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  1. Season 03: All Episodes

    Someone help me understand Teresa. First season Teresa, I got because she was caught in a bad place and had to lie, cheat, steal to try and do what she could to protect herself, her friend and her friend's son. But now, she's a millionaire many times over. She could go to whatever part of the globe and disappear. Why does she want to stay in the drug game other than "Queen of the Middle of Nowhere" is probably not all that good a show? Are we to think that Teresa's loyalty to James is all about that booty? Show, why tease me by letting the DEA Agent have the Colonel dead to rights, and not kill him? Why would he do that? Doesn't the DEA Agent know that the Colonel will continue to try to kill him? Also, are they heading for a Colonel/Camilla hookup?
  2. S08.E01: Right-Hand Man

    Random-ish thoughts: Someone still needs to tell the writers at Suits that pretty much no one cares about internal struggles of Zane Specter Litt. No one cares about whether person X is going to be a name partner, managing partner or if a minor recurring character like Brian is going to be fired or kept on. I think most of us came for the characters and the fashion and the snark and bromance. Bring that stuff back. They didn't even really bother to try to explain what was going on with the main frigging plot, which makes it worse. Or at least, I didn't get much of it. Here's what I understood: because of the merger, there were areas where people from Zane's own firm represent Company A and people from Specter Litt represented Company B, and because Company A and Company B are in the same line, there is a conflict of interest and so Zane Specter Litt can't represent both. OK, with you so far. In particular, there was one Company A represented by Harvey and one Company B represented by Zane. Louis tells them that somehow these two companies have evolved to the point where if they can convince either Company A or Company B to sell off the one piece of overlap, Zane Specter Litt can continue to represent them both. So the first thing I don't understand: what is the pitch to either company to get them to sell off a division that (as far as we know) is doing well for them? "Hey if you do this, we can continue to represent you!" That's nice, but isn't it easier to either a) waive the conflict if you're either company or b) just find a new firm? The second thing I don't understand: If you have been represented by Harvey, what could someone who had recently been at another firm possibly say to get you to consider selling off the division, and vice-versa? The third thing I don't understand: What was the legal gamesmanship that was supposed to be going on to force one of the companies to sell (or something?) Other than having a platform for Samantha to preen around and talk about how she kicked Alex's ass and what not, that made no sense to me. Hopefully they mellow the Samantha character because she was pretty unbearable. I hope they do not try to ship her with Alex or Harvey or, really, pretty much any one). Remember when Harvey was (deservedly) cocky and funny and in control and undefeated? Now he's pretty much none of those things. It is pathetic how easily he's willing to break his word over something that is really of no consequence. The Harvey I remember would have been like, "Robert, you've been around way longer than I have, running a firm longer than I have. You want to be managing partner? You got it. Let me get back to winning cases rather than pushing papers." I can't decide if it's out of character for Louis to want to ignore objective criteria saying Brian should be fired, or if it's the most Louis-y thing for him to want to ignore that criteria. One thing I noticed: it seemed like the gratuitous and unnatural swearing that has been a part of Suits for most of the past few seasons was not so much present in this season premiere.
  3. Season 03: All Episodes

    See, the Colonel can die any time. How anybody trusts his obviously traitorous ass is beyond me.
  4. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    Netflix does closed caption and Luke Cage was specifically closed captioned. The closed captioning for the Jamaican slang wasn't always spot-on. Like one of the characters might say "Him a hard man to dead" and the closed captioning would render it "He's a hard man to kill." Although I don't have hearing issues, I watch everything with closed captions. Some people do not.
  5. S07.E13: Inevitable

    My understanding is that fan fiction writers generally focus on couples that are not the show's official pairings. Haven't looked at Suits fanfic specifically, but I would expect that there would be way more Mike/Harvey (and Jessica/Harvey, Louis/Harvey, Mike/Katrina, Rachel/Jessica, Rachel/Donna etc) than there would be for established couples like Mike/Rachel or Harvey/Scottie, Harvey/boringtherapistgirlfriend or what not.
  6. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    The thing is you can't count on the criminal element in this show to be rational or smart. After the five millionth time that it was shown that guns won't kill or even harm Luke and fighting hand-to-hand with someone who can crumple metal isn't a good idea, people still do it. After Bushmaster used that powder to take Cage down and it worked, he should have given some to every single Styler, as well as other gas/poison-based weapons. Assuming there is going to be a Season 3, I'd imagine that there are a quite a few people who would be willing to mess with him: 1. Tilda - she's pissed that all she got from her mother is a keyboard and Luke got the club. 2. The various crime lords - at some point, they are going to push back on Luke's keeping them out of lucrative opportunities in Harlem 3. Diamondback - I know a lot of people didn't dig him, but I could see him being brought back after he gets powered up
  7. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    Alfre Woodard is 65 according to IMDB. So it seems plausible that her character is younger, and was a teen-ager in the 80s. Bushmaster seemed a little younger than Mariah in the flashback, and if I had been asked to guess his age I probably would have placed him in his 40s. Maybe we're supposed to think of him older. We don't know if he doesn't want to see Claire in general or if he doesn't want her at Harlem's Paradise, along with why he wanted Claire to go home. Earlier in the season, he didn't want Claire to be at Harlem's Paradise because it was dangerous for her to be there with Mariah in control. He knew that being associated with her would make her a target. So did he not want Claire there to avoid having various crimelords making that connection of how important she is to him? Was it a "not now, we'll talk at home?" I assume with it being summer, people have less time/interest in binging. How?
  8. S09.E07: World Cup Dishes 2018.06.27

    He meant "coincidental." As in, Aaron can't claim his eye for talent or mentoring skills or anything else was what kept his group of 8 from going home. He just got lucky.
  9. Season 03: All Episodes

    Camila had an interest in power, and taking Epifanio's (sp?) governorship seems an easy way to maintain power, both legal and illegal. Seems like between sympathy and the ability to make potential challengers offers that they can't refuse, it would be fairly easy to arrange a victory either by appointment or special election.
  10. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    There is a screenshot in the recap that captures it, but it appears to me to be "ordnance."
  11. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    Having the hosts turn on each other is (likely) not going to affect the core of the hosts -- their minds/programming/data. WW replaces the chassis of hosts fairly routinely. After the hosts' bodies are stopped, they can always extract their brains and examine them at their leisure. But while they are operational, they pose two problems: first, the obvious threat to shoot people and blow things up while being hard to kill, and second that you can't tell at a glance who is a host and who is a human. In terms of purchasing replicas of people, it wouldn't necessarily just be Rich Guy purchasing a replica of Rich Guy. It could also be Rich Guy's wife or kids purchasing a replica of Rich Guy, governments/universities/other agencies purchasing a copy of Stephen Hawking, etc. etc. And you probably could offer different levels of quasi-immortality, sort of like in Altered Carbon if you are familiar with that series. Uber-rich get the top of the line hosts. Others get just meh hosts. You also don't have to do one or the other. You can offer quasi-immortality and theme parks to the rich. simultaneously.
  12. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    More thoughts on the episode: It was just so unevenly done. Most of the fighting and Reign stuff was, as usual, ridiculous. But the goodbyes were heartfelt and well-done. So does that balance out? The witches are even more incompetent than I previously thought. And I would not have believed that impossible. Not only did they attempt to kill Scoville for no reason, but they didn't even succeed! How can you not kill a random human if you've got Kryptonian super powers? How can you not know that you've failed to kill him? And despite having super-senses, they didn't notice him crawl to a spaceship he had never been inside and had no reason to be familiar with and activate a homing signal. (Does the spaceship have the C'lippy, the Martian help guide? "It looks like you are trying to send a homing signal. Would you like some help?") Despite having super-speed, two of them just let themselves get K-cuffed like it was nothing. If we ever see Clark again, I wonder if he's going to be cool with the DEO having Kryptonite - or a Lena-grown substitute - again. He should be considering in three years or less, the world has faced existential threats from rogue Kryptonians. Remember when Reign (with only her inherent powers) kicked Kara's ass up and down the block? And then again when she easily held her own against Kara and the rest of the crew? Reign in the latest episode seemed to pose little threat. Even when she was spinning around and spraying heat vision, it seemed like it was just fiat and any of the characters could have used their superspeed to dodge if they half-tried. I've never seen writers seem to get as bored of their Big Bad as these have seemed to get bored of Reign. I am glad that two of my predictions for the season did not come true. I thought that Papa J'onn was going to be a victim of Reign, thus enraging him with a thirst for vengeance that Supergirl would have to calm him down from. And I also thought that Sam would die in stopping Reign, prompting Alex to adopt Ruby and having her annoying-brat her way across various episodes and take time from characters I would like to see. Hopefully we don't see either Sam or Ruby going forward. I don't think back in Season One I would have guessed that I'd be said to see Winn go. Back then, the character was kind of creepy in his crushing and emotional blackmail of Kara. (Be my girlfriend or I might become a psychokiller like my dad). I'm glad that the character moved on. Hopefully Brainy will be a decent substitute. As long as the CW is going to have so many superhero shows, I'd be down for a Legion series.
  13. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    The person I'd responded to referred to her. Her name was Rhea. In any event, you can semi-justify Rhea's killing as MORTAL KOMBAT!!! It's harder to justify killing dozens of random Daxamites if you're going to claim you just don't kill.
  14. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    Plus, are we trying to say that every single Daxamite left Earth without being dying from lead poisoning? Cause I'm not buying that. Also, Supergirl gave up her "I don't kill" principle like it was a New Year's resolution to go to the gym. None of the self-doubt or sadness or conflicting emotion it should have had. I am sure MB could convey that if asked, so I put that on the directors/writers. Also, her being "Oh if only I had stuck to my no-kill policy, Mommy and Mon-El would still be alive." The two don't really have anything to do with each other.
  15. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    Ford didn't appreciate his "children" were sentient until recently. One could read what he has done since as trying to make amends. Or one could read what he's done since as evidence of his megalomania and misanthropic tendencies. We'll see...