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  1. Reid’s mother was diagnosed with dementia and was increasingly violent. She’s not going to magically be cured. That’s not what I want to have as part of the finale. There are lots of good dramas and movies that have portrayed dementia well - such as Still Alice. Criminal Minds needs to stick to their main focus.
  2. God Friended Me

    I don’t think he used his daughters name fraudulently. They were co-owners. She didn’t know it had historical significance, and may be wouldn’t have signed off if she did. But she did sign her name herself. She was mad afterwards because of the historical significance. But again- the building did not have historical landmark status. That is something you have to apply for, it’s not automatically given to buildings over a certain age. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted to remodel or even demolish it. Which is what the new owners planned on doing. It wasn’t illegal. He was under no obligation to tell his daughter either. Although bad publicity would have resulted from it had it become public about the writer and that would have been on his daughters head because of her signature. He wasn’t a particularly nice man, but he didn’t commit a crime.
  3. God Friended Me

    Dee is probably gone because she’s not an integral part of the show and TPTB wanted to increase the Miles’ sister’s role in the show. Being single gives her more time to be involved in the activities. I don’t see what the father did as fraud. Ruthless and uncaring, yes. If the building wasn’t an already declared landmark, then making changes to it wouldn’t be illegal. Now once you get it declared, then yes you have to meet historical landmark conditions to renovate, etc. Unless New York laws say you have to apply for historical landmark status every single time you find out an old building has some historical connection?
  4. This is exactly what I think. She’s 29 and not a suitor in sight. If she meets someone tomorrow and follows their typical path, she wouldn’t be married until summer. The earliest she’d be giving birth to JB and Michelle’s latest precious grand baby would be next summer. She’s be 30.5. I think JB is worried his bidders want a younger model that can provide a dozen or more arrows for their quiver. Jana won’t be able to reach that level starting this late. Personally I don’t think jana wants that many - if she wants any. I want her to have what she wants. I just wish JB and Michelle did.
  5. S03. E11. Separate Together

    I don’t remember Diana previously needing a bar and a dance floor the night before a trial. We went from an arraignment two days after the armed robbery, to jury selection the next day to the trial the day after that. So surely Diana would have wanted to prepare for the trial rather than get drunk, dance and have sex. You know, maybe ask questions like ‘have you recently given anyone your combination? And was anyone else around to hear you? Maybe wonder why the store alarm went off, if it was an inside job- since they were perfectly happy to use a combination to open the safe. Maybe MW wouldn’t look so bad if he wasn’t in every scene. He has lots of fellow actors.
  6. S16. E12. The Last Link

    I didn’t like the forced feeling of the Gibbs annual Stillwater adventure. It was great when it was Gibbs and his Dad. But a stranger that was supposedly an old war buddy of his Dad just didn’t have the same feel. I missed the reason why they thought they needed to bring in the vending machine. Was there film that showed the Navy guy using it?
  7. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I don’t see what they are doing as wrong. They are not extorting anyone to buy it. It’s not as if they are beggiong for donations to the Crystal Cathedral, the Saddleback complex, the Jim amd Tammy Faye ministries, the Joel Osteen make-up fund .... under the guise of using that money to feed the poor. They are advertising a product. Unless they are somehow implying you need to buy this for your immortal soul.
  8. Dorothy’s dress was hideous even when it first aired. On top of that, it was not something to be worn by anyone older than Princess Di. What was the color of dress that Blanche wore on the very first episode? The one when she almost married the con artist.
  9. NCIS: Los Angeles

    I believe we’ve seen the formation of Kensi and Deeks vows in the episode. And I thought the meaning was beautiful. Deeks haircut seemed better in this episode.
  10. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    Emilio being concerned about Dan was more of a play on the fact that Emilio is a genuinely nice man who want to ‘do right’ by Becky and his baby. His concern was more that Dan would think he was a different sort of person than wether or not Dan would try to beat him up. Dan knew he couldn’t beat him up ... but he still had to do the macho phrasing of ‘I’d totally wipe the floor with you’. At least Dan is starting to get his swagger back.
  11. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    I’ll be honest. I didn’t have a problem with it. Mark is certainly old enough to understand you don’t beat and bang on an expensive keyboard. He deliberately did it to annoy Ben. It’s not a play xylophone for a toddler. He could have damaged it. Ben pushed his hand on to the keyboard. He didn’t do anything that would damage his hand. He didn’t bend his hand backward or squeeze his fingers or palm. I’m pretty sure the child protection people that are on the set wouldn’t allow anything to be done in a scene that might actually hurt the child actor, so ergo, ‘Mark’ wasn’t hurt. It’s a comedy too, not a drama about a child being mistreated. Im more disturbed by the idea that Darlene introduces her boyfriend to her kids, he gives Mark a couple piano lessons and wa-la let’s move in together.
  12. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    I had that thought too... but then forgot about it. I thought she’d gotten rid of him.
  13. I’ll watch it. I watched that last season of Major Crimes, cursing at the tv the entire time. No no no. Morgan cannot come back because his previous guest appearances have been remarkably awkward. I also don’t want any more episodes about the team being in danger, kidnapped, drugged, under investigation, being disbanded, etc. Just solve cases and tie up loose ends. Whatever you do, don’t let some family member shoot the suspect and have one of the team take the blame for it.
  14. S01.E10: Don’t Shoot the Piano Teacher

    At least Becky finally fessed up that she was afraid Emilio would leave if she allowed herself to depend on him. Not sure if this is only her past history talking or including David having left his children too. Darlene needs to be much more parental with her children. I know she is trying very hard to parent differently than Roseanne. However she is way too lenient. The kids seem to have almost raised themselves. Exactly why should Blue have thought that Darlene would encourage David to have more children? He’s just now learning to parent the ones he has. I’d he had been there for them then it would be different. And I’m someone who refuses to believe that David would have abandoned his children.