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  1. Kidding

    Why are bratty kids presented as cute and/or normal? I get that the one kid is mourning his brother, but sweet Jesus, if I spoke to my father like that, I'd be sharing my dead brother's grave. I hate that disrespectful brats are the norm on tv.
  2. S01.E10 Nobody is ever missing

    I'm fascinated by the possibility of Connor trying to run for President. Will this be a satire on the Trump presidency? I mean Connor is a true whack-job, and he obviously lives in a dream world. He talks to Eric Bognosian's (sp?) character and later boasts that he "demolishes" him when it's evident the guy is just too polite to tell Connor he's a looney tune to his face; he suggests he might outlaw drama and then states his platform will be anti-masturbation. Wow! This could be more fun than all the other storylines combined, but then I've always been a political junkie. Of course, YMMV.
  3. S02.E10: The Passenger

    Captain, O my Captain ... You said exactly what I am thinking.
  4. Mr. Mercedes

    Just a quick question. The song that is played at the beginning of each episode sounds familiar, or at least the artist does. Is it the same song/ artist that was featured in True Detective? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  5. S02.E08: Kiksuya

    Why, oh why can't we have more episodes like this? Poignant and heartbreaking, giving us a look at new characters and more information on the park at the same time without unnecessary buckets of gore. Imagine if Shogun World had given us this story about Akane? And frankly, anything would have been preferable to the clusterfuck that was the Confederate fort massacre. And stuff like this just makes current Dolores shallower and more unlikeable, which is a pity because we should sympathize with her. I would have liked to have done the native pastoral experience at Westworld as opposed to mindless bloodshed, but I guess I'm in the minority; obviously their market is sadistic twits.
  6. S02.E06: Phase Space

    Cruella: You expressed my concerns perfectly! Thank you! The violence seems senseless and adds nothing to the character growth or story. I still think that stylistically, less can be more. What you imagine is always worse than what you see.
  7. S02.E06: Phase Space

    What is bothering me is the unrelenting, unrestrained violence. Convoluted storylines I can deal with; after all, I stuck with Lost and the X-Files to their respective bitter ends. But the weekly dose of carnage this show is serving up is getting to be a bit much. I get that war is not nice, and what is going on is indeed war. But sometimes less is more. I refer you to the reaction to the infamous video tape in the first season of True Detective. We never see its contents, but the characters' reactions suggest things far worse than anything that could be shown on screen. A little bit of this kind of restraint would be a welcome relief.
  8. S02.E06: Phase Space

    Ford is not in the matrix, Ford is the matrix. Is that dog the one Ford Jr. killed last season? So many timelines -- I'm gonna need a scorecard.
  9. As someone who had to endure sexual harassment at work back in the days when it was thought to be funny -- har de har har har -- may I just express my pure and utter delight that Harvey Weinstein has been charged, at least?
  10. S02.E04: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    Compelling, interesting episode. BUT Enough with the gratuitous violence already, writers. The railroad scene was enough to make even Quentin Tarintino yell, " Enough already, fer chrissakes!" and I'm not nearly that inured to violence as he is. You're rapidly running out of sympathetic characters, show, and pretty soon I'll be taking a page from Aliens' playbook and recommend that the whole place be nuked from orbit. I was talking back to the TV while Craddock was carrying on, asking for someone to pul-leese shoot the SOB. Glad when the MiB finally obliged. And boy, Craddock, he blowed up really good, didn't he? And if I contradict myself, then let me echo Walt Whitman: "Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes." Kudos to those as spotted Grace/Emily as William's daughter. Let's hope Dolores never gets a hold of her. I'm guessing the human/host Bernard built was Ford. It just seems the obvious choice. So obviously, I'll be dead wrong. Of course, all of this raises questions about consciousness and reality. Does a difference that doesn't make any difference really a difference? More when I feel better. Right now I'm about as coherent as a host off-loop.
  11. S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    Don't forget Star Trek/Star Wars worlds, Lord of the Rings world or Colonizing Mars world (the latter is my own idea).
  12. Characters We Hate

    Since the revival of Roseanne, I've found a new character to hate. Or, rather, I remember my previous hatred. Darlene. You snotty, sarcastic unlikeable little bitch. God. In the original series, there was an episode where she had dumped David and then had in turn been dumped, and David tells her she's "mean" and she gets the sad face and we're supposed to feel sorry for her. Uh-uh. No fucking way. David was spot on. If any thing, he understated the matter. Now in this new incarnation, she's lost her partner and job, yet still feels superior to her siblings. I'm willing to bet she lost both because she's such an insufferable bratty bitch. Writers, do us all a favour. Have this character struck permanently mute. Better yet, permanently comatose. Mind you, I'm not all that wild about Roseanne, either.
  13. MaryPatShelby. The. Friendly Giant was a Canadian made show that ran in Canada for ages and most Canadians can recite the opening from heart.
  14. S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    From an article I read Here, (search under "Westworld") think maybe PETA might have had some reason initially for concern. Seems HBO hasn't had an exactly stellar track record with animals. I think PETA can be a bit Looney tunes sometimes** but useful, as society requires groups that push the envelope; that's how progress happens. **And sometimes they're bloody well spot-on. Like with big-game hunting. To keep this post vaguely on topic, does anyone think there's the host equivalent of PETA in the outside world? People For The Ethical Treatment of Androids? Maybe that should be in a different thread, though, eh?
  15. S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    Re the closeness of all the various parks/landscapes: the only explanation is that everything is artificial, down to the grass and trees. Otherwise, you would need an entire, separate ecosystem for each park. Plants need pollinators (insects and birds, usually) and those in turn need their support systems, etc. etc. But artificial landscapes allow subtropical Indian jungle next to North American desert and Mongolian winter desert next to arboreal decidual forest. Though it probably cost a boatload of cash to create .... BTW I posted my dislike of big game hunting on Reddit and boy, people there hated that comment. Lotsa hunters there, I guess :) Also -- have we ever seen the moon in the Westworld sky? Because if not, that might indicate it's not on earth.