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  1. History Talk: The Victorian Era

    It's true (although that was a very different set of circumstances with the Tudors being a new monarchy and viable male descendants of Edward III still around) but it's not as though gender was the most important thing for the English with succession. James II having a son is what prompted the Glorious Revolution so that his Protestant daughters would inherit. The British hated the idea of William III sharing rule (they had no choice) and would never have allowed Anne to share rule with her husband who was an English man (albeit a dolt.) So, they hated Catholics more than women. And proposals to change the rules so that a viable son of George III would inherit over Victoria never truly gained traction even though that is not a terribly unreasonable proposition and had precedent (King John was king over the son of his elder brother, Geoffrey.) If male heirs were so very important to them a son of King George III would have ended up on the thrown over Victoria. Although of course a son was always preferable up until the last few decades, by the time of Elizabeth II the British had almost fetishized Queens. It certainly wasn't considered as terrible a prospect as it was in Henry VIII's day by the time of Victoria.
  2. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    It's not self-sacrifice. It's not devoting yourself to others 24/7. It's doing things for other people. And if you don't act on being a good person you aren't a good person. Because her being there is benefiting HIM. She didn't come down there to be part of a research project for Chidi to achieve a coveted career goal. But that's what he turned it into. And if you don't care that your friend who is there doing a program that will help you achieve your life long goal has no money to support continuing to do that you suck as a human being. It just makes him a terrible person to be that callous. Anyone should be concerned for a friend who is close to being homeless. Never mind when they are benefiting you by staying. And LOTS of university research programs give subjects money. He could have inquired about that. If that's his reasoning (that it's not his responsibility) then I straight up hate Chidi at this point. What a jerk. He thinks he has no responsibility to a human being whom he is profiting off of? If he really thinks he has no reason to help her out as you say then fuck Chidi. Because she was doing it for herself. That was explained quite clearly in the first season finale. She did it to be praised not to actually help anyone. Those people did it for themselves like Tahani not to help people. I think the overall meaning is that the existing system for Good Place/Bad Place at it is is wrong. I really doubt Mike Schur is going to spout some Ayn Randesque philosophy about only owing anything to yourself. Nobody who has watched this show for two seasons expects a straight-forward narrative. The only expectation is that it be good. And not just redo the same scenes over and over under the excuse that the characters were rebooted. Having characters who don't grow or learn for any significant length of time is a trademark of a typical mediocre sitcom. That the writers hide it under a clever concept of having memories wiped doesn't change that that's what's happened so far this season. I understand arguments that the characters have retained some growth from rebooting but it doesn't change the fact that they've used this as an excuse to have scenes where once again Eleanor learns she acts out in fear of rejection or Tahani realizes she puts status above people or Chidi realizes he needs to act through out the season. It's using a high concept to excuse the typical sitcom dictate of "never grow, never change."
  3. S03.E04: The Snowplow

    This is up there with some of the biggest disappointments I've had in a show. And, honestly, although I love him I don't have full faith in Michael Schur since, in my opinion, Parks and Rec completely went off the rails in the final two seasons. And because of some of the self-indulgence evident here. I am not remotely writing off the show or giving up though. Before when I haven't liked episodes I at least felt they were still better than other shows. This was not. This was a mediocre episode of television. Wow, Eleanor had a realization that she acts out when she's upset or feeling feelings. Just like has happened multiple times already. But they erased all character growth so we have to watch the same plot points over and over and over. And every other time they've done that scene has been much more subtle than just having Simone tell us/her. I like the actress. But having a character dictate a plot point like that is not good television. (The cupcake scene was much better. Albeit forced since we've already seen Eleanor do group things with this group.) One of my biggest annoyances is why are these people sitting around in a room learning philosophy all day? That made sense in the afterlife. But they are on an Earth filled with suffering. Go out and help someone! For real not for your own self-worth. It doesn't have to be one or the other. They can still learn from Chidi. But also actually do good things. Eleanor at least tried and backslid. These other jerks never even thought about doing more for others as crucial to being better human beings. Tahani's trip was all about inner peace away from the world not helping others. For Jason, I'll grant that not doing crime helped people but saving them from yourself isn't quite the same. And I'm full on in my belief that Chidi is the most selfish of them now. Eleanor came to him for help. He has never advised her that action is required to be a good person not just pure thoughts. And THEN turned the whole thing to his own gain by using it to finish his thesis. And THEN when his friend and subject told him about her money issues he didn't do one single thing to help her out. She's there helping him on something that will make or break her career. He didn't move a muscle to help her be able to afford to do that.
  4. Season 3: Speculation, News & Casting Spoilers

    But Victoria very much hated being pregnant and was very clear about that. She also disliked babies at that frog stage. So, it's not at all unlikely that she contemplated stopping even if she was too into Albert to go through with it. It's not like this is being made up out of nowhere. I'd guess they didn't because of Victoria's journal. But it was very common to have sex with your betrothed before marriage at the time. The contract for marriage was much the same thing as marriage itself. It isn't remotely comparable to sex with an "actress" you have no intention of marrying, as was the case with Bertie. He wasn't horrified at sex before marriage but at sex with a woman of ill repute who would never be a marriage prospect.
  5. S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    I'd bet nothing because they can't find anyone else who would ever want to do that job. He is there for billions of years. I don't think celestial beings go to Earth very often so the doorman lacks any social connections. I really liked her last season. I thought she was a good mixture of all-knowing but somewhat innocent and also very bored. But it felt very forced this past episode. Although she was 100% in the right in regards to Michael. He went way out of bounds. Messed up the entire timeline. And, frankly, did more to hurt the Four's chance of redemption than help by throwing their ability to do it themselves all in doubt. And abused her generosity.
  6. S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    So happy Australia has their own version of The Outback in the US. Trevor would not have been able to keep up his good guy bit for much longer. He was already slipping. Eleanor would have called him out in an extra day. It was a little rushed but this felt much more like The Good Place than last week's. Chidi was already not buying what Michael was selling this time. So, I wonder how that will work out. I liked the emphasis on the Chidi/Eleanor connection (not necessarily sexual or romantic) but Chidi didn't need prompting to help her in the afterlife. I would like if they explored Chidi's selfishness a little more. The others' flaws have been pretty well explored. But Chidi is passed off as just indecisive. When really although he is wonderful he is also quite selfish. (Not more so than any of the others. But it's less explored with him.)
  7. I read a theory on reddit (so definitely not mine) that Simone is Gen. I don't know but that really works for me. Simone is delightful but in a very very similar way to Gen. And, realistically, someone doing their own academic research wouldn't bend to the whim of a (very cute) dude they just met. She also liked Eleanor immediately and Eleanor is awesome but someone who grows on you more than someone you love from the outset. I really don't care about Eleanor and Chidi romantically. I think they are soulmates regardless but soulmate doesn't have to be romantic. What matters is Eleanor does as much for him as he does for her. And I have no investment in them as a romantic pairing. Or tell it to gifts.
  8. Well, if you want to go on a grammar basis then why would a acronym sing a word with a hard g be pronounced like a preexisting peanut butter? The creator was an idiot. (I kid. He obviously wasn't.)
  9. I really liked moments of it but I didn't love it either. Rebooting them so often is just BS at this point. The characters are funniest when they are "bad" (or in Chidi's case indecisive to an extreme) but the point of the show is they outgrow their bad habits. But they need to keep them funny. So, we just keep getting constant reboots. And I am So Sick of the reboots. I don't need to see their journey to be better people for the THIRD TIME. And Trevor is just another retread of obstacles being thrown in their way on that path. I also hated how much of the beginning was a retread of the finale. What a waste of time. What is Michael even trying to prove at this point? There is something fundamentally wrong if these four people can only "deserve" the Good Place if they are together. Not wrong with them but wrong. (The whole concept is flawed and I think intentionally so. But for now it is what it is. And if they can't get the points as individuals they aren't ever going to advance.) Why would the judge be convinced after so much meddling? Michael is doing them more damage than Trevor will. Simone was awesome, though. But even with Simone (whom I did love) it's like "what if Real Eleanor wasn't faking it?" Except for the few moments that could only be written by The Good Place writers (I Crumb From a Land Down Under) it just felt like Good Place fanfic. That's not really how language works though. Words aren't inventions that are molded by their creator. They are adapted for use by the people who use them.
  10. S02.E21: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

    But when have serial killers ever been logical and rational thinking? Several have used "sinners" as an excuse to kill and all of them have been hypocrites. Hal could never take on a Serpent or a Ghoulie. They would be likely to be armed. He also couldn't take on the Sheriff, who would also likely be armed, and the mayor would likely have body guards. Hermione seemed to live in a secure apartment building. And his attacking Alice when she said FP was a real man pretty much showed his real motive. He was just a sexually frustrated dude. He stopped when he was getting some action. And started up again shortly after that stopped. He was jealous of Fred, of Archie with Ms. Grundy (so he took out Grundy and tried to have him buried alive), of kids making out in the woods. He was jealous of anyone who took Betty's attention away. He was a coward going after mostly easy marks who he evoked jealousy in him in some way. It obviously wasn't the mystery of the year. Although I don't think it was meant to be a big who done it type thing. And, clearly, they didn't know who would be the BH at the start (the eye thing makes no sense.) But for Riverdale I think his motives made sense. And it works well in hindsight even if they didn't set it up that way from the start. (His being laughed at by Alice as not man enough to murder last season, breaking into the Sheriff's, Betty suspecting him, the Betty focus.) Also, I like that Betty figured it out logically. Rather than being treated as some out of nowhere twist. Whatever else one might dislike about her she isn't stupid. It would be out of character for her not to suspect. She already thought he was capable of murder last season. Cheryl's "Thank God I was able to get to my archery kit and my hunting cape." was the best line in the entire show. And they aren't the best at character consistency but they have definitely set-up Cheryl as the type of person who thinks she needs a hunting cape to shoot someone. Madchen Amick is too damn good for this show. I mean several actors are but damn she is good. And she doesn't half-ass it because it's Riverdale and she's just there for the paycheck.
  11. S02.E22: Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World

    I think Cheryl is in because she saved the life of two Serpents by showing up with her archery equipment and hunting cape when she did, which seems fair to me. I wouldn't say I'm super invested in what happens to Archie since obviously he'll get off eventually. But he actually does seem pretty screwed. He is known to be the head of a vigilante justice group. He put out (at Hiram's urging) a video with his face uncovered threatening the Black Hood. There is a report on record with the Sheriff of him threatening someone with a gun. Nick St. Clair will likely gladly testify at Hiram's urging (it hurts Veronica and Archie who he has more of a feud with than Hiram) that Archie beat him senseless while he was completely defenseless. I don't think anyone would have trouble believing the violent kid who has been threatening more violence for months might be violent. Also, he witnessed the murder he is accused of committing and didn't report it. The person who did do it is dead. If I were on the jury (without witnessing the death) I'd convict. I'd say this is the only well thought out plot-line. Hiram's been painting him as a violent vigilante for months. Or making him paint himself that way. Well thought out but still dull. I'm disappointed that Sierra McCoy is now just a lawyer for teenage clients. And her "representing" Veronica and getting back funds that were acquired completely illegally was absurd. Like what were they going to do? Go to court and say "I earned this money through kidnapping and ransom without paying any income taxes and daddy STOLE IT." ??? But I like seeing her any way I can get her. And I'm sure she'll represent Archie. I liked Betty confronting Hal but I really hope we don't get a ton of dark Betty worrying she's a serial killer next season or any other season. Serial killer tendencies are not genetic. Very few children of serial killers have grown up to be serial killers, themselves. I like the idea of Hal not noticing that Betty's "darkness" is really being exactly like her mother (need to be perfect mixed with occasional poor impulse control and need to lash out.) But it was Polly, whom he dismissed as a sinner, that actually is more like him. But I like the idea of them dropping it and not acting like some undetermined "darkness" is genetic even more. This made NO SENSE. It's really the only thing that was just completely illogical in the finale. It was clear that the Wyrm was the only thing in Hiram's way for complete domination of the Southside. Owning that was important in stopping him. Pop's was an impulse buy of his and not part of the Southside development plans. Trading it for Pop's was handing him everything he wanted. And I'm sure the Wyrm is worth more than Pop's so it didn't even make fiscal sense. This stuff doesn't usually bother me on teen shows like this. Because usually teens look and act like they are in their late 20s. But I think it's because both Betty and Jughead genuinely seem so young that sex stuff with them can seem really icky to me too. I know the actors are in their 20s but they just come off like genuine teenagers. I like them as a couple. I wouldn't say I ship anyone but they are cute and I like that they genuinely like each other and share interests, which is rare on soapy shows. But they both seem like kids to me.
  12. S02.E18: Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember

    I've been binging the show and this isn't true at all. Betty went so out of her way to make him feel welcome that she got him a computer to webcam and started webcaming to and talking about it with him as a connection. How much more welcoming can you be than inviting someone into your home and giving them a computer to make up for losing your's to continue with your webcam business? She didn't start questioning him until after he MURDERED someone in her home and then was absolutely no help in cleaning it up. So, that she had to do all that work. And she got his DNA after he adamently refused to do a test despite money being at stake. Pretty good reason to question whether he was who he said he was. And Polly and Jughead were both telling her he was creepy af. Starting to feel uncomfortable with a murderer in your home is the normal response. That part I didn't get at all. She seems to have fully embraced her gangsters daughter status. She seems perfectly content other than trying to keep Archie out of trouble. She didn't even seem all that torn up about lying to her friends until she got called out for it. The show needs to stop telling me how sad Veronica supposedly is and try showing it because of all the kids she seems to have the least family issues. Exactly. Veronica seems thrilled with her life after some initial tension. She loves being in on it with her parents. She loves the money and the attention. To suddenly make it seem like she has it so tough is more than a little absurd. And comparing her lying to everyone's face about things that directly impacted them to Betty trying to save Veronica's life by alienating her because she thought the BH might kill her is just ridiculous. I mostly hated the musical aspect. But Alice Cooper barging in on it was ridiculous in a good way.
  13. S02.E16: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Primary Colors

    Archie is a completely worthless character and just a POS, at this point, who will betray anyone (including family and best friend) if it serves his interests at the moment. Maybe if they had a stronger actor playing him his motivations would make more sense. And I'm not sure I've ever seen a less compelling couple than Veronica and Archie. What do these two have going for them at all? He interacts with her father way more than her. They've barely ever had a conversation where they seem to share interests. Veronica's continued SHOCK that people dare call out her parents is making her unbearable. And Betty ratted out Kevin when he was behaving in a way that was seriously a danger to himself. The BH was active and going after people who were "sinners" in his mind. Kevin gave someone living in her house whom she was genuinely afraid of ammunition against her. She tried to make him safer. He put her in more danger. I like Kevin but what he did was absolutely wrong and not remotely comparable to her having genuine concerns for his safety.
  14. S02.E14: Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes

    After she walked in on them flirting her mother said they had "talked about this" and that she cares about him. So, she was told off camera before the mayor resigned. The best part of the episode was Veronica being disappointed when Betty and Jughead seemed fine about the Betty/Archie kiss and then excited when she thought their weirdness (over Jughead's snooping) was residual kiss tension. Because she wanted her and Archie to be more OK and healthy over it. Violent crime is more prevalent among these four teens than all of NYC in the 70s. I hate how stupid Archie is. But I also hate when he plays stupid. He knows full well Hiram has nefarious motives. I don't ship much but I (friend)ship Josie and Kevin. I also think Josie's mom is the only good mother on the show. Veronica throwing Betty's roleplaying in her face was really shitty. But Betty not getting why she said it like it was a bad thing was pretty funny.
  15. S02.E10: Chapter Twenty-Three: The Blackboard Jungle

    Watching this episode right now. Betty's reaction to Polly's baby names was the only laugh out loud moment I've ever had with this show. OMG. Wanting to get rid of gang emblems is totally acceptable. Jughead is a tool. Archie is a moron.