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  1. I am glad Conrad broke it off with Hannah and stuck to it. And he said he would consider Prague trip IF they could go the next couple of days without fighting and it was Hannah that said no she had to know that night. Maybe she did to save money on cancelling her ticket but she didn't even address that comment. Me thinks she could not commit to not riding his ass about his age, lack of funds or lack of anything she wants...……….. Considering he is the young one of the two he is much more level headed and mature compared to her. Brooke...…….just no. I have been there and look back on it and could kick myself for allowing a guy to treat me poorly and I end up apologizing to HIM! Live and learn. Emphasis on the LEARN part.
  2. I agree it is stupid for people who have been drinking to have a discussion about anything! But she got him to that point as to up to the after dinner drinking he was sober and trying to get her to talk about what was really bothering her. Instead, she got her nasty digs in to just piss him off and when she achieved that she realized she pushed too far and now he was madder than her. Conrad never presented himself as a wealthy catch so she went in with her eyes open as to what she would get with him. She was just pissed off and took it ou on him. If he is smart he has moved on from her. But it is TV right?
  3. Hannah was so transparent as to why she and Conrad ended in a fight. 1. She gets in trouble with Sandy (I think she knew being off boat that long was a no no and she did tell Sandy "one quick coke and then back to boat" Sandy even said she would not be gone for "hours and hours". That seemed clear to me. 2. She's pissed/embarrassed and then Conrad (unsuspecting fool) makes comment about the 50 Euros. She jumps on that to direct her anger/embarrassment and cranks up the drama. 3. Conrad, being a man TOTALLY MISSES THE SIGNAL and goes to dinner to relax. Only to be ambushed in the taxi about the money. When he backed off she moved over to him and started in on the rich/poor BS to get a reaction. Bingo it worked but not enough 4. Conrad still thinking they could have dinner and discuss issue goes in and sits down pissing Hannah off so she has a Drama Cigarette before coming to dinner. 5. Now everyone is going out but She has to crank up the drama more and finally pushes Conrad over the edge so now he is finally mad and she ices that with "Yes I pushed your buttons to make you mad and I enjoyed it". Finally Conrad is done and leaves for club with others. 6. I wonder if she waited for him to come back to her and realized he wasn't so she slinks in passing him dancing and he does not follow...….so she comes back to ask him to come talk and he said yes LET ME GET MY DRINK. Apparently them are fightin words cause NOW she doesn't want talk because he is having a good time. WTF!!!!!!!! 7. He pursues her outside (without his drink) and she doesn't want to talk until he finally has had it and asks her to decide what she wants and she can't or doesn't make choice and he is done and tries leave but NOW she wants to talk. That whole Eurogate was made up by her because she was pissed she got in trouble and her BF was just in wrong place a the wrong time. She is a very manipulative person. I don't think Conrad did anything wrong other than being a man and not thinking like women do. Men are clueless most the time. Just my take on it.
  4. S08.E15: Worth

    I never thought it was possible but TWD is now worse than FTWD. Good job writers, for making me care about absolutely no one on the show.
  5. I still do not get what Siggy is so pissed off about with Margaret. Her explanation makes no sense. I don't see the blinded hate Siggy keeps saying Margaret has for her. So what is Margaret supposed to be shamed about? Loved Andy telling Siggy he and every one he has asked about the Hitler analogy said they were not hurt or offended and Siggy said she did no care. That right there shows what an idiot she is. She preaches love, understanding and acceptance but does not follow it. It's Siggy's way or the highway. And yes, Siggy and Delores sitting on couch talking to each other while others were taking to them was rude and a mean girl move.
  6. Yes that is true but they did not respond to the group text about meeting on beach for Yoga so no one knew they were not coming. And Siggy asked Margaret about pre-planning the memorial because how did she have the wreath. Margaret without hesitation said she got it from the concierge at hotel. That may have been producer driven as they may have known Siggy and Delores were not going but I don't see any proof Margaret even knew they weren't coming. Its on Siggy for not at least responding to the text they were not coming but she didn't. So her narrative that Margaret's motive from the git go was to drive a wedge between Siggy and Tre just doesn't work. I could buy production set this up knowing it would trigger Siggy without letting the other ladies know Siggy and Delores were not coming. That sounds more feasible.
  7. Back when the episode first aired and Siggy accused Margaret of excluding her on purpose so Margaret could get in good with Tre and Mel did not make sense. All of the ladies were texted that they were doing Yoga on the beach. Siggy and Delores decided not to go because Siggy was still "upset" about the cake incident. The memorial was a spur of the moment idea by Margaret, who had no idea Siggy was not coming. And the cake throwing was started by and ended by Tre....Siggy's BFF. Sheesh. So Siggy's whole basis for her dislike of Margaret is not true. With that being said, Siggy felt she was entitle to embarrass Mel on several occasions (in front of strangers) about the freaking cake. She could not let it go, but that is ok because Siggy is entitled to her "feelings" even if it means purposely embarrassing Mel in the process. And her apology sucked. She apologized that it embarrassed Mel, not that her behavior was unacceptable and hurtful. Cause you know it is all about Siggy. And Siggy has said several times during the entire season her goal is to destroy Margaret and she made sure she screeched it several times at the reunion. Siggy is unhinged and needs help. I think given the crap Siggy has thrown at Margaret I don't blame Margaret for finally telling Siggy to shut it. And Delores needs to stop whatever she is doing. I respected her for filming without full makeup on like the rest of the cast and she looked good. Whoever told her this "work" on her face would be a good idea must hate her..............
  8. Ok I read your post in the voice and tone of the narrator on the show......it worked almost all the way through. Try it!
  9. Count me in as agreeing the analogy Margret used was dead on to what Siggy was saying. Siggy said Kim D has been nice to her even though Siggy just witnessed Kim D repeating a "rumor" to Teresa that Siggy and Delores told Kim D that neither one believed and was shaky at best. So Siggy was justifying her standing with Kim D because Siggy "judges her friends by how they treat HER". Well, millions stood by while Hitler exterminated Jews and used the same logic. But I am inclined to believe a large portion of them were scared shitless and were afraid to speak up. It is a harsh reality, it is part of history. As sensitive as Siggy is about it, the Jewish people including those that lived though the concentration camps, support keeping the very camps they were imprisoned in, standing so people never forget what happened. So the analogy was correct, just politically incorrect right now. What it appears to me in Siggy's comments last night is, I don't think she gets what Margret meant. I really don't think Siggy gets it at all. And this episode kind of supports that opinion when Siggy called Margret anti-Semitic..........huh? I like Margret a lot. And I agree with posters that have said that Delores might be jealous of Margret and Siggy being friends. Remember when Siggy met Margret and they made up? Then Siggy told Delores she was good with Margret and Delores shot that down and within seconds Siggy was questioning Margret again. Weird. And I don't see it or agree with it when Siggy and Delores say that Margret is out to attack Siggy any chance she gets. Margret has never called Siggy out but Siggy has now called Margret out twice publicly. How exhausting it would be to keep explaining to a friend you mean nothing by your sarcastic comments and that friend agrees and understands, only to have that friend have short term memory loss or selective hearing........ I used to like Siggy last season. Not any more. Worst. Relationship. Counselor. Ever.
  10. I really like her. She is a voice of reason in the middle of a lot of screaming. I liked Siggy last year even though she was loud and a little over the top. But this year someone turned her up to 11! Her meeting with Margaret could have gone sideways but Margaret is the one to keep it on track and actually apologized for hurting Siggy's feelings for what she said. And they actually seemed to have made up. Until Siggy told Delores it went well. Just the look on Delores's face you could tell she didn't like Siggy making up with her. I guess because Delores wasn't in on it? But then Delores meets with Margaret (who called Delores to have one on one to clear the air between them) and Delores came in ready for a fight but because Margaret seems to be pretty level headed they actually had a good talk and moved on. Now Siggy isn't happy with that. Sheesh she is exhausting.
  11. S07.E01: Election Night

    I like to watch TV or movies to get away from the stress of real life, so I am disappointed that this story is based on current politics. Why does everything have to be political? What happened to just good scary stories? What a waste of some really spooky, crazy, terrifying Clowns. I am going to pass on this season. For now anyway.
  12. I just don't get the direction of this show. Its a show about ZOMBIES not turf wars..........I try to care about main characters but usually just want to see them die.... I have read some great zombie books that would make a much better show than this crap. Check out Zombie Road books 1&2 by David Simpson on Amazon. Its a bunch of truckers that figure out the AZ pretty quickly and total trick up their trucks to mow down zombie hoards. Now that would make a great series and more realistic. I just can't get into this story or the characters at all. But I will keep watching because it's so bad it's good. And more importantly the comments here make it all worth while.
  13. Sorry to see the whole crew from last week at the dam are gone. I really liked them and last weeks episode was great (except for the subtitles). I thought the road trip with Strand and Daniel would go better than it did. Strand seems so wimpy now. When did that happen? He was a cool cucumber when we first met him and now he just seems so desperate and needy. Madison-Ummmm I got nothing. Don't care and hate any scenes she is in as they are all the same. Resting Bitch Face acting.....that's all I got. Don't get Nick at all. And was totally distracted by his hair or lack of it. Is it getting thinner each season so the they doing the front to back comb over? Or was it because it was clean and not hanging in his face? See I spent more time fascinate by his hair, that I missed 98% of what was going on in his scenes. Well, except the fact he was washing walls on a burnt house two people just died in. Ew. HA! I thought this was the season Finale........silly me.