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  1. Ooooooh, double episode. Sweet !
  2. At least the Secret Service cracked the window in the last SUV they checked, you know, so the people trapped inside wouldn't run out of air.
  3. I can't wait until 8B Premiere -- it will go something like this. Previously, on a very special 'The Walking Dead'. Pants were shit. Carl was bit. Alexandria was alit. And for some reason Negan is still alive.
  4. Well, there's Carol. She was in Season 1. And Daryl.
  5. Record albums in the bunker -- Sinatra Ruins Dylan -- Elvis Presley in Doin' it for the Money -- Calvin and the Hipmunks Tracks on the Calvin and the Hipmunks album cover Side 1 -- I Bite Ike -- Oh Darn ! It's Nuclear War -- Who's This Feller in my Fallout Shelter Side 2 -- I Bite Ike (Part 2) -- All I Want for Christmas is Less Front Teeth -- You're the Squirrel for Me -- Having a Ball at the Berlin Wall Lyrics on the Calvin and Chipmunks song Bart played -- 'God Bless America. Give me back my tomahawk.' Who knew that Agnes Skinner was 'Miss Cold War' in Playdude magazine (circa 1962) ? Abe: "Son, I can't go no further. I wanna just lie down and die." Homer: "Dad, you can't die here. You have to die in a nursing home where your body falls apart as you burn through your savings 'til you're a worthless vegetable. You know, with dignity." Abe: "You're right son. We're here on a mission. Now let's pick out that Christmas tree." Homer: "We're here to find Bart." Abe: "Right, right, but we got a nice eight footer over here. She's got a bare patch but we'll turn that to the wall." Homer: "That's it, I'm not listening to another word." Abe: "That sounds like the ignition sequence of a LGM25C Titan 2 2 ballistic missile." Homer: "I've had just about enough of your nonsense." <Rocket blasts off in the distance> Homer: "Alright, I owe you one." Abe: "I just can't get a clean shot." Homer: "Also, you don't have a gun." Abe: "I'm useless alright." I liked the 6 month follow-up with the therapist in the prison -- Sideshow Bob has several more weights on top of him and the therapist was icing his knee (which seems odd after 6 months). Willie: "Sooner or later, it all comes down to mopping." Overall, a pretty decent episode.
  6. Plus, there's always flashbacks that Carl could appear in. Or Carl could appear as a ghost and haunt Rick, kind of like Laurie did in the prison. So, did Chandler get a better gig somewhere else ?
  7. Episode Description:
  8. Here's the question -- if the only way to manually change the codes for the Black Rainbow 4th strike is with the fingerprint of the President, and Black Rainbow was designed in the 80s, which Presidential fingerprint would it have on file to compare against ? Even if the fingerprint checker was up to date when the ZA started, there's no sure way to know if the President is alive and where the President is -- unless Warren gets that tip in her vision. Because the odds are just as likely that the President is a Z.
  9. Simpsons 2017 Christmas couch gag
  10. Episode Description:
  11. Barry: "Do you know how hard it is to run in flip-flops ?" Nice !
  12. I miss that little show. Chloe was awesome
  13. Still too much Lebron in the intro. We get brother and sister Chris and Paris in a non-Xmas themed episode. They go 4 for 5 in the Freefall round and come out with just over $100K. After getting up to $1.4 million by the middle of Round 3, Chris got a question wrong that dropped them back down to $200K, and then Chris missed another question which was tripled up and it wiped them out back to zero. So, for 2 nights in a row the last 4 red balls were not even used in Round 3. Can't believe Chris didn't know that the Girl from Ipanema was from Brazil. Chris signed the contract so they went home with a little over $140K, which might help out with their portable shower facility for homeless people. Two shows in a row and nobody trotted out a dead relative during a ball dedication -- so that's a mild improvement.
  14. When Dominic got up from the table after Amunet was knocked out, he still had the piece of metal in his head -- even though Caitlin just removed it. Hello, continuity guy ?? And they never really showed HOW Dominic got that piece of metal lodged in his skull ? He didn't get it when he was initially kidnapped -- he just got his head smashed against a car window. Why would Amunet risk damaging Dominic's head at all ? How did DeVoe escape from the river without drowning, exactly ? It would have really helped if they showed Amunet actually re-capturing Dominic, and also Devoe escaping from the river. Wouldn't Barry have searched the river to see if DeVoe was really dead ? At least try and recover his floating chair -- because that would be some valuable tech. And wouldn't the CCPD detectives wonder why they found DeVoe dead in Barry's loft, but not his wheelchair ? I know Barry can't fly, but couldn't he just jump off the floating chair and run down the side of the buildings that they slammed into ?