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  1. S05:E10: Commitment

    The landing looked a lot like left over B-roll footage from the ending of Jurassic Park 3. Same amphibious vehicles. They never did mention if the helo-gals were ever picked up, because the gunner looked like she took a lot of fire before they ditched in the ocean. Well, Tavo did kill all a lot of his generals last episode, so there was definitely a lack of leadership in the Gran Columbian army. A couple of pallets of plot convenience, maybe -- mind you they did show that Chandler re-activated the VLS systems which was located right behind the 5-inch gun prior to ramming the battleship, so we'll just go with that.
  2. S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    There was never a reason given for the rooftop party. Maybe National Citrus Day -- because there was a lot of limes, lemons, grapefruits, etc. on the tables. Like, a lot. Curious question -- does Kara own the entire building where she lives ? Why would she think she could just re-model the roof ? Wouldn't building mgmt. have issues with that ? Sexual healing, baby, it's good for ..... aliens. I wonder if Agent Liberty's followers would question his leadership if they knew he was using alien tech -- aliens bad, alien tech ok ?
  3. S04.E05: Parasite Lost

    Come on Lena -- put it all together. You're at a party hosted by Kara, and 3 people from the DEO are there. And the only person missing from the DEO with close ties to both Alex and J'onn and Brainy is the Kryptonian that looks a lot like Kara. They have to come up with a different name for that parasite other than 'parasite' -- it's just too generic. What happens if they encounter a new, different parasitic organism -- are they going to call that parasite 2 ?
  4. S05:E10: Commitment

    Who's bright idea was it to conduct an amphibious assault in broad daylight ? WTF ? Wolf ups the level of bad-assery, taking on 5 guys while getting shot point-blank in the body armor, stabbed in the back and taking another shot to the shoulder. So glad they didn't kill him off, because I would have been pissed. Glad Tavo is dead. He was so butthurt that Chandler didn't show up to kill him. I just wish Conchita had somehow suffered some consequences. Chandler tried to go out in a blaze of glory, but decided he wanted to live. But he did manage to take out the Iowa-class battleship with the NJ, a battleship which I can only imagine was re-christened the El Gato in the Gran Columbian Navy since it seems to have had 9 lives. I'm still curious how it up and disappeared like a fart in the wind in that Cuban harbor several episodes back. Tex !!! It was so awesome to see Tex again, even if it was a dream sequence. Heck, we even got Granderson and President Michener, and the Doc. And Miller's legs. And the cardboard Chandler. Sasha looked fantastic all while she was running and gunning through Tavo's residence.
  5. S05.E06: Limbo

    During the poker game Doc: "Down to my last sock." Murphy: <glances under the table> Doc: "It's not on my foot." Murphy: "Oh. Big sock." Doc: "I do OK."
  6. S05:E09: Courage

    No idea -- dinner guest/assassin ? Conchita's uncle ? Was he supposed to be someone important to Gustavo ?
  7. S04.E03: Man of Steel

    Apparently the Daxamite fired while fighting J'onn and hit the bicycle. But that was too funny that the bike was off by itself on fire.
  8. Star Trek Discovery: Short Treks

    I guess ?? I may have to re-watch.
  9. The show with Leah Remini was on Feb. 17, 2017 -- 6 months earlier than the Aug. 2017 with Ralph Reed, Jr. -- and she was also interviewed off to the side as the mid-show guest.
  10. S01E06: Off Radar

    Oh no !!! Cal is the center of attention again. Wish they would quit trying to make 'the callings' happen. Or just rename the show 'The Callings'. Now we have another mystery. A shadowy gov't organization doing sketchy things to some of the passengers. And why was Cal connected to just that one passenger ? What about the rest of the passengers being tortured ? It's all just so boring. I'm confused by that map at that conference on Flight 828 -- the map made it look the plane disappeared over Cuba (actual vs. planned flight path), but if that was true Flight 828 would have interacted with Miami Air Traffic Control well before they go anywhere near New York.
  11. S30.E05: Baby You Can't Drive My Car

    "Including things that ate or were eaten by a chicken" Homer's thought balloon about what may have eaten a chicken or been eaten by a chicken included: -- an elephant -- a mouse -- a chicken -- a hot dog I especially liked that the word "chicken" was in quotes on the Krusty box. And I liked the fact that CarGo was bought by French's Mustard, and then shut down. Even better -- when Homer said Holy Crap, the self-driving car took them to church. Hah ! Or when Skinner was in the car with his mother, and the car took them to the Assisted Suicide office when he stated "What am I going to do with you ?". List of Burns' memories: -- Potsdam Conference -- Conscious Embrace of Evil -- First Million -- First Billion -- First Kiss -- Crazy Wrinkly Short Piece of Garbage -- Al Jolson Songs I thought it was odd that Mr. Burns wouldn't think about giving Marge a job at the nuclear power plant because of workplace attraction issues -- even though Marge has already had a job at the nuclear power plant (in the episode 'Marge Gets a Job').
  12. S04.E04: Ahisma

    My bad, I missed the end of the episode on my PVR -- so, does that mean that the Kasnian military built that hermetically sealed kryptonite-radiation proof cell before Mercy even released the kryptonite radiation poisoning ? Because that seems like something that might take more than a few minutes to build -- plus, no washroom. Did Kasnian Supergirl just sit there for 2 days ? How do the Kasnians even know about kryptonite ? Is there a public Supergirl Wiki on the Earth-38 Internet that contains all of Supergirl's weaknesses ? This raises so many questions. Did anyone else catch that the Guardian article trending on the tablet was written by Ben Lockwood (Agent Liberty himself) ? Or that the pictures of Guardian in the online article were from scenes not actually in the episode ? It just seems weird that Lockwood went from history professor to master of alien tech so quickly. That Guardian motorcycle scene was just so bad -- the henchmen started falling before bar attached to the front wheel of the motorcycle even hit them. It would have been better just to shoot the scene higher so you couldn't see the "impact" points. I'm confused about Mercy's final scene -- the arrows that impacted her chest came from her left, camera right but the alien who fired the arrows was to camera left of both Alex and Mercy. Were these magic arrows that could fly in an arc ? Was there a wind factor ? Smell ya later Mercy and Otis. Sam Witwer continues to do a great job as Agent Liberty.
  13. The last time I recall Bill interviewing the mid-episode guest off to the side was Ralph Reed Jr. back in Aug. 2017 (http://forums.previously.tv/topic/60165-s15e22-al-gore-ralph-reed-jr-kristen-soltis-anderson-joshua-green-and-michael-weiss/)
  14. S05:E10: Commitment

    Forgot to mention -- this is 'The Last Episode' of 'The Last Season' of 'The Last Ship'.
  15. S04.E04: Ahisma

    So, is Kasnian Supergirl dead now ? They confirmed that Kara would only have survived minutes without the nano-tech suit. Kara survived for a couple of days in the nano-suit before Brainy/Lena fixed the atmosphere, but since the kryptonite radiation was 'everywhere' Kasnian Supergirl should be long dead. Does Nia sleep only at work ?