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  1. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    Even though I did enjoy Barry getting revenge for getting shot by Ollie, it really makes no sense. Ollie suspects, nay, KNOWS that Barry set up remote-control bows. Ollie taught the lesson about scouting his surroundings. It would have been much cooler if he had been like, "Nice try." And had already disarmed the remote-control bows.
  2. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    They said that AMAZO was rocking some sort of nanite-infused version of Mirakuru that let it duplicate metahumans' powers, and it came out of Ivo Industries. So I'd say yes.
  3. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    There have been various incarnations of the Justice League over the years, and some of them did not feature any of DC's Trinity.
  4. Survivor Lexicon

    Flying under the radar or FUTR - when a player tries to do as little as possible in the game to avoid being a vote target.
  5. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    Thawne comes from what, the 31st Century? So he knows at least a version of how Flash's future/his timeline's past is supposed to play out. Just like Abra Kadabra knew about Savitar, it makes sense that Thawne would know at least something about him. Thawne made it sound like he had met Savitar face-to-face. Which is certainly possible given how much time-travelling any of them could do. I mean, until this episode, it wouldn't make sense that a S1 Thawne would have encountered an experienced Barry back in the time frame of S1. I could see a combination of Nora's naivety plus Nora's anger at her mom plus Eobard's charm and intelligence suckering Nora. Presumably, Eobard told Nora that she'd been chipped, plus taught her some Speedster 101. Those things plus some song and dance about how he had been wrongly accused or had since turned over a new leaf might go a long way.
  6. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    I think the time on the show corresponds loosely to real time. So the Enlightment happened around May-ish, and Cicada's niece has been injured since then. In the previous episode, or roughly a week ago, Team Flash discovered Cicada's real identity. Since then, apparently, they have been somewhat monitoring Cicada's movements and discovered that he has been visiting his niece every day for the last three weeks. This doesn't speak to his whereabouts the last few months. So the two possibilities that make the most sense to me: 1. After discovering Cicada's identity, Team Flash started monitoring Cicada/Grace to test their theory and look for weak links. Three weeks have elapsed and they've confirmed the pattern of him visiting niece daily over those three weeks. 2. The same, but only a week has passed, and they've checked records to see that Cicada had been visiting every day for the previous two weeks as well.
  7. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    In fairness, Lockwood personally has killed only 2 aliens as far as we know IIRC: Fiona and a random alien who worked at the Nth Metal plant. I'm doubting that even the DEO knows about his killing the alien at the Nth metal plant, and that they have any real proof tying Lockwood to killing Fiona. Even holding him responsible for all the criminal acts of the Children of Liberty, there are not a whole lot of additional actual deaths you could charge against him. He created Parasite 2.0, so has responsibility for the (let's say) half-dozen alien deaths Parasite caused. He tried to have Supergirl killed at Shelley Island and he could then be accused of stealing Healer Alien's doohickey that was keeping him alive. I obviously could be missing a bunch, but I could see Lockwood or his followers thinking that any charges of killing are trumped-up.
  8. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    The person who appeared with 90s Flash is...
  9. S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    My impression was that Kara was an employee of the DEO since the pilot, and getting paid off-the-books. IIRC she and Mon-El had to fill out some relationship disclosure thing from Pam in HR, so that is more than just consulting. It seems laughable that the President is like, "I need transparency from those who work for my super-secret spy organization that we are still pretending in 2018 and amidst anti-alien fever is the FBI." And insisting on Supergirl's resignation seems like cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
  10. S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    Manchester's fiancee Fiona was an empath, so it could be the device was hers or something common to her people. We'd just be taking shots in the dark as to how the device is meant to work or works. It could be that it works on empaths/telepaths only, or that it works on anyone. Sharing and understanding others' feelings is something many of us want to do, but cannot always. Perhaps at a normal setting or for normal feelings, a device like that could give helpful insight. It seems to me that Manchester weaponized the device to hurt J'onn, but again, that's just a guess.
  11. S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    Well, Supergirl is probably way more famous than Lena. But I figure not recognizing Lena would be like not recognizing Bill Gates or Steve Jobs -- if on top of their business success, they also had an infamous supervillain brother AND helped saved the world from an alien invasion. DC has had a guy called the Vigilante who was a quasi-Punisher sort. A guy who kills without remorse and without self-defense as a justification is just not in DC's mindset, so that's why Supergirl and the rest might care.
  12. S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    I don't know if J'onn in fact has directly killed anyone not in the heat of battle who did not pose a high-level threat. I believe he killed J'emm back in the first season. Supergirl was willing to kill Mon-El's mom and presumably can be said to be responsible for any Daxamites who died to lead poisoning. I don't consider it hypocrisy for J'onn and Supergirl to be of the mindset that killing should be a last resort, if that. Of course, it is easy to have that moral stance when you have their power level and can thus usually avoid killing. Manchester Black has killed probably what, a dozen Children of Liberty in basically cold blood, so I think he's firmly in the evil side. The Adam's family (danadada) might not have had a case. Not every death during a surgical procedure is going to be reflective of a doctor's mistake, and there is some level of assumption of risk. The show answered that Adam was selected for answering a question about what he would do about a spider who stayed in the bathtub the way Lena did. Rather than kill it or move it from the bathroom, Adam and Lena both would not interfere with the spider. Lena concluded that someone like Adam would therefore be neutral if he got powers, neither doing the (arguably) villainous thing of killing the spider or the (arguably) do-gooder thing of releasing it. Who can say how the power dampeners worked, or how they would work against multiple alien species, or why they have not been deployed at the DEO or elsewhere, or why Alien Ellis Island was set up, shut down, or why it was left for the COL to take over? I don't think Lena has any intention of giving the Children of Liberty superpowers. People who call sentient beings roaches would seemingly fail the spider test hard.
  13. S03.E13: A New Napkin

    It seems a fair guess that anyone pressured into working for Kingpin knew the score same as Ray did: make a move against Kingpin, and the mob will not only take you out but kill all your friends and family just so no one else gets any bright ideas. Sure, anyone of them could kill Kingpin. But even if you cut off the head of that metaphorical snake, it will be some time before the rest of it dies. Are you going to risk the lives of all your loved ones on the notion that the Fixer, Vanessa, Dex, other crooked cops/FBI agents or whoever won't be able to execute revenge in a timely fashion?
  14. S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    One of President Wonder Woman's accomplishments was getting a bill passed that guaranteed aliens rights. So that guarantee may have made people feel more emboldened. (Hopefully the show will address that, because there is no way that there would not be an effort to undo that law after PWW was shown to herself be an alien). I am fanwanking that all mom did was give the Sons of Liberty (or is it the less sexist Children of Liberty?) the idea to steal the amulet, rather than steal it herself. Doesn't seem in her skillset to go to Healer's compound and get it herself without being noticed. It also makes more sense to me that Healer was thinking of his daughter as in "Oh I'm dying and my big regret is not getting to know my daughter" rather than "Mom attacked me so I'm going to be thinking of daughter instead for some reason."
  15. S05.E07: I Got Played

    Part of the trouble with this season is it requires AK to have been unbelievably short-sighted and paranoid and unsavvy simultaneously. Any reasonable person, given a sketchy job offer by the governor who she has repeatedly antagonized, would have been, "Thanks, but no thanks. I have absolutely no reason to think this isn't a ploy. Even taking you at your word,there are plenty of people who you can hire with a better background to administer a department. Meanwhile, I will keep my almost-assuredly better paying job, and look out for my clients' interests on my own rather than cast them to the winds. And if you're serious about criminal justice reform, I'll happily work with the person you hire for the job." Any reasonable person who was screwed by the governor would screw them back twice as hard in the press and elsewhere. Putting aside the notion that the governor put a hit on Nate Sr., the notion that she offered the job and then withdrew it is a pretty big deal. Her state was found to have violated the Constitution in offering subpar defenses, and she reversed herself in trying to fix the problem? Maybe I am jaded, but it seems like whatever might have gone on with this adoption could not be an effective counter to the embarrassment the governor would suffer.