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  1. S06.E19: The Geek Interpreter

    Came by to see if anybody else noticed that. Presumably that's a gas fireplace - can you just leave an open flame on like that when you leave? Not to mention the wastefulness. On TV nobody ever tends the fireplace, it's just fabulously on. It always takes me several minutes to leave, including a check for anything that might burn the place down. She just grabbed her bag and out they went. Artistic license, or the diff between renting and owning? Ha.
  2. Harry the CGI Lizard

    Great topic! I'd watch a Harry-centric episode. He goes missing, Mooney must find him. A girlfriend lizard leads him astray but later helps solve murder. Could solve wildlife crime on the island. ETA I like Florence's hair up!
  3. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    I think the answer to this is no, because though the er, declination might be the same, the position is different.. Those aren't the proper terms but that's the idea. Google analemma it's fascinating. The idea that he could pin a precise date based on the shadows in photos seems pretty implausible.
  4. S06.E13: Breathe

    Thanks! Oh right - they had FBI offices across the country leak, put word out on the 'dark web', and snatched him right up! Took about an hour? No wonder I don't bother with the plots lol.
  5. S06.E13: Breathe

    I lost track of how they found the 2nd hitman - the insight was if the first one kept records to prevent blackmail, probably the second one did too. Cut to scene of 2nd hitman in interrogation room - whut? That was darn quick. I am in the no baby camp, but an example worth looking at is the Miss Fisher mysteries, where Phryne who is about Watson's age adopts a street urchin or two with a refreshing lack of handwringing/angst, and they are integrated into the plots pretty seamlessly. Good model maybe. That's an Australian show though, a bit friskier than stodgy CBS.
  6. S05.E06: Icarus

    By the way just to add no way should Fred have given Charlie a dime. My brother was of the same ilk and had he ever asked for money he would have got laughed at.. This kind of request doesn't come out of the blue - there's history there. Maybe throw a few quid his way if a softie. The wife and daughter could work. But giving away their whole savings, and not telling Win to boot, because 'family', is preposterous. Invoking 'family' doesnt turn a hard-boiled copper into an idiot.
  7. S05.E06: Icarus

    I was expecting something more clever from Cromwell Ames than a simple frontal assault on Eddie Nero's headquarters, if that's what it was. They built him up as next gen crime guy, ruthless but also more savvy than some mere brute. Tx for the info re full version, will look for it.. PBS does a disservice, should show the proper version over two hours if need be, to get their ads in. Or split into two 1-hour slots like Midsomer Murders, with plenty of time leftover. After all it's not like their schedule is so full of original programming that they don't have 30 mins to spare. Used to be they had the monopoly on Brit shows, but no longer.
  8. S05.E05: Quartet

    The actress who played Bagshot played pretty much the same part in Foyle's War a few years ago. She's pretty convincing.
  9. S05.E02: Cartouche

    They showed up in it as I recall. Its oddness being an indication to us that Charlie has a weakness for harebrained schemes as somebody mentioned. Having a financially irresponsible relative all too common alas. I would not have minded learning more about the (American!) car and the source of his debt.
  10. S05.E03: Passenger

    Gee some good commentary above thanks. I do think in this case at least the murders were the dodgiest part of the story. Everything else, the character interaction, mood, setting, sets, score etc are so finely done you just assume the details of the whodunit make sense. Not so much this time though. The trainspotter was meant to come off as autistic wasn't he? And he had a stammer. Guess that's why I was looking for a more thorough look at his background. Association of autism or any 'differently abled' for that matter with crime, without a better effort at context, seems like something to avoid.
  11. S05.E03: Passenger

    I think she said 'connard' meaning jerk/asshole to that guy she slapped so assumed it was the same French girl. Though nothing came of it, unless they cut another scene. One or two seasons ago Bright was brave vs a tiger which I think he shot and said something about India afterwards. It was good because prior to that he only seemed to be a timid not-too-Bright bureaucrat. After that they began giving him more substance. Which is good, Lesser is a terrific actor.
  12. S05.E03: Passenger

    What was the trainspotter's motivation - who the heck was he? Why did he choose to do another murder after all this time, and why did he apologize? Because creepy stationmaster was mean to him? I mixed up nursing home nurse, mother of the first victim, with the (much younger?) pregnant wife of stationmaster, so thought he was the father of the first victim. Need to watch again. Of course sexism in the '60s, but I thought they were a bit on the nose with it re Trewlove. Everything about the robbery cops was overdone - pure eeevil bastards. Thursday's disdain for reporter identical to police disdain for reporter in Dr Blake Mysteries. And probably other shows too. Right down to you have your job to do, and I have mine! They must watch each other's shows. I wasn't that impressed w the view! Had to look up the Tommy Brock reference, a badger from Beatrix Potter. Set design, locations, score, and cinematography top notch as usual. Cars and trains even!
  13. S05.E02: Cartouche

    Yes thanks, missed it. So much to unpack with these episodes!
  14. S05.E02: Cartouche

    Also since I apparently cannot let this go, it's left-hand drive. That is, US not UK model. If I was Fred would have suggested selling it to pay off some of that debt. Bright's mention of the river Tiber "foaming with much blood" when talking to Thursday is a reference to a speech about immigration made that year by Enoch Powell: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivers_of_Blood_speech
  15. S05.E02: Cartouche

    D'oh it's a Polara 500, not a Dart! Revealed in the scene of their leaving (I love the slo-mo and pause functions). And the horn plays Dixie! What the heck was Charlie doing with such an American beast? For those interested: