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  1. This drove me insane. They really can't decide if zombies are literally dead or just suffering from a virus. The latter can be cured. The former can not. But if they are just suffering from a virus their bodies shouldn't decompose at all.
  2. S04.E12: You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away

    So? That was absolutely her choice not his. She would have done it to save another person. A person who she had a responsibility to. Who she owed and who was her subordinate. In fact, I think Liv had an obligation to give herself up. And he would NEVER have been OK with her kidnapping him and essentially drugging him with a couple brain if he wanted to sacrifice himself for one of his kids. Major has tried to sacrifice himself on more than one occasion. But that's heroic. And then he took that choice away from Liv. I find Major irredeemable, at this point. I'd say a pack of zombies advocating mass human slaughter are in the "not like you" category. But last season that was for a specific reason.
  3. What is their religion anyway?

    There was never once any credible evidence that Annie had ever even heard of Jesus. Never mind knowing the ins and outs of the Old Testament.
  4. S01.E10: Season 1, Episode 10

    Kemper's first victims were spontaneous and one was a man, his grandfather. And he was very fond of his grandfather. So, he's certainly capable of killing in the moment and not for any sexual gratification. But, more importantly, the whole profiling thing Holden is so proud of is at least 40% bullshit and on some level he knows it. Now 60% not bullshit makes it a worthwhile endeavor and valuable. But sometimes he's wrong. With the dog killings he initially had the police bringing in teenagers before changing his mind and thinking it had to be someone a little older. I only bring that up to show that profiling isn't an exact science, at all. He could think he knows Kemper better than Kemper does but he doesn't really. He wouldn't stake his life on his profile being accurate. Nor should he. And as was mentioned above it had the nice quality of putting Holden in the shoes of the victims. He's spent too much time thinking like the killers. It's thrown off his empathy. He's perfectly capable of being empathetic but as the series wore on it was empathy for the wrong people. I agree it's complete BS. Whether guilty or not Holden is way over-confident and he's used to interacting with far more sophisticated and/or hardened guys. His over-bearing ways would break anyone who is weaker and less accustomed to law enforcement. And false confessions do happen. Yeah, I felt like the show was a bit too dismissive of that. She has really good reasons for wanting better quality data. And, frankly, some of Ford's behavior could easily taint the results. It's been raised but also kind of dismissed but some of these guys are telling him what he clearly wants to hear. And his questions/statements are far too leading. He has a narrative in his head and that is what he solicits. I don't love the character (but I'm sure she'll be back) but there is really no evidence she cheated. They were standing close in a dark room. I think the show intended it to be ambiguous. It's only purpose was to fuel Holden's need to assert his control via the principal. And Holden was completely wrong in the shoe scene. That was his issue and he turned it on her. "This isn't you" is acting as though the problem is her putting on a show and he disapproves of that. He made her feel shitty over his own issue.
  5. S03.E09: Fall

    But if you are out on FMLA you can't be doing work. And Chuck is working. He worked on both Sandpiper an Mesa Verse. Significant work on Mesa Verde. He is also being brought in for client meetings and strategy meetings. That is completely inappropriate. Especially given the nature of his illness. I think the insurance company has a great case that he is an increased risk. Yes! Kim was interested in hiring a paralegal and Jimmy can work as a paralegal while suspended. It's relatively common for people with law degrees who can't practice to work as paralegals.
  6. My UO is that for all Roseanne's bluster and noise she was really pretty much a giant pushover. There was pretty much nothing her kids or Jackie could do that she wouldn't get over in one fight (which is why all politics aside her and Jackie not speaking was unrealistic for them to me.) Dan was the terrifying one you'd never want to cross. And I thought Darlene and David were more like Roseanne and Dan than Becky and Mark. Except Darlene was Dan with Roseanne's mouth and David was Roseanne with Dan's quietness. Like Dan Darlene could be genuinely terrifying and would cut you off if you crossed her. Like Roseanne David was ultimately a people pleaser and peacemaker. I don't have strong feelings about Mark and Becky. But they never just liked each other the way Roseanne and Dan did. Roseanne and Dan genuinely enjoyed each other's company and were always supportive. Supportive to a fault on occasion. (Roseanne would never be the wife to drag down her husband's dreams. Even when his dreams were unrealistic and doomed. And Dan enabled some of her worst impulses.) You never got the impression that Mark and Becky just really loved spending time with each other. Or that they made each other laugh the way Roseanne and Dan did.
  7. S02.E11: Rhonda, Diana, Jake, And Trent

    Same. It's a part of a several Thai noodle dishes. And noodles are just pasta.
  8. Season 3: Open Season in Australia!

    Is her father still alive in the books? If he is the heir he should have been granted the fortune. Not her. In the show, she has money even though he doesn't.
  9. Season 3: Open Season in Australia!

    I really love Aunt Prudence. And I do think it's easy enough to fanwank that any money she gave for the children ended up being wasted by Phryne's father. And that any more direct attempt to take them in would be resisted by even a young Phryne as too much control from a meddlesome aunt. (And that Jane would follow whatever Phryne thought.) In the series at least, I do think she adds something. Other than being an enjoyable presence (and I do enjoy her.) Because underneath it all Phryne is essentially a law and order type. Her underlying values aren't too different from Jack's. In that, I think you can see Prudence's influence on her even if she'd never admit to that. She is much more open minded, of course, but in the end you see her and Prudence basically tend to feel the same way about major things. But I would say the Air Force former flame did feel like cheating a bit. And I don't mean I had an issue with it because it was cheating. (I didn't. It wasn't.) But, in story, it was definitely played as something she had to explain to Jack and felt sort of bad about. And she walked away from the Italian guy even if they had a brief hookup. Personally, I think that except for Lin (and Jack, which I don't love as a romance but definitely was slowly built up and not forced) all of her romances have been extremely forced and I'm happy to lose that aspect. But I definitely think it's a change in tone. What I will never understand is how Phryne has money. Her father is broke. And the family only came into money because he came into his inheritance. It's hard to believe he is forward thinking enough to set up a trust for her. I suppose the mother could but it's not her money either. She'd need his permission. I do get that compared to her father and even her Aunt Prudence she's actually quite frugal. Very nice house but on an upper middle class scale of nice not an estate. A small staff. An expensive car but just the one. Got a deal on the airplane. In the first episode, she haggles with Bert and Cec about the price of a ride. She gives a lot away but also holds fundraisers for others to give a lot, too. It's not just all out of pocket. So I totally get how she would be able to keep herself in wealth when the father couldn't. But I don't get how she has the underlying wealth at all.
  10. S04.E10: The Death Stick 2018.01.19

    NordicTrack isn't geared toward old people. They have a very specific and small market that relies on social media and word of mouth. When an elderly woman had an obscure lawsuit against McDonald's for giving her third degree burns after they had been warned repeatedly that their coffee was so hot it was severely hurting the elderly McDonald's absolutely went to the press. And they were able to turn the case into such a mockery that people still blithely dismiss it as suing them for coffee being hot.
  11. S04.E13: The Home

    I don't think this is a matter of kids v. Grace and Frankie. There is no way Grace and Frankie will be allowed back in the home. And they need a place to stay. So, that will be the immediate issue. Really they all look amazing. I think Robert respects Grace too much to ever go along with this. Sol loves Frankie but he has always loved her in a condescending way that seeks to protect her from herself. He would never support the kids in front of Frankie but I wouldn't be at all shocked if he did behind her back. In his mind to keep her safe.
  12. S04.E13: The Home

    I don't think either Nick or Sheree will have bought the house. I think they'll have to live with Robert and Sol for an episode or two. None of the kids have a big enough place for them and they are mad at the kids anyway. Sol would adore the situation (his soulmate and his husband in one house) and everyone else would hate it. Then I think Robert and/or Sol will find a way to invalidate the sale of the beach house because their POA was flawed or something. The way they tied up Sheree's situation shows they don't really care about the legality of it. I'm not advocating that I just think it's what will happen. The Sol/Frankie making Robert jealous thing has to be resolved. Well, scratch that, it doesn't have to be. I would be perfectly happy if it wasn't. But I think it will be. The soulmate thing being dropped in this season was revival of that for a reason, I think. So, I think there will be some tension in the roommate situation. Then after they get that the writers will resolve the living situation. JMHO I did a rewatch. And I thought this season was bad before but after the rewatch it just seems so much worse. It was a drastic drop in quality. If next season started with Frankie waking up and saying everything after her moving back was a dream I wouldn't even question it! Whatever, show, fine with me. Let's all move on from this.
  13. S04.E08: The Lockdown

    In the cop's first appearance he asked Grace for the phone number of her daughter. Not the obvious man-eater (Brianna) but the nice one (Mallory). Then when he found out Mallory was married (at the time) he asked for the man-eater's. So, that's what she was referencing. Although I do think Mallory is nicer than Brianna. She's not particularly nice but Brianna wouldn't give Coyote a place to park his house or drive him around all the time. And she wouldn't stop being snarky for long enough to help deliver a baby.
  14. S04.E10: The Death Stick 2018.01.19

    You never know what people would do. A woman in my office today told me she was getting rid of her crock pot due to This Is Us and the dangers (I told her about the campaign). So you never know. The idea that old people shouldn't be getting that much stimulation could absolutely come up. And this vibrator is specifically targeted at older women. If people in your exact market die from over use of your product then that could hurt your business. But they didn't. And Grace got great publicity out of it. But she knew the story would go viral because the hook was too good. And she correctly got out in front of it. Grace's strategy was perfectly sound.
  15. S04.E05: The Pop-Ups

    As was mentioned above, was wondering if this show shared any writers with the show Sisters. Swoosie Kurtz has made some appearances. Now the boys as girls names thing. Even the new Will and Grace acknowledges bisexuality nowadays. I'm surprised this show pretty much has not.