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  1. The couple were okay, except I was a little annoyed by the husband's whining about being in central London. I did a semester in London and lived in Kensington (maybe 4 city blocks south of Kensington Gardens), which is as much central London as Paddington, and I had to walk 10 minutes to the nearest tube station. So his complaining about the walk in Camden bugged. Now, if he'd been including the actual time on the tube, I'd have understood it more, but that wasn't what he was saying. The Camden flat was the best one for them. The Paddington one was nice, but that living room area was small and oddly laid out.
  2. I'm fine with that, too, although I'll probably engage a bit with baby name speculation closer to the event. For now, I'm fine with wishing the couple well and not paying much attention for the next several months. Really? Not obvious to me, but then, I don't really pay that much attention to pictures of her in general, apart from the wedding photos. Edited to note that it's not just the Duchess of Sussex - I'm a casual royal fan and don't spend a lot of time looking at photos of any of them. And I was only vaguely aware of her as an actress, as in I knew who she was but didn't watch the show she was on.
  3. Unpopular Opinions

    Now THAT is an unpopular opinion. ;-) I liked parts of both books, but the parts I didn't like, I really, really hated. I never really thought about it, but you make a lot of sense. Of course, I don't really expect either of them to make it to the end of the series.
  4. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    That's what I said too, but I did add "A New Hope" because I knew that's what they wanted. I'd have fought them over "Star Wars" though.
  5. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Damn, I would've made that Opera DD a true daily double, and then blown it because I could not drag Enrico Caruso's name out of my brain.
  6. He could've filed the paperwork to become a citizen when he turned 18. He chose not to. Then he chose to repeatedly violate the laws of a country of which he is not a citizen. Deportation is the correct decision, based on his actions. People who've committed no crimes other than coming into the country without proper authorization. That does not apply here. As someone who isn't a citizen, deportation was always a possible consequence.
  7. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    Like everyone here, I'm just expressing my personal opinion, not demanding that the show be taken off the air or that everyone else stop watching. It's fine that others are enjoying it, but I had high hopes based on the original incarnation of the Murphy Brown, and this is not living up to them. I won't belabor that point, however.
  8. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I didn't watch on Friday, but my mom caught the end of the show and let me know that it's safe to tune in tonight.
  9. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    True, but I would've liked at least one laugh for the half-hour, and for me, there weren't any. I thought this was by far the worst of the three episodes yet, and if next week's isn't any better, I'm outta here.
  10. Idk, I don't think she looks particularly pregnant in that picture, but it's hard to tell on my monitor since everything she's wearing is the same dark color. Congrats to the couple anyway; they seem very happy and they both wanted kids.
  11. I'm not a big diamond person, so while it is impressive, I much preferred the one Eugenie wore. I like colored stones. I like the style, but not the color.
  12. S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    I like Paul Simon, but I did not care for his first performance. Not my cup o' tea.
  13. The Durrells In Corfu: Fun to hang out with

    That's where I'd seen him before. I hated that show, and only watched the first season, so no wonder I couldn't quite place him. I so wanted to bring the poor thing home.
  14. Box Office

    I think too much competition is the problem. I think the flag thing is irrelevant to the target demo, which is more science-minded than rah-rah patriotic. Next July for the 50th anniversary would've probably been a better idea. It might have legs, though. At the very least, they should've waited until after 10/31 so the glut of horror movies would be past.
  15. I find it mostly disturbing, but am mildly amused about the bridge at the end.