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  1. S43.E16: Bill Hader / Arcade Fire

    I can see why it was cut, but the Guinness joke made me chuckle.
  2. S04.E11: Hamilton/Berg

    Jasper Who ? He's been gone from the show so long. he's probably graduated college IRL.
  3. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    But considering that this so-called Blacklister (the Capricorn Killer) was barely even mentioned after the halfway point of the episode makes this ranking of #19 particularly meaningless.
  4. S02.E15: Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood

    Maybe Chic's real name is Poochie, and he will die off screen while returning to his home planet.
  5. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    So, if Red is the Concierge of Crime, does that make Liz the sommelier or something like that ? Now that she is building her own crew.
  6. S02.E15: Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood

    Shankshaw prison -- seriously ??? They couldn't talk to Red or Andy, instead got War Baby.
  7. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    So, not so much the Capricorn Killer .... as it was the 'Capricorn Killer' Killer ??? So based on the evidence they found at that house, did they round up a bunch of other unsolved serial killers -- because it looked like they had a bunch of them lined up. Lizzie is just so bad at her job -- she some how managed to not notice the suspect walk up to her car. FFS !! Lizzie's shrink is the real killer. That barely registered as surprising. Yawn !!! And Lizzie got her badge back. Whatever. Still no sign of the dogs.
  8. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    Purple Reign -- that's pretty cool too.
  9. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    So ... many .... pep talks. Cisco definitely needed to give Iris a nickname. I thought it was cool that Iris' lightning flashes were purple, so maybe Flash Mauve (sounds like Flash Mob) ? The Purple Streak ?? Lavender Lightning ?
  10. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    So is the killer killing Capricorns ? Or, the killer is a Capricorn. Or maybe this was an effort to somehow to tie OJ into the BlacklistVerse, and this title is actually a typo and was supposed to be 'The Capricorn One Killer', and the killer is killing former cast members of a very specific movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077294/
  11. All Episodes Talk: Hitting The Wall

    I guess ?? Another season of "good people", dead relatives and really badly acted final segments.
  12. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Agreed, it really dragged. If it was actually funny I could have tolerated it. Alas, it wasn't. I can just see someone in the writer's room thinking this was HILARIOUS -- but it wasn't, not even mildly amusing.
  13. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Looking at that rundown, and it says James Bay's first song was called 'Pink Lemonade' -- I did not get that at all -- though it might go well with last week's 'Stir Fry'. Is this some sort of trend about food-themed songs ? Maybe Arcade Fire will break out a new track next week called 'Licorice'.
  14. S43.E15: Sterling K. Brown / James Bay

    Watched the first song by James Bay -- passed on the second song. It was improvement over last week since there was no auto-tune involved, but that's not saying much.
  15. It's only a 1 hour flight -- as @DB in CMH mentioned, helicopter or private jet can get you there in time. Jay Leno used to do it frequently -- tape the Tonight Show and then perform in Vegas on the same night.