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  1. Favorite Commercials

    I wonder who at Dove-ah thought it was a good idea to include teen talk in a commercial. Gawd!!!
  2. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    Tiger Mom has a number of some tics that are quite off-putting!!! Just sayin'.
  3. S08.E14: Heaven Knows

    I haven't liked Dorit, almost from Day 1. I like Erika, but don't enjoy her getting mean about something that was said to or about her. The rest of them? I go back & forth!!!
  4. All Episode Talk

    I was gone when I heard the first cackle!!!
  5. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    Whoopi's mom has had a variety of "professions" ... teacher & now a pediatric nurse. Whoopi is so full of it!!! Wiki says she was a "nurse and teacher". So ...
  6. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    So, all things being "equal" (LOL) ... good news!!!!
  7. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    Ditto back then here in Canada!!!
  8. S02.E03: Day 422

    Sorry, I don't know what microdosing is!! Could someone fill me in??
  9. Favorite Commercials

    I'm annoyed with the Dove ads when the young woman refers to it as "Dovah". Cripes!! In another commercial, a kid calls her father "Dadah". WTF??
  10. Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    I hope your concerns are addressed & everything is (relatively) benign. Wishing you nothing but clear sailing from now on!!! Hugs!!
  11. "The View" Week Of 3/19/18

    Hey you guys, nobody mentioned Whoopi wasn't there today!! (They sent her home ... sick!!)
  12. Don't hold me to it, but: I think Des went to jail because he was caught with drugs. Her drug supplier "happened" to be outside the hospital & they drove away in his car. He shot his assistant in the car & Mary dropped her phone in the car while she was escaping. The nurse is still "on board". Her ex-husband was living with the woman & it didn't work out ... I think because of the kids. Since the show is shot in and around Toronto, I'm thinking she has a place in cottage country (Barrie, etc.) Hope this helps!!
  13. The View: Week of 03/12/2018

    Here the 4" spike heels were called "hooker heels", but I liked them from time to time.