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  1. I had never seen these women before, and just finished watching the episode. I was embarrassed for all involved. If I spoke to my sister like these two did, my parents would slap me. On tv.
  2. S09.E20: S09. E21 01.28.18

    As @Dots And Stripes stated, it's not that there's no food available in food deserts, it's that there's no high quality, nutritious food available. Most options include corner stores, where they sell mainly highly processed food, and fast food options. If people living in food deserts need to take public transit to get to a grocery store, that's going to limit the amount of food that they can buy in one trip, which becomes even more of an issue, as less processed food has a shelf life, and needs to be purchased regularly. People want to make healthy food choices--it's just extremely difficult in many areas of the country (including Canada, where I live). I wish I could find it, but I remember an episode of the Daily Show where one of the correspondents clocked how long it took them to get to the closest grocery store. It was quite a while--imagine doing that with bags of groceries or pulling a grocery tote.
  3. S01.E01: Would You Go Back?

    I just started watching this show, as my colleague told me about it. I teach at a public school in Canada, and I’m interested to see the similarities and differences between students here and in the US.
  4. S15.E06: That's a Lot of Schnitzel

    When Blais asked if Chris' food was too spicy/hot for home chefs, I rolled my eyes. Aren't the same home chefs the people who you want eating in your restaurants? Why don't you think they can't handle spicy food? In all snarkiness, shouldn't Blais be asking if someone's food was too salty for home cooks?
  5. S15.E05: This Is Not Glamping

    On behalf of ethnic people everywhere, this episode was scary. We ethnics don’t camp, and the idea of watching them camp and cook outside, much less in the snow, got my heart rate up a bit (ok, a lot).
  6. S15.E03: Keep On Truckin'

    I remember that episode. I didn’t know what I was watching (not realizing what panic attacks were then), but knew there was something wrong. I hope that he is much healthier and happier now. As for that stupid Logan guy, I know I shouldn’t wish bad on people, but he is making that really difficult to do.
  7. S15.E04: Little Tools, Big Challenge

    I didn’t know that was a British sandwich! I just thought it was an odd sandwich that only I ate when I was a child.
  8. Aww, I liked James. He made me feel not so bad about my own [insert bad word here] decorating abilities.
  9. Johnny was snarky with one contestant, as according to him, their roll cake looked more like a buche de noel, rather than a roll cake. Coming from Canada, where the Great Canadian Baking Show contestants just made one, and where I try to eat them whenever I can, aren't they basically the same thing, just decorated differently?
  10. S15.E01: It'll Take More Than Pot Luck

    I'm calling them "mo Joe" and " No mo Joe".
  11. S16.E15: Season 16 Reunion Special

    I went to watch my recording of the reunion last night, and in the commercial break before the "big twin controversy", my pvr started acting all crazy, and then shut itself off. I was able to reset it, but the recording won't show past that moment. Thanks to everyone here for posting, so I have an idea of what I missed. I'll see if it's on the Bravo Go App (I'm in Canada), but I'm scared to watch it there, just in case my ipad decides to have a freak out too. Just when it was getting good...
  12. Thanks! You've actually given me a great idea for my Fashion Industry class next semester!
  13. I was coming to post something similar from the New York Times. I like your article, @Jesse as it will make for great discussions with my fashion merchandising students https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/11/02/t-magazine/modest-fashion-clothes.html?mc=adintl&mcid=facebook&mccr=subscribers&subid2=yellow&ad-keywords=GlobalTruth&subid1=TAFI&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com
  14. S01.E01: Cake Week

    If you want to try making your own Battenberg cake (actually, it's on my "Things to do over the Christmas break" list) http://www.cbc.ca/life/greatcanadianbakingshow/i-made-the-battenberg-cake-from-the-great-canadian-baking-show-1.4382956
  15. S01.E01: Cake Week

    It was definitely pleasant, in keeping with the style of the original show, so that makes it a super plus in my books. I agree that some of the decorations were a little lackluster (and made me feel a little better about my [insert bad word here] cake decorating abilities. While I'm assuming that the contestants don't get to go home between challenges, do they get an opportunity to practice? I think that's definitely a plus of the original show.