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  1. All Episodes Talk: AH-mazing!

    women be stopping...women...be...stopping
  2. All Episodes Talk: AH-mazing!

    i miss this show. seasons 1 and 2 were great. season 3 was a bit more hit and miss but still good. still can't find any sitcom to replace this with in my viewing schedule.
  3. S02.E06: Phase Space

    should've had 2 timelines this season - the current one and the prequel of setting up westworld with papa delos. imho, they wasted two extra worlds when they didn't need to - shogun/raj. but maybe this is all going somewhere...like cancellation :)
  4. S02.E04: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

    serious desmond in the hatch vibes from lost with papa delos in the beginning. ok, may seem a bit simplistic but does anyone think william was intentionally messing up delos to keep him there - and the trigger to get him to act all messed up was the liquor he brought in? didn't delos start stammering only after he drank the liquor?
  5. S03.E18: Part 18

    folks will either like the whole season or hate it. it will be polarizing. but to each his own. no need to defend it or hate it. me - i need to try and make sense of these final two hours b/c i really have no clue at the moment. but i did enjoy it.
  6. S03.E18: Part 18

    the sex scene between him and diane gave me serious club silencio vibes from mulholland drive. then he wakes up to a letter of "richard" and "linda".
  7. S03.E18: Part 18

    yeah so ummm yeah
  8. S03.E17: Part 17

    happy, excited, nervous and sad all at the same time.
  9. S03.E16: Part 16

    coop coming back made me smile so much. i don't think anybody thought diane was a tulpa - that came as a surprise. is richard in the lodge? for 25 years? and looks like audrey really is in a coma.
  10. S03.E16: Part 16

    pretty uneventful episode :)
  11. S03.E15: Part 15

    folks in other places are hypothesizing that judy is actually garland briggs. "judy garland". this is brilliant
  12. S03.E14: Part 14

    sarah is either the host for the mother or the little girl with the bug that crawled inside her in episode 8. mr. green glove is going to factor into a battle of some sorts. the purest of souls in andy got called up by the fireman. and the guy in jail has to be billy, right? and dude was talking like dougiejones.
  13. S03.E14: Part 14

    so is sarah the host for the mother?
  14. S03.E14: Part 14

    um yeah, so that was a pretty uneventful episode :)
  15. S03.E13: Part 13

    i thought ed burned the other side of the matches. ed and norma still wearing their wedding rings. audrey's gotta be in a coma.