiasm for sharing client data with anyone who shows an interest as a result of bonding over poker is a sure sign of quality technical staff.
  13. S01E06: Off Radar

    She wasn't alone, the Dr and medical staff was right with her giving sound treatment. Cal is unconscious/delirious with fever, not much for the parents to do. In spite of her saying "It's okay Cal, mummy's here." Which, ugh (if I am remembering that right?). So I'm okay with letting Ben pop out for a bit to help solve the problem that is actually causing Cal's distress in the first place. In spite of Grace not believing him. I wonder if she gave similar grief to Olive for hanging out with her boyfriend or whoever instead of being at the hospital. Be in the hospital playing Candy Crush in the waiting room for the next indefinitely, to demonstrate your love for me and Cal! Or you know, let the doctors do their job.
  14. S01E06: Off Radar

    You'd think she'd pack a better camera for the trip come to think of it. A surveillance mission after all.
  15. S01E06: Off Radar

    Yea. They could tighten the episodes up by replacing these scenes with a sign saying [insert torture here]. They are generic, we don't need to see them. Though you could say the same for [insert chase scene here] or in this show's case [insert incredulity here]. But then there would be little left.