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  1. All Episodes Talk: Sniff and Sneer Here

    Eric was a cute kid, but the squeaky up speak had me actively hating seeing him on my screen. I liked him as a kid and as a chef better than Rodgers, but that pale unappetizing fowl and solidified gravy was definitely the fail to send Eric home. I am not any where near as good in the kitchen as these kids, but as soon as I saw Eric sprinkle flour straight into the pan, I knew that would end up a lumpy sludge. Roux or slurry is the way to go for smooth gravy! Noah is still my favorite to win, and I think Nikki will be in the final with him. Overall, all of these kids are so impressive. Not just their skills, but their poise and maturity and confidence. All of them have great futures ahead.
  2. S18.E07: Last Chef Standing

    Good job getting that ‘teamwork’ message through to all those line cooks chefs. GR tells them teamwork is vital, communication is key, and success happens when individuals work together for a common goal. As soon as the timer starts the challenge, pretty much everyone of these people announced “I am in this for ME!”....”I don’t care what the others are doing, I’m just focusing on MY dish!” Bret is a walking cartoon. Magilla Gorilla crossed with a bad Vegas Sylvester Stallone impersonator. He’s also one weak corpuscle away from his head exploding during one of his (Italian!) silverback gorilla, pacing in its cage, roid rage rants. I admit I’m only watching now to see him get eliminated.