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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I can't remember the last time a team as bad as Russia's made it out of the group round. Were they not the host nation, they'd never even have qualified. For the most part it's been unobtrusive so far. I was afraid it was going to work like in the NFL where everything stops every time someone wants a call reviewed. As long as play generally keeps moving, I'm okay with it.
  2. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Becca's been on two shows to try and find herself a husband (read: rich and/or hot husband), and suddenly she feels disrespected? What a load of hooey from a fame whore.
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    I felt sorry for Tunisia, they really did play a great game. If I wasn't an England supporter, I'd probably have been hoping Tunisia would win. Same with Panama and Belgium. Yep, he'd have to be second to Cristiano Ronaldo, and you know he'd hate that. I'm not sure one team could hold that much ego.
  4. True, but it's apparently getting enough viewers to justify the expense. Sense8 wasn't, according to Netflix.
  5. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Yeah, the Mexican football federation has already gotten in trouble for the chanting at various World Cup qualifiers, and have asked fans to stop, but obviously that's had no effect.
  6. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    That's been a continuing issue with some Mexican fans. Not all, but enough for it to really obvious.
  7. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Damn, looks like I should've watched the Brazil-Switzerland match after all! I didn't because I dislike that crybaby diver Neymar, but this one sounds like it was an exciting match. Of course Neymar did fall over a lot, apparently.
  8. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Aly Wagner was a pleasant surprise as an announcer during what I saw of the Serbia-Costa Rica match, but JP Dellacamera and Tony Meola lived down to my expectations. They were terrible. And one of them desperately needs to learn how to say Mesut Ozil's last name correctly. I admit that I say an English bastardization of it, but at least I know it's not O-Seal.
  9. They're not going to win over any of those people on taste. I'll go back to Wendy's for my burgers. I do Febreze them between wearings in the summer when I might've been sweating in them, though.
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Halldorsson had an incredible match, that's for sure.
  11. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Go, my giant blond-ish Wikings, go!
  12. That is true, they could put that tidbit a little further in.
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so. Well, diabetes may also result in death. If someone is having trouble controlling theirs, Victoza may or may not be the solution. Plus, all medications could theoretically result in death, even if it's a zillion to one chance of choking on the pill. But you know, lawyers, so they have to put that in the commercial.
  14. If it's true. Which is may or may not be.