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  1. S01.E10: Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run

    What in the world was that? The show was all over the place.
  2. Go away Alex!! You are NOT a victim.
  3. S01.E04: Sweet, Not Lasting

    I'm easily entertained by soaps so I am liking this show. Well anything but Ophelia and Liam....zzzzz. It's like watching two kids working at American Eagle flirting. I am very interested in Jasper. What's his deal? What's he after?
  4. Dead-Boyd, Ava, Avery, Zachariah, Boon, and Raylan Alive-Rachel, Tim, Art, Loretta, and Wynn
  5. S04.E01: Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

    I only enjoyed the Mellie parts. The rest zzzzzzzzz
  6. S02.E11: One for the Money, Two for the Show

    Even though the whole time Robert was in the house I was like "Run Robert run. That forbidden fruit will get you killed." Yay to Libby for finally learning about the great mystery. Looks like next week she's smiling and sneaking back for more of it. This was the first episode where I liked Austin and Flo. It makes me wonder where thier relationship is going. Flo may be blackmailing him but I don't see Austin saying no I don't want to play sex games with you. Flo seems full of self loathing and Austin is almost full of himself. Bill and Gini.....they were so compelling to me last season. Now it seems Bill's impotence has made the show impotent.
  7. S02.E08: Mirror, Mirror

    I noticed the vibe as well between Masters and his brother. The whole show I kept saying he must be his ex-boyfriend. I was surprised he was his brother. Also, Libby and Robert have some palpable chemistry. Even though the timeframe in history wasn't the greatest for interracial relationships, it would be interesting to see some type of relationship explored between them. Even if it was a only a friendship.
  8. S03.E11: Hurt

    Tired of the Mexican Mafia, the Ramos and Poppy's land. No one gives a shit. So over all of it. John Ross was my MVP....his facial expressions and thieving whore line cracked me right up. Now thats the kind of Dallas I want to see.
  9. S01.E07: Equally Dead Inside

    The threesome scene was hilarious. From Jimmy's reaction shots to the "basking in the afterglow". Let's celebrate that we found someone equally dead inside.
  10. BAHAHAHAHA I stand corrected. Close your blinds! Is it really nosy to walk by and see breasts smashed against the window ala Shame?
  11. S03.E10: Dead Reckoning

    Right at the end of Elena reading the letter when her eyes bug out. All of this!! Who thought that would be a good idea?
  12. No curtains or blinds on windows. People have sex all the time in front of these same windows. Never seen either in real life.
  13. S03.E10: Dead Reckoning

    The only bright spots: Pamela plotting and the soundbite of JR's laugh which made me smile. It then made me sad because he's no longer around to brighten up this rapidly declining show.
  14. This made me holler. Love it! I hate when people lay down on a bed with thier shoes on. It bugs the crap out of me. Everytime I see it I yell at the TV "GET THEM SHOES OUT THE BED!" I have never seen this anywhere in real life. Woman half, mostly, or fully naked after sex and the man is still wearing practically a 3 piece suit with the top button of his shirt undone. Where they do that at?
  15. TV Tropes You Hate

    Oops wrong thread.