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  1. Ibuprofen is my "go to" drug for whatever (minimal) pain I experience. Nothing else works as well for me & Ibu doesn't leave me constipated.
  2. OMG ... why didn't you insist on something from your surgeon? Or maybe you didn't get the chance. Either way, you're in pain & that's not good. (What a trooper ... going to work!!!)
  3. Actually, I've always thought Sheryl clapped like a "church lady" ... very subtle & quiet. Just sayin'.
  4. Thanks everyone!!
  5. Sorry, the "bye, Felicia" reference went right over my head!! Can someone "walk me through what it means"?
  6. I love Christian & knew he was headed for "stardom" when I saw him on Project Runway a few years ago. I'm so happy for his success!!
  7. I'm noticing the "new lady" claps (like a seal) for everything. Just a bit ridiculous-looking.
  8. I think the whole purpose of the bare arms is to show off how "toned" they are. Just sayin'.
  9. ^^^^ That's why I said "News to me!!!"
  10. Just when I thought I was finished blubbering, Joe talked about someone yelling from the crowd (paraphrasing) "I served with your son & would follow Beau Biden anywhere, SIR!!" Gawd, I was done fer!!!
  12. After reading everyone's comments, I just had to watch the show live. Ya'll were SO right ... a tear-jerker, but then, Joe always manages to make me cry when he talks about his family.
  13. Thanks for moving that link to this thread ... where I should have put it in the first place!!!
  14. Accidentally saw this on Fox: News to me!!!
  15. ... & not a moment too soon!! Go Gayle/Norah!!!