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  1. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Wasn't that the very thing that let Cat figure out he was Guardian?
  2. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    It certainly looked that way to me. Which is the part I don't understand. Speedsters shouldn't be able to do that. They can travel through time but I have never seen any indication they can manipulate it like that.
  3. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    Good point. So, alternate theory. She went back in time just to see her parents and the rest of their family when they were younger, saw her dad in trouble and decided to step in and help, not knowing it would trap her.
  4. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    I liked the stunned look on Devoe's face when Joe actually started to resist his power and turned the gun away from his head. Sure, it didn't end so well for him, but points for the extraordinary willpower. Barry and Ralph's fight with the many Devoes gave me Matrix Reloaded flashbacks. Which, for the record, is not a good thing. At least now I understand what Devoe was doing last week. I thought he had been planning to use the STAR Labs satellite all along. I'm actually glad the show spelled out the fact he just used it to replace the one satellite Barry destroyed because I completely missed that. I'm guessing Nora stepped in to help Barry because he was supposed to die stopping the satellite (I still don't understand the time reversing thing), which is probably the whole reason she went back in time in the first place, but after she interfered it screwed something up and trapped her, much as killing Barry's mom did Thawne.
  5. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    It's funny, actually. I thought the Ruby/Myr'nn scenes were the only ones where she didn't bug me. Her easy acceptance of his being from Mars and the simple joy he got from playing the game with her. On the other hand, I'm not too enthused with the idea of Alex being sidelined on Ruby-sitting duty. I got the out of the blue "I want to be a mom" stuff was an easy excuse for them breaking up her and Maggie but I am really hoping everyone is wrong about her getting Ruby and that she and Sam are going to leave at the end of the season.
  6. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    I like Kara, I really do, but this season she does seem to more under the impression the world revolves around her. I guess it kind of comes with the territory of being a nearly indestructible uber-being. And again she's telling Lena what to do. James got shot a lot. If his mask comes off that easily, how has he not been unmasked before now? Was there anyone surprised when Coville showed up at the end?
  7. S04.E22: Think Fast

    It IS a mess, but I think that's the point. Mind you, I don't think it's a point the Flash writers are deliberately making, except to say that time travel can be messy. I think the idea is pre-Flashpoint Caitlin was an ordinary girl with nothing special in her DNA, unlike Cisco who had the meta ability waiting for the particle accelerator to blow up in his face. Then Flashpoint happened and while Cisco didn't change apparently Caitlin's genetics got scrambled (as did that of DIggle and Lyla's child) and not only did she have a meta gene but it was one that existed outside of the particle accelerator or the bus. There was at least one guy in the past, Deathbolt, who had powers and yet was not in Central City at the time of the dark matter explosion. I'm curious to see where Caitlin's story is going to be honest.
  8. S04.E22: Think Fast

    I could be wrong but I don't think that's exactly true. Prior to Flashpoint, Caitlin was not a meta. She checked herself and didn't even possess the meta gene. Flashpoint altered the timeline. Caitlin has had Killer Frost in her since she was a kid NOW but that wasn't true before Barry went back and saved his mom. Caitlin never had powers before Flashpoint, just like Diggle and Lyla didn't have a son and Cisco's brother was alive.
  9. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    So, Oliver let himself be taken away from his city, his wife, and his son, in order to protect them from the guy who is still running around loose and beyond pissed? Do I have that right?
  10. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Let's pretend. Instead of the stupid redemption plot, BS is actually still working with Diaz and pushed him off the building to save him.
  11. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    At least Malcolm got to go out saving Thea. Quentin just....
  12. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Diaz living bothers me more than Quentin dying. Is that wrong?
  13. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    See, if that's what it is, MG being an asshole and petty retribution, this episode makes a lot more sense.
  14. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    How, exactly, did we end up in a situation where Quentin is dead, yet Laurel2.0 and Diaz are both alive?
  15. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Sorry Quentin. Sorry Sara. Really, Oliver? You couldn't mention this BEFORE she came to take you away? Oh great. Mumbles is still around. Lovely.