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  1. S05.E03: Passenger

    Gee some good commentary above thanks. I do think in this case at least the murders were the dodgiest part of the story. Everything else, the character interaction, mood, setting, sets, score etc are so finely done you just assume the details of the whodunit make sense. Not so much this time though. The trainspotter was meant to come off as autistic wasn't he? And he had a stammer. Guess that's why I was looking for a more thorough look at his background. Association of autism or any 'differently abled' for that matter with crime, without a better effort at context, seems like something to avoid.
  2. S05.E03: Passenger

    I think she said 'connard' meaning jerk/asshole to that guy she slapped so assumed it was the same French girl. Though nothing came of it, unless they cut another scene. One or two seasons ago Bright was brave vs a tiger which I think he shot and said something about India afterwards. It was good because prior to that he only seemed to be a timid not-too-Bright bureaucrat. After that they began giving him more substance. Which is good, Lesser is a terrific actor.
  3. S05.E03: Passenger

    What was the trainspotter's motivation - who the heck was he? Why did he choose to do another murder after all this time, and why did he apologize? Because creepy stationmaster was mean to him? I mixed up nursing home nurse, mother of the first victim, with the (much younger?) pregnant wife of stationmaster, so thought he was the father of the first victim. Need to watch again. Of course sexism in the '60s, but I thought they were a bit on the nose with it re Trewlove. Everything about the robbery cops was overdone - pure eeevil bastards. Thursday's disdain for reporter identical to police disdain for reporter in Dr Blake Mysteries. And probably other shows too. Right down to you have your job to do, and I have mine! They must watch each other's shows. I wasn't that impressed w the view! Had to look up the Tommy Brock reference, a badger from Beatrix Potter. Set design, locations, score, and cinematography top notch as usual. Cars and trains even!
  4. S05.E02: Cartouche

    Yes thanks, missed it. So much to unpack with these episodes!
  5. S05.E02: Cartouche

    Also since I apparently cannot let this go, it's left-hand drive. That is, US not UK model. If I was Fred would have suggested selling it to pay off some of that debt. Bright's mention of the river Tiber "foaming with much blood" when talking to Thursday is a reference to a speech about immigration made that year by Enoch Powell: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivers_of_Blood_speech
  6. S05.E02: Cartouche

    D'oh it's a Polara 500, not a Dart! Revealed in the scene of their leaving (I love the slo-mo and pause functions). And the horn plays Dixie! What the heck was Charlie doing with such an American beast? For those interested:
  7. S05.E02: Cartouche

    Thanks, that's close! Found it:: https://goo.gl/images/kYScuA A '62 Dart , not a new car, in '68. A two-door. Morse gives it a good look first tme he sees it. In general when unusual cars are shown, I wish they'd give some reason. Possibly not common in England, and possibly a muscle car, depending on the engine. The final scene of them leaving gives a hint of big-engine rumble.
  8. S05.E02: Cartouche

    I was absolutely baffled by the plot - the different martinis, two different (?) poisons, one in a straw wtf, one in olive wtf2, meant for this guy, but consumed by that guy, the restaurant owner and daughter, the stabbed extortion guy as if from a different episode, the friggin cartouche, two goddam autograph books. Charlie Thursday a great shifty character, wish we learned about his business and his weirdly cheerful wife. I watch the wardrobe and set design since I canna follow the plot. They do a good job with the old-timey eyeglasses and the men's haircuts. And the cars! Ooh that Jag. They made rather a show of Charlie's car, but I couldn't make out the make or model. Anybody have info about it? Have this recorded on the DVR, but haven't looked for the cut or not scene yet.
  9. S05.E01: Muse

    I think they said that without provenance the piece was worthless. By which I take them to mean, worthless to the gang that took it for payment from the refugees. Great to see this show back. It has been so long, I have to read up on Fancy as thought he was already a character. With all the funny names - Bright, Thursday etc I may have a false memory.
  10. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    Pretty risky. Seems like it would be a lot easier to just bury the.body in the woods somewhere.
  11. O'Hanlon recovers this show for me - I found Humphrey morose, distracted, even insufferable at times. Just going through the motions. Mooney seems happy to be there, and has a light touch that is a much better fit IMO. Also in the post-Humphrey era they seem to be making a bit better use of Elizabeth Bourgine thank goodness.
  12. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    Ditto re sound, but I have learned to live with CC. Just to weigh in on Joan telling Sherlock, I thought it was inappropriate and was surprised she did it. I am no saint but would not reveal something told to me in confidence like that. If Sherlock figures it out on his own is another matter, that wouldn't be on her. We know Sherlock is heedless of boundaries, she should be the adult and respect them.
  13. S06.E06: Give Me the Finger 2018.06.04

    On the language front, I think it was still Miller's voice but the dub of Sherlock's Japanese sentence at the beginning was noticeable. Which is an improvement, means effort spent trying to get it right.. Would be nice then if they could get at least one of the characters who supposedly speaks Japanese, either the prosthetic maker or Sherlock, to pronounce yakuza the way the Japanese do, more like YAkuza not yakoooza. Oh well pet peeve. Plot too convoluted even for this show, hope they resolve the Michael plot soon, and glad no adopting. Props for treating the brutal addiction of demon rum still so common yet not talked about so much these days it seems. Hannah still looks pretty well held together but I assume this event will precipitate a bout with the bottle. Timely in a way, as the drunk dancing FBI agent whose gun fell out and discharged was just in the news. Hope she doesn't lose her job, though ought not to be carrying a gun. I wish they'd give the Gregson character a break in his personal life, Aidan Quinn always looks about to burst into tears. Maybe he could go flyfishing or something.
  14. Unforgotten

    Yea. That's what the closed captioning had.
  15. Unforgotten

    Well after saying I was done with this of course I went back and watched 2nd and 3rd parts. Great production all around. Pretty dense so benefitted from a second viewing. I don't mind the Strangers on a Train plot, Law and Order used it too. There are only so many plots after all and it is an elegant solution. Similar to the first arc where two murders by the same woman was not real believable to me though, the idea that Sara could have staged the disappearance of Paxton off a yacht, Colin could have staged a hanging, and Marion could have kilt Walker and stuffed him into a suitcase, all successfully, didn't seem plausible. Agree with others, could have done without the dad subplot which IMO added nothing, and would like to have seen some comeuppance, or something, for the blackmailers. Overall great job, looking forward to the next story.