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  1. S32.E10: Redemption House of Cards

    Not a new thing! Reading has been around for years. Largely known thanks to drag culture -- most people know about it in modern day because of the documentary Paris is Burning or RuPaul's Drag Race. Where I come from in the South, reading is similar to what we call "playing the dozens": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dozens Dorian Corey explains reading (from Paris is Burning).
  2. RW: Chicago (2002)

    A friend christened Kyle as Spongebob Squarehead years ago and it is what I always think of when anyone brings up his name.
  3. It was Devin. His father passed away and he got the news right after he arrived in South Africa.
  4. Small Talk: The Queen Vic

    Leslie Grantham (Den Watts) is reportedly in very bad health.
  5. Atlanta

    I could have gone the rest of my my entire life without having to watch that scene of Mama Dee licking her chops over the parade of half dressed men KK had in the room when they met up. No ma'am no.
  6. I will always live for that scene at the house meeting where Coral told Miz about himself when he came for her about being rude to friends of his that visited the house and she fired back about him calling one of them stupid and a panty dropping freak before they got there. The library was all the way open that day.
  7. Abram is back on Challenge Mania this week and serves some tea about Laurel: http://challengemania.podbean.com/e/ep-40-abram-boise-returns/
  8. S31.E16: Finale Part 2

    The Miz could have missed me entirely with his "you don't need to cry" and "it's the name of the game" and "take it as a compliment" to Cara Maria when people were being shitty towards her. Go sit your entire ass down somewhere, sir. I am not her biggest fan but good for Derrick for standing up for her (and everyone else who chimed in, too).
  9. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    Listening to Derrick's Challenge podcast right now. Cara Maria said that she and Laurel were never really very close friends. According to her (and mentioned in an earlier comment), Laurel was terrible towards her on Fresh Meat and Cutthroat and would talk down to her and about her to other people. For Free Agents, Laurel was actively rooting for Cara Maria to get beat in challenges. When they were paired together on Rivals, it was in Laurel's better interest to keep her sweet (i.e. standing up for her when Wes dumped the soda on her) since they were playing the game as a team. Cara Maria said that there were moments along the way where Laurel was kind to her and that they had some good times together but that she killed whatever friendship they did have long before the whole Nicole situation because of things that happened off the show. It was not Laurel getting together with Nicole that ended anything. She said she contacted Laurel before that Challenge aired to try to make peace after Nicole but Laurel was not trying to hear it.
  10. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    I actually yelled "WALK AWAY LAUREL" at my laptop screen at that moment. And again when Laurel didn't walk away and wished Nicole luck.
  11. S31.E11: It's Britni, B...

    Nicole. The woman you claim to love and still care for so much took it upon herself to come over to you before she left the competition to say she forgives you and wishes you luck and all you can think of to say in that moment is "if you loved me, you would have tried harder to make this work"? Ma'am, go sit down somewhere. Talk about picking your moments. All I have to say to that is to remind Laurel of "Laurel, you look good. Cara, you look better" which Nicole said on national gotdamn TV. Laurel is a better person than me because I would have kept right on stepping without so much as a look over my shoulder. Sad to see that Laurel and Cara Maria never mended their friendship.
  12. S31.E10: Rumor Has It

    Kailah, Jemmye and Britni are grown ass women who ought to be ashamed of themselves for how they acted, though I am sure they still think they didn't do anything wrong. If you have issues with Kayleigh and want to stand behind Natalie, whatever, but throwing the mattress and her suitcase off the balcony was childish. I nearly jumped off my couch and did a happy dance when Teege called them on the carpet and told them they acted like children. Kayleigh is a better person than I am because I would have told all three of them trifling heffas about themselves before I left and Nelson too. "Sorry she was bullied but she did me wrong." SHUT UP, you big dummy.
  13. Count me in as a Tabatha stan, too. MitaJo, I had the exact same thought about the plastic surgery. I live in LA and am well familiar with D'Amore's, so seeing that family as the subject of the first episode was a surprise.
  14. Lantern7, I couldn't view the first link because of the privacy settings but the second link is set to Public, so that one was fine.
  15. All-Episodes Talk - BBC Episodes

    Jo Joyner was in the middle of filming another project at the time she was asked to appear for Christmas, so they had to schedule her scenes around that. I suspect that much of the Christmas storylines were revised because of the producer change, but it just feels wrong and out of place that there are only brief mentions of Tanya and that she would not have been there for the birth of her grandchild, much less by the sides of both of her daughters in hospital. In fact, there isn't much mention of Abi or anyone asking about her or Lauren at all. I could see the rest of the Square maybe not knowing since none of them really interact with Max but Jack only found out about her condition today, more or less a week after the accident, and that also doesn't feel right.