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  1. HA HA!! I even googled "Catch Me Outside" to see if it was right - I do strive for accuracy - thanks for the correction and the laugh :)
  2. Today's Wendy: Wendy trots out in a beige jumpsuit number. Safari chic. First up - a booger in her nose - I was floored when she reached for her beloved Q-Tip and stuck it in her NOSE!! Maybe it was a snotty drip, so I suppose she felt she had to dap it. But really!! She even made a face and one of her noises: Ehk!! Ehk!! She toot-toot-tooted her horn again, mentioning her Hunter Foundation Town Meeting the evening before, which she felt was well received. Hey, good for her, she is trying to do good. And who else will toot your horn? She asked for help segueing from being "Mrs. Hunter" to "the greasiness of this show" and the audience applauded. That's all she needed to get down and dirty. First up is the beef between Iggy and the Catch Me Outside. They've been fighting on Twitter, and I guess the young gal threw a drink at Iggy ….. after ragging on Iggy for interacting with Catch Me, and for suddenly having a "blaccent" Wendy go on a bit about how gorgeous Iggy is. "Coin well spent" on her booty and boobs. She even has the audience clap if they think she is beautiful. I guess some guy didn't and Wendy asks "Are you gay?" and grills Suzanne, who isn't on board. I'm wondering if Wendy is bi-sexual. She is always asking about if someone would "do" someone, and she is always lusting over the people she has projected on the scene. Always that exaggerated turn to either drool over, or snicker in a mean way. Anyway!! Next up is Real Housewives of New Jersey. The audience clapped. I guess Wendy spent the night in a hotel, as she didn't have Bravo, so she didn't watch it. She showed a clip of Danielle and Margaret, and their argument about a party at "Black Delores'" house that Danielle thought Margaret should not have gone to. I thought Danielle looked deranged, and does NOT "look good" but Wendy is all Team Danielle, because Danielle is a Selfish Friend, and so is Wendy. So was most of the audience, going by all the clapping. I think it is ridiculous to dictate whom one's friends should see, or what events to attend. Wendy is a selfish boar, IMHO. Lisa Vanderpump is leaving RHBH, according to Wendy's source. She thinks Lisa Rinna will be Queen Bee. I confess I don't watch anymore, but Lisa Rinna was a nutjob, last I looked. Next up is the Michael Avenatti's arrest story. Wendy is skeptical. She gets "kinda hectic inside." Then it's Safaree and Lil Kim versus Nicki …. Wendy thinks Lil Kim "looks good, considering." I can't get past her nose. The guest was Eva Marcille.
  3. I watched but didn't see the very end.
  4. Wednesday's show: Wendy looks okay in a burgundy sweater and leather pencil skirt. She starts out telling us she accepted an award the previous night. She loves to toot her own horn, but hey, why not, it's her show. Hot Topics - Lamar Odom is writing a memoir. Wendy wants MORE. What's Kris really like? Is he still friends with Rob? Speaking of Rob, she mentions how poorly he is doing, and how he blames Black Chyna. Nick Jonas is endorsing stuff for his bachelor party. Wendy says it's tacky and "disgusting" but why not? Because $$$$$$$$$. Big sip. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH She mentions the new competition show to find the next big rapper with John Legend, T.I., Chance The Rapper and Cardi B as judges. It's on Netflix, which Wendy thought was weird. Paris Hilton went to Mexico and donated $350,000, some pillows, and some perfume. Wendy made fun of her donating the pillows and perfume, but I imagine the folks were happy to have pillows, and some people really like perfume. She showed the new Idris Elba doll, which was strange looking - looked like Montel Williams. Malcolm Jamal-Warner was the guest. Nice guy.
  5. Today's Wendy: Ugly brown shirtdress with stripes - sort of a man's suit coat look - with pointy darts out the back … and her brassiere more than peeking out. You gotta see it to "appreciate" …. She is doing okay "under the circumstances" - not sure what her issue was today except for the rainy cold weather. "Cough cough I've got a tickle" Hot Topics started with Lorde versus Kanye and Kid Cudi concerning the use of a glass box during a performance. The whole thing was boring me silly. It was a vehicle for Wendy to bring the conversation around to her and the hat she just won at auction. It had belonged to Aretha Franklin. She showed us the hat yesterday when she reported on the auction. She said she was going to get a plexiglass box to store her hat in. I was curious, so I looked up to see if I could find what Wendy paid for it - it was $3,125. She had been amazed at how low the items went for. I get that it can be cool to own something worn by say Prince, or Madonna, or Aretha, but not to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Or more. Whatever. Good for you, Wendy. It was nice of her to show us the hat yesterday, and she even put it on. Maybe now she can write it off as a show expense. Next, she had an aching in her heart, and I got an aching in my brain listening to the story about Brian Austin Green, and his ex, Vanessa Marcel, who have a sixteen year old boy named Kassius, whom Vanessa claims has been cut out of Brian's life. Vanessa just won full custody. Brian and Megan Fox have three kids. Wendy made the whole thing was more complicated, and kept forgetting Megan's name, who was married to who - or maybe she was dissing Megan …. or both. After saying how sad she was because she loves Vanessa and Brian, she laughs and giggles. At the end, she mentions Brian's vertigo and she has a good chuckle about that. Things don't get any better when she trots out T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. She always acts surprised when NO ONE cares and about four people clapped that they had watched. Wendy watched, so we get to hear about Monica, the funeral home she works at, her blue wig - and if Wendy should wear one - and something about how Wendy just wants to eat zucchini spaghetti ….. with meat sauce …. ????? And next is ANOTHER show she likes to discuss, but no one watches - Chad and Michelle. Something about "did you take your meds" and ….. it's a "whack show." It's another slow news day. Then it is a bit about Celine Dion's new children's clothing line, and her weird commercial. Her guest was Toni Braxton - she stayed for two segments, including the Hot Seat.
  6. OMG She was a mess starting out. First off she spits something out of her mouth - we learn later that it is a Jolly Rancher. "I feel a ways," since her son is also college age. Dab, dab, dab. "No comment." Sniffle. Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab. Fear not, Will Wendy suck it up and save us from our sorrows? How WILL she go on? She must!!! We NEED Wendy and her sordid gossip. PLEASE Wendy - carry on!! Dab, dab, dab. Heavy sigh. Dab. Her outfit today!!! LOL!!! I could ALMOST get on board, if she lost the belt. And her wigs lately have been stringy and sloppy looking. After the Missy Elliott segment, she went on to dis 50 Cynthia (Cent) and Ja Rule for their eternal beefin'. Entertaining enough. But next was an overly long segment about the marching band outside of Georgia that spelled C-O-O-* (I hate to write filthy words) - the whole lead up about Wendy being in the marching band, playing the clarinet, she couldn't march …. blah blah blah. Get to the STORY. Later, when her guest mentioned "clarinet," Wendy got all excited again. HEY EVERYONE WENDY PLAYED THE CLARINET. Big whoop. Things continued to slide. HEY WENDY NO ONE WATCHED REAL HOBAGS OF JOISEY. First came a long lead-in about how Wendy didn't really watch it because she had TWO, YES TWO, hornets in her house. A whole THING about her guests, not one but TWO hornets, they get in the HOUSE, that time of YEAR - they STARVED. Wendy picked one up with a NAPKIN. she SQUEEZED it. It DIED. She picked up the OTHER ONE. She SQUEEZED it. It DIED. Really!! SO INTERESTING. Oh, and Wendy drinks Gatorade!! For the electrolytes!! She was so pleased to share that. Then on to RHONJ which NO ONE watched. Even Wendy sounded bored of Teresa and her bodybuilding, after being so gung ho Team Teresa in the past. She wanted to use her pointer, so she ended Hot Topics with a segment on Future and his five baby mama drama. Point. Point. Point. Point. Point. Jessica, India, Brittni, Ciara, and Joie. You're welcome. It was a "sloppy story" and a "circle of swill" or something. Guest was Christine Lahti. It would have been nice if Wendy had focused more on her portrayal of Gloria Steinem and the black women who were part of the story, (no time to name them!!) but we had to hear first about Christine's experience on the casting couch. "Set it up!! Set it up!! Where were you, where was he ….. " Very little time left for her to talk about the play. Wendy loves the sordid details.
  7. She doesn't. She started out saying that she should ask K Michelle how Idris is "from the waist down. Does he have the turtleneck??" Seems like it was an excuse to be "edgy" and raunchy.
  8. The heck!! No wonder the news was so old!! Even for Wendy!! Lol. Thanks for the feedback!!
  9. I took a few notes from yesterday: I think she wore a beige shirtdress number. Very blah. Carmelo wants La La back. Proof: He showed up at the launch party for her jeans line. Talk of having a "hood divorce" - where you separate but never actually divorce. It being a "black thing." Wendy says, no and I agree - all sorts of folks for various reasons don't divorce. Wendy tells us she would go back to Carmelo because his gesture made her feel moist. Me: GA-ROSS "I have heartburn." Next up is discussion of Heidi Klum saying her sons are sexy with rocking bodies. Heidi got a lot of flack, and Wendy says it's okay to THINK those kind of thoughts, but not okay to voice them. Another topic that gives me a sick feeling. Is everything about sex? And money? Don't answer. Next is the old story about why Kylie got lip injections when she was fifteen. Some boy said she would be a bad kisser. Apparently, Kris approved and paid for it. Wendy smirked at the picture of old Kylie. Wendy, you are part of the problem. Sex, money, looks …. oh, Wendy had liposuction on her legs, I guess a long time ago. Also, if you never stole from Mom and Dad, you are strange, and haven't lived. This show seems to be basically therapy sessions for Wendy. Because all topics come back to Wendy - first, her opinion, then something in her life that is similar. I suppose it helps us understand her opinions. Next is Jim Carrey and something about him spreading herpes around? She also dredged up the old girlfriend who OD'd. And whether Jim gave her the pills. And how Jim was dissing the icons at some Icon event. He can because he has Jim Carrey money. My notes stopped there - it was a rather dull show. (I say that a lot!!)
  10. Yesterday on Wendy: She comes out with a placemat wrapped around her waist. She is so happy that Halloween was over. As usual, her story made no sense. She said no one went Ding Dong, it was sad, but they had a sign out, like they always do - NO CANDY - she was all ready by NOON (Do kids really trick-or-treat at noon? Not anywhere I have lived.) She was all down about it, then said, "GOOD!!" Oh, that Wendy, so snarly and mean. "More Jolly Ranchers for me!!" Hot Topics: She discussed Bad Boys 3 - Bad Boys for Life coming out in 2020 and how that is good for Martin Lawrence. Something about how Martin is married now and reliable, so he's viable - some "clever" Wendyism. She slurps tea - "HOT!!" I am sick of that mug and her slurping, belching, and throat clearing. EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH EH Next up - Kourtney - a 39 year old mother of three - hooking up with her 20 year old boy toy - Luca? He was being sued for not properly promoting some sunglasses on Instagram. SNOOZE - it was just an opportunity for Wendy to snark about Kourtney and give her disapproving look. Hey Wendy - I recommend you find yourself a fun boy toy to give you a proper roll in the hay and maybe you will feel better. Next is the old news that Megyn Kelly wants an additional $10 million to keep her mouth shut. Since Wendy is allll about the $$$ she thinks this is fair. SLURP GIGGLE The giggle is because Wendy is about to RAG on Floyd Mayweather because he is illiterate. This bit made me angry. It was about a custody battle over Floyd's son Zion, but it was mostly an excuse to laugh at Floyd - FIVE TIMES she held up a piece of paper and said "What does this say??" - mocking him because he can't read. On the other hand, he is "a great man" and "worth 700 million." If she had mentioned it ONCE, ok, but she really laid it on thick. Hey Wendy - so what? The guy can pay someone to read for him. She was so pleased with herself for that dig. HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend had a "hot month" with him so she should write a book. My notes say "How does he go pee-pee? How does he sleep?" Wish I knew what THAT was all about!! Seth Meyers' wife gave birth in their lobby. Wendy didn't know. She likes Seth. Justin Beaver cut his hair. His marriage won't last. Best part of the show was the interview with Billy Porter. I kind of loved his outfit, and he was a joy to listen to.
  11. A few notes from Monday's show: She came out in a dress I will call Stripe-o-Rama. However, I will give her a pass, as she called attention to it and said - "Don't clap for the dress! It looks like I am on CNN. It's too long - you can't see my legs." Okay, she lost a point for drawing attention to her legs. We know you have long legs, and we don't GAF!!! She was very emotional about the shooting in Pittsburgh, and mentioned that her niece had covered the shooting. "When will it stop?" she asked a few times, and cried a bit. "Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eheh ehh ehhhe heh ehhe eh!!" Hot topics - Puffy wants Cassie back!! Maybe!! Wendy is all over the place on this one. "Get back together …. Have the baby.... Clean break is good - avoid the Baby Mama Drama ….. Wendy wants them together - they "seem adorable together" …. "She doesn't have much of a career - at 32 she is ten years too old …. He probably doesn't REALLY want her back or he would have done it privately …. " Wendy disses the kid shows like Dancing With The Stars Kid Edition, and talked about Honey Boo-Boo being boo-booted. She blames the parents for letting the kiddies go on these shows. She looked at a picture of Honey Boo-Boo a couple times and smirked. She is mean. She discussed Iman not wanting to marry again. Because, of course, money. But, "I love marriage." Really? WHAT is so great about marriage, Wendy? Just askin. '"How long has David been dead?? Like, three, er two years?" Hey Wendy, that is not a long time, regardless of whether or not Iman even would want to marry again. She couldn't sleep last night because - (I am thinking because of the shooting?) - a hornet was in the house. Later, it was a whole thing about Wendy guest starring on One Life to Live, and getting an offer to be a regular, and her not being too sure, then the soap was cancelled. BELCH. Wendy seems to have some digestive issues. I missed Tuesday's show as I had a guest over, and I was too embarrassed to suggest watching. I caught some of yesterday's show (when my guest was blow-drying her hair) and I was stunned to see her HUGE BREASTS front and center in her Queen of Hearts costume. Was there any extra padding???? They looked PAINFUL. What I call circus tits. I don't get the appeal. I watched as she dissed Jon Bon Jovi for not caring about the Kardashians and the Real Housewives and other shows and "celebrities" of that sort. The audience first clapped in support (I thought) of Bon Jovi, but Wendy was not having it. "He's jealous!!!" Because all he does is travel and play guitar. RIGHT. But, she mentions that he is plenty rich on his own, like 400 million or something. How in the WORLD would Jon Bon Jovi be jealous of a Kardashian?????? HEY WENDY - PLENTY of people do not give a rat's smelly behind about the Trashians or the Real Screechwives - they have no bearing on their lives. And I happen to have been Bravo's Bitch for a few years. Heck, one of my favorite reality shows was Flavor Flav, leading to I Love New York, etc. But I know plenty of folks who do not follow the reality show circus, and live full lives. Probably fuller because they don't care about the petty bullshit and shallow, vapid personalities. I often wonder why I am interested, and it just may be a character flaw - oh well, nobody's perfect!! And folks get tired of them popping up on the evening news, say. Stay in your lane!! Exhibit one - the Kim/Kanye/Trump Spectacle. Okay, end of mini-rant. I may follow some of this sheet, but I certainly don't think EVERYONE cares or is jealous of the "fame" or is it "infamy" these fools have.
  12. She mentioned during her hit-and-run story that all she does is drive the car - the man's job is to maintain the car - and she said she never does any of it, including pump gas. I forgot about the New Jersey law. Otherwise, I was thinking - NEVER fills up the car? I personally don't mind gassing up Ol' Bessie, but I'm not some fancy Gossip Queen. I had never heard her story before. I find it hard to believe that she was not aware that she crushed the other bumper. Sounds like she had to lawyer up to avoid getting a more severe punishment. Other notes: Wendy discussed another "Friend in her Head" Jennifer Garner, or "Gardner" - at least she corrected herself. After being happy that Jennifer is dating again, she gives us the "dirt" that the boyfriend is still married (getting divorced) and that his "ex" claims that he has anger and control issues. Wendy brushes that off, but I would be wary, myself. Then she takes a left turn and talks about Martha Stewart trying to set Jennifer up on a date, and Who Would you Rather?? I find this mighty strange. I don't think about "doing" any of these people, and I do NOT want to imagine "doing" Martha Stewart. How does a story about Martha being Jennifer's friend turn into something sexual?? Then we get the sad tale of Pooch, his hairline, the DUI …. oh and Wendy being pissed that she was "told" that he was out at 12:30 am, not 7:30 pm. I think she mixed the story up with the Terrance J car crash story - Norman was right. Then a riveting story about Ice-T arrested for driving his fancy unregistered car through a toll booth with out paying. She kept calling David Mann Mr. Brown. It was annoying for ME - must have been worse for them. And she was obnoxiously dismissive of their renewal vows.
  13. Ha!! It's true. If I didn't take notes I wouldn't remember the Not So Hot Topics either. I took notes yesterday, then forgot to write them up. Here's the skinny: Wendy wore a nice enough black dress - a shirt dress, I guess. She started off with a story about Tracy Chapman suing Nicki Minaj for copyright infringement over Baby Can I Hold You, had the audience singing, then had them stop. She said it was too late to pull the song, as Funkmaster Flex already played it, but that Nicki should pay up for sampling. Next it was a sad story about Hayden Panettiere and her alleged drinking problem. And new boyfriend. Wendy talked at length about her ex, Wladimer, and daughter Kaya. I wrote down something about Gold Bond - oh right - Wendy had dry skin and needed some moisturizer. Then a discussion about having cameras in the home - Wendy doesn't think it is a good idea. It was in regards to Toya from T.I. and Tiny having cameras in her home to watch her daughter. She mentioned that Jerry Springer was going to be a judge in a court show and how much she liked court shows and that Wendy would make a good Tv judge. She tells a story about La Toya Jackson's company owing years of rent - $360,000. And while at first saying La Toya isn't really at fault - her people should have taken care of it - she then trashes La Toya, asking when did she ever have a good earnings year, she is single, difficult …. Reverend Al Sharpton is her guest. He still has it - looked and sounded good. The Divorce Court judge Lynn Toler was on to help Wendy with the Ask Wendy segment. Overall, a rather dull show.
  14. Today on Wendy - She comes out in another sparkly skirt and a purple letter jacket with a "W" on it - not bad. Helps keep her warm. Hot Topics - Mariah Carey is touring. Her ex-fiancé, James Packer, has come out with a book that has Mariah in it. All I got out of it was that Mariah wanted a $250,000 wedding dress and James was going through some financial issues, so …… I wonder if people even fall in love anymore. I get that if you have a lot of money, you have to be careful whom you date - well, really, don't we all? Oh, and he went to Israel to help clear his head, and Mariah didn't know where he was. They are both weird. Hailey Baldwin is trademarking Hailey Bieber and going to "cash in" with a clothing line. The audience wasn't impressed. Wendy watched The Resident and likes it, but Malcolm Jamal Warner is too hairy. Wendy zinged Bill Crosby - "Your son grew up and out-doctored you." Also, Wendy watched some T.I. and Tiny and Wendy discussed college … she likes it to be known that she went to college, but didn't like it, but her parents expected her to get a degree. She said if Lil Kev wanted to drop out, she would support him in his decision - really??? - I guess if he had a "plan" …. while saying if SHE had dropped out, she would maybe be dead by 23, and that she was boy crazy then. She was talking out of both sides of her mouth. Someone here mentioned maybe Lil Kev was having trouble adjusting to school, and maybe this is a lead up to something down the road. Maybe Lil Kev will start a sneaker line. Next up, Tokyo Toni wants to see her grandchild, Dream, and she is begging Rob. Wendy feels bad for her, recommends that they have Kris help work it out. Right. She rags on Spice and someone else for skin bleaching, "Lil Vibes" ??? …. she rags on Sammy Sosa, as well. Yikes!! I learn about "cake soap." Amy Schumer is pregnant. Rosie O is engaged to a 33 year old cop from Boston. Next up - Hot Five - The Haunting of Hill House, Tina Turner My Love Story, House of Cards, Lady Gaga, Mega Millions, which prompts a "puss face" from Miss High and Mighty, who has, as Hot Five guy points out, "Wendy Williams money." And a commercial for Gold Bond with helpful advice - cooler and shorter showers, lower temperature in the house, and Gold Bond Radiant Renewal, and Cracked Skin Relief. Wendy has been behaving herself, for the most part - not much snark today - have a good one!!
  15. Exactly!! I couldn't tell if she was shading Ashanti, was just being funny (after the third? time) or she is having trouble focusing. Or was so thrown by Cassie sending flowers!! What happened was Wendy shared that Cassie Ventura sent her flowers - lovely roses - and a funny note saying she had to get her three year old nephew to use his credit card to buy them - shading Wendy for implying she didn't know how to handle things like insurance, mortgages, etc. Wendy thought it was funny. Her next item was about the trouble Ashanti had selling a concert at Stony Brook University, and the event being cancelled after only 24 tickets sold. Wendy called Ashanti "Cassie" three times in the story!! Didn't faze her - she kept marching on. Wendy came out in beige today, her skirt matching the coffee I hastily poured before the show started. When she twirled those blouse strip things, I got a flash of tittie tassels in my head. Thankfully she stopped right away. It's Monday, y'all. My head hurts, and I'm taking notes on the Wendy Williams Show. She started out with some good drama surrounding the Super Bowl half-time show. Rihanna said that she refused to do the show because of the way the NFL has treated Colin Kaepernick. After Maroon 5 agreed to do the show, Amy Schumer came out and is trying to shame Maroon 5 into dropping out as well, to show solidarity. Wendy argued that Maroon 5 should ignore Amy, as they may have their own reasons for doing the show - military, exposure, etc. I didn't know that they weren't paid to do the show. I guess I learned something. Wendy turns down Reality TV lane, with the next few items dealing with the likes of Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump, Kenya Moore, and the Jersey Shore's Ronnie. I will admit to once being Bravo's bitch and a lover of MTV and VH1's trashy good nonsense, but I have not kept up of late, and that ship has passed for me. Also, I don't have cable anymore, so there is that. Lisa didn't show up at Camille's wedding to some rich guy - "rich enough to forgo spousal support from Kelsey." Also, "Don't Give Up on Love." Wendy trashes Lisa for a while, then takes a moment to SMACK SMACK before showing us pictures from Kenya's baby shower. I can't say I miss the Atlanta ladies. My headache wasn't helped by the gaudy outfits worn. We get a report that 56/73 gifts from her registry were purchased. I wrote it down, so now you have to let that useless fact drip into your skull as well. The sound in my head, "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." It was at this time that the Cassie/Ashanti segment happened, which helped me snap to. We get a mention of the Clemson floor collapse - frankly I wondered if the fire code had been violated with so many people in one space, and with everyone jumping up and down? Next up is the Jersey Shore mention - ragging on Ronnie going to counselling with his ex, Jen. I am not into Jersey Shore. Of course Wendy is a Jersey Girl. She mentions Carroll Spinney retiring as Big Bird, and Paula Abdul is installed into Wendy's Fall of Shame for falling off of the stage. Naughty Gossip guy is up next, and I was just not feeling the guy and the stories … Reese Witherspoon having her texts requested in the drama with her ex-husband's ex-girlfriend, and especially the Dr. Grant story and the women being drugged and raped and filmed …. blergh …. also something Machine Gun Kelly, a brawl, ugh. It's all so dark and repulsive. The rest of the show was dull as dirt, and I was in full hate watch mode. Hot Topics sound off, which sounded like Repeat What Wendy Said, Trendy Wendy - I HATE this shit - then Ask Wendy. A beige kind of day.