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  1. I haven't decided what I think about this format. If we thought that the timeline in PR was too short, this is almost bordering on ridiculous! It could be interesting having different contestants on each episode. They don't get as tired as they would on a typical reality show, and there's no room for people who like to create drama. On the other hand, you don't get to see how their skills develop over the course of a show. But, it's Canadian, and in the absence of Project Runway, I need some sewing show in my life.
  2. S02.E15: The Division Finals

    Was it Expressenz who on this show did exactly that? Multiple turns a la seconde in every single number? While it was impressive the first time that I saw it, it got old the second time, and I know that I would have loathed it if they continued in the competition.
  3. While I'm totally sad to see Heidi and Tim go, I've started thinking of replacements (plus, I'm waiting for a program to load, and need something to pass the time). Andre Leon Talley would be fabulous (just because I want to see more of him whenever I can).
  4. I watched both episodes and really liked it. I totally have Sly and the Family Stone's song in my head, and will be playing it nonstop for a while. I watched from Canada and have a question about the commercials. During the (many) commercial breaks, all I saw were the same 5 ads for other BET shows. For those watching it in the US, did you have actual commercials? I got to the point that I could recite the BET ads verbatim.
  5. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    Mr. Hula-la, after watching Darius, stated that it’s not fair that he’s on the show, as he’s clearly miles above the other male contestants. I agree with him. Darius—you were too good for this show and you will be missed. And, as my user name implies, I understand Tahitian dance. They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t great. I guess I should be happy to see Tahitian on tv, but not in this way.
  6. GBBO In The Media

    Thanks for the info (and for saving me some tax dollars)!
  7. GBBO In The Media

    I’d gladly pay a dollar more in taxes for a commercial free GBBO!
  8. GBBO In The Media

    While I’m happy for my American friends, as a Canadian, I’m sad. I’m guessing that the CBC has the Canadian rights ( so it won’t be airing on Canadian Netflix), so it’s currently airing the new season. But, as it shows commercials, there is no technical bake shown. I was looking forward to seeing the whole show when it was shown on PBS.
  9. Top Chef in the Media

    I'm not sure I should thank you @Rambler, or curse you. I've spent the past hour reading this reddit post, and keep reading bits of it out to Mr. Hula-la.
  10. Season 3 Discussion

    So, Mr. Hula-la and I just watched the entire series. This is why my clothes don't fit. I totally agree with you that it should be a full series, and I'd much rather watch and hear the stories of these students and their band leader, than "coach" Brown (I put that in quotations, because I'm not really sure what he is. He seems like a coach in name only). The students of ICC I care about, their coach--not so much.
  11. Season 3 Discussion

    I looove marching bands, so am going to see if it’s on Canadian Netflix. Thanks for the recommendation! One positive of such short episodes is that you wouldn’t feel too guilty binge watching the series in one go (because I have never done that, ever).
  12. S02.E09: Duels 1 2018.07.25

    I don’t know when this was taped, but the World of Dance World Championships (the “real” competition from which this show came) are this weekend. I saw a preview video on Instagram Stories and Eva Igo is one of the competitors (along with a bunch of others who were or are on the show). Then again, should could have been this season's Jabbawockeez.
  13. THank you @ElectricBoogaloo for the song name. I’m with everyone when I’m tired of the auditions. My birthday is next week, and I clearly remember watching SYTYCD on my birthday, a few years ago, happily watching the Alvin Ailey dancers perform on of my favourite pieces “The Hunt”. I miss those days of the show.
  14. Does anyone know the song that Travis used during his section?
  15. S08.E01: Cake Week

    I saw a note whilst watching that you can view the technical bake on the CBC app. Not sure how I feel about that.