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  1. S04.E01: American Alien

    No, I'm not saying that James "has a place and he should stay in it" or that he "can't contribute and help people in his own way." What I am saying is that up till now, the writers have not particularly handled the Guardian arc well (same as how they have mishandled lots of things, from Alex's baby rabies to Mon-El to Kara's not using her powers to chase people when the plot "demands it" and so on.) and that the way they have set up the near future of that arc, I foresee more of the same. I am not really interested in James deciding to put himself in danger of criminal indictment by being Guardian in the future, or in James-Lena drama when James learns that Lena brokered a deal to prevent him from being prosecuted. I am also saying that Guardian is not well suited to go up against the likes of Reign, Daxamites, etc. that Supergirl regularly fights. So the writers are caught in a dilemma of either portraying Guardian as unrealistically going toe-to-toe with those kinds of threats or having Guardian go up against the street level type villains in a story that is largely unrelated to the main plots. Now, with this season being about these anti-alien bigots with tech, maybe Guardian is better positioned than he had been. I guess we'll see. What I am also saying is that Jimmy has a strong potential role as Kara's boss and friend that has been underexplored. In this episode, the scene where he pointed out that she was channelling Kat was one of the stronger scenes he's been in. I'd be up for more of that. One big difference: the threat from the aliens in Supergirl are real. In just the last three years, two sets of Kryptonians and one set of Daxamites have sought to take over the planet. And that's not even factoring in numerous other threats other aliens have presented on smaller scales. I think it's somewhat of a miracle that anti-alien sentiment isn't off the charts.
  2. S04.E01: American Alien

    We saw some of what James could and in my opinion should be doing in this episode: running CatCo and being a friend to Kara. I don't really have an issue with James being Guardian per se, but it has not been all that well executed. In the context of heroes who can bend steel and read minds and create super high-tech, what does Guardian do with his black belt and shield that they cannot? Indeed, what can he do that a well-trained DEO agent cannot? Every subplot that Guardian's been involved in IMO has been at least somewhat boring. The "Will the DA prosecute him for his vigilanteism?" and "Will he find out that Lena pulled strings so he won't be prosecuted?" from the latest episode are two examples.
  3. S05.E03: The Baby Was Never Dead

    There was, as far as I remember, no actual evidence vs. Psycho Boss that was raised, other than he had a motive to kill his partner because his leaving would tank the business, he proudly proclaimed himself to be a psycho, and his secretary lied about his alibi. How you get from there to guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is beyond me. I guess we have to think, like AK said, it was an issue of straight-up hate for the obnoxious overbearing dude. How in a post-OJ world any prosecutor would say "Let's have the defendant try on the belt!" is...perplexing. Especially when, unlike a glove, it would be easy to eyeball that the belt was going to be too small to fit a typical man. And even if it weren't, once the secretary tried it on, it should be obvious that it wouldn't fit him.
  4. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I know we have to grade all court stuff on TV on a curve, but even so.... This would be the first murder trial to be completed within three months of the arrest for the murder, ever. They kinda glossed over the actual evidence that might tie Archie to the killing of this kid, because there wasn't any. They also glossed over that this kid was no angel. He had just robbed and held hostage the Core Four, IIRC. So it seemed like that would have been worth mentioning. It would have been interesting to see how the Core Four would have testified about it. It seems bizarre that the prosecution would have gotten to drag in all the other shady stuff that Archie has done without charging him with it. Also seems like him being tried as an adult is a stretch. For a criminal mastermind, Hiram is an idiot. Put Archie in a position where he's facing murder charges, and you create a huge incentive for Archie to flip on Hiram about the shady stuff Hiram has been involved in. Not only could Archie go to the authorities and give them a bunch of leads, but he could get approached by the other crime families that were threatening to move in on Riverdale. One thing though: Archie's decision to plead to manslaughter and get essentially two years' in juvie does not strike me as particularly stupid. Rushed maybe. But look at it this way. He was likely to be retried because Hiram wanted him to be. And in a retrial, there was a respectable chance that Archie would be convicted. Let's say it's a 50-50 chance of a murder conviction. If convicted, Archie would be looking at life in adult prison, possibly death if Riverdale's state has the death penalty. To avoid that possibility, a reasonable person could say it's worth taking a plea that would end everything after 2 years. Indeed, in the real world, people make that sort of calculation fairly frequently.
  5. Michaela Pratt: Shooting Star

    YMMV, but I don't see Michaela as getting any more humiliated than any of the rest of the K5. I do see her as being one of the few who is willing to stand up to AK and pretty much everyone else. I see her as being portrayed as the most ambitious and successful of the K5 when it comes to the law, and probably the most innocent, to the extent you can apply that word to any of them. She deserves a bunch of the credit for AK's Supreme Court win because she was the one whose idea it was to get Olivia Pope involved. I haven't tallied who helped out most on cases of the week, but I'd put my money on it being Michaela as well.
  6. Michaela Pratt: Shooting Star

    I don't think that's fair. Just take 5.02: Michaela was featured as handling the case of the week, and given credit for destroying the public defender. AK even was going to give her the leeway to destroy the racist son if she were bold enough to take it and credited Michaela for knowing her limits and doing what's best for the case by letting AK AK it up. (I think S1 Michaela would not have been so wise.)
  7. S18.E01: Rookies vs. Veterans

    One of the things I am looking forward to is that at least for the first few weeks, each team will be co-ed. So that means we aren't going to get the programmed misogyny (and misandry) that the typical girls vs. boys setup does basically for the first half of the season.
  8. S05.E01: Your Funeral

    Law schools typically run three years - 1L, 2L and 3L. 1Ls are in the first year of law school and have a demanding core curriculum and have no room for elective classes anyway. And even though Our Heroes started with AK as 1Ls (and now are 3Ls), typically it's a time of great adjustment and so 1Ls would typically not be considered for a clinic like the one AK is involved in. 2Ls have survived that 1st rough year, and generally are entitled to take whatever classes 3Ls can in the real world. But perhaps AK wants to have students with more experience all of the sudden or more freedom. 3Ls (at least in my experience) have a lot more flexibility as to their schedule. Indeed, some law schools are experimenting with having only 2 years and then a hefty dose of practical experience somewhere. There was also the notion of establishing Gabriel as a rebel by trying to sneak by AK's rule.
  9. S08.10 Managing Partner

  10. Season 03: All Episodes

    In fairness, there are not too many other options. There's Guero (a rat), Kelly Anne (a rat, and also not able to kill people), James (who has betrayed Teresa in the past) and Little T (who Teresa can only trust so far and who she opted to cut loose rather than groom her into an apprentice). I'm not sure Pote has screwed up any more than the rest of her crew or Teresa herself. But one thing he does have going for her is that he is 100 percent ride-or-die for her and has been since he threw in with her. Also, he apparently has a healing factor, because he supposedly had his gun hand crushed to the point where he would never sicario again, but it has worked just fine for like the last bunch of episodes.
  11. S08:E08 Coral Gables

    Is it a possibility that the doctor did remember Louis but just was pretending not to to avoid awkwardness over having cheated in HS bio, or something?
  12. S08:E09 Motion to Delay

  13. S08:E08 Coral Gables

    There was so much contrivance in this episode. There's a big deal that needs a signature. But not just any signature. For some reason it doesn't need a signature from anyone from the client's company. Or Alex's signature (which if for some reason someone from ZSL needed to sign should be good enoughn since he is a senior partner). And not just any named partner. Just Louis, so we can wrap Gretchen in. (BTW, do Robert and Harvey actually have their own secretaries that we've seen?) And there has to be an emergency deadline to get this signature (Did Alex procrastinate on getting the signature, or was it just some weird condition of the deal that it was struck and the signature was neeeded in a day or something?) And Louis is off babymaking, so it's not as simple as walking into his office and just getting the signature. And Gretchen doesn't do the belt-and-suspenders approach of not just couriering over the signed document, but sending a faxed version and/or a scanned version over e-mail. As for Gretchen trying to guilt-trip a secretary to lie for her...ugh. As for the Samantha/Harvey plot, I wish the writers would stop acting like clients are poker chips. A lawyer can decide to drop a client, but can't force the client to take on another particular lawyer. And the plan Samantha had to prosecute a case against a company to get that company's business....just doesn't make sense.
  14. S01.E02: Blue Cat

    Del wanted to see if Marty could back up his smack talk about how the Ozarks were a great location to launder money, and apparently didn't care that he'd lose some percentage by cleaning it again.
  15. S08:E08 Coral Gables