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  1. S05.E03: El Puente

    And open a chain of Los Pollos Hermanos chicken restaurants -- whoops !! Wrong show. </sarcasm> With such a reduced population to draw from, it will take many, many soldiers to occupy all of this territory. Where are they all coming from ? The US Army chief is sending 800 men down from Texas to defend the oil terminal. Based on what we have seen of Tavo's army so far, it's not much larger than what the US has.
  2. S05.E03: El Puente

    So, there's a second virus that controls some sort of motor. Hmmm, now what could that be ? How come Ensign Cyberattack/Swain isn't in a uniform yet ? He was sworn in last episode as an ensign. And he managed to forget standing when the President entered the room. What happened to the missiles that Tavo's planes fired at Mayport ? Did they use them all up and are just left with guns ? The CGI on the planes was pretty bad, those planes turned on a dime. And apparently the stern CIWS is still busted from the computer virus. The bridge blowed up real good ! </Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok> So who's the mole that gave away the NJ's position ? Sasha's face was actually dirty during this episode. Chandler's scene as he passed Miller with the Chandler cutout was amusing. Granderson's girlfriend, Kelsi, needs a hobby or something to take her mind off of obsessing about Granderson. Does Kelsi really not get what it means to be at war ? Danny Green seems a little too obsessed about Pablo, and Pablo's untimely demise. His every decision seems to be WWPD (what would Pablo Do) ? I guess they ran out of Arleigh Burke-class miniatures for the map for the planning session, because the NJ was represented by what looked like an Iowa-class battleship miniature. There's still something going on with Tavo's #2 and Tavo's spouse -- and for bonus points, she reads tarot cards. Funny how she mentions that the tarot cards predicted the red plague, but the cards somehow managed to gloss over the fact that Tom Chandler and the NJ found the cure and shared it with everyone around the world, and then found the cure for the red plant plague and appears to have shared that with everyone around the world, and managed to stave off war in the Far East and the Mediterranean. But, oh yeah, Tom Chandler is a bad man and must be Tavo's only enemy. The President seemed to be in a wee bit of a snit all episode. He's all angsty that Tom Chandler might fail and people will feel bad -- well, they can feel bad all they want under the iron fist rule of Gran Columbia if Tom Chandler fails (I don't think the President thought that all the way through). Even the Army chief was all worried about Tom Chandler going into the line of fire.
  3. S05.E03: El Puente

    Note: 'El Puente' means The Bridge in Spanish.
  4. S05.E01: Welcome to the Newpocalypse

    So many questions. How bad was the devastation from the Black Rainbow ? Will they finally link back up with Addy, Red, and Sun Mei in Newmerica ? Are 10K and Lily still a thing ? Or was that an world-is-ending hookup only ? Will we ever hear from or see Citizen Z, Kaya, Nana, Uncle or JZ again ? Is that the end of Roberta's visions ?
  5. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Or are they ?? Mwah ha ha ha !!! I'm still convinced that somehow DeVoe will show up again.
  6. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Please please let it be a Star Labs explosion meta, and not a 'bus meta'.
  7. Last Week Tonight & John Oliver in the Media

    Double 2018 Emmy Winner -- Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series
  8. Black Mirror in the Media

    USS Callister has won the Emmy for Outstanding Television movie
  9. S05.E02: Fog of War

    Granderson's significant other seems to be a little ...... needy. Who knows, maybe she is a mole for Tavo ? Umm, that's not how satellites work, especially communications satellites that are usually geo-synchronous and about 25000+ miles up. Scrambling communcations/losing communications with a satellite will not cause it to de-orbit. Based on Chandler's description, this one computer worm took out everything -- planes, ships, helos, missiles (I'm assuming he was talking about ICBMs), tanks, etc. Exactly how did this hacker in South America know this code would taking everything out ? Beware the powerful worm !! Will Slattery's old uniform even fit any more ? Slattery: "Looking for sympathy, look in the dictionary between syphillis and shit." I'm pretty confident that helmsman/Texas hunter Bell is probably a mole for Tavo, or maybe freshly minted Ensign Swain is a mole for Tavo, but there always seems to be a mole somewhere on this show. Why would the Gran Columbian corvette sink a container ship ? Wouldn't it have made more sense to hijack it and take the all the goods on it ? Disrupting trade ? Really ? In a world with scarce resources, that seems pretty stupid. It's not like the containers were full of rubber ducks or Tamagotchis. I'm thinking the 'this is as far as I go' guide Marco tipped off the army. That's why he refused payment from Sasha. But then for a minute there I thought they had encountered a trophy from a Predator alien, but the guy still had his skin on so probably not. And it turned out to be Marco hanging upside down from the tree. So maybe not. The island where the NJ was dueling with the corvette is a real island at the tip of the Florida Keys -- if the Gran Columbian navy controls the waters that far north, the US Navy is already kind of screwed. Pablo we hardly knew ye. Slattery's 'aim for my thumb' line made me laugh -- that's not how that works, since his thumb would turn as the ship turned. The Mexican Ambassador broke the first rule of assassin's school -- never sit with your back to the door (or the room for that matter). And why didn't he have a security details ? Since it is a time of war. While everyone else looks grimy and sweaty after the ambush in the jungle, Sasha still looks pristine -- how does that work ?
  10. S05.E02: Fog of War

    Episode Description:
  11. Sidebar The anonymous accuser -- is no longer anonymous. End Sidebar
  12. Richard Clarke was really good, even dropping in some timely some F-bombs. I'm pretty sure if we can tap whatever is powering Ballmer, we could close all the coal-fired power plants. And I think Ballmer meant to say 'drives me bullshit crazy', but instead he said 'drives me bullshit' which just sounded weird. SE Cupp was just ridiculous on Overtime about Hillary.
  13. S05.E01: Casus Belli

    They kind of glosssed over the whole 'recovering from the plant plague' from last season. So the crew of the Nathan James saved everyone in South America from the red plague, and then also saved them from the plant plague -- so much for good will. I wonder what Tavo would be doing right now if, you know, everyone in Gran Columbia was dead from plague or starvation. Talk about your short-term memory. No mention at all of who the current President is, though the aircraft carrier was named for Jeffrey Michener. The other ships were named Howard Oliver, Michael O'Connor and Javier Cruz. I would think by now that the US military would have some access to some nukes, so all they would have to do is spin up a couple of nukes and drop them on Tavo's front door. Problem solved. How coincidental that the midshipmen just happened to write a cybersecurity threat assessment paper that would immediately before the attack. I'm sure that will come into play at some point. I'm thinking there's got to be some moles for Tavo scattered about.
  14. S05.E01: Casus Belli

    Welcome to the last season of the Last Ship (or should that be 'Last Season'). Apparently the new US Fleet is homed near Jacksonville, Florida at Mayport Naval Station. The premise is laughably bad -- one hacker in Colombia takes down all computer based systems in the US, military, TV, satellite, etc. in coordination with a sneak aerial attack on the US Fleet by the newly created country of Gran Colombia. Pearl Harbor 2.0: Last Ship Edition -- courtesy of Tavo, who thinks he is Simon Bolivar 2.0 and is trying to resurrect Gran Colombia from the ashes of the plague in South/Central America. And he is really pissed at the US. Apparently Internet firewall security was not a high priority while rebuilding the new US military. They were taken down by a guy in a cybercafé -- that is just embarrassing. It's kind of a rehash of Season 3 -- regional gov't which wouldn't exist except for the efforts of the Nathan James in S1, decides to fuck over the new US. Just because they can. Will there be pirates with incredibly creative mine fields in S5 as well ? Even more laughably bad was the US recon team in Panama -- Wolf, Sasha, Lt. Green, and Azima -- that fakes an assassination attempt on the Panamanian president to justify the US propping up his security. That is just a terrible idea -- who was the assclown that came up with that ? And it comes back to bite them in the ass as the Panamanian President is assassinated and his death is pinned on the US recon team (or Team Intercept, or something like that). Funny thing -- they kept saying that the US fleet was 'destroyed', but you only saw a few ships on fire, but didn't see any ships actually sunk in the harbor. On the plus side, the US Navy now has a working aircraft carrier. Well, did have. But since the NJ was offshore giving civilians a tour for Fleet week during the attack, they are still pretty much in working order and ready to go. On a completely superficial note, Bridget Regan was smoking hot in that black dress at the Panamanian President's birthday party. Damn. I guess we now know who wanted off the series -- Doc Rio and Commander Garrett didn't survive the aerial attack. Doc Rio's death was particularly ironic. At the end of the episode, we have Tavo declaring war on the US, the US recon team secretly headed deeper into Colombia, all of the US fleet disabled except for the NJ (of course, so it will be the last ship once again), and the NJ headed south with Mike Slattery and Kara Green leading the charge while Tom Chandler hangs back in Florida. Even more laughably bad than the hacker taking down all of the US systems was the terrible CGI of the planes attacking the US Fleet. It was pretty bad. I'm just surprised they didn't pull a Pussy Galore from Goldfinger -- gas the entire naval station from above and then calmly take their time blowing up all the ships. No muss, no fuss. I think you're right, she did look like she was posing. ETA: I still miss Tex.
  15. S05.E01: Casus Belli

    Note: Casus Belli is Latin for 'a case of war' (loosely translated, of course)