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  1. Last Week Tonight & John Oliver in the Media

    Unfortunately, Russell Crowe's jockstrap was unable to save the Anchorage Blockbuster store. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/07/13/blockbuster-video-stores-closing-in-alaska-leaving-chain-with-1-location-in-us.html
  2. S01.E03 Crimes and Punishment 2018.07.09

    Hey @shapeshifter -- unfortunately not, but this show is in my weekend binge queue. I watched the first episode last year and saw the snark potential, but haven't got back to watch it all yet.
  3. S05.E10: The Warriors Will 2018.07.17

    Based on the episode title, when the Warriors are all dead this is what is going to be read after the funeral in order to disburse their assets to others. </sarcasm> Or maybe next episode the title will be 'The Warriors Won't'.
  4. S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2018.07.10

    It really is dull -- I basically listen to it in the background now while folding laundry. And with so few people left if they just keep killing each other, Octavia will be last person standing -- Queen of the Cinder. Here's the problem -- the Ark was in "geo-synchronous" orbit over Virginia all this time (even though it's orbit is way too low to be in geo-synchronous orbit), so they really haven't explored the rest of the planet to see if there are any other green valleys. I'd be checking out Australia or New Zealand since Priamfaya 2.0 seemed to be mostly concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere (where all the nuclear reactors were located that all coincidentally went kablooey). Madi becoming the new Commander was the least surprising thing that happened all season. Now that would be funny.
  5. S02.E10: The Passenger 2018.06.24

    Delores 2: The Quickening
  6. First there was the Cradle, then the Forge, I'm thinking maybe the Crucible would be a good name of the next hidden underground. Then again, for a change it might be located offshore of the island and be called 'The Looking Glass' ? Whoops, wrong show. </snark>
  7. S05.08 How We Get to Peace 06.26.18

    Has there been any mention of the 'worm eggs' before this episode ? What's next -- we're not really going to use the worms, or the worm eggs, but a parasite residing in the worm eggs ? Kyra Zagorsky can't catch a break -- she seems to die horribly in most shows she is in -- as she did in this episode as Cooper. What was the point of cutting the hole in the glove -- if that hazmat suit wasn't even sealed ? She easily removed the helmet and lifted up the suit to expose here stomach -- those worms could have entered anywhere. How many double-crosses can you have in one episode ? Seriously show writers, is that all you can come up with these days ?
  8. S05.E09: Sic Semper Tyrannis 2018.07.10

    He didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning. Who knows ? If we are lucky, maybe Murphy will trigger another Priamfiya (or however it is spelled), and it will incinerate the world again -- and this time get the Shadow Valley too.
  9. S02.E10: The Passenger 2018.06.24

    They didn't really explain how Teddy's body ended up in the water -- since he killed himself a long, long way from where the new sea formed. And you would have thought that someone would have mentioned finding a host with their marble missing. ETA: Those large seaplanes had the emblem of the People's Liberation Army Air Force on the fuselage.
  10. S02.E10: The Passenger 2018.06.24

    I hope that they manage to resurrect Shogun-Armistice too. How far in the future would it take for 11,927 attempts to do the fidelity test on the newly created Bernard ? At once a day, that's over 32 years. At once an hour, that would still be about 15 months. As for MiB, who knows how long they have been testing him ? Probably a long way in the future, based on the condition of the Forge. Does this mean that MiB's entire trek through the first 2 seasons was a simulation ? But Emily-bot specifically says "This isn't a simulation, William, this is your world". I like how the door to The Valley Beyond looked like a big crack in the world -- which would have given some credence to the idea that the parks were under some sort of dome (since you never see any jet contrails overhead), and would explain how they could hide Shogun World Mt. Fuji from the other parks. The cinematography in this show continues to be stunning.
  11. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    So what happened to Reign's body ? They actually resurrected Reign IRL, but Reign was defeated in this alternate spirit dimension, so what happened to her body ? Did Alura take Reign's body back to Argo City with her ? Speaking of Alura, how did Alura get back to Argo City with the 3 Kryptonian witches ? The portal ? J'onn's spaceship ? Uber Space ? Because the way Kara acted it made it look like she would not be seeing Allura for a long time. Can't they keep using that portal ? And Brainy's excuse for staying in the present was just lame -- does he not remember that he has a spaceship that can travel through time at his convenience ? The Worldkillers were worth traveling back in time, why wouldn't an AI murderer also be worthy of similarly manipulating the future ? Also, is Coville truly finally dead ?
  12. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    I think that Bram is playing the system to get the best advantage and protect his own family, like to get Gracie into a better school -- remember in the SCP orientation he was the only one to ask a question, and that question was about scheduling. If he can get himself as part of the SCP patrol in his parents neighborhood, then they can do more Resistance-style activities and not worry about getting caught.
  13. S05.E07: Acceptable Losses 2018.06.19

    Next week ... on a very special episode of 'The 100' .... Diyoza's baby shower. So who's the baby daddy ? Shaw ? Kane ? Bellamy ? Really don't like where they are going turning Abbey into a junkie.
  14. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    The Legion's ship did crash in an explosion after Supergirl/Reign hit it -- but then Kara traveled back in time, and the 2nd time through they never even went near the Legion ship so Imra and Brainy were fine. They did hit the reset button already -- nearly everyone was dead, and then Kara traveled back in time. And not to ask a stupid question, but how come there weren't 2 Supergirls fighting Reign after the time traveling ? Totally agree -- having both Amy Jackson and Katie McGrath on this show really helps look past the glaring plot holes.
  15. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    That seemed ......... rushed. And a lot of it didn't make sense. And then it just dragged with the umpteen goodbyes. Just what this show needed -- even more scenes with Sam lying down apparently unconscious. Tremendous acting ability there. How did Superman know to go to Madagascar ? How come Kara demanded that Winn find her a disruption in order to travel through time --- only to simply fly straight up without Winn even saying a word to her. Who knew that there was a disruption directly above National City all this time ? Allura has been on Earth all of 5 minutes and yet has somehow mastered all her newly acquired superpowers in no time at all. WTF ? Reign makes some crack about "the Earth's core tried to hold me captive" -- how exactly ? There is nothing that can defeat her, but some dirt and rocks can easily trap her ? Alex, talking to Lena about Sam: "She's a warrior for Ruby". Ummm. How about no ? Why did Reign reveal how to kill her ? "There's no one on this planet ..... of equal power ..... that can kill me." Where did that sword come from that Sam stabbed Reign with ? Was it a magic sword ? What were those black ghost-like things that grabbed Reign and took her into the well of Lilith ? I'm more curious why the Time Wraiths haven't been all over this episode. What with the screwing with the timeline and all. I'm getting really tired of the Black Canary-style acoustic weapons. Can't they come up with anything else ? At this point I would settle for the powers of the Shoveller from Mystery Men. Interesting how everyone else was impacted by Reign's screams, but Kara barely flinched -- and she was right next to Reign. Siberian Border --- border with what exactly ? Narnia ? Wakanda ? Mordor ? So, was Siberian Supergirl naked under that blanket ? Or did the black kryptonite duplicate her outfit too ? Because she appeared to have bare shoulders, but also seemed to have shoes or boots on. And where did she get that blanket ?