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  1. I think they must have done more than merely dance together, as Kirk was embarrassed about whatever his behavior was and getting paired up with Noel originally. There was some level of awkward there that came from more than merely dancing. Whether it was because one of them got super drunk, or they were kissing or things went even further, who can say?
  2. So my initial comment was before I actually watched the episode, because I really dislike the unearned anvils of Ed+Kelly=TLA, I really dislike it when Ed acts pissy and so forth, and the plot summary foreshadowed that there would be a lot of that. Having actually watched it, I'm happy to say that I thought the episode was alright. Which is to say, the Ed/Kelly stuff wasn't all that bad. Granted, I think that there probably should have been more intelligent discussion between the two about why they broke up, whether either is over the infidelity to try reuniting, to talk about what getting together might mean for their command, etc. I think a nuanced, thoughtful discussion like that would have been very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't think this writing crew (along with many others in genre fiction) is capable of having that sort of discussion. As usual, I love Bortus and how he is both the straight man and comic relief I think at some point, the Union will have to impose some actual discipline on the Orville folks for disobeying direct orders. I think in 13 episodes, we have probably had as many examples of insubordination as in the full run of any of the Trek series.
  3. We got out of there without Rebecca sleeping with Paula's dad, Paula sleeping with her ex, and any sign of attraction between Heather and Josh. (I assume she's still with Hector, right?). Anyway I'll call that a win. I think this is the first episode without Josh's name in the title. I wonder if that's supposed to represent a turning point of sorts for Rebecca.
  4. MacFarlane has actually gone much further than Roddenberry did. In TOS and elsewhere, there's evidence that humans on some level believe. For instance, OG Enterprise has a chapel (as seen in "Balance of Terror" where the crewmembers are about to get married) and Kirk tells Apollo "We have no needs for gods. We find the one sufficient." Now that might have been a necessary concession to the reality of life in the 60s where no network would have allowed themselves to be seen as unchristian, but still.. In Modern Trek, you have races like the Bajorans whose spirituality is largely presented as positive (the sliminess of Kai Winn or the like notwithstanding). In "The Orville," it's been portrayed that spacefaring races will likely abandon religion as part of having the intellectual/scientific development for that. The one exception is the Krill, whose religion allows them to justify slaughter of nonbelievers. And basically religion is for dupes (faith in Kelly, faith on the huge spaceship) or zealots.
  5. I'm not sure if that's the case. I think she said she eventually decided to quit waiting for the perfect man to have kids. Isaac then asked about the father, and Claire said something to the effect of "Now that's getting personal." She never said she was artificially inseminated. The kids could be adopted, could be the result of good ol' fashioned sex or potentially other things.
  6. Blargh.
  7. I think that was meant to convey that the guy whose route it normally was had been found killed, as opposed to the person who actually drove the bus. My memory was that it was Ms. Devoe who drove the bus. But I could most definitely be wrong.
  8. There were 12 people meta'ed out of the bus crash. We have seen: Technovore -- the guy who could control machines Jinx -- the woman who can alter probabilities Elongated Man - Ralph's stretchy self Black Bison - the Native American activist who could animate statues of people or animals The Weeper -- I think he was created in the bus thing but am not 100 percent sure Dominic/Brainstorm - I think the Thinker identified him as subject 6. So I think we have 6 to go. I wonder -- was his wife the driver of the bus? If so, does that mean she's a meta? and if so, what are her powers?
  9. My assumption is that Mallus is a demon of some sort, and that Mallus (or one of his demon minions) is the one who knows Sara.
  10. I think Amunet is actually more of a multi-faceted crimelord. She originally was selling Dominic's tears as a drug, and seems to have been up to various, unspecified nefarious practices since getting her powers. I should correct myself -- Dominic and the Weeper are different people.
  11. Barry has already shown himself to be -- from the police department's eyes -- obsessed with Devoe. Barry and Joe went to Devoe's house and accused him with no proof, and with no connection to any actual CCPD case. Devoe and his wife complained. Barry apologized. Then Barry was caught on camera in Devoe's house AGAIN. He broke in to the house. As someone in law enforcement. Devoe and wife complain and express fear about this, and get a restraining order. Barry gets a suspension (and is lucky he wasn't arrested or fired.) We know that Barry confronted Devoe AGAIN after that at Devoe's university. Although Devoe apparently didn't call the police on Barry then, he or his wife could have after the fact. And certainly numerous students saw Barry there talking to Devoe. So any of them could have been prompted to say that Barry was again there menacing him. And finally, CCPD apparently gets some sort of tip that Barry either was attacking or just killed Devoe. And when they enter Barry's locked home, they see Barry and Devoe's body. There aren't too many reasonable conclusions to draw but that Barry did it. No one else would seem to have had the opportunity. No one has an apparent better motive than crazy stalker Barry. And the means -- death by wedding knife -- seems to also rule most people out. Assuming Barry is going to share that he has the intruder alert, what's to say that he didn't simply trigger it himself? We know Barry's innocent. But based on what the cops will know, there's enough to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt IMO. Some would depend on the forensics. And I would like to have him prove his innocence through that. Seems like there's no blood spatter on Barry, and another possible issue is what happened to Devoe's wheelchair.
  12. Over the long-running history of the Hulk, there has been at least one time when the Bruce Banner persona was in charge of the big green body, actually. So there is precedent for integrating opposing personalities. Not that the Flash's writers need to be bound by what the Hulk or anyone else has gone through. If they wanted to have Caitlin get healthy psychologically, they could do it whenever they wanted. They probably won't because having a completely healthy and reliable and heroic Frost on Team Flash makes things more easy mode than they already should be with Barry's full repertoire of abilities unlocked.
  13. Context is important here. Kissing a friend or a relative on the cheek denotes one thing. There don't seem to me to be any other ways to read the Ed/Kelly kiss as Ed thawing toward Kelly and contemplating making up again. I might be different from most, but I would see kissing an ex on the cheek as not a sign of mere friendship in general, and definitely not in the context of this show, where the writers seem to be saying that they are going to eventually reunite Ed and Kelly romantically.
  14. Just finished a rewatch of DS9 and I don't think there was an episode quite like you describe. Most of the holodeck episodes were set in a 60's Las Vegas lounge or a pseudo-James Bond setting. There was talk about two of the characters doing simulations of the Battle of Britain and the Alamo, but I don't think those were shown. You might be thinking of an episode where O'Brien was convicted and forced to endure a simulated prison sentence. If that's the one, though, things went quite dark for O'Brien to the point of his nearly committing suicide.
  15. Not a fan of this episode. It prominently featured a couple of the things I dislike in general about the series: 1. Self-pitying, self-righteous Ed. It is not a good look on a main character to show such high levels of feeling sorry for one's self as Ed does in general, and specifically here. Maybe a better actor than MacFarlane could make me buy that it was any deal at all that Kelly put a good word in for him, especially since we are to believe that prior to the infidelity/divorce, Ed was bound for the captain's chair of a heavy cruiser. I am hoping his apparent self-realization that he was being a whiny bitch means that this is the last we see of him. 2. Ed/Kelly romantic drama. I almost gagged when he kissed her on the cheek. 3. Yaphit. He's getting more screen time than a lot of the main characters of late. And I find him neither interesting nor funny. Small doses perhaps. Specifically about this episode, I don't like the ham-fisted way it dealt with allegories to affirmative action, racial discrimination in the workplace and the subject of "acting white." (John's hiding his intellect so that others in his orbit didn't give him grief.) It wouldn't have been too tough to seed this development by showing John actually is smarter than the average bear in prior episodes. Instead, it was almost the reverse, particularly with Planet Reddit.