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  1. Unforgotten

    I didn't realize this was a three-episode arc so thought well they are moving this right along! Good job all around, the pacing in particular was well done. So many of these shows spend too much time on moody scenes and such then have to cram loads of dense exposition into the last few minutes. This unfolded at a better pace allowing us to absorb what was happening. Also didn't beat us over the head with the 'genius' detective, just thorough police work. Nicola Walker is great in this role - just enough of capable, without showiness. Remarkable that the main suspect might be less reluctant to admit murder than admit something so commonplace now. How times have changed. There were a couple of points I wasn't clear on but will catch it again to clear those up. I can rarely sit through whole police procedurals anymore, this was an exception. .
  2. Unforgotten

    Re scalding water, when I complained to our plumber that our hot water was not hot, he said by code he was not allowed to set it any higher than X, then showed me the little thermostat on the water tank and said if a person was to set it hotter, this is where they would do it, wink wink. Maybe a local thing, and only for new installations. But in general, that seems like an obvious precaution to take if there is an occupant with dementia. And that's not some old rundown cottage. If they use gas for cooking, yikes. For that matter would you let a person in that condition near the kitchen? I like the idea that she may not be as demented as she seems. If can get away from awful husband, may experience dramatic change for the better. Maybe theme of women adapting perforce to accommodate bad men?
  3. Unforgotten

    I dunno about this. They are elderly and well off. Presumably she is under some routine care. Family members abusing other family members is why elder protective services exist, and case managers are trained to spot this kind of situation. And it's not exactly hard to detect here. The dad wouldn't get to have his way just because he can convince his oblivious sons. One 'do you feel safe at home' question and she'd be out of there. It's not a show-stopper for me, just rings false, and I chalk it up to dramatic license. Tom Courtenay can certainly play creepy still, that's for sure.
  4. Unforgotten

    This is one piece that strikes me as false. The sons seem too bright not to see the obvious need for some kind of assistance or intervention in that house. If the wife was diagnosed with dementia there would be some visiting nurse or home health aide at least. When I go to get my eyes checked they ask me if I am safe at home for crying out loud. She seems coherent enough and continuously expresses fear to whoever is in earshot. That should trigger some action regardless of what the father wants. Also, in US at least plumbing codes prevent hot water temp from being set to scalding levels. If not by code, then obviously if you have someone in the house with dementia who has access to scalding water, you would turn the water temp down at the tank. As for the racist woman and the boy they are mentoring, the tossing of the chem textbook was too on the nose. Like, get it? Mentor is a racist! Homies told you, were right all along! Get it? Huh? A chance to go for some nuance lost there.
  5. Anybody see the Turkish meatballs? I guess it's okay if you trust your source, but the ground beef looked too pink in the middle for my liking. And I think they edited it so you wouldn't see, only caught a glimpse. Come to think of it they could do a segment on ground beef rareness. I like the cast esp Rayna Jhaveri but the format in addition to being too bright is tired. I wear sunglasses to watch, don't like the kitchen-as-lab motif, prefer a warmer setting. Chris's presence seems to me no longer necessary, tho the younger cooks have the discipline not to roll their eyes at his tired schtik. Knowing their jobs are at stake? Yea it's his show, but maybe he'd be better off behind the scenes at this point. Could try releasing these young cooks out of the sterile lab and into the wild where we viewers cook. They did that with Pati Jinich and it really helped her show. To reach the 'free' recipes on the website, you have to provide an email address and get a confirmation, it seems.
  6. Anybody catch the episode where Dan makes pizza for the grill? Man, no thanks. After all the work of making the dough the day before, he then burned it. Not burning the bottom of a pizza on the grill would be the whole point of showing us how experts solve this problem. Any knucklehead can burn the dough. They solved it by putting burned side down!
  7. S01.E02: A Fruitful Partnership

    In which Moore doesn't take the most basic of precautions. Dumbass.
  8. S11.E04: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

    Excellent! Young Mulder, Richard as People of Earth tie-in. Where was the scene with Dr They filmed - are those statues real? I remember the Twilight Zone episode Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up with perfect clarity, I think.
  9. I don't mind if they turn out to amount to nothing, but would still like an explanation for them. And the cult was actually nothing? That's a lot of bother to go to, to then just toss off as innocuous.
  10. I'll be pretty disappointed if they don't follow up with this stuff. If you are going to have a mystery, you owe it to viewers to commit to it and take care that all such leads are explained. Even if it's not a procedural per se. Otherwise it's lazy writing and detracts from the show. It's not like the characters are so interesting - they are mostly self-absorbed slugs, who have been energized by these events. If the event itself isn't laid out properly, you aren't left with much.
  11. Season 5 Discussion

    Just saw the last episode of S5, where she answers the question where to go from here, with I don't know. I know it's not a 'cooking show' per se, but I thought of Jacques Pepin's shows in contrast. His whole thing is getting people to be relaxed and to have fun in the kitchen - happy cooking! I kinda hope Vivian can pick up on this vibe in some way, stress seems to be the prevailing force in the last couple of seasons. I liked the bourbon episode in KY. Maybe they could do some episodes just on the food truck, it seemed like it was created just as part of the book tour and was treated mostly as a hassle. I looked through her cookbook at the bookstore - it is gorgeous, looks really well done.
  12. S04.E01: Christmas Special (1)

    Forgot about this show for ages. Watched this episode so remembered why I stopped watching. So many annoying characters, primarily Celia but also both sons (?) Who seem useless twats. Support your mum for god sakes. Oh and that ex John? Awful. And the accident with the angle grinder just to do a plot point, careless on both parts. All too bad, because I like the well, not sure what, really!
  13. S01.E11: New Dimensions

    Futurama did a great episode about two dimensions, called 2D Blacktop. Dr Farnsworth explained the physics, they showed how people cannot move past each other but must go around for example, and even the problems with eating. It was quite funny. The Orville could have done a lot more with the concept, instead just treated it as another anomaly.
  14. S01.E08: Into the Fold

    Typical TV brats. So rarely are kids portrayed well. Can never get what the writers are going for. Not precocious at least, because they didn't seem particularly bright. Rambunctious but basically good? Whatever, it doesn't work, they just come off as little shits. Mostly for that reason this ep didn't hold my interest, so assumed I missed an explanatory scene re Drogen, but maybe not. Without more info he seemed kind of pointless, just a plot device to keep Claire busy for a while.
  15. S04.E01: B As In Best Friend

    Did I hear the girl in the car refer to it as a 'safe space'? The kid who plays Eddie might already be taller than the real Eddie.