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  1. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    Clearly. A guy who didn't bat an eye sending a little girl to hell. If Neron had taken five minutes to look into Constantine he probably would have run away screaming.
  2. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    I may have misspoke. I get why she looks like Amaya. What I don't get is why Legends is keeping Maisie around, but not actually as Amaya. If the actress is still on the show, why did they have her play a new character? Why not continue being Amaya? Or perhaps it was Maisie herself? And is that her real accent? Did they? I must have missed that. I was probably laughing too hard.
  3. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    When I heard Constantine was going to be a regular on the show I figured he would eat up a lot of the screen time and take it away from the other Legends and he has, but so far it hasn't been as bad as I thought. Not that I'll be sad to see him leave. Mick isn't losing much since they rarely give him anything to do and I imagine Purcelll is just hanging around for the paycheck and the fun of it. I'm fine with Nate being off the Waverider. While I like the idea of a shape-shifter (my persona;l favorite super power) on the team, I'm not sure why she has to look like Amaya. Are they just trying to keep the actress around? Sara and Ava are just so adorable. I have nothing negative to say here. Is anyone out there a big Gary fan? On a show this goofy, why do we need comic relief? Especially when, IMO, he's not really that funny? I like the actress playing Mona. I'm not sure why she needs this much screen time though. I thought I would be annoyed by Legends not being part of the crossover. But on a show with a possessed puppet (and no one made a Child's Play joke either) that has one of the main cast being turned into a kitten, I don't really mind.
  4. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I somehow missed the whole tattoo thing. I chalk it up to zoning out whenever Dinah is on-screen, much like I used to do with Laurel. Which is ironic, because now as bad Laurel Katie is actually kind of amusing to watch. Seriously though, I want to know what Kirk Acevedo has on the Arrow writers to keep Diaz around. No offense to the actor, who I imagine is doing the best he can with what is being given to him, but Diaz wore out his welcome for me before last season was even over. I forgave it with Malcolm for years because I liked JB nearly as much as the Arrow writers did but this is getting ridiculous. So, we've traded flashbacks for flashforwards, which are somehow even more boring to watch. I don't give up on a show I have invested years in unless I really hate it or am just so bored I can miss entire episodes and not care. I am not quite there with Arrow but I am getting damn close.
  5. S05.E08: What's Past is Prologue

    In the original timeline Thawne and that Gideon came from, Barry didn't become the Flash until much later. So he did have a little more time to take some Computer Programming for Dummies classes and perhaps get help from Cisco and Felicity to create Gideon. Time travel is funny that way. I'd be more curious to know why Thawne would use a version of Gideon that responded to Barry at all, since surely HE was smart enough to reprogram her so his arch-enemy would not be able to use her against him?
  6. I know. I think the problem is they wanted to go to their mid-season break with a cool cliffhanger so they had Reign so grossly overpower Kara and leave her on the edge of death for shock value. Not taking into account the narrative question of "Where do you go from here?" Having your villain initially be stronger than your hero is fine, it gives the hero a reason to work harder and find the strength within themselves to overcome their limitations and blah blah...we all now how that works. But they made Reign SO powerful that not only did she hand Kara her ass she was able to fight Kara, J'onn, Mon-El, Imra, Brainy and the Legion ship, all at the same time and barely even break a sweat. There was no way for Kara to overcome that. They made her too strong too soon. And then they added two more World Killers for what as far as I can tell is no reason, since one should have been more than enough. Which meant for the whole second half of the season why Reign, let alone Purity and Pestilence, didn't bother to show up or snap Kara and the others in two whenever they fought. Then they dismiss the other two, giving their power to Reign making her even stronger, and yet she still can't even manage to kill anyone except Sam's mom. Then the get rid of Reign, bring her back in her pure, no weaknesses form, and she is out of most of the fight until the end, and even then she doesn't kill anyone until Kara throws her into the lava thing (which is weird that it killed her, didn't she fly out of it earlier?) and even then it's accidentally with her heat vision.
  7. Odds are yes. J'onn and his mind reading should have made short work of a vast majority of plots, which is why he was inexplicably sidelined or missing from episodes where he would have been really useful. In Brainy's case I'd say he'll always be charging or something whenever his intellect would be useful, or else he WILL pretty much solve the plot in the first five minutes but because Winn isn't there no one in the DEO will actually understand what he says and so he'll basically be ignored, and this will probably become a running joke.
  8. I've pretty much avoided anything remotely spoilery ever since the season 3 finale of Xena was ruined for me back in the day and I don't keep up with casting/behind the scenes stuff for that same reason. So I went into this blind and had no idea anyone was leaving. Sam...I am very glad she survived and will presumably be going away, because hopefully she'll be taking Ruby with her. I know Alex is focused on being a mom and that's fine but I was concerned she would be saddled with Ruby and no offense to the actress but her character annoys me. Winn...I think I'm going to miss him more than I realize. Even though he hasn't had as much to do recently. He brought a lightness to the more serious stuff that I don't think Brainy can replace. But I'll give him a shot, even though his affectations can be a bit grating. J'onn...I should be more bothered, but Harewood looks bored half the time and J'onn really has nothing to do, despite being arguably more powerful than the star of the show. I think both the character and the actor are wasted anyway. Mon-El...ehh, I'm fine either way. He bugged me in season 2 but he became more tolerable for me in 3. At this point I wouldn't necessarily mind if he stayed around but I am also okay with him leaving. Chris Wood does look better with the beard though.
  9. Forget every single Daxamite. Kara killed Mon-El's mom. It may have been Lex's machine and Lena who made it work but Kara was the one who pushed the button. So her speech about not killing rings hollow on that alone.
  10. S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    What would be the point of 'lethal' weapons in this scenario? Three pissed off Kryptonians were invading the DEO. If they had howitzers it wouldn't have done any good. Only kryptonite could have stopped them. Well, normal kryptonite. Alex managed to kill Alura with a kryptonite sword. I don't know how exactly shooting one in the back only managed to slow her down, and she must have been quite flexible to reach around and dig it out. This does go a long way against Kara's argument however. The outrage she and Clark have about anyone having kryptonite. Then this happens. Guys, THIS is the reason you have it. Yes, it does need to be kept secure so not just anyone can get to it, but considering there has been a hostile Kryptonian enemy several times I don't think you have a leg to stand on with the whole "It should not exist!" diatribe. I would also like to make my vote known for the "Wait, what?" category of evil plans. As far as I can tell the only real difference between Earth and Krypton is the color of the sun it orbits. They didn't appear to have a dramatically different atmosphere or anything, unlike in Man of Steel, and even then they were able to adapt pretty quickly. I just don't get the point. Getting rid of the human infestation I can understand, but they don't need to waste time terraforming for that, Reign could just enjoy herself and slaughter every last human with her bare hands and heat vision. It seems like the whole thing was just an excuse for why Reign doesn't just swoop in and beat every in the DEO to death, Kara and Mon-El included, in a few minutes.
  11. This is probably my biggest problem with the season. The pacing is WAY off. Putting aside the massive break they were forced to take in the middle of the season which would have screwed up any narrative no matter how well done, they wanted to end on Kara getting the crap beaten out of her so they hurried up and turned Sam into Reign. Instead, what I think they should have done is spent the first half of the season introducing Sam and (ugh) Ruby and letting us see how Sam became such good friends with Lena and Kara (instead of just telling us she already was) with an occasional WTF moment of Sam sticking her hand in boiling water. Near the big break she starts having weird dreams and then the mid-season finale is Reign finally manifesting, leaving the audience with a "holy crap!" moment rather than a "oh the star of the show, will she be okay?" moment. Then the World Killer plot can actually kick in when the show comes back, rather than getting started and then having to take a long nap.
  12. Well, I think Supergirl managed quite a feat here. Weaving together three or four different plot lines into one episode...and all of them dull as dishwater. First of all, Argo City and Alura? Now? That's the kind of thing you do in a season finale, not a throwaway subplot of a meandering episode. On a separate note, I know they had to replace the original actress but I still fail to understand why they picked Erica Durance to play Alura. Dean Cain and Helen Slater were fine because they are meant to be stunt casting and are playing the same characters they always were but ED is just...well, I'll be polite and say distracting. Alex and...whatever the guy's name was. What even was that? Did the episode run short? I mean, seriously, all of that just so Alex can decide...actually, I'm confused. Was Alex saying at the end she did still need to be a mom NOW or not? Winn and Ruby. Hooray. Poor Jeremy Jordan looked so bored. And not in a Winn is supposed to be bored here way, I mean genuinely "am I really getting paid for this?" bored. And I'll give the actress playing Ruby credit. She is trying. She just doesn't have a lot to work with, and I still think they are directing her to act way younger than she can passably be. I found it odd that J'onn stood there and yelled when Alex took off. You're worried she might get in trouble? You do remember you can fly, right? I know Alex Danvers is a good agent and all but the day a human on foot can outrun a Martian is the day J'onn should pack up and go home. To be fair he did catch up to her, but only after it was dramatically appropriate. Lena and Reign. So, the mighty World Killer has spent how much of this season in a box? This wasn't a bad episode. It wasn't a good one either. It was pretty much the definition of filler. Which doesn't make much sense, especially considering how much was going on (or should have been) and how close it is to the finale. It is, right? Somebody tell me it is. How many episodes are left?
  13. S03.E19: The Fanatical

    Wasn't that the very thing that let Cat figure out he was Guardian?
  14. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    It certainly looked that way to me. Which is the part I don't understand. Speedsters shouldn't be able to do that. They can travel through time but I have never seen any indication they can manipulate it like that.
  15. S04.E23: We Are The Flash

    Good point. So, alternate theory. She went back in time just to see her parents and the rest of their family when they were younger, saw her dad in trouble and decided to step in and help, not knowing it would trap her.