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  1. S10.E19: Life Is a Cabaret

    I also loved seeing Lu's sister dancing and having a good time. The show must have been good if Carole, the judgiest McJudgerson ever, gives it props. I also noticed that even Dorinda, who was drunkenly screeching for Jovanni, didn't bash the show Bethenny's THs are always hilarious but she was exemplary this season. She could recap the episodes in entirety and I would be there. This gif is probably the best out of many. Cheers! I'm also curious as to why Dorinda waited until she was en route to the show to suddenly get bent about John not scoring an invite. Because she was drunk? Or high? I assume that Lu either sent the ladies tickets or arranged to have them waiting at the door. Why didn't Dorinda inquire as to a ticket for John before this? I mean, I would never just assume anything. When I heard about the show, I would have asked if John could come as well. Simple as that. Lu may not have thought of it (because John doesn't accompany Dorinda to all the RH events, it seems) or she could have been passive aggressive about it, in that she thought about John but didn't bring it up since Dorinda didn't. In any event, it doesn't seem like it that big of a deal . . . unless you're drunken, slurring Dorinda. JOVANNI! So I caught the rewatch and I'm disappointed in the Dorinda-Lu showdown which was really nothing. If Dorinda wasn't going to bring up John before the show, she really should have shut it on the night of the show, let Lu enjoy her success and then spoken to her in the following days. Of course Carole should NOT have encouraged Tinsley to tell Dorinda about Scott getting an invite. What was the point in that? Scott wasn't attending so who cares? But of course Carole LOVES it when people are fighting and she still has resentment toward Lu so this is a perfect opportunity to stoke the Lu-Dorinda fire. I didn't hate Carole's show attire but since she sets the bar so low and many of her outfits appear to be based off the clothing my Barbie wore back in the 70s, it's not saying much. I mean, when your single and looking to mingle pirate get up is one of your better choices, that really says it all. I thought Bethenny and Ramona looked great. Ramona's shorter hair really suits her. I'm disappointed from the reunion preview that she appears to be growing it back out. I'm still traumatized by Dorinda's reunion hair. She looks like a drunk fembot.
  2. I got an advance copy of "Widow's Guide" and I couldn't get through it. It was horrible, boring and not interesting at all. I can't imagine that any network or producer would look at that and think it would make a good show. Maybe in overall concept, in the most abstract way, but her actual book? No.
  3. S10.E19: Life Is a Cabaret

    Dorinda continues to be a mean, nasty drunk and Carole continues to stir the pot. Same old same old. Lu's show looked fun. Loved that her mom was there. So Adam came over to Carole's to spend time with Baby. Which Baby? Doesn't Carole name all her pets "Baby?" My cable went in and out throughout the entire episode (of course) so I'll have to rewatch. Missed the Lu/Dorinda showdown as well as all the updates at the end, with the exception of Tinsley and Lu. Saw the reunion preview - - Dorinda looked a hot mess in that ridiculous wig. And Carole was clearly trying to remain relevant. She's such an asshole. I won't miss her next season.
  4. S03.E13: We Used to Be Friends

    Truth. If Hannah would stop reacting, Joao might stop with the digs. As I've said before, I don't get why she cares what he thinks. She's acting like she's 14. She's over 30 and in a managerial position. She needs to stop going to other crew members to tell them she thinks Joao's a dick and complain about him. Let it go, keep it professional and let him be the sole immature douchecanoe on the boat (other than some of the guests.)
  5. S03.E13: We Used to Be Friends

    Unless there's something wonky going on with the editing, the workload does not appear to be equivalent. It looked like Brooke and Kasey were doing the majority of the work while Hannah was eating, chatting, taking photos and smoke breaks. Is the Hannah-Conrad relationship based on smoking and badmouthing Joao? Seriously, that's all they seem to do. Hannah is basically pissed all the time. She's pissed that Conrad was actually (gasp!) being polite to Joao at dinner! She's pissed that Brooke (gasp!) didn't take her side when Joao called her materialistic! Why does she even care what Joao thinks of her? I really don't get it. Seems to me that Hannah likes to be pissy and is lazy. That's pretty much all I've got.
  6. Sweet! You're the best, @KungFuBunny!
  7. Wow, thank you, @Gem 10! Maybe somebody will bring me a casserole. (TM Vicki)
  8. So Carole is continuing her tour of shading B at every chance she gets. We get it, Carole - - we're not as gullible as sexy salad Adam. You hate B and you're very passive aggressive about letting it be known. Shut up. And your "dressy" jogging suit was ridiculous. No worries, your trophy for Worst Dressed Ho-wife is still safe. We know how you love your trophies. LuAnn was snarky about Ramona's redecorating but God, she's funny. When she said "cop to" something and then caught herself -- gold. And she really looks good when she's got her hair casually - - or "casually" -- pulled back. I'm totally jealous over B's apartment. That closet. Heaven. Ramona's haircut suits her. Loved Sonja showing up at Ramona's event with her shoes and handing them out. Lu's reaction seemed genuine, which was nice. Of course Sonja didn't bring judgy haters Dorinda and Carole shoes. Dorinda would get drunk and either throw a shoe at someone or step out of them in a gutter; Carole would have to bedazzle them or put feathers on them or something and then wear them with her "dressy" jogging suit because she's so "trendy." So was that jogging suit thing worn at a party celebrating the fact that Carole actually wrote something? Like, by herself? Without a ghostwriter? And not about Adam's sexy salads? And did she get a trophy for it? Sorry, I was half watching. (Not sorry, really.) So Dorinda bitches at Sonja about using the Morgan name and talking about Mr. Morgan but does Dorinda EVER stop talking about Richard? John seems skeevy and all but I'd be pissed if I were him and talking about how long they had been dating and Dorinda compares it to how long she was with Richard. Okay, Dorinda. We get it. We know about Richard. I really hope that Sonja nails her on that at the reunion - - or somebody does. Next week is the last epi? Damn.
  9. Well, this episode was boring AF. Why did Vicki look so bloated and sweaty when she arrived at the girls' dinner? Gina hates Newport, didn't work for her. Why? And where does she live now? Shannon, why are you telling your teenage daughters how many calories they are ingesting? Bad. Don't start that, please. Good on you for starting a food line with QVC but your daughters clearly didn't care for the food. Eddie put together a rocking chair for Tamra. Yawn. Is it just me or does Eddie look better nowadays? Emily . . this is the first week I've remembered her name. Otherwise, I've got nothing. Kelly is still rehashing the Michael set up. Yawn. Oh, and while she has a new sex toy that she met in Aspen. That she also RUDELY invites along on the girls' dinner. This season, so far, definitely isn't as interesting as when Alexis, Gretchen, and Heather were housewives.
  10. S07.E05: Trouble in Paradise

    No Kate. Danielle has an issue with heights - - she's afraid of heights. On day 1, I think, of the honeymoon, Bobby stayed with her when she was panicking while Amber and Dave went ahead.
  11. S07.E05: Trouble in Paradise

    Color me surprised that Amber is coming across as someone that is fairly game to try things and is somewhat laid back. I figured she would be a high maintenance pain in the ass that would be my least favorite person this season. Congratulations, Mia - - you get that award. You are a lying liar who lies. I understand why Tristan waited to hear what the warrant was for but he should have packed his bags and gone to Cancun solo to hang with the other couples after he found out she had been arrested for stalking and credit card fraud. Dude, she lied to you in the beginning. Not once, but at least twice. That should be a deal breaker and, frankly, the "experts" should have told him so and arranged to have that marriage annulled for fraud. And like @Neurochick, I think, said - - you're not fooling me either, MAFS. We know that Tristan and Mia didn't go to Mexico because she wasn't allowed to leave the state. I'm confused as to why Tristan didn't at least call his buddies while he was waiting to hear what happened to Mia. I get maybe not wanting to let your family in on it until you know what's happening and what will happen but you need your bros. I can't hate on Dave. Yet. When I was younger - - quite a bit younger - - I reacted the same way when I was uncomfortable doing something. I think he was worried he'd look silly doing the dancing. I get it. At least he tried - - although I wish he had stuck it out until the very end. Clearly the "experts" don't really push and prod about important lifestyle things like religion. If they had, maybe Dave would have realized that it was more important than he thought. Didn't the "experts" ask him if he was raised in the church? And if so, why was or wasn't he going to church now and would that choice change in the future? If he had kids, would he want them in the church? Etc. Of course these are the "experts" who didn't immediately get Tristan the hell away from Mia. Right now, I would guess that Bobby and Danielle may be the only couple who make it. They seem to be attracted to each other, are considerate of each other (I do have to give props to Bobby for being for considerate of Danielle with the height issue on day 1 and I had an ex who was the exact opposite with me) and may have the same basic goals. I think Tristan and Mia are clearly doomed. She's a liar and it wouldn't surprise me if Tristan finds out yet something else that she's lied about or neglected to tell him. I think Amber's previous hook up with Gym Guy will eventually eat away at Dave. Knowing MAFS, we'll probably be treated to Dave running into the guy at the gym.
  12. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Maybe Sonja had more than just that one pair of pink shorts.
  13. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Why did everybody have diarrhea? Were there not enough bathrooms to go around? Is that why there were stains on the floor and bed? I'm confused and disgusted. So Carole gets another trophy or something next week? For what? Does anyone care? Ramona cuts her hair in real time, it appears. It does suit her.
  14. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Dorinda's nervous system being a mess = drunk and/or hung over
  15. S10.E17: Ship Happens

    Bethenny's double take when Carole's "fashion sense" is mentioned is everything. Probably exactly the look on my face. 99% of the time Carole looks like she was pulled out of the dryer and placed in front of the cameras.