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  1. Favorite Episodes: You Take The Good

    I love how Jo walked up to him and totally gave him the stink eye. It was amazing. It's why Jo was and always will be my favorite character. Nancy was just perfect in that role. TPTB definitely dropped Blair's scar, as they did with other things as well. Was Blair's mother's breast cancer ever mentioned again? Did we ever see Natalie's grandma Mona again? Speaking of Natalie, she was so into poetry when Mrs. Garrett's son visited that she wanted to drop out of school and write music but did she ever mention poetry again? Was Alex ever mentioned again? Jo and Eddie split up, in part, because Jo's attracted to her Bates Academy "husband" Bob but we never see him again, or even hear a word about his name. This is a crazy question of sorts but I always think of these stupid things when I'm watching the show. Nearly all the girls board at Eastland. You would assume breakfast, lunch, and dinner are part of the deal. When does Mrs. Garrett get any time off? How does she take Tootie to NYC when Tootie catches that "famous" photographer's eye? How does she have time for anything? No wonder she considered leaving Eastland for night manager at HoJo.
  2. Favorite Episodes: You Take The Good

    I may have said this before - - apologies if I have, but I am rewatching epis on my DVD set and happened to watch this episode. The one in season 3 where Natalie is assaulted while coming back after a costume party, I think it's one of the best of the entire series. It handles a very serious issue and, for once, doesn't make it all about Tootie. The show demonstrates teen girls doing the nervous laughing thing and wanting to pretend the rape just didn't happen. I also think Natalie being afraid of the world outside was realistic and well done. Of course it's never brought up again but . . . I also thought the episode in either season 2 or 3 with Cynthia beating out Blair as student body president was well done. I do wish the show had introduced Cynthia to us at least one episode prior so we'd have a little more invested in her when she commits suicide but, oh well. I think where the show dropped the ball on this one was making it about how TOOTIE responded to her death. It should have been Blair, who was biting and snippy to her. But of course it had to be all about Tootie.
  3. I've followed Shep's Twitter account for several years (don't judge) and man, he's really insulting some of his viewers/fans. Without making this political, he posted that persons who follow a particular political party/person are lacking intelligence; he has never met anyone of that persuasion interesting or intelligent. When followers have pointed out that he's insulting some of his own viewers, he insults their intelligence, and verbally comes after them, etc. Even says don't watch the show, don't care. He's clearly a judgmental dick. As far as the CDAN story above . . . ick.
  4. While this may be true, why does Dorinda care so much? It affects her how exactly?
  5. Can Carole please get a stylist that doesn't work for Garanimals? She should consider herself lucky that you can't be legally penalized for fashion affronteries because girl would have every other Ho combined beaten with regard to felonies. Her glee over seeing LuAnn post-clinker and hoping she was really low was gross. Carole is an asshole. Ramona is a major jerk for texting Tom. Did he have the only party in town? Is his dick like the Wonka Golden Ticket? I don't get it. Lu looked fantastic. I hope these hags don't bring her down. Sonja and Bethenny made me laugh with their roommate shenanigans. Dorinda certainly has a hard on for reminding Sonja that she's divorced. If she wants to wear the Morgan crest on her finger or foot, leave her alone. She's no longer married to Morgan, Dorinda is no longer married to Richard. Done and done.
  6. And another reason why Hannah is not a good supervisor. How awkward is right - - and tacky - - to have your Chief Stew above you in bed with the Bosun. Who does Conrad bunk with? If I were Brooke, I'd be tempted to ask if I could take his bed so I wouldn't have to listen to the two of them doing whatever they were doing while I was trying to sleep. I like Conrad but it seems that Hannah is rubbing off on him in a bad way. Now it's clear to me why he and Hannah are attracted to each other. He's too busy running around after her to do his job, making Joao look better. Hannah's too busy flirting with Conrad and/or taking smoke breaks and/or badmouthing Kasey to keep an eye on the interior. Don't get me wrong - - I generally like Hannah but she needs to have her ass handed to her. She certainly didn't like it last season when people were talking about her allegedly hooking up with the charter guest but she's okay with gossiping about Kasey's resume all over the boat. If she had an issue with Kasey's resume, take it up with Kasey. And not in front of Brooke, or anyone else. Of course that's what these BD shows are all about. There's always one member of the interior that butts heads or ruffles feathers with the other two. These charter guests were awesome. I think that's how I would be on one of these luxury cruises. Other than I don't eat red meat, I'd be thrilled with anything the chef made. Positano looked amazing. I'm jealous.
  7. Least Favorite Episodes: You Take The Bad

    You won't believe this but I've been on the same journey. I was diagnosed last September, moved cross country 5 days later, took a long planned European trip 2 weeks after that, surgery in December, radiation in January. Fortunately no chemo but a daily pill. I hope you are doing well and healthy now, @GHScorpiosRule. I think I pulled paint off my bedroom wall from the tape I used to plaster Duran posters everywhere. Walls, back of door, even ceiling so I could stare at them before I went to sleep. I liked the actor that played Rick and I liked Rick okay but you're right - - the romance just sort of happened and was hoisted on us without any real build-up. It's like the writers knew they were in the last season and only had x number of episodes left. We had more character development with Snake and Jeff and even that college professor with the kid that Jo dated. Had TPTB made Jo's wedding a big 2 part (or even 3) series finale, they could have addressed a lot more. The "group" was breaking up - - that should have been an issue. Jo was going to marry and, ostensibly, move out of the house and into her own home. Natalie had decided to move to the city. Blair, unfortunately, had bought Eastland and surely was going to live there. Tootie and Jeff got engaged; maybe they would move in together before marriage. All of their lives were changing but we really saw very little of that. It would have been great to have Mrs. Garrett return. It would have been fun to see some of the original cast come back for Jo's wedding. Throw in some drama and conflict by having Eddie come back. Maybe Blair might feel slighted because Jo -- Jo, of all people! -- was getting married before she did. So many missed opportunities!
  8. Kasey shouldn't have padded her resume that much - of course it will bite you in the butt. However, it was an entry level position and Hannah, in her position, should be able to train Kasey enough to get through the season. Kasey should not act petulant about the cleaning.
  9. Hannah is a real asshole to show Kasey's CV to everyone. Kasey shouldn't have lied but Hannah shouldn't be in a management position.
  10. Least Favorite Episodes: You Take The Bad

    Hiya, @GHScorpiosRule! Been around but real life . . . you know. Girl, I was right there with you on Duran Duran. I ADORED them. I was obsessed. I couldn't speak for 2 days after seeing them in concert because I lost my voice from all the singing along and screaming. I'd spend hours every day parked in front of MTV, waiting for a Duran video. But my parents never would have reacted like Mrs. Garrett did. They probably would have slapped me and locked me in my room or something. Color me disappointed with Jo's wedding as well. She was the first of the girls to marry and that's what we get? It should have been a 2 parter or a Very Special Episode. The show could have done what 90210 did when it wrapped up, for the wedding of Donna and David. The Walshes didn't come back but sent videograms. Now I get the videogram may not have flown for FOL but at least have Jo take a phone call from Mrs. Garrett, receive a gift or lovely letter. Something. Anything. And what was the point of having Jo get married if Rick was basically going to be written out of most of the action and episodes? I think it would have made more sense to have the series end with Jo getting married, Blair taking her first job as an associate attorney, Natalie moving into her own place in SoHo and Tootie being Tootie. Ah, we can dream.
  11. Favorite Episodes: You Take The Good

    I always thought it was to try and bring in the 14 year olds. Most of FOL's audience had grown up with the original "girls" by that point and I think they were trying to attract the teen crowd.
  12. Least Favorite Episodes: You Take The Bad

    Ultra obsessed Tootie WAS disturbing but Mrs. Garrett's reaction was even worse, IMO. Teen girls get looney over celebs but to pander to them is not the answer. By doing so, Tootie learns that the world stops when she wants something and her wants and needs are more important than anyone else's. I'm not sure about Natalie's storyline in SoHo but the last two episodes were indeed a backdoor pilot. TPTB hoped to spin it off into a new version of FOL. Fortunately for all concerned, including us viewers, it didn't happen. I hated the last episodes with the fire of a thousand suns. Blair buying Eastland went beyond sitcom unrealistic into another dimension unrealistic. The plots that were centered around that were flimsy and cliché. Mrs. Garrett didn't return for the end and we really only saw Blair in the last two episodes. It wasn't the same show and that's a damn shame.
  13. Of course Carole just had to snark on Luann and get her digs in. STFU, Carole. You're an asshole. Tinsley is nuts but making fun of her own mug shot is pretty funny.
  14. Exactly. She's the laziest person. She doesn't seem to be getting a lot of writing gigs. You'd think the ones she does get, she'd take seriously.
  15. So sad about Bobby. Jill.was a pill but I always liked him. Carole, when you chat with someone on the phone, you don't chomp on popcorn. Especially a business contact. And you were in a sauna. They're hot. They're supposed to be. Carole is such an asshole.