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  1. In my humble opinion, Chef Ramsey was a spitting image of a current David Letterman in his disguise on the ladt episode.
  2. Science shows about prehistory and archeology

    friendperidot i watched that show also. It was called American Digger. The 2nd season, when his wife and son joined the show, it was retitled as Savage Family Diggers. Catchphrase? Boom baby!
  3. I’m not liking this hush hush. It makes me worried. Just hope Mike will be ok. Here’s my Mike story...Mike has always been my favorite Monkee. He, along with Bobby Sherman, were the boys who made my heart beat. So many years have past and in all that time I never had a chance to meet either one. Until this past October. There was an advertisement for Chiller Theatre con being held in Parsippany, NJ, and scheduled to appear, with a meet and greet, was Mike Nesmith. I convinced my sister to come with me so that day, we got there nice and early. At around 11:00, I saw him, but it wasn’t time for my meet and greet so I wanted to save my true reaction for when I was face to face with my teen idol. About an hour or so later, it was time. We went upstairs and waited our turn. When we were next, we were brought into a room and when the person before us was done we were let through. There he was...right in front of me. I started to cry and mumbled something about thank you for making my childhood dream come true. i reached out and he pulled his hands back saying, no touching. i was mortified. He started to laugh and said come here, which I did. He hugged me, I hugged back and wouldnt let go..lmao. He was very gracious about it, but it was my sister who reminded me to let him go. We then had our picture taken with him, and I am so happy we went that day because you never know what the future holds.
  4. Exorcist Actors in Other Roles

    Just saw a tweet from our beloved Father Marcus, aka Ben Daniels, who announced he will be in Season 3 of The Crown. He says he will be portraying Anthony Snowden.
  5. S13:Ep1 - Auditions 1

    Creepy girl had me out of my seat last night as I yelled for all to hear that I’ve seen her before..shes a magic act. Thanks to you guys, I find out she won Asia’s Got Talent. Problem is, I dont watch, nor have ever watched, Asia’s Got Talent. I swear she was on AGT last season. However, I’m proud of myself for knowing who Shin Lim is. I saw him on Penn and Teller and adored him there. Good luck to him as well as the amazing Golden Buzzer group. Ive never seen anything like them before.
  6. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Can we please get rid of Mr. Male Model and bring back Joe the Grocer? He is adorable..Joe not Mr. Male Model.
  7. Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    i had an opportunity to meet and talk with ADIs main people, Jan and Tim. i was at a screening for their documentary “Lion Ark”. They are wonderful people with a wonderful mission convincing countries to ban circuses that feature wild animals. when the ban goes intoeffect, they rescue them. they are currently saving circus lions from Guatemala right now.
  8. So happy for Miranda. Her song, Tin Man, is such a beautiful, heart-breaking song and I love it!
  9. Science shows about prehistory and archeology

    Josh Gates. Hes had a few series on the Travel Channel including Destination Truth, which was more like a supernatural show (i loved it) and currently airing is Legendary Locations, which is kinda self explantory. i have only warched 2 episodes, but its typical Josh Gates...entertaining, educational and sometimes silly.
  10. In The Media: DWTS

    Not this Yankee fan! I’m one of them that loathes any of those Boston people coming onto my team. Yeah I know. I take this rivalry way too serious..lol
  11. All Episodes Talk

    Anyone watching the new episodes? looks like just about everyone is going to have a successful season this time. Oh yes, forgot to mention I really dislike the new dredge guy. He has no other conversation in him other than how he will take the Pomrenke’s down.
  12. Science shows about prehistory and archeology

    Thank you auntjess. At least for now I can watch the old shows.
  13. Science shows about prehistory and archeology

    There used to be a show called The Naked Archaeologist and I believe it was on the History International channel here in the U.S. No, he wasnt unclothed, but for the life of me I cannot remember what was naked about him. Anyway, the show is off the air now and I miss it terribly. He took the viewers to places we would never get into by ourselves. Simcha Jacobovici...please come back! Anyone remember this one?
  14. Dear Mr. Simpson, When you were acquitted and released, you promised you would spend every dime you had to find Nicole’s murderer. May I ask, all these years later, how much you have actually spent to date? should i close my eyes and see what I see?
  15. S03.E14: Lock It Down

    This show is REALLY getting on my last nerve, and yet, I keep watching. Funny how the careless, I will do what I want Dr. Halstead, is now the pillat of the medical field. He is probably hoping that his malpractice insurance will go down as long as he stays a good boy, but now after becoming Sir Lancelot and throwing himself on his sword to save a damsel in distress, he’ll be lucky to gey anyone to insure him. He’s a giant, red-headed ass.