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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Absolutely agree. Something is sketchy AF with this entire thing. Quinton's alibi was not called during the first trial (WHAT?) but they call him during the retrial and he contradicts what Quinton told the investigators? Why was this "Big Mike" not called during the first trial? It makes me think that his story changed. Quinton's sister really didn't do him any favors by testifying because it wasn't just her word against Big Mike's - - he was on a security camera alone during the time she claimed they were together. It doesn't mean she was lying but she can't reliably say they were together all day long when they clearly weren't, at least during that time at the store. I wasn't sure what to think about the charges that the prosecutor had attempted to bribe a former cellmate of Quinton's to testify that Quinton confessed to him or something. The speech therapist, or whatever they were, were washes to me. It's possible for an expert to say that in their experience, this wasn't likely to happen but they cannot say with 100% certainty that Jessica couldn't have spoken. There were too many emergency personnel who said that she did and those folks have ZERO reason to lie. I imagine they very clearly remember what happened that night, unfortunately for them. And the biggest WTF of all - - the keys. The strongest DNA test shows Quinton's DNA is NOT on the keys but the DNA of 4 people, besides Jessica, is - - including an unidentified male. Was Jerry King's DNA ever tested? And if not, WHY NOT? He claims to have found the keys and picked them up so his DNA SHOULD be on them. Why wasn't he called back to the stand for the retrial? He allegedly found the only piece of physical evidence in the case. No excuse for him not to be there. The prosecution's excuse of not being able to find him is total bullshit. I'm believing more and more that Jerry King may have more to do with this case than simply finding the keys and the prosecution's inability to "find" him only supports that. Very sad for Jessica, who deserves justice.
  2. Least Favorite Episodes: You Take The Bad

    Exactly. They didn't break up, he got cold feet of a sort and then everything worked out fine. I appreciate that Natalie, even after Snake was quasi-ghosting her, said she didn't regret sleeping with him because he had been her boyfriend for over a year and she loved him.
  3. S7. E16: All the Roads Lead to This

    I am going to freely admit that I cried during Bobby's declaration and proposal to Danielle. She is a lucky lady. He is, without a doubt, the best husband to ever grace this show. After watching this, I am totally in love with him - - and if Danielle ever screws this up, I'm going to slap her. Mia and Tristan are a couple of idiots. The "experts" are a trio of idiots for encouraging these two in any way. I'm shocked that Dave didn't bail. He clearly wanted to. Even when speaking to his friends, he was practically begging them to come up with a good excuse for why Amber wasn't right. And saying that it's not the same because his wasn't a "real" marriage or something like that? God, Dave. You ARE a douche. Amber made a comment during decision day about how she felt the same thing would be repeated or keep coming up and the damn experts, instead of asking her to elaborate, said okay, let's make decisions! They really suck. I love Bobby.
  4. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Can Adrian please come to my house, meditate and do yoga with me, talk to my angels and then make me amazing food that does not include red meat? That would be heaven to me. Whoever tagged him an elusive unicorn was right on. Have we ever seen guests who were adamant about not wanting what the chef made give in, eat it and love it? Kate's comment about Caroline's sweater making her look like a Muppet who crawled out of a cave had me in hysterics. Kate is like the female Jeff Lewis of BD. I do feel sorry for Caroline though. A tough, tough spot especially if you're not even at home. The deck crew -- with the exception of Ashton at this point -- basically sucks. And I'm speaking of their work ethic, not Ashton's dick move of not wanting to leave the club. Everyone seems so damn touchy. Get over it. Chandler, this isn't the military so chill. I thought Ross would be cool but he really wasn't on the tender. I thoroughly dislike Rhylee but she was right that he shouldn't have left the controls. Unless she was calling for help, she obviously could get the guests out of the water. Rhylee definitely has an attitude problem and an authority problem but it's being egged on and exacerbated by Chandler and Ross (and maybe to a lesser extent by Ashton.) I think she rubbed them the wrong way from the start, along with the constant reminders that she's a boat captain and she really is very insubordinate. Anyone's guess as to who's getting the boot at this point - - Chandler, Rhylee . . . even Caroline, I suppose. Just don't kick off my meditating, glittering unicorn.
  5. Isn't being friends with Vicki basically the equivalent of having no friends?
  6. Let me apologize to the people of Jamaica who have done nothing to deserve the onset of the Tres Banshees Gritando. Forget the Zika virus; Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge are in town. Far more worrisome. These ladies were an embarrassment from acting the fools in the bus to the hotel, to the "hey/yeah, mon" to the hat with attached dreds to the shrieking at dinner. Vicki's "hot" face was terrifying. BRAVO should have held on to this episode until Halloween. Would have been truly fitting. I generally find Shannon to be humorous but was she ever a buzz kill! She was totally rude to Gina and Emily when it was decided who was going to be in each penthouse suite. (Although part of me was delighted that Tamra was going to be stuck with Shannon and Vicki.) And she was equally rude at dinner when, after everyone including Gina listened to her tale of woe about the rental house being sold, she then absolutely ignored what was going on with Gina and instead looked at photos on her phone. Rude, rude, rude Shannon! If Tamra (fucking Tamra of all people!) thinks you're being rude, you are WAY out of line. I did love how Kelly tried to point out to Shannon that her rental house being sold and having to move when the lease was up was not even in the same ballpark as people who were homeless. I guess it wouldn't be a vacation if Tamra wasn't flashing her tits at someone. Has she ever kept her clothes on for the duration of a vacation? Hmmm . . . maybe the one in Spain she took with Eddie pre-marriage? That spa looked amazing - - provided I went there without Vicki. Or Shannon. Heck, it's an amazing day when I would rather take a RH vacay with Kelly, Gina, and Emily. But there it is. Looks like the usual vacation catfight next week. Who's going to leave early or stomp around saying they will?
  7. General True Crime Shows

    This thought gave me chills. As the prosecutor said, if you put the tongue to the top of your mouth and speak "Jerry," the "J" is impossible to pronounce. Just "Jerry" alone could possibly have been mistaken for "Eric." And Jerry King's criminal history is highly suspect. Were I on that jury, I could not have voted to convict based solely on what we saw on the program. That doesn't mean I believe Quinton Tellis is innocent of the crime - - I actually have zero clue if he did it or not -- but it wasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt to me that he was responsible.
  8. S11. E07. No Wasted Space

    God, I would not want to be on Team Christian. He's fine when he's winning but when he's not, he turns on his own team. At least Cleen doesn't appear to do that. I've said this before and I'll say it again - - I really wish during the judging it was only the judges that were permitted to talk. Letting the other inktestants get their digs in is really unnecessary. I thought Angel should have been in the bottom 3. Really unattractive tattoo and like the judges (the real ones) said, looked like 3 different tattoos. But since the rules are fluid, she gets a pass. I thought it was weird, in a way, that Cleen chose his best artists to save. Tiffer likely would have been fine; seems like maybe you'd want to give a free pass to those who were struggling. I don't understand the animosity toward Chris either, @CheezyXpressed - - and from his own team! I can't remember the names right now but the artist who did the continent of Africa with the woman - - that was beautiful and should have been the best tattoo IMO.
  9. S06.E01: We're Not in the Caribbean Anymore

    I'm so happy BD is back! Kate puts all other stews to shame (yeah, I'm looking specifically at you, Hannah.) I am in love with Adrian. Seriously, that food looked AMAZING. A calm, zen chef who makes beautiful and good food - - too much awesomeness. Looks like Chandler and Rhylee are going to be a problem. Is Ashton going to be Joao 2.0? Josiah clearly knows what he's doing (and refreshing to have a male stew and one that's been schooled in "butler-ing") but he seems a bit snooty towards Caroline. Ross reminds me somewhat of Bruno. I love all the accents. Nice to see Captain Lee happy over his crew. At least to start. Because we all know it won't last. The yacht looks nice. Weird that there's a crew cabin (the "penthouse") upstairs by itself (the one that Kate chose) and open to the stairway.
  10. Please check in @SimonSeymour and let us know what you think!
  11. I think she did sell out. Somebody needed to tell QVC that calls were getting hung up on. That's lost sales.
  12. Not gonna lie . . . I've thought about ordering some of Shannon's food. The reviews say the burgers are delish.
  13. The height of irony is Tamra telling Shannon not to be negative or start her presentation with a negative and then she proceeds to criticize every single thing about Shannon's pitch. So far. Seriously, Tamra is the biggest bitch in OC. And that says something.
  14. Vicki could at least take Gina a casserole. The editing monkeys showing Trabuco Canyon alive with the sound of Vicki's shrieking had me in stitches. How nice of Tamra to leave Eddie at home the day after a cardiac procedure - - and after she bitches and cries about how Shannon doesn't care about Eddie's health.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    You and me both. I don't know a lot about this case and am staying away from researching it for the same reasons but it seems to me that there should have been a pretty solid resolution. She lived in a small town, everybody apparently knew who she was and, truth be told, she was dealing (at least for a time.) And she told her family she was afraid for her life, that people thought she was a "snitch." That should have been the first, and primary, avenue investigated. I'm not sure what to think about the reported "Eric." She was cognizant enough to tell the first responders she had been burned and what her name was so it seems she could have been aware enough to know who had done it to her. Of course, she also could have been thinking about Eric so who knows? But "Eric" and "Quinton" sound nothing alike. The discovery of her keys is sketchy AF. So the guy who allegedly finds the keys has a record a mile long and the agent who takes the report is the same agent who has busted him repeatedly. The report Quinton's mother has about the discovery is different from the one entered into evidence at court. WTF? Do the Keystone Kops have a division in Mississippi? And what was with the FBI agent who didn't ask Quinton WHY he had deleted Jessica's contact info out of his phone? Maybe it was guilt or maybe it was because she was gone and not coming back and he innocently deleted it? Why wouldn't you ask? Wouldn't that be a normal follow up question? Why wouldn't the cops (or is it Kops?) go pick up Quinton's gas can to test it? He told them about it so there's zero excuse. At this point, knowing what we know via the program, if I were sitting on that jury, there is reasonable doubt everywhere. No way could I vote to convict. Quinton looks like a scapegoat. The volunteer fire fighters are killing me. Watching two of them especially - - the older one who was the only one not called to testify, and the younger man who had dreamt of being a firefighter - - tear up and cry is wrecking me. It demonstrates perfectly how this filters down and affects everyone who comes into contact with murder.