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  1. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    This should have been Season Two. The 2018 MCU-flix Seasons really hit it out of the park this year, each Season was better and better, which is why I'm totally heartbroken for Iron Fist and Cage. I will say though, absolutely my favorite episode of the series, but then they cheesily end the episode with that bullseye reflection in Dex's eye.
  2. S02E04: Target: Iron Fist

    So, this is all going to blow up in Joy's face right? Whether Davos, or Mary... maybe Ward? I still don't like her placement in the Season. Like I almost can't tell if Joy is supposed to be the mastermind, or Davos... and who is stringing the other along. Ward just gets better each episode, again, I just listen to him banter on. I was liking the ritual until the three emo girls were introduced. I was digging the entire cutting the tattoo, using Danny's blood, etc., etc., and then they threw it all away with those three... Crane Sisters? They didn't fit my fantasy.
  3. S02E03: This Deadly Secret...

    Okay, as much as I love Colleen and Misty, I'm totally here for Danny and Ward. I need a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off, and a Danny/Ward bromance-centric spin-off. Colleen and BB, damn, the boy's dead injecting himself into the business, isn't he? Joy issues with Ward about undead Father. Totally understandable. But Danny, totally don't get it. And now confirmation Mary will actually be somewhat important to the main plot and not something was just kinda thrown in there. And I don't know, between BB-again, still, the stupidest name ever which I was glad was brought up in the episode, and Mary, the show seems to really try to wedge Colleen and Danny apart. And who knew a Marvel show would deliver my favorite "date night". Chtulhudrew brings up something I thought when the episode started... I thought maybe somehow I skipped an episode. It seemed like the previous episode and the beginning of this one didn't line up.
  4. S02E02: The City's Not for Burning

    Loved the banter between Colleen and BB--stupidest name ever, and Ward and his assistant. And going by how these shows go, BB and/or the assistant, and Ward's sponsor from the previous episode, will all probably be dead by season's end. It's sad, and I'll cherish the time this season BB. So, Mary and Davos keep getting and creepier and scarier. I'm still not feeling Joy's place in all this. Mary just seems so disconnected from the story at the moment. I don't want to see her intertwined into the main narrative by chance. I want to spoil the character but I won't. As awesome as Danny and Colleen are, still doesn't hold a candle to Misty and Colleen.
  5. S02E01: The Fury of Iron Fist

    Mary is one of my favorite characters, and I am so here for whatever is done with the character. Already off to an excellent start. So, it will boil down to Joy/Davos VS Danny/Ward. I don't like how Joy is involved, the pieces are there, I just don't like the way the puzzle is put together for her. And Ward, glad to see him back. Still my favorite character. I'm just going to say it now, but moving forward, all NETFLIX shows... I need a Colleen/Misty team-up so I hope we get one sometime this season. And a ten episode season, please let this transfer over to the other series. Overall, and as someone who liked Season One but agreed with a lot of the criticisms hurled its way, love what's happening, great start. Genuinely excited.
  6. I've been wondering what's been up with Heather the last few years. I have a mother addicted to home shopping, and we'll see the gamut of Housewives, and other reality TV stars and celeb has-beens try to launch and peddle products. After leaving the show, and I guess losing YT, she was off HSN and moved to Evine peddling whatever Tommie Copper is. I think some type of compression wear. For a while now, she's still with Evine but she's been pushing Nutritionary, which includes shakes, meal replacements, and vitamins. And with this brand, I think she's calling herself a nutritionist. I know it's in her write-up on Evine.
  7. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About The Episodes

    Caught up with "Versus the End". I've seen it listed as the season finale, and also the series finale, but either way, in the grand tradition of Disney XD programming, of course, it ends somewhat on a cliffhanger, and the gang stuck in space. Harper switching sides, again, was obvious, and glad he did. Just going to say it, but Gray, Gray was obviously a stunt double as they would only show her back. Now off to see if it really is over, continuing, or being repackaged into something.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About The Episodes

    Caught up with "Versus the Infected". Been bugging me the last few episodes, but I like your good, old-fashioned mind control. It kinda bugged me that the characters were still kinda themselves and under control. So, Ryan gets an upgrade, heals the thirty, and I'm sure they'll factor into the battle with Traeger in some way. I was kinda waiting for either Mrs. Walker, or the kids in Spyder's subplot, to be infected and infect the rest of the thirty. I liked Spyder's story with the kids, but it did feel a little tacked on in the way, they just needed a way to get the characters out of the commune. I've been really enjoying the season and kinda bummed I haven't found any info if it's been renewed for another season.
  9. S01.E10: Colony Collapse

    It wasn't everything I expected, but I'm not mad, still so much to enjoy. The corrupt police I take it will be a recurring theme next season. Along with a super-powered O'Reilly. I think they wrapped up the season nicely while still giving us some good teases to what's to come.
  10. S01.E09: Back Breaker

    So... two things: I think it was obvious there was going to be a Fuchs cover-up. I was leaning more towards O'Reilly over Tyrone. Side note, so, is the entire department corrupt? Between a cover-up (well a second cover-up) and nobody stepping in when Connors was going to town on O'Reilly... The minute she bailed out Liam, I knew he would screw Tandy over. Whether legit revenge on his mind or her stealing his hope, I was thinking that would at least be the one thing to come back and bite her.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About The Episodes

    Caught up with "Versus the Monster Within". I liked Harris 2.0... I kinda liked evil Harris. I liked his plan for keeping everyone busy. I just kind of forget what happened during the break from episodes. I always have to get back up to speed on the story. ETA: Caught up with "Versus the Betrayal". I was thinking, of course, Mrs. Walker just happens to walk in and free Harris. Not just walk in, just the fact she's even allowed for some reason. I was thinking Harris escapes was so obvious, but no, in the end, Mark had a plan. I don't know, maybe just me, but wouldn't you, couldn't you, well, wouldn't you say maybe Traeger is more of a "son" than "brother". Still loving Evil Harris... and the scene of the night, Spyder and the ER staff. ETA: Caught up with "Versus Harris". Episode of the season for me, at least until the next one which I'm guessing will be a zombie-ish with the ending of this one. I love a good zombie/infected story. I am totally loving evil Harris, and that was an intense transformation and fight. I'm glad they (Ryan, Veracity) did kinda discuss it in the end, but I was thinking, wasn't it a bit more mind-control in previous episodes, and now it's not? WIth Traeger's machine, it did give me X-Men (2000) vibes of Magneto's mutant/mutation machine. I'd like the Mark off the team story if you knew it wasn't totally going to end with him rejoining for the final battle.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About The Episodes

    "Versus Harris" - August 6, 2018 "Versus the Infected" - August 13, 2018 "Versus the End" - August 20, 2018 (With a name like that, assuming the season finale?) Haven't heard anything about a renewal, new season.
  13. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    I enjoyed it... most of all because there was no character like Diamondback. When I finish one these Marvel Netflix shows, I'm usually in the I liked them in the order they came out, but for 2018, so far I've loved Seasons Two for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Tilda became her Mother... and her reaction to the will kinda proved that. If your done with your Mother, why would you want her roost. Seeing what Luke has become, it was definitely a bittersweet ending. The Tell Claire to leave broke my heart a bit. Next season, Tilda is set up as some sort of thorn in Luke's side, and him trying not being a crime lord, but he's totally being a crime lord... and that last part, that's kinda what I want to see the most. I found the ending with everyone at the concert a bit cheesy.
  14. S02E12: Can't Front On Me 06.22.2018

    So begins Tilda's descent into becoming a Stoke's... I mean, right? Warehouse fight... awesome... I could totally live with Luke Cage & Bushmaster: Heroes For Hire, I need it now! I guess I put too much stock in Misty wanting the gun, I didn't think they'd go the obvious with Shades and a wire.
  15. S02E11: The Creator 06.22.2018

    I'm 100% behind Bushmaster at this point. So, Mariah's awful... what else is new... and now in the drug game. Shades leaves and... runs to Misty? Part of me hopes he's legit, but I can't help but think he'll have a con on Misty.