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  1. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    Sherlock would deploy her as a surveillance device and a disruptor - like dropping her off where a suspect works and publicly accuse / embarrass him....
  2. S06.E16: Uncanny Valley of the Dolls

    Lestrade seemed to have the same resentment but exponentially more intense...
  3. S05.E20: Astroturfing

    Astroturfing is akin to "audience plants" at magic / psychic shows... It is impossible for me NOT to hear Sean Connery whenever someone says "Vilnius"...[re: The Hunt For Red October]
  4. S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    The only thing worse would be acting skills like those of Kenny Rogers....
  5. S06.E15: How to Get a Head

    In Canada, Global is airing both episodes on Monday... 8pm & 10pm Eastern Time
  6. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    Die Hard 1: Apparent terrorist attack is merely a cover for stealing Nakatomi vault contents Die Hard 2: Army Special Forces platoon sent to deal with hostage situation is actually evil
  7. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    Are interrogation rooms called "The Box" because they have no ventilation besides the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor????? How would Sherlock deal with Morland in a similar situation????
  8. S06.E08: Sand Trap 2018.06.18

    He could rent the old apartment / porn studio that Joan had a few seasons ago....
  9. It seemed that District Attorney elections are scheduled during the upcoming Congressional / Senate contests and Ollie did not want people to forget about these important albeit lower profile choices....
  10. I thought Hardwick went all Bruce Wayne and bought Cheesecake Factory....
  11. S06.E14: Through the Fog

    So it is OK for anyone in the US Navy [except SEALs] to be colour blind? [Interior: Bridge of USS Missouri] Captain: Which of you idiots launched a cruise missile? All warning lights were green...
  12. S06.E13: Breathe

    In the Law & Order universe, adopting babies legally is so difficult [high demand] that black market deals are pervasive.....
  13. S06.E13: Breathe

    There should be lots of eligible kids from Bohemia available...since adults adopting adults is a thing over there.....
  14. S06.E13: Breathe

    [Interior: NYC Classroom] Young Watson: "Uncle Detective says this is an incubus.. I need a volunteer to illustrate how it works...."
  15. Alex Jones is Johnny Ringo...