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  1. Season 10: All Episode Talk

    That’s the same reason I like things they do like explain a little bit about Scottish history, like why her ancestor lost everything in Scotland, Many Scots ended up in America for that exact reason. They explain things that show why people migrated. My ancestors are British and Scottish, so this episode was right up my alley. Funny how we like the episodes that explain our own history and others, not so much. I will agree that she should have known Blackbeard. Robert the Bruce, you have to be a Scottish history buff to know. I learned more about him than I ever knew watching this episode.
  2. Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I can understand that Derick doesn’t see Ronnie as a stepfather- having been an adult when they met. He probably only lived with him between Nepal and his marriage to Jill. However, Derick and Jill ignore him 24/7/365. I get the feeling that Derick and Jill ( and Jill’s family) believe that a widow or widower should never remarry. I really think that’s the main issue. I don’t remember Jill and Dericks wedding invitation including Ronnie, while Dans did. I think Dan likes Ronnie and appreciates him taking care of Cathy. Dan would have a much better appreciation as to what all that was since he probably saw more of Cathy and Ronnie after Dericks wedding than Derek did.
  3. I’d guess that Dorothy lied to Angelo similarly to pretending to still be married to Stan. Michaels’ musical talents didn’t run towards orchestra. More like rock/pop bands.
  4. S01.E11: Blast From The Past

    The whole series seems weak. It’s an ok hour- but I am unsure why it got renewed when other shows got cancelled. It must be for the people who want to see AC or Naveen and don’t care about whether or not the show is more than ho-hum.
  5. Zach and Tori

    Because if the head is too big the baby can get stuck in the birth canal.
  6. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    The older son was the one who did more of the care taking- Caleb, who was the one graduating from high school. He said that he chose to live with her after the divorce. He was probably old enough to choose for himself. Blake was the younger one and we saw him at the intervention and the rehab visit. Big Caleb has said he’d try to get full custody of Blake if Jackie didn’t go to rehab. Blake and Caleb were both gone the night before his graduation- maybe they split their time between the parents. I think you saw Jeff following up with Katie, an anorexic. That was the end of a ‘then and now’ episode on an alcoholic named Christine and Katie.
  7. Plus she had the Apex brand,so Apex had her at some point. Maybe we would have learned how she got away in another season.
  8. S19.E02: Jackie R. 2018.06.12

    The episodes shown details don’t match the episode description. I know that’s not our forums ‘fault.’. We only heard about 1 wrecked car, not 3. We sort of heard about the OD as in’ they are afraid it will happen again’ without saying what ‘it’ was. I know that’s all editing and episode length issues. I didn’t like her very much. I got the feeling she was all about her and that it would remain that way even sober. I felt very sorry for the boys who were stuck taking care of her. I also thought she tried to act as if she were 25 rather than 45: having a friend stay the night only to have a male friend come over and just then ignore the first friend. That being said - her friends were actually babysitters and the morality police at the same time. Unless her husband had misdeeds that were not discussed, she was just using him as a scapegoat to hang the blame on for her drinking.
  9. The name Reese always makes me think of Persons of Interest. Both Reeses were seemingly made of steel. Besides the Ellis name being all over the cabin - What other unanswered questions do you wish had gotten answered? Besides how they were all going to live now?
  10. Either in this thread or the Jer and Aud thread- the divorce agreement is summarized. She got the house. Matt got to manage the farm, most likely his title is President and CEO. Exactly why is it unreasonable now when it wasn’t then?
  11. Every one acts like it’s a given that Amy has to leave because they are divorced and she somehow doesn’t deserve the house. First, a marriage is a partnership. Both contributed regardless of monetary earnings. So Amy deserves that house no less than Matt. Second- she got the house in the divorce. I know some younger people think women’s equality should mean Amy walks away from it all- but years ago, the woman getting the house was normal. I knew several women that were granted the house up to and until they chose to abandon it- my aunt included. She ( my aunt) had never worked until shortly before the divorce. This was done routinely as a protection for stay at home wives so that they wouldn’t be out in the cold.
  12. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Oh , I agree with all that. I’m just grasping at straws to explain why Amy doesn’t tell Jeremy to stuff it in the tv scenes. The ones I cant bring myself to watch. I saw about 1 - 2 minutes of that office scene at the point when Amy says I have no reason to move until we sell. I’d also like to know what Zach says to all of them in private. I know he’s aware he needs the TV money. I also think he’s basically a polite person AND wants Tori to be proud of his behavior... but I wonder if he ever tells Matt, Jer and Aud what he really thinks.
  13. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Most likely Amy is afraid Aud and Jeremy will limit or deny her time with Ember even more than they already do. Otherwise I would think she’d have already told Jer in private that she is his parent not his child and she doesn’t answer to him. That sentence is what comes out of my mouth whenever my two sons start trying to dictate things to me. I’m just a few years older than Amy. On the other hand, Jacob has said that what is filmed doesn’t match reality- so maybe this is all for TV consumption.
  14. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I said it on a different thread. If Matt and Jeremy want Amy off the farm... then they need to come up with 50+% of the farms value and buy her out. That farm does not belong to the kids. If they want it, then they buy out the parents. Many families do that. It’s how the parents get the money to buy a house in town and fund their retirement. I did mean Matt above. I don’t think Zach expects Amy to just give up her half of the farm without compensation- but I think Matt Jeremy and Aud do.
  15. Matt and Amy DIVORCE

    I could only watch about 10 minutes of this tonight because of Jeremy and Aud. Jeremy lives a few minutes away from the farm. He can commute to it just like lots of other people I know. Amy needs to tell him that he can have the farm house when he comes up with the money to purchase the farm. Many farmers sell their farm to their offspring, then they go purchase a house in town and fund their retirement. I did catch Zach and Tori being ok with a move into the double wide. Why don’t Jer and aud consider that?