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  1. The Wendy Williams Show

    Today's Wendy - live!! Wendy is seated again - she is seated throughout the entire show. Her arm is still under her clothes. She is about as "casual" as she can be, wearing a grey sweat suit with some black embellishments. She tells us she has on a soft cast and a sling, and her "flower ring" - she mentioned that ring yesterday as well - and she lets us know her hand is warm, courtesy of her ginormous boob(s). She starts in on Hot Topics - the whole beginning seems rushed - she seems a bit nervous. Kim K wants Kanye off Twitter. She pauses, and starts a mini-rant about how weird Hot Topics is lately, a "death march" (?) and everything is a repeat, and there is no juicy stuff. Also, she can't eat, she spills soup down the front of her robes, she has gone through five robes, and there won't be any good stuff until February. Sounds like she may be off the month of January? Back to Lukewarm Topics …. the Kate Hudson Weight Watcher story. It's a garbled discussion … Kate has never had a weight problem, she has 25 pounds baby weight, she is worth this many million so why not get a few more, why not, she has good genes, well, don't be mad at Kate, be mad at Weight Watchers. Next Not Topic - she is going to go home and watch 450 new episodes of Law and Order, and eat miso soup. She sips her tea and makes a face - "Green tea. Yuck!!!" Next is a story about David Spade dissing Uber for the drivers being too chatty. She talks about a button to indicate if you want to chat or not. Norman explains it would be a button on the app, and Wendy says then the driver would not come and pick you up!! She says "Ub-dam-ers" just want to talk to people. I don't think Uber drivers decide whether to pick people up based on whether or not they want to chat, but Wendy is convinced that they do. Whole story was strange. And of course Wendy doesn't want to talk to people. Megan Mullally can't find a designer to dress her for hosting the SAG Awards. Christian Siriano has stepped up, but Wendy thinks this is somehow not so great because Christian, (or Kristen, as Wendy called him) is known as that guy that steps up to help the poor gals that can't get other designers. I happen to like Christian, so pooh on you, Wendy. She tells the story of when Julia Roberts realized that she was famous - when someone asked for her autograph when she was in a bathroom stall. Wendy says she would sign an autograph in the bathroom, but not in a stall. I do not believe this for one second. Wendy would be disgusted to be approached in a bathroom. (I probably would be as well, but no chance I will ever be famous, so what do I know. ) Alfonso is suing over his dance, the Carlton being used in the video game Fortnite and NBA 2K. Also, some other guy is also suing over his dance. Wendy says something about they should sue together, no it would be separately, the other guy is younger, so he should definitely sue (not sure what AGE has to do with it). zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Guests are Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. First they are interviewed, then later they sing. I like them together, they seem to get along so well. Wendy ask Ruben about a broken engagement - Ruben looks SO sad, he really doesn't want to talk about it, but Wendy plows on. Clay helps out, he looks like he feels really bad for Ruben. Wendy loves to twist the knife. What a bitch she can be. I agree that the Hot Topics are all the same stories - Kim and Kanye, Meghan Markle, and a handful of others have made up the bulk of the topics, and the rest is mostly filler. That was interesting. I have only recently started watching Wendy, so it was new to me. I think they did that to remind us that Wendy is/was relevant, and also as time filler.
  2. The Wendy Williams Show

    I am guessing a fall? She didn't walk anywhere on camera. I wonder if she has assistants help her get from one place to another. She said she will finish the week, then have time off to heal. I thought it was weird to have the sling under the shirt. Hot Topics started with Remy Ma and Papoose's baby girl. Remy wanted a truck for a "push present" (I hate that expression) and she got it. She mentioned Cardi B and Offset's drama - Wendy thinks it was a publicity stunt, but that Cardi B wasn't in on it. Danielle Staub has a new man - Al B. Sure. They should stay together "for the cameras." Les Moonves is not getting his $120 million settlement. She had a weird laughing fit when she said that his son's tablet was confiscated. How funny it would be when they opened it up and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pop up (for example). She predicts Julie Chen will stick it out until son Charlie goes off to college. She is mad that LL Cool J was not inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. She mentions Roxy Music - says she never heard of them!! Really?? She also seemed to imply that the only reason Janet Jackson was inducted was the Justin Timberlake half-time incident. Again, really??? She mentions the pastor that gifted his wife a fancy sports car. "It's a bad look." Last is Meghan Markle's father pleading for communication with his daughter. Wendy says she should tell him she needs two solid years first to get used to her role. She also says he was spotted at KFC and McD's the day after his "heart attack." The guest is Jillian Michaels
  3. The Wendy Williams Show

    Yes!! I could NOT believe her horrible advice!! Basically, Michelle should stay in her home, ALONE, not even friends should stop by?? Find a hobby and paint?? How does isolating yourself from everyone help?? I hope Michelle does NOT listen to Wendy.
  4. The Wendy Williams Show

    Today's Wendy - she is wearing a white turtleneck - GCDS (God Can't Destroy Streetwear) and a black skirt with red and white stripes down the front. Oh, and what looks like a black bra underneath. It is pre-taped, as she slips a bit, saying the "money grab" in New Jersey happened "this morning." She polled the audience - who would stop, who wouldn't …. she admitted that she would not stop now, because she has money, but back in the day ….. I don't think she mentioned the accidents that happened because people were slamming on the brakes to jump out to grab some bills … THAT is what pissed me off - people putting others' lives in danger to grab some bills …. (though I WOULD be sorely tempted). She mentions the search for a host for the Oscars, and says Whoopi Goldberg is too long-winded for the job. She still thinks that a host is not needed. Next up is Les Moonves and Cybil Shepherd - she claims that her show was cancelled after she rejected his advances. Wendy wants the Cybil Show to return. Next is a story about Da Brat and how she owes $8 million to a woman she struck with a rum bottle and disfigured. Wendy advises her to work hard, but not ask anyone for money (except at the end, when she suggested someone, I forget who). Wendy says her friends know to never ask her for anything. I'm sure they do!! Wendy saw Kim K wearing an outfit on the internet that she now wants - ugly grey rubber leggings and a blue top that "you can tuck in to show how flat your stomach is." I'm glad she mentioned that no one on her staff liked the outfit - I'm not the only one. It's an excuse for Wendy to brag about how thin she is. Wendy - you look painfully thin, you have NO ass, and your breasts are grotesque. She threatened to wear the outfit on air someday. (THIS is a "Hot Topic??") She tells us that some homes built in New Orleans after Katrina by a Brad Pitt's charity are defective, and she thinks Brad Pitt should fix them, since he wanted to be an architect. Perhaps he is responsible despite whatever profession he wanted to be as a child, Wendy. I noticed during the promo for the Holiday Grab she calls it "Grab-ation." I can't believe I missed the show where she ranted about sitting down, and how it is because she is "tired." I will have to watch on You Tube. Leah Remini was the guest. And of course, Gold Bond. (Part of some holiday gift segment.) And those creepy nutcrackers.
  5. The Wendy Williams Show

    It was a repeat from Friday, November 16th.
  6. The Wendy Williams Show

    Today's Wendy: She wears a black dress with diamond shaped cut outs around the neckline. Not bad for Wendy. She discusses the Golden Globe nominations. Since Lady Gaga is nominated, she says, "Take that, Madonna!!" Kevin Hart will host the Oscars. She approves. She covers the Adam Levine favoritism drama, and thinks Adam made a bad move. She calls it possibly racist. Then, "I don't care." She mentions the Travis Scott look-alike prank. Then, RHONJ, which Wendy dozed through, but she covered the scene where Jackie angers Teresa by daring to talk about Joe being in jail. Wendy mocked Teresa and said "ppppppprison" several times. Fans are slamming Sarah Hyland for posting about her cousin's GoFundMe page. Wendy agrees that she should not have, and donated privately. Jon wins sole custody of Colin Gosselin. Kate was a no show in court. Wendy sneers again about how no one would want to date Kate, and/or watch her dating show next year. Wendy loves punishment, and shame, but not spanking. Although she was a spanker. She says this as a lead-in to the story of the Dad that made his daughter walk to school after she bullied someone on the bus. Wendy was all for it. Ice Cube is the guest. Wendy has a few rude remarks: "So, you have no awards, right?" Then she clearly does not understand what cbd oil is when asking him about the use of marijuana in his BIG3 league. He repeats that they only allow cbd use, which does not get you high. She asks, "How about edibles?" No, Wendy. Yes - it seems like they have ditched the segments where she is standing in the audience, like Ask Wendy. She did Wendy, What's Good, where she sat and had a monitor behind her, in the audience. Then she sat to ask folks to come to the show. Maybe they are going to change things up, and have more segments where she sits, like Judge Wendy and cut back on the parts in the studio audience where she stands.
  7. The Wendy Williams Show

    I was able to get Wendy today. She had on a cream-colored turtleneck with large ribbing and a metallic leopard or some such print pencil skirt. First up is the feud between Madonna and Lady Gaga where Madonna posts on Instagram that she used a phrase that Gaga has now copied. Wendy played Gaga saying the same thing over and over - if there are 100 people in a room, and 99 don't believe in you, you focus on the one person who believes in you. Madonna's was similar. Wendy says Madonna is bigger than to be so petty, and that Madonna didn't invent the 100 people thing anyway. She says Madonna is jealous, and she doesn't have an Oscar, and Gaga will probably get one. She ends by saying, "I know you're watching." Next up is thirsty Kenya, who posts pictures of her baby every time a new episode airs of RHOA. It was kind of funny - the birth, the baby's hand, the baby's foot - lol. Wendy wants Kenya back on the show, since Shamari and Ronnie "aren't clicking," and she wants Phaedra, too. She would boot Porsha, who is way too extra, or something. She ends up mentioning that she doesn't believe that People would pay her $6,000 for baby pictures. She sounded like she thought Kenya was boring after all. Gwyneth Paltrow has a room in the home for her ex to stay in when she is traveling and he is in town. Wendy thinks this is a bad idea, and he should stay in the "outhouse" or guesthouse. She implies that Gwyneth doesn't like sex and is a machine. But very pretty. (Me - eh.) Wendy doesn't believe that Safaree and Erica Mena are really dating - it's just for show. At the end, there was a weird exchange with Norman about where Juju fits in. Norman was all Huh? and Wendy said the studio audience had the info. Wendy gets a fit of weird giggles talking about the Big Reveal that Chaka Khan sleeps in a bonnet and a grannie nightgown. Wendy thinks this is a horrible idea - even if you are alone, you should beautify yourself, otherwise you will end up single forever, and only go out to church. The hell? She just HAS to tell us she always wears lingerie with thin straps that goes down to HERE, to HERE, down to HERE, her boobs are STILL GOOD, and she puts her hair in a top knot. She has bad edges. Last is a mention of a new reality show about Extreme Love - unusual couples. Wendy is not interested, but I will admit is would be right up my alley, if I still had cable. I have a handful of channels over antenna for now. I try not to watch much TV these days - the Wendy show is my current guilty trashy pleasure. Her guest is Kenan Thompson. It seemed a bit weird in the end … I was only half paying attention. After Kenan, and a celebrity hair guy (whom she rushed through), there was some time left, but no Ask Wendy, or other little game she does. She sat in that purple chair in the studio audience for like three short segments just talking about upcoming stuff, or asking people to come to the show. Not much walking around, if any. I don't think she is all well, though she has been a bit calmer this week. Her eyes didn't bug as much yesterday and today. She is very thin. Probably dizzy. And she doesn't like the holidays. Her only child is off to school. She has a marriage. {cough} She's getting older. Well, she seems quite pleased with herself. I wonder. Hey, life is tough - I have been going through some stuff as well - divorce after a long marriage, last child off to school, downsizing (a blessing, but still painful), move to a new area, mild medical issue (but still scary), depression and anxiety (but getting better), nearing retirement age, feeling my age …. (enough about me - I'm pulling a "Wendy"). I get that Wendy has had her own challenges. But she is a woman who enjoys feeling superior to others - she has "followed the rules" (though she DID marry a younger man - thanks for pointing that out bichonblitz), and was brought up properly, but still wants to wallow in the "declasse", as she said to Kenan. Kenan was determined to stay classy - Wendy tried her best to drag him down. At least she admitted it.
  8. The Wendy Williams Show

    Today's Wendy: She prances out in a "festive" mustard-yellow topper over black underneath. Better than Whoopi's Holiday sweaters, I suppose. She begins with discussing the opening of the Cher show and Kanye's cell phone rudeness. She says there are two sides - and SHE can't sit still for more than an hour. She seemed to be excusing Kanye's behavior. Nah, Wendy. If you can't sit relatively still for the two hour show, then don't go. Just because Kimmy is a big fan doesn't mean you have to go. Sunny on The View said she was there and Kanye's actions were very noticeable. Anyway, Wendy made it all about her and how she would rather stay home and watch TV. Then she talks about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's concert that was streaming then cut off after they had been performing for 25 minutes. She calls them "cheap" She hypes Lindsey Lohan's upcoming reality show "Beach Club" that is filmed in Greece. Wendy is very excited about this and wants to vacation there and film a piece for the show. I would be with the handful of folks who clapped that they were NOT interested in Lindsay Lohan and her attempts to be Lisa Vanderpump. Next a painful story about Cardi B not showing up in court for ordering a couple of strippers to be beat up for sleeping with her husband. Wendy figures out partway that they are sisters, then asks if they sleep with each other, and Norman basically has to remind Wendy that he is not interested in women. Stick to the story, Wendy. The women were assaulted. Cardi B should be angrier with her husband (and maybe she is, though I haven't heard reports that she ordered a beatdown of Offset). She mentions that Ozzy had a bad infection from a manicure that could have killed him, and it is an excuse to talk about her own nail routine (she does them herself) and her warnings about manicures. She DOES have pedicures, since she can't get at her toes properly. Eddy Murphy had his tenth child, but that's okay with Wendy because he doesn't leave his house except to get coffee. We are "treated" to another Judge Wendy. She is sitting in a chair more often - I noticed that the other day - out in the studio audience. Maybe she is experiencing some dizziness and finds it difficult to navigate the stairs.
  9. The Wendy Williams Show

    Today's Wendy: It the Holidays - decorations are up and Wendy has on a teal jumpsuit? No, it's a separate pants and knit turtleneck. Slightly different shades of green. She looks like a giant sock. Hot Topics starts with the Nick/Priyanka wedding. She is impressed with the trappings, but calls a four day wedding celebration annoying. She would just show up for one day. But at least she wouldn't have to bring a gift if she attended the whole thing, because it is enough that she showed up. She has to mention the age difference, and says she looks like his mother. The relation ship just doesn't sit right with Wendy, it is stuck in her throat. It's too much to take. Especially considering that they have only been dating four months. She does understand that a multi-day wedding is traditional in India? If guests are flying from the U.S. to India, it might as well be more than one day. I don't think Wendy likes being around people unless she is in control of the situation. Next is a story about Magic Johnson's daughter being part of a group of gals robbed at an Airbnb. Elisa escaped out of the bathroom window. Then she mentioned the Kid Rock/Joy Behar bitchfest, and how Kid was fired. Wendy says that Kid Rock is a grandfather at age 47, so that tells you what kind of a person HE is!! (Wendy has a rigid set of rules in life. Money over all. Then the need to be married. And never divorce. Have children even if you aren't married. But only for money. A woman should never marry someone younger. Then, control when your child has children. Also, money tops everything.) Jesse Williams gets shit for asking that pictures of him should not be posted online without his permission. Wendy segues into a story about when she was at an awards dinner and a woman kept trying to talk to her, and couldn't get close enough, because of Wendy's People flanking her, and the woman started yelling and hanging around trying to talk to her. Poor Wendy. The lady did sound a tad deranged. She discusses an ad for Morley's fried chicken in London that stole an image of Skai Jackson. Skai's response was "Run me my check!!" Wendy No-Nos the audience for clapping, saying it was childish. She points out that it is a "Black" thing - meaning racist for choosing a black person. I agree. And speaking of fried chicken, she tells us the riveting news that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were spotted eating at KFC. About all she has to say is that Keith Urban could be Colonel Sanders, and Nicole is anorexic. Next she discussed Brigitte Nielsen and her having a baby at 55. She lost her baby weight in two weeks, but Wendy says that's just Spanx. She stumbles mentioning that Brigitte was married to Sly Stallone's mother …. she meant she was seen with Sly Stallone's mother, who is 97 ….. The Naughty guy is on to discuss the "Royal Mess." Nothing much new here. Of more interest was the Jackie Chan book out, and all of the dirt he reveals. He can't read or write, did drugs, spent lots of money, enjoyed lots of prostitutes …. the saddest part was hearing about a daughter that is homeless, and claims her dad is homo-phobic because she has a girlfriend, and won't help her. Two sides and all that, but for Jackie to waste so much money but not want to "waste" it on a child …. Wendy says she is surprised he is doing a lot of talking considering he is still alive - it sounded weird at first, but she means maybe he should have had it published after he dies. Oh, and Jackie threw his son "across the wall," no - across the ROOM, Wendy. I suppose she was thinking against the wall. She does slip up here and there - I give her some slack for being live - I find my tongues gets twisted up more easily as I have gotten older. It's more her attitude and sneering, nastiness I find distasteful.
  10. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    News to me!! It was just an old song before it got traction for the "date rape" lyrics. If you just read the lyrics, you might get that thought, but when you see the couple singing, and even just listening to her voice - they are being coy and playful, like Poohbear617 said. And a Christmas song? Nope. I think Meghan was going to make the point that the panel should focus on H. W. Bush and not go off topic, out of "respect" for President Bush. The nation had a full day to mourn yesterday. People will have the opportunity to watch all kinds of specials, and it will be all over the news this week. In fact, the last fifteen minutes of the show in my area was pre-empted by an update on the proceedings. It is not necessary for The View to be so solemn. They all said nice things. I was wondering if anyone would "go there" in regards to the sexual misconduct allegations (not anything new - ones from the past) but they didn't. I think NutMeg was looking for an excuse to fly off the handle. I was distracted by the obvious inner eye highlighter. And WTF Abby's outfit!!
  11. "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    Go, Joy!!
  12. The Wendy Williams Show

    Notes on today's Wendy: She trots out in a black top and a yellow skirt made of puffer coat material. I've noticed that I use the same word to describe much of her wardrobe - ugly. She is very excited about Donna Brazile - wants to ask her is she likes the "Housewives." And other inane stuff. Hot Topics included: Chris Brown and Rihanna being friends. Then more on Tekashi - there was a snitch recording lots of incriminating stuff. Whenever I see his picture, I think, "conditioner." His hair so dry. I hope he got a got hair cut and some deep conditioning hair mask in jail. Next up is the custody battle between Kate and Jon Gosselin over Colin. First Wendy says she said before that there should be a show about Kate being single and dating, but then she turns around and says she is undateable. She says that Jon is unmarriable. News Flash Wendy - not every one wants to get married or be married. Meek Mill is being sued for some violence outside of a club. Then some story about Conrad Hilton stalking an ex-girlfriend and leaving stuffed rabbits for her. He looks deranged in the courtroom. Poor little rich boy. Wendy shows the clip of the hang glider who hangs on for dear life. I have seen this clip over and over. Seemed like a filler topic. Then the interview with Donna Brazile you guys covered - thank you - I wasn't sure WHAT to say about that!! Wendy ugly cries over the nauseating gushing that Donna lathered over Wendy. My opinion of Donna went down several notches. Especially when she states how "informed" Wendy is ….. Wendy's eyes were quite bugged out today. I feel for her, as I have thyroid problems, too. It can be tough to get the medication under control, and stress doesn't help. At least she hasn't mentioned her snowstorm story lately. That was embarrassing last week.
  13. The Wendy Williams Show

    Lucky me, I was able to catch today's show …. only to be subjected to Wendy's "Poor Pitiful Me" story, which was the focus of THE ENTIRE SHOW. She comes out in ill-fitting black leggings and the camo jacket that was a gift from a Wendy Watcher. "Believe me you." She immediately starts with her "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, EH!! Eh, eh, eh, eh, EH!! I'm FULL of information!!" Really? She had THREE topics, including Kim Porter, whom she spent all of ten seconds on. I did learn that she tapes Friday's show, which explains why she didn't mention her last week. Wendy spent many more minutes detailing her traumatic commute home last Thursday during the snowstorm. How many times did we hear, "Eight hours and two minutes!!" We learn Wendy doesn't talk in the car. She had to drive through "Nork" (Newark) through the "projects and saloons." It was six minutes in. She got home and cried. Her stomach is STILL "tight." She may need a month to get over it. Eight minutes in. GEEZ Wendy - if you are so traumatized, take the damn day off!!!! After her BRIEF mention of Kim Porter, we get to hear about RHOA and the little beef between Shamari Devoe and Kandi. Much ado about nothing, if you ask me. Wendy is not a fan of Shamari because "the world has changed and we have to prioritize." Really? Then you will have to change your whole entire show, because you are in the business of discussing gossip and dirt, Wendy. It's fifteen minutes in, and we hear that Wendy HAD to get home Thursday so she could meet her handyman on Friday. "Believe what you want about Wendy, but I am more you than them." Next up is more about the Monica and Bill affair. "I asked you to watch!!" "Eight hours and two minutes!!" "I almost had to walk the last two miles in my ballerina flats!! Good ones!!" Then, an odd rant about calling Trump "President" and not "Mr. Trump." And the comment about banging on the desk. Monica and Bill had a real relationship, y'all. Devyn Simone comes on th dish about Mel B's new tell-all book. Wendy's advice: "Don't relinquish your pow-errrrrr-ah." Also, "eight hours, two minutes." OMG SHUT UP!!!! Must Have Accessories - stirrups pants and python prints. Also, we should all start hugging our handbags. She really should have stayed home. Let Norman have a shot. Could not be any worse.
  14. The Wendy Williams Show

    Friday's Wendy: She bounces out in ugly ripped jeans and an ugly Fendi t-shirt. I looked up the shirt for fun - $690. (My brain kept thinking Fenty.) Wendy starts out with an overly long story about a gift a fan sent. A fancy bowl - I didn't catch the designer name, but Wendy collects it, so the lady - Dr. Margarita - sent it. Wendy called the lady, and left a message. The lady called back, twice, and Wendy didn't answer because she only calls out, doesn't answer her phone. But she knew it was the lady, but she wouldn't answer because she doesn't answer. But she knew. She went to charm school, so she knows how to thank people, so she is doing it on air. She might act like a slob and belch, but she is civilized when she has to be. Sure, Wendy. Kim K dissed Tristen in hospital room. (BELCH) Wendy said Kim looked stupid. Ms. Charm School says Kim should just freeze him out instead. That's what civilized people do. We are seven minutes in. Wendy reeeeeealllyyyyy drawwwwwwwwws out her non-stories to fill the air time. Next more about Black Chyna. Kris took half of Rob's socks to keep them from the clutches of the evil Chyna. "What do I feel." Rob needs to get in shape. Wendy is behind the times, because even I knew Rob had lost weight recently. Then she mentioned the over the top birthday party they threw for Dream (I think that's the child's name. ) She received a mini-some kind of car, all bedazzled. Wendy thought that was dandy, and that when it was too small for the child, that it would be "furniture." This is an excuse for Wendy to tell us that she bought a mini Bentley for Lil Kev and she kept it around as "furniture" until the movers stole it. A significant portion of the show is about Wendy's personal life. Like SHE is the story. She didn't even MENTION Kim Porter's death. THAT is a hot topic!! And WTF going on and on about the Powerball winner, and how he should come on Wendy and tell his story. Next she nearly hacks up a lozenge or something before we have an out-and-out commercial for Gold Bond. Then on and on about Monica Lewinsky, because now Wendy is Team Monica. Because of the new documentary coming out. There is nothing new about what Monica is now saying, so I don't see why Wendy is so sympathetic now. She even started out saying, "Ewwwww - you're THAT girl." Monica has been consistent in her stance for decades. I don't understand why she continues to pop up in the news. I blame Bill, but I am sick of Monica. If Wendy is on her side, she wouldn't say things like "Who would want her?" I wish Monica had married some guy who adored her in spite of her past, and had faded inot some happy normal life. She seems determined to keep her name out there, probably for the money, and maybe she feels she deserves a public apology or something. The guest is Lisa Lampanelli, who I swear was just on a few weeks ago. She is a goofball, but a positive energy, at least. She is retiring to focus on workshops for people who struggle with food issues. She talks about down-sizing, and Wendy HAS to jump in to agree about how SHE is simplifying. Sure. All I hear is how she collects stuff, buys stuff at auction, keeps her kid's toy car around .…. I think she LOVES her stuff, which is fine, but don't pretend to be something else. Today was the debut of Judge Wendy. I thought it was a snooze, not much different that Ask Wendy, but Wendy loved banging her gavel and being the bossy judge type. She Kept giggling about it the rest of the show. And now it's time to shovel some snow!! Have a good weekend. I will be travelling part of next week, and will probably miss the show. Carry on if you wish!!
  15. The Wendy Williams Show

    HA HA!! I even googled "Catch Me Outside" to see if it was right - I do strive for accuracy - thanks for the correction and the laugh :)