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  1. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    There hasn't been much emphasis on law school since S1. It'd be pretty easy to transition to a scenario where all the remaining kids are associates for Annalise Keating and Associates, Bonnie becomes the new DA and, along with Nate, has an ongoing love-hate personal and professional relationship with AK.
  2. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    Usually Liv has some inkling of the background of whose brain she is going to be eating. The romantic was one of the only ones where she did not have a basis to come up with her meal, as far as I can remember.
  3. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    OG AK framed Nate, the man she loved-ish, for her husband's murder. She framed one of her own clients for murder. And she framed Eggs for drugs, if I'm remembering correctly. So I have no hesitation to think that she would frame Simon, the guy who plastered her picture all over campus with the word KILLER on it, for charges that would get him deported. I think the notion that he would be out in Pakistan is somewhat overblown. He's not getting deported for being gay in possession of a gun. The only people who know he's gay are Our Heroes, as far as we know. And maybe they told someone in the local PD. No reason to think that ICE is going to include Simon's gayness in their reports, even if they know. Sucks that he would have to live closeted and to watch his words, but there's no inherent reason to think that the Pakistan authorities would know that Simon is gay.
  4. As sickening as that is 30 years later, I'd make a distinction between quarantining AIDS patients and quarantining neighborhoods where there might be higher than normal populations of AIDS patients and HIV-positive people. The latter is akin to the situation in the show, where people who don't pose any present public health risk would get swept up with the quarantine.
  5. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    No such thing as "too geeky a complaint." :) At least in his actual appearances in Civil War and Homecoming, it doesn't seem like Spider-Man's Spider-sense was demonstrated or referenced. There was a trailer for Infinity War in which he seems to demonstrate it, though. Maybe it refers to something other than Spider-Man's ability. I missed the reference, though. Random fun fact: in at least one run of the Alias comics, Jessica Jones went to high school with Peter Parker and was super-crushed out on him, but he barely knew she existed.
  6. All Episodes Talk

    It seemed she has a specific task that she wants Pryce/Malcolm to take on that is something that Jessica would have an issue with, but is legal. She also presumably will use them on other gigs.
  7. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    She took the pizza a) as an act of defiance and b) because she knew that the pizza owner likely wouldn't pay after Jessica put her on blast as to how she wanted Jessica to kill the cheater.ice/ Jessica isn't the most responsible person, so she (presumably) relied on Malcolm to do much of the clerical work that made sure they were paid, and that Alias Investigaions bills were paid and other needs were met. We saw Malcolm taking care of making her office/apartment look presentable, for example, and appealing to the landlord to let Jessica stay.
  8. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    Took a couple responses to the Ramifications thread
  9. Responding to a few things from other threads:
  10. S04.E03: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1

    Part of it is also seems to be a homage to the victim. For the Seahawks fan, she prepared his brain like hot wings, a common snack for football fans. For the rich bitch, Liv had her brain as garnish for a martini, a drink commonly enjoyed by socialites. For the romantic in this episode, Liv had her brain as part of chocolate candy, something romantics enjoy. Although for the last one, I don't think Liv had any knowledge that her latest victim was a romantic, so that's a minor screw-up by the writers. Or maybe Liv is a real zombie psychic. :)
  11. S01.E07: Equinox: The Book of Fate

    With Superman, though, there are a few different explanations. In most versions of Superman, Clark slouches and acts like a wuss when he's Clark. Also, some people probably just presume Superman is Superman 24-7 and doesn't have a secret identity. I mean, he's an alien who can squeeze coal into diamonds. There's no real reason he has to have a 9-5 job or anything like that. And there was one version where Lex had a computer tell him Clark was Superman and he just dismissed it because why would someone with all that power pretend to be Clark. There's not much of a difference between Jeff when he's BL and when he's a mild-mannered principal. And presumably, everyone knows that BL has some sort of secret identity.
  12. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    When I say "nuked," I mean shorthand for using any number of weapons of mass destruction or figurative scorched earth policies. Using an actual nuke would probably be a measure of last resort because there's an environmental toll that would be too harsh. But literally flattening Seattle with bombs, choking off all resources with a blockade, etc etc. -- those are things probably would happen in real life. Maybe less so with iZombieverse zombies, since they can function as people as long as they are sufficiently fed. If we were talking about Walking Dead, Romero-style zombies, I have no doubt that the government would not just quarantine a city if it were the focal point of an outbreak...it would blow it up.
  13. S04.E02: Blue Bloody

    People's mileage would vary. And as someone who just lost his mother a few months ago, I still miss her and would love to have her back as well. But that's not what's at issue, IMO. The question I was trying to address was: would I as a healthy human voluntarily stay in Seattle, knowing that there's a large chance of being nuked, zombie chow, zombified, deprived of resources, etc. etc., because one of my loved ones had been zombified? Would I stand pat as the government started to put up a wall around the city? Or would I try to leave if I foresaw all those potential dangers and more? Some people would stay regardless because it's their home or to support their loved one. I personally don't see me doing that.
  14. The thing is, I'm not sure what more the government could do in terms of dealing with the bioterrorism, or at least, that the show's status quo isn't the least bad of the various potential solutions, which as I see it are: 1. Quarantine - what we're seeing. You can quibble as to whether the army should be running the quarantine in its entirety or if it should be like what we are seeing,with FG responsible for the situation within Seattle and the Army responsible outside. 2. Nuke (or otherwise destroy) Seattle - doesn't seem like a viable solution when a) zombies act essentially human when well-fed and b) there are presumably hundreds of thousands, of normal humans who would be an unacceptable level of collateral damage. 3. Pursue criminal or civil cases against FG's leaders who were involved or FG itself. Bringing some sort of sense of justice to bear would have upsides, sure. Doing so wouldn't really address the notion of their being 10k zombies within Seattle, though. One thing that I'm convinced would happen if Izombieverse zombies were real is that the U.S. would work some deal to get FG zombies to serve in the world's hot spots. I could see some sort of quid pro quo where FG provides zombie troops in exchange for brains/control of Seattle/etc.
  15. S02.E13: AKA Playland

    I guess I should accept in a world where Hawkeye exists, it's possible that a non-enhanced human could make extremely difficult shots. It remains highly improbable that Trish, who had never before demonstrated Hawkeye-level training or skill, would have been able to make that shot but for being enhanced.