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  1. Who's the Worst?

    The first one was easy -- Lizzie is disgusting. The second was a toss up between Marcelino and Scott, with Scott edging out Sergeant Save a Ho. I reserve the right to change my vote if Scott dumps Lizzie. @Drogo, you had me laughing with the options for #3. Between Brittany's dinner plate and the forest creatures, it was tough. I went for Adam because he actually appears to be possessed with common sense and judgment. Which he clearly did not inherit from his dad.
  2. S02.E06: Your Card Has Been Declined

    Thank you, Michael, for explaining to us that you're on a mission - - probably a Pacific one. Good to know. Obviously this Pacific mission involves having sex with your wife, who fortunately is ovulating, without use of birth control because this will somehow make it possible for you to continue to have a relationship with "pretty girl," when you dump your wife for Queen Megan. What could possibly go wrong? If Scott doesn't dump Lizzie's skanky ass after being told straight up that she would not be sitting with him now if he had not sent her nearly 100Gs, to quote Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, you're dead to me. How bad does your self esteem have to be to stay with someone who blames you for their drug addiction? A someone who was in prison and is a self-confessed addict to begin with, along with an alcoholic, stripper, and hooker. How does she think she gets to take the high road here (no pun intended.) Clearly she's not very intelligent - - doesn't she know Scott is/was a truck driver? How much money does she think he has? And did he quit work to haul her fat ass around to convenience stores and restaurants, where she can buy every candy and snack known to man and double fist cocktails? Brittany, to quote Oda Mae Brown from Ghost, you in danger, girl. Knowing Marcelino's need for control and issue with jealousy, why would you invite your ex-girlfriend over? And fellow convict - - to be filmed. You know you're violating your parole. WTF? I believe Caitlin when she says that she stays away from drugs because of what she saw her mom go through (although the constant scratching at her head is worrisome.) What I don't get is why she chooses to put all her eggs (again, no pun intended) in the basket of a 12 time felon with ongoing drug issues. Matt did seem very caring toward her when she had a meltdown over her mom, and seemed polite toward her mom as well, but this just can't end well. Tracie, there is something about you that I find entertaining but I don't need to see you in your purple lingerie. Honestly, the thought of her with Clint baffles the mind. She looks like she could snap him like a twig.
  3. S02.E04: Washing Off Prison

    Good Lord, do I love this hot mess. Add me to the $350-seems-insanely-high group re: Clint and Tracy. I get my hair colored and even when my hair was longer than Tracy's, it never cost that much. And I've always gone to good salons. However, I've also never had two-tone hair that was colored in prison with things like coffee grounds. So maybe I just don't know. The lingerie saleswoman absolutely fleeced Clint. Clint, you could find something for $50 or less that would be fine. Over $300? This wasn't La Perla. I'm surprised that Clint recognized Tracy at all. Did he holler "Tracy??!!" at every female that was around the building? Because she looked NOTHING like her photos. And I guess I missed it but these two dolts didn't even have a prison visit? And yet they're getting married the day following her release? Yeah, I'm sure that will end well. I wouldn't be surprised if Tracy, like Matt, ends up back in prison. She really blew off what she did to end up in prison - - not just fraudulent payroll but the dipshit violated parole because she can't be told to be home at 9? What an idiot. Good choice, Clint. I noticed that Matt said in his TH that he woke up next to "a woman." Not that he woke up next to "my woman," or "Caitlin." Run, Caitlin. Listen to Matt's mother. I liked Marcelino last week but he can eff right off after this week. Brittany is younger than he is but she's not a child. He doesn't need to take food away from her. That may have been her first meal out of prison - - let her enjoy it. Not to mention it was supposed to be their first official date. What a controlling creep. You could tell she was weighing her options when he was telling her to be quiet - - did she cut her losses and bolt immediately, with no money or place to stay, or stay quiet and stay with him? Go with Option A, Brittany. Michael is disgusting. I was surprised that he considers Megan his queen - - but of course he lets Sarah, his wife, pick him up and tells her he loves her. What does he think his end game is going to be here? Does he think he can string both women along, or somehow quietly divorce Sarah without Megan finding out? Megan's brother seems sharp. Too bad Megan didn't get that gene. I said this in my first post of this season and I'll say it again. The camera(wo)men and/or producers better not let Megan give away her V-card to this loser, knowing full that he's lying to her and he's married to someone else. I'll be disgusted if they do. If she chooses to get involved with him knowing the facts,, that's on her but she needs to be informed. I'm going to guess that Angela and Tony will be the fourth string couple like they were last season. They didn't really have a lot going on last season - maybe the same this season. They're basically filler. Didn't miss Scott and Lizzy. Lizzy and Tracy should really be friends. They're both cons who reeled in suckers.
  4. S07.E04: Lisa's Dilemma

    I believe that Tequila Katie snarked on James' outfit first and James returned the barb, but added the part about losing weight. Neither was okay but everyone does seem to have conveniently forgot that Katie started that conversational ball rolling. Lala should take about 6 dozen seats at mocking anyone's intelligence when she goes to sleep with a baby bottle. I also think it was hilarious that it appeared she had just shown up for work and then requested a break so she could tear into Raquel. So Scheana needs for James to come over and "help her" move boxes - - why didn't the movers who moved her furniture take those too? I'm sure this isn't scripted at all . . . Regardless, she's a shit person for letting James do all the work, while she texts, and then lectures him on being a terrible person after he's just helped her. I figured last week we'd get Teddi Mellencamp's brother on VPR. The interviews were funny. FI needs to chill out - - or get this serious about creating drinks for TomTom. No Kristen? She must be off doing her investigative, behind-the-scenes work.
  5. S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    I wish they would go back to random skull picks. It always bothers me when a canvas is intentionally given to an artist because the team picking skulls believes the artist will completely jack it up. I get that it's a competition but this is someone's skin and body. The weaker artists are going to be weeded out before the end (unless it's someone like Amanda, who the judges seemed to be protecting and who actually may have made it as far as she did, in part, due to skull picks.) I've said this in another post but I think the judges should critique the tattoos blind. We know they have their favorites and that absolutely has to reflect in their judging. I liked the episodes in the older seasons when there wouldn't necessarily be an elimination because we got to see more tattoos (and usually the tattoos were good that week because they were doing something like tattooing cancer survivors, etc.) I'd like for IM to do away with the jury of peers. The voting is never fair or accurate; it's just another excuse to attempt to sabotage a particular artist or team. Maybe IM should bring back previous IM winners to be guest judges, as well as mentors to the inktestants for that particular week. I actually kind of like Cleen (runs away and hides) so it wouldn't bother me for him to return. I think Christian is a good artist (the ballerina tattoo he did on his original season, I think in the finale, was probably the most beautiful tattoo I've ever seen) but possessing a stank attitude. I also hate that damn face tattoo.
  6. S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    Yeah, but here's the problem with that. If Teej had the weakest tattoos out of the three, he's still in. That means that either Tony or Tiffer, who may have had the best tattoos, don't both make it to the top 2. Frankly, if the jury had been smart, and if they felt certain that Teej would get voted in and Tony was the bigger threat to him, they should have voted Tiffer into the top 2. Of course, as the judges pointed out, anything can happen. I agree that the jury is basically worthless. They got to flex their muscles during the regular season, they should have zero say or vote during the finale. In the early seasons, when the finale was live, didn't the judges cut one person out of the three before making their decision on the top 2? I'd much prefer that.
  7. S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    Color me shocked that Tiffer was the first finalist eliminated. I thought for certain we'd see a Tiffer and Teej face off. Add me to the list of viewers who hate that they eliminate an artist before all their finale work is judged. And letting the eliminated artists vote on the first person to stay? Total bullshit. Of course Teej would be chosen. Team Christian had more eliminated inktestants to vote. No way was anyone on Team Christian voting for Tiffer or Tony (unless maybe Chris in a psychoticstate-approved method of getting some payback.) I'm glad that Chris got to speak up about how he was sabotaged by his own team. I wish someone had found one of Nunez' hats to stuff in Amanda's mouth. I see she is still trying to get the first and last word in. STFU. I was fervently hoping that Chris would get up from Team Christian and walk over and sit down with Team Cleen. That would have been gold. I agree with Nunez on Christian's finale piece. It was excellent, as all Christian's work is, but it would really have popped with some black in it. Cleen's piece was impressive if not solely for the size and scale of it. I thought Teej's back piece was probably stunning - - if I could have really seen it. The show does a better job of letting us see the elimination tattoos during the regular season than they do on these finale shows. The tiger was really well done but some of the other aspects appeared hazy to me. Maybe I need stronger glasses. Tiffer's bear should have really jumped and it didn't. Tony's back piece had the right color and line work to really impress the judges. As did his tag team piece with Cleen. Funny how the issues with Teej and Christian's dragon were not brought up in the initial judging until Team Cleen brought them up in the deliberation room. Then the judges had to address them but say scales going the wrong way, yeah, they did that but it was okay! Tony was definitely the underdog but I'm good with him winning. I think Teej thought he had the title in the bag, especially when Tiffer was eliminated. He couldn't even look at the judges when they were addressing him at the end. I guess all that "I'm out for me," while throwing Chris and Tim under the bus, didn't exactly pan out.
  8. S02.E02: The $12,000 Lie

    They all say "dating." Even the folks from last season. I guess it sounds better and makes them feel better to say "dating" versus "corresponding," "getting conned by," "getting used by," "being set up for a fall," etc. I forgot to mention this in my first post but I'm shocked at how many of these people admit they are trolling prison websites when they find their "soulmate." That right there should get you one complimentary therapy session.
  9. S02.E02: The $12,000 Lie

    This show is a hot mess and I'm here for every second of it. I felt for Caitlin. Those guards really weren't assisting her at all. Maybe Matt is less than a model prisoner and they are taking out their frustrations with him on her? I'm sure the cameras are not allowed either so that couldn't have helped. I'd guess they are going to drive his inmate ass to the end of the driveway and toss him out but they could have told her that. You would think there would be very clear rules/instructions for release day. At least Caitlin can tell her friend what to expect in 4 years. Clint does seem . . . off. At first I thought maybe he was just a spoiled mama's boy but he seems . . . touched. Maybe some kind of Aspergers or something like that? He is definitely ripe for the picking from some con. Guess it's good that Scott found Lizzie first. I was heartsick for Jazzmine - - not just over the unfortunate spelling of her name but that her mother, who she hadn't seen in NINE YEARS, ran right past her to attack Scott. Wrong on so many levels. If Jazzmine and Lizzie had had a relationship during those entire 9 years, if she had been visiting her mother, if she had been older when Lizzie was sentenced, etc., I could see going for "your man" first. But in this case? No. She should have hugged and reunited with her daughter first. Lizzie is a shit human being. And she's not nearly as hot as she thinks she is. Even after packing on the prison 25-40. Looks like next week, the ATM is going to reject Scott which likely means Lizzie will reject Scott. I am still just floored that he went through all of his savings, retirement account, etc. and put himself in debt so that he could send her drug money. Just disgusting. I hope his son Adam is taking notes so that he never makes this kind of fuck up. Speaking of - - what is so great about this Michael guy that he has two chicks pining away for him? So his baby mama Sarah - - a rough looking 24, IMO - - actually married him in prison in October. And Megan was "dating" him by December. I am actually cringing at the thought that Megan is going to hand over her V-card to this loser - - and the film crew is going to let it happen. Somebody needs to tell her that this POS is married. Honestly, how is Michael going to pull this off? Is he telling Sarah his real release date and she'll be the one to meet him outside the prison? And then he's going to slip away from her to meet up with Megan? And what is he telling Megan to keep her away from the prison? I really hope that Sarah busts in on them before any kind of action can be accomplished. He needs to be confronted by both women before he can come up with some lie to tell each. He's gross. The new guy - - can't remember his name but he's former military and a former model - - seems like a nice, decent guy who is probably going to have the shit kicked out of him by this chick -- Brittany? A repeat offender and someone who has been in past relationships with other women. She must be the one we've seen in previews who's sucking another woman's face in front of the man. Run. Just run, dude. This show continues to make me feel incredibly awesome about the life choices I've made so far. I'm grateful at least there aren't "experts" on this show like Married At First Sight. These folks have enough problems. I'm with other posters who have said GET ON WITH IT. One episode of background info is all we need. Get to the releases and ensuing hijinks and drama.
  10. S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    What exactly do Stassi and Kristen do for income - - besides this show - - that allows them to hang out and drink during the day? I mean, is Kristen making money doing her P.I. and investigative work? Does she have a deal with Delta or frequent flier miles for these chicks she flies in from out of state to do the "Cheaters" scenes with? What was the point of sneaking in the back way with Hope? I thought she was going to confront James, not Raquel. Or, I don't know - - maybe confront them at the same time so she (and we) can watch James' reaction. I will say, though, she is reality gold. She certainly has a boner for James. Why does she care so much what he does or doesn't do? Jax insulting Brittany is for Brittany (and maybe Jax) to take care of. When did it become Kristen's responsibility? Should we add P.C. Police to her resume? I had to laugh and snort when Kristen - -KRISTEN - - talked about how terrible it was for James to be banging Hope while Raquel slept in the other room. Short term memory, Doute? Last I recall, you were banging Jax while Flat Iron slept in the other room. You might want to take a seat. The most egregious thing James did in this episode, besides take off his shirt, was body shame Tequila Katie. Not cool, Muppet. Why were all the SUR-vers sitting on the curb? Did they take away their random chairs from the alley? Loved Jax' wisdom on James. Plenty of women said the same thing about Jax and they were all right. Ha ha. OF COURSE James is cheating. Has anyone on this show been faithful? Schwartz drinking a random beer was gross. Maybe my black heart of goo is softening but I did find Brittany to be glowing and Jax seems happy. I know the Nugget is "tepid" and Flat Iron seems jealous. I really hope Jax & Brit are happy. Flat Iron jonesing for James and Raquel's washer/dryer and rise-up coffee table is hilarious. It gives me flashbacks to first season "mactician" Sandoval. Never change, Flat Iron.
  11. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    I think the judges need to be very specific about whether they will base their critiques and criteria on just the tattoo of the moment or the inktestant's body of work overall. I do agree that anyone can have an off day and there are additional factors on IM - - not being able to say yes or no to the canvas, a canvas that won't sit still or taps out, the time limitations, the other team standing over your shoulder and throwing barbs, etc. - - so you definitely hate to see a clearly talented artist go home over one tattoo early or midway through the competition. Of course, by the time we get to the end, that's likely going to happen.
  12. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    I actually liked when they had guest judges in the earlier seasons. The majority of the time, the guest judges were fair - - they didn't know the inktestants or have any bias. I really do wish there was a way for the judges to critique the tattoos without knowing who did the work. Seems like that would be the fairest way to judge. And oh yeah - - judge based on the freaking challenge. If you don't meet the challenge, you are gone (unless others don't meet the challenge, then all who don't go to the bottom.) Sometimes I feel that not meeting the challenge is more egregious than the unfinished tattoos.
  13. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    That really pisses me off, whether it's Teej or anyone else. The inktestants should STFU when the judging is going on. They should have zero say in the critique unless they are specifically asked. Teej has done it the last few episodes. Amanda was guilty of it as well. Funny how when Cleen criticized Teej's work, Teej got super extra about it. As they say, he can dish it out but he sure can't take it. Kind of like his coach.
  14. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Funny how these snooty charter guests think chicken is only for poor folks but got super excited about pancakes at breakfast. Last time I checked, Mickey D's served pancakes (as well as chicken.) And let's not forget their bitching about the dinner (because nobody put they wanted chicken - - or disliked chicken, apparently -- on their preference sheets) came only hours after Ashton went overboard and everyone was talking of how scary it was and how it puts things into perspective. I guess if you're a snooty bitch, life and death experiences put chicken into perspective. Screw those guests. I like chicken and I think all of the Glittering Unicorn's food has looked delish. Even the dishes with red meat, and I don't eat red meat. I only know what BD and BDM has taught me about the sea so the overboard scene didn't look that frightening to me at first. Not until it was explained and Capt. Lee had the sit-down did it really become apparent what a predicament Ashton was in. I literally teared up over Ross' reaction and his hugging it out with Ashton. Ross made a bad move in making out with Rhylee last week but he truly is a good bosun. Rhylee just wants to annoy, complain, and cause trouble. STFU and listen to your bosun. Quit arguing about his word choice. And she can take about 4 dozen seats with blaming Ross for Capt Lee calling her to the wheelhouse. She really needs to be fired. And what kind of a captain is she if she doesn't immediately alert Capt Lee to Ashton going overboard with more than a meek "man overboard" said once? That should have been a full-scale alarm. As the Capt. said, he was going full-steam ahead, with no idea of what was going on at the back of the boat. Hell, Capt. Lee's reaction and emotion got to me. I loved that Ashton wanted to split his tip among his crewmates and that was shot down. He may be a horndog but he seems like a decent guy. Very surprised Rhylee arguing with Ross didn't create more of an issue, since the guests could overhear it. I like Josiah more and more each episode. He is definitely a hard worker and he doesn't complain. He and Kate are like the Dream Team. Time before the new stew comes for Kate . . . in 3 . . .2 . . . The new deckhand - - Tyler? -- is making a big, BIG mistake hooking up with Rhylee based on previews. She looks like she will go into full crazy pants mode.
  15. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    Well, that pretty much went as expected. Tiffer and Teej were shoe-ins and it came down to Tony or Tim. Either is a good choice in my book. I do wish the judges critiqued the tattoos blind though because sometimes it seems they have clear favorites and those people get a pass. Anyhow, I think Teej is probably the most versatile artist left but his attitude is rank. I felt like he was attempting to sabotage Tim rather than trying to take out one of Cleen's players and get Tim to the finale with him. Maybe it was the editing. I do hope that Team Cleen wins because I find Christian absolutely insufferable and I cannot stand the way he throws his own players under the bus.