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  1. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    Were all the other serial killers on the Blacklist? The shrink / Dexter has a better list!!! Did they steal it from Criminal Minds?
  2. S02.E13: Original Sin

    If it is believable...it must be fake....
  3. S02.E13: Original Sin

    Only on this show can drug dealing son be the voice of reason....
  4. S02.E13: Original Sin

    Designated Survivoz
  5. S05.E16: The Capricorn Killer

    Or the real typo is Unicorn... My Little Pony fans are marked for death.....
  6. Liz investigates new details in a cold case from her early work as a profiler; she explores her darker impulses in therapy; the team tries to take down Tom's killers within the legal system; Red takes a different approach to closing in on Ian Garvey. *************** Red was tracking someone only 1/12 of the Zodiac Killer???? Hardly seems worth it.... But if the Kings of Leon Highway made it, anybody can....
  7. S03.E14: Everlasting

    Patterson will have reality overload when she goes out with Jack, sees Roman and Borden fighting at Starbucks...Weller in his private school uniform, Reade & Zapata in bride and groom clothes come to arrest everybody....
  8. S04.E13: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

    If she is sinking...then Listing....
  9. S05.E15: Pattie Sue Edwards

    SEAL Edwards should be re-buried at Arlington if his name was officially cleared....anyone know the rules?
  10. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    The bullies could be other girls....
  11. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    You mean unconvicted felon???
  12. S05.E15: Pattie Sue Edwards

    All the accountants on the Blacklist are dead...Red is hurting for tax advice.....
  13. Liz works a new angle in tracking Tom's killers; Red looks to find a creative solution to a tax issue in his money laundering operation; the team investigates a mysterious woman behind a deadly viral outbreak.
  14. S02.E11: Grief

    Aaron and Hannah are in an explicitly defined boss - subordinate employment relationship...She should be transferred before they hook up...which makes Seth & Emily even more egregious from an HR perspective....
  15. S02.E12: The Final Frontier

    Alexa & Suri....Skynet is online....