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  1. I didn't get schwa, but practically leapt out of my seat to shout "Umlaut" at the tv - that's one of those words I love for the same reason.
  2. I do not see what the judges see in Shanice or Christina. They had the worst pictures this week and terrible walks. One or the other, or better yet, both, should've gone home this week. I thought Maggie's photo was pretty, in a bohemian kind of way. It would work as a commercial shot, if not a high fashion one. Of course, none of them were particularly high fashion. I liked Coura's photo, but either Rio or Erin should've gotten first call out. I find Coura fascinating, though. She's got a very strong, rather masculine face (and I mean that in a good way) and she really knows how to find her angles. She's definitely one of my top contenders. I find her unattractive in person (and by that I mean in the house and at panel), but her face strangely transforms to something quite beautiful when photographed. And it's not just the makeup and lighting, I don't think. It's weird, but fascinating, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.
  3. My stupid channel decided to cut out and I didn't see FJ. Was it The Social Network?
  4. I absolutely loathe that All the Way Up Mountain Dew Ad. Like so much that I want to run over the ass in the commercial. (Is that Danny McBride? UGH.)
  5. Me too. What hath thou wrought, Kurt Browning?!?! (Whom I adored, btw. He had far more to his programs than just jumps.)
  6. I'm so glad they didn't win. I thought they were lackluster in their free skate. I loved their free dance as well. I like some drama to a program.
  7. I didn't get the Cedar river or Triton, but did get the rest. And mach schnell to the category choosing! Still linked to the natural disaster.
  8. I think they should've demanded Pliny the Younger since Pliny the Elder was the uncle who died near Pompeii.
  9. So I take it I was the only one who got a re-run Monday night?
  10. I found Natalie Portman's comment to be somewhat disrespectful to the directors nominated. I mean, I get the point she was making, that films by female directors deserve more attention, but I found the way she said it to be, well, rude.
  11. I've actually heard it with just cat, not dead cat. Given that I'm familiar with the naval expression derived from the use of the cat-o-nine tails rather than an actual cat, dead cat actually makes less sense to me. Reading up on the origin of the phrase is interesting, since there's apparently a lot of debate about the naval derivation. The earliest non-naval instance seems to involve just a cat, not a dead one. Edited to note that I realize the clue specified deceased feline, but the fact that there is such an expression without the dead part is probably why they accepted it.
  12. I took a wild guess at Archie because he was the only teenage comic book character I could think of. I thought I was wrong as hell, so color me surprised when that was the correct answer.
  13. I'd should've been able to figure it out, since a corvette was a class of French naval vessels during the Napoleonic Wars (may still be but I'm a Napoleonic War naval buff so that's where I know it from), and so the fleur-de-lis makes sense. But I had no clue. I started to say Bundestag, then got confused with Reichstag and gave up.
  14. That commercial did not inspire confidence. It made it look like a big, flashy Disney film, rather than the small, personal story it actually is. Here's hoping the commercial is misleading. She reminded me of Diana Ross just post-Supremes, and it was a fantastic look for her.
  15. It's not the trailer, but I did see a commercial for A Wrinkle In Time during the Golden Globes last night, and it did not fill me with confidence. In fact, it had the exact opposite effect. It made the film look like a big glossy, flashy Disney-fied version of what is, despite the science fiction elements, a small and intensely personal story. I know that commercials can be even more misleading than trailers, and so I'm trying to have hope, but it did fill me with foreboding.