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  1. Indeed. It is also the reason I was suspended in the 7th grade. Took this book to our reading period. It also made it to the front page of the *county* newspaper. Good times. That aside, I LOATHE the term!
  2. Mykelti

    Someone please make this happen!
  3. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Maybe this is what inspired the move to Flagstaff! HA! She has to know what she looks like and must think she looks A-OK. Might I suggest an eye check up? She really is a handful and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR why Mariah is the way she is. Sludge needs to look at Meri and see if that is what she wants as her future. So this leads me to wonder if Robyn's niece is responsible for the orange hue on Meri's skin? If so, sweetie, stick with childcare.
  4. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    She is super transparent. She plays her little games when delivering whatever news she has to share with the others. Who are CLEARLY over her. She has a giggle and an I can't believe it kind of way of describing news that she knows will will be different from what she had previously told them. I think she and her mother ALL ALONG had it planned that they wanted to buy the house and live in it. First resident is her mother (Bonnie?) and then Meri would move in at some point. It is her retirement plan away from the family. After she has taken her share from the TV money. Once that goes so does she. She also wanted the family money to pay for part of it but probably knew that was a long shot. I see her scheming as she tries to secure what is (in her mind) rightfully her share of the familial pot while there are still contents of said pot and while still filming. I was hoping that someone would say oh good, we have a place for ALL of our moms to live now while Robyn, Christine and Janelle tell their moms they get to move to Parawon and live with Bonnie. Why does Meri get to buy a house for her mom and the others don't?? I sort of think that she has a lot more in common with Mariah than she is comfortable admitting. It is a feeling I have had for a long time. I think she wishes she could be as open about her real life as her daughter is. Just a hunch.
  5. That is just so sad! Kids need a good start and schools won't be able to attract the best teachers and are pushing teachers that care out because they don't see the value. Teachers have to do so much more than teach. I never understood why childcare folks and teachers are paid so little. Mind boggling!
  6. Sounds to me like NC needs to do something about this big time! I am guessing you don't write the help wanted ads for teachers there. HA! I don't know why ANYONE teaches in NC if its that bad. Education is so important and why there hasn't been a huge uproar from the parents is confusing. All I know is if I went to school to become a teacher and had loans etc that needed to be paid off, this and other states like it would be the last place I would choose for employment. That sucks for the teachers and the kids. YUM!
  7. That is great to know! I was bummed that I can only use instacart for this. I called Vons because I was having issues with their site and it was because they don't do this in my area. Then quit offering it! Instacart requires a membership or at least that is what it looked like so I am not getting stuff delivered anytime soon from Vons. I will look at Ralphs. Sometimes it would just be easier to have stuff just show up at my house. Bristol Farms is opening sometime soon near me so I will check that out. I am really looking forward to the Target opening. Super close to my house.
  8. My cat does this all the time if the door is closed. It is easier to just leave it open. Drives me nuts hearing her beg to come in. What do they think is going on? I am having a party and excluding her and her brother? HA! I HATE people speaking on the phone in the public bathroom. It is so gross!
  9. Thanks!!! I am not sure I trust the fruit/veggies to someone else. The other stuff sure but fresh? I just don't know.
  10. Side bar question. For those of you that have had grocery delivery, how is the produce? I am pretty picky and this is what has stopped me from doing it. That and the fact I would have to use instacart since our stores don't deliver in my area. If I had nothing to do but eat/clean/post shit on instagram I would actually go to the store. I am not a parent so I have no idea how hard that is but in my virgin territory mind I would bring one of the kids at a time. I think it is a good idea to let kids see what veggies are out there. It boggles my mind when semi grown people cannot identify run of the mill veggies. Plus it gives a little one on one time with the parents/kids.
  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is my niece's name. It is bad enough it is shared with the granddaughter of someone I find vile. I do not want it to be shared by a Duggar!
  12. Are they trying to win a Darwin award? Nothing says great parents like seeing pics of two small children doing scary stunts. New Xmas toy the bag of glass TM Irwin Mainway...
  13. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I have memories of my babysitter Mrs Purple giving me coke when I was less than 3. I have been addicted ever since. I stopped drinking it and for me its like alcohol to an alcoholic. Cannot have any or I am going from 1-4+ a day. I blame the nice lady who gave me coke and also introduced me to snickerdoodles at a very young age for my sweet tooth. Not really :). I would do anything to see Elton John. I am surprised Babe likes him. I honestly love Elton pre Disney songs.
  14. I do feel for her losing her dad. I lost both of my parents, mom when I was close to her age and my dad almost 4 years ago (I am 50). Her anger may stem from the loss. But she needs to do something about it like normal people like therapy. Being without parents is kind of a mind fuck. You feel like an orphan and your own mortality stares you in the face. It makes my sisters all the more important. LOVE JWB! Her brooches are so fun!
  15. I didn't mind her so much before. Same reasons and I am a liberal. Now she bugs me about 99% of the time and I may now and then yell at the tv :). She needs to quit talking over people, being snotty and thinking she knows it all.