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  1. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    Big mystery -- did Zeke find that magazine in the cave or did he bring it with him ? The Celebrity Dossier Magazine cover had a picture of a Montego Air plane under the headline "Years and Still No Answers". When the camera focused on the crumpled page that Zeke put on the fire the print on the page was in Latin. Which is very mysterious. The text on the page with Michaela's picture: -- Michaela Stone -- In Our Words -- We asked Michaela's friends and family to <illegible>in a few words -- Here's what they said -- Olive Stone -- "Amazing. Thoughtful. Beautiful and Trusting. Someone that would do anything for you." -- Rector Haynes -- "Genuine. Confidant and ......." -- Captain Riojas -- -- Grace Stone -- -- Lourdes Vasquez -- -- Jared Vasquez -- On that back of Michaela's magazine page, you can see "Love Always Finds a Way" And at the bottom of the page, it shows a quote from Rector David Hynes (even though it was spelled 'Haynes' on the other side of the page). And we finally have a date confirmation -- it's still Dec. 2018, and there is still no sign or mention of seasonal festivities anywhere.
  2. S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    Episode Description:
  3. S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    So, couldn't Supergirl just steal the truthseeker ?? How many of these things can they possibly have ? As for the Moraes (I'm not sure how that is spelled), were they just invisible to visible light or all EM spectrums and that's why Kara could see a shimmer only in the x-ray spectrum. Because that seems kind of a random natural defense -- why would you need to cloak in the x-ray or gamma spectrums ? Here's a thought -- they can't fly, so how about putting down crushed lightbulb glass everywhere (a la the first Mission Impossible movie). Or here's a thought, how about actual cables blocking the entrances, and covering the cables with superglue so when they tried to break through the cables the cables stuck to them. There's lots of ways to detect invisible beings -- and they seemed to come up short in the idea dept. Mist ?? The mist apparently do anything. And were the Moraes also electricians, because when they cut the power they only cut the power to some circuits that included the laser grid leaving numerous displays working. And why would hermetically sealing the DEO headquarters serve any purpose ? These weren't gas monsters that were attacking them, so making the office air tight didn't really serve a purpose.
  4. S44.E10: Rachel Brosnahan / Greta Van Fleet

    I've heard of GvF before, but based on this performance I still have no idea what the hell the lead singer was yelling during the songs. The mix was terrible so the vocals were drowned out. Even if mixed properly I still doubt I would figure out the lyrics. That movie review was pretty funny -- especially with the random Andy Garcia disses tossed in. John Mulaney just makes me laugh.
  5. S06.E04: The Pawnbrokers

    Agreed. The rat was familiar with Red -- and that was the only person. I was surprised that lawncare specialist or Dembe didn't lose a finger. Sidebar -- A lot of experience with rodents, you say. Would you call it an enor-mouse amount of experience ?? :) End Sidebar
  6. S06.E04: The Pawnbrokers

    The Pawnbrokers were really underwhelming as Blacklisters of the week -- even compared to the Kings of the Highway. Here's a question -- how did Red know that the rat would make it outside the walls, let alone to someone who could easily bought ? Plus, I somehow doubt that the pipe went directly from Red's cell to outside the walls -- and what are the odds that the easily tangling string wouldn't snag on something. It all seems a little rat-iciulous. Are they seriously going to drag out the 'Samar has aphasia' thing all season -- until the final episode when she accidentally shoots Eizzil ? How inept are the FBI that they didn't have all the entrances/exits blocked in that parking garage ? That is just sloppy.
  7. S06.E04: The Pawnbrokers

    Episode Description:
  8. S01.E11: Contrails

    Heck, I'll take a Hanukkah reference, Thanksgiving/Macy's parade/Black Friday reference or even a New Year's Eve reference (this show is based in New York City after all). anything seasonal. They made such a point about the plane returning in November, it's like the writers forgot what time of year it is.
  9. S01.E11: Contrails

    Harris the guard at the airport said that Daly had been coming there for 3 weeks, so this brings us back to the timeline since the return. Shouldn't it be getting close to Christmas by now ? The plane returned in November, yet still no signs of decorations and no one seems to have a Christmas tree. And no sign of snow or cold weather, even though it snowed in the very first episode.
  10. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    What the hell ARGUS ? First it's meta-power absorbing robot and now a car that phases controlled by an iPad. Both of which were left virtually unguarded and were easily obtained by villains.
  11. S05.E10: The Flash & The Furious

    I'm thinking that his pizza will be free after the clock gets to zero. It came off as if the writing was farmed out to the interns. Agreed, it was dull, especially for the return after the Xmas break. I wonder what happened if they chose the smiling poop emoji. Also curious why was a former Air Force pilot not into controlling flying technology, instead of cars. So, Barry chasing after Lamborginis -- only protecting the elites these days ? Someone gets their Lada stolen and Barry doesn't care.
  12. S01.E11: Contrails

    Or something along the lines of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers 2: "For God’s sake would someone put a fricken bell on him or something." Tim Daly -- also played a pilot on Wings. Looking at Mikaela's tablet, the plane disappeared or crashed or was blown out of the sky (choose your own adventure) between Sexton Island and East Fire Island over Great South Bay, Long Island. Which might explain why they are having a tough time finding wreckage or bodies. Probably "took off" from Republic Airport near Farmingdale.
  13. S01.E11: Contrails

    Dark Lightning is a naturally occurring phenomena -- that somehow allows for time travel, and can be accessed at any time when conditions are right. FFS ! Even stupider -- the fact that Mikaela and Ben could easily see both the fighter jets peeling off and the bright light when the plane disappeared, even though the plane had been flying into heavy cloud chock for of lightning for several minutes. By the way, dark lightning is a terrible name for this -- while it was most certainly lightning, it certainly wasn't dark. The clouds were dark. How exactly did Captain Daly know for certain that that cloud formation contained the dark lightning. Looked similar ? That's a hell of an assumption. Maybe it was previously unencountered reverse dark lightning and it sent them back in time.
  14. S30.E12: The Girl on The Bus

    I liked the various belts for the lunchbox boxing titles -- WLBA, WLBA, and Federacion Internationale de Lunch-Boxeo. Kearney with the boxing bell app, Wendell taping up his fists with fruit rollups. Stores in the upscale part of Springfield -- The Golfin' Dolphin, Gifts for Sisters, Cruelty-Free Stationery and the Didgeri-Dude. Books spotted in Sam's house: -- The Collected Kurt Vonnegut -- Doorknobs of Denmark -- Goya's Stabbiest Paintings -- European Train Menus -- Klimt und Koons - Eine Retrospective -- The Big Book of Glass by Maurice (coincidentally, one of the upscale stores was called Glass by Maurice) Why was Reverend LoveJoy sneaking out of the synagogue ?
  15. S06.E03: The Pharmacist

    No sign of the sister. Or Agnes. Or the dogs. :)