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  1. I'm glad Trixie stayed, but I really wonder why she thinks she was terrible on her original season. She wasn't by a longshot, so I really hope she gets out of her head. And I never for a moment believed Shangela was sending Trixie home. Girl knows how popular Trixie is, and will not bring that holy hell upon herself. Dela really is wiping the floor with the other queens. For someone who didn't warm to her in her original season (far too much playing to the cameras to get the edit she wants like Jinkx), she has really won me over this time. I'm also warming to Shangela in a way I didn't in her original season. While I don't think they will be top 2 (nothing will convince me that Bebe won't get top 2 just to justify the Season 1 crown), I can definitely see them being in the top 4. Kinda sucks for Aja, I thought she was good enough to get Top 3/be safe - but I guess they wanted to give her the critique. What sucks for Chi Chi is she could've really gone for a dim Maya Angelou who occasionally says something really profound, but she got deep in her head again. I'm mildly surprised Kennedy openly admitted she sent Milk home because her feelings were hurt, but at least she was honest about it. And honestly, I'll take Chi Chi for 2 extra weeks over dealing with Milk for another. ThorgyGate was stupid and Shangela knows better than to make a big deal out of that sort of thing. She musta been worried about camera time (Girl, don't worry - there are maybe 3 queens, including yourself, who honestly deserved the All-Stars invite - you're alright). Hope Trixie redeems herself next week, and hope Kennedy goes home (my least favorite of the remaining queens)
  2. S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    Cannot comment on the full episode (fast forwarded to the lip sync) and I just wanna say... I think Betty did a better job? Like, Naomi just waved her arms around alot (paging Pearl) was as Betty at least had a gag in 'Causing a Commotion' by giving birth at the end of the song. But her lips were mostly on point and she seemed to be feeling the song just as much if not more than Naomi. Hoping this isn't another season of me constantly disagreeing with the 'winner' of the lip sync. That 'was as' should have been 'whereas' - apologies for my bad typing.
  3. Of the top 3 that episode, I thought the weakest look won. Terri was the winner, with Korto a very, very, very, very, very close second. I like to think the interview Hedda Lettuce did after this episode aired (where she did some epic reading of RuPaul) is the reason she has never been cast on Drag Race. Ru never forgives, and never forgets.
  4. Latrice Royale is totally the Toccara of RPDR I think the biggest problem for Season 6 was the forced judging. Too often the winner AND the loser seemed arbitrarily decided (even moreso in the mini challenges) and - because of an effort to protect Miss Fame and Pearl (like others mentioned) this resulted in Queens who should have lasted longer exiting early (Trixie Mattel and Max) I mean, after the first 3 eliminations (Tempest, Sasha, and Jasmine) we kept getting weird results: 1) Trixie in the bottom 2 for the Spoof challenge - Katya was obviously the star of that group, and Trixie wrote the damn song. Should've been Pearl and Miss Fame, but Miss Fame got a bye and they didn't want to lose Pearl, so Trixie goes 2) The Despy Awards - I'll give credit to Miss Fame for a great line during her acceptance speech. However, Violet was a non-entity much like Kandy Ho, but Mrs. Kasha Davis gets put in the bottom instead. And too make matters worse, the eliminate her when she has shown much more promise than Kandy during a close lipsync 3) Snatch Game - Shoulda been Max and Miss Fame lipsyncing. I cannot remember a performance worse than Fame the didn't have to lipsync (Tyra had immunity, as did Alyssa - and I'd argue Fame was worse). Again, because of the need to protect Fame, Jaidynn gets put against Max and we lose one of the strongest competitors at the halfway point. 4) Conjoined Queens - Again, Fame should've been lipsyncing against Ginger, not Jaidynn (whose idea I thought had some notion of an idea to it, plus Ginger's outfit was terribad). Once Fame is gone, it gets better, but it prolly should've been Pearl/Ginger lipsyncing during Prancing Queens, and Pearl/Kennedy during Hello Kitty GIrls, so we lost Trixie (again) and Katya. Who knows where the season would've gone if Fame and Pearl were out by the fourth and fifth episodes? Not that I dislike either of them (I actually found Fame kind of endearing), but both lasted well past their sell-by dates. So did Kennedy, come to think of it. Hopefully, this next season won't be so focused on preserving girls who might be good Twitterbait, and will be more coherent in its judging. Then again, they might have gone to far in the other direction and have far too many personalities. And if Acid Betty gets eliminated first, we'll know RuPaul just doesn't like keeping the older queens around.
  5. I will freely admit that much of my Rohm love stems from Angel. But she was a hoot in American Hustle, and I keep hoping she will get more work. I kinda stopped watching Law and Order and its numerous brethren well before it ended. Think Stephanie March had just come back to SVU last time I watched any of them.
  6. S01.E06: Seven Minutes In Hell!

    I feel like the voting should offer some sort of hint as to who the Red Devil is. If Chanel had voted for herself, she would have WON by a 5-3 margin. So who all voted for her? #3 and #5 seem obvious, and maybe Predatory Lez, but who else? Candle Vlogger wouldn't, #6 had that whole VP plan, Grace definitely wouldn't, so that leaves Zayday. Maybe Denise is correct.
  7. S01.E05: Pumpkin Patch

    Thank you 17wheatthins, came here just to mention that.
  8. S06.E12: Sissy That Walk

    I said this in the recap, but at this point I am just going to accept that RuPaul is never letting a big queen into the Top 3. I liked Darienne Lake quite a bit (probably my favorite after Bianca Del Rio), and her performance this week wasn't elimination-worthy. But whatevs. I honestly think the title is going to Courtney Act, if only because Bianca's prior RuPaul connection would cause another mini-scandal if Bianca won. Really, I cannot complain about any of them winning it though (hell, I wouldn't complain about any of the top 6 winning - exceptionally strong group of queens this season). Looking forward to the finale.
  9. S06.E10: Drag My Wedding

    I kinda feel like Joslyn got screwed by being paired with someone so completely unwilling to get into the challenge. There is always at least one problematic makeover person, but I cannot remember one being this level of uninvolved. It's a shame, especially since I don't think Joslyn should have been in the Bottom 2. Tops to me was easily BenDeLaCreme, followed by Bianca Del Rio, then Darienne Lake, Adore was easily bottom 2, and I would have put Courtney there also. If someone who wasn't a Judge's Pet had outshone their bride like that, they would have been read ten times harder (I'm thinking of Pandora, Alexis, or Dida) and possibly would have been sent home for it. I always hate the makeover episodes, because I feel like there is so little to talk about other than "Drag Queen 1 did a great job on hers" or "I cannot believe Drag Queen 2 thought that was a good makeover!" That and a good chunk of the eliminations seem to have more to do with getting rid of someone who has overstayed their welcome in the judge's eyes as opposed to actually putting the worst two in the bottom. Ah well. As far as the queens left, I think this is still Courtney's to lose, with Bianca and BenDeLaCreme also in the top 3 (although I still expect Bianca out at 4th because my favorites never make top 3) with Adore still nipping at their heels despite her recent struggles. Darienne is the most likely next to go, but then again, I felt that way about Phi Phi and Tatianna at this point, and they both made it further. Kinda hoping to be wrong (I like Darienne), but think her lack of a second win means the writing is on the wall.
  10. Episode the First: Bianca called it "Ru, you shady bitch!" - These pairings were for maximum drama. And we got some from Darienne/DeLa with a smidge of Laganja/Adore thrown in. For all the grief Darienne has gotten for her feud with DeLa (some fair, some unfair - I don't find Ben blameless in this, and since Bianca looks to be aligning with Darienne, I think there's some stuff we aren't seeing on DeLa's side) I think Courtney's behavior towards Joslyn was far, far worst. I haven't seen Untucked yet (that will get its own post), but she was just so casual in her cruelty when she knew how much Joslyn respected her. I almost think she didn't realize how bad she came across during it. As for the pairings: For me, the clear winners were Trinity/Bianca. Thank God and RuPaul for this pairing, because Bianca gave Trinity the kick she needed, and this is the best she's been since the first episode she was in. And the outfits were gorgeous. Second best (to me) were Darienne/DeLa. I understand the criticism about not really shilling the makeup, but as a performance piece it was hilarious (Darienne was channeling Jennifer Coolidge so well it was like a scene from a Christopher Guest movie) and they really nailed the tone. Darienne had the better outfit, but I think they came on a little strong with the critique of DeLa - Laganja's was far messier. Third would go to Adore/Laganja, mostly because of the albatross around Adore's neck that was Laganja's performance. I think that Laganja honestly tries, but she's far too affected a person to do well in this competition. And her outfit was terrible (loved Adore's though). Bottom to me was Joslyn/Courtney. And I put the blame squarely on Courtney for this, because she just sat back and watched while Joslyn struggled. Compare this to Bianca: supporting your co-star actually helps! I actually liked both their runway looks (Joslyn, that ass is magic and don't you dare shove it into muggle clothing!) As for the lip sync: BenDeLaCreme better thank the heavens this was a non-elimination, because Darienne owned that song. The collection of tips at the end was inspired on Darienne's part, and I just didn't understand why DeLa felt the need to take off her dress so late into the song. I am glad both got to stay (far too many have already faced the indignity of losing to Laganja). As for the 'I need to see the real you' critique: Ugh, isn't Drag something like 90% armor? Why does Michelle constantly harp on this? The time to see the 'real' person is in the workroom, not when they are earning their money on the stage. Anyways... (Episode 2 in a separate post so these aren't mammoth length - also later because I need some sleep)
  11. What Would Your Drag Name Be?

    Wanda Bread (exceptionally white, and filled with all sorts of chemicals!) and my persona would probably be along the lines of Varla Jean Simmons, with a dash of Pandora Boxx thrown in.
  12. S06.E06: Oh No She Betta Don't

    This may be me overly-relating to Darienne, but I would hate to be put on the spot (especially in front of all the other competitors) with the 'Why didn't you pick me?' question and probably would have responded just as forcefully. There's really no good way to answer that without looking bad, even using Raspberry2012's reply, because it makes you look shady if you answer that way and answering honestly (which, for Darienne, would probably be long the lines of 'I think the others are more talented than you' or 'I don't really like you that much') makes her look like an asshole. I've noticed the reading challenge always seems to provoke a backlash against the bigger queens (even Latrice had a bit of one for hers). Are we Tyra Banksing all over ourselves and expected plus-size girls to be jolly and hating them when they aren't? Of course, Darienne could self-destruct next week and prove me wrong, but for now I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Drag Pool & Top Three Predictions

    At work we do a pick'em where you select a queen based on just their name. I chose Darienne Lake (who I still think can make top 3, but probably won't win), but if I had to guess who the top 3 were going to be, I'd go with BendelaCreme, Adore Delano, and Courtney Act. Bianca and Joslyn are awesome, but I see Joslyn losing around 6th and Bianca seems like a surprise 4th place finisher. Or maybe I just expect her there because so many of my favorites are out in 4th/5th place.
  14. S06.E06: Oh No She Betta Don't

    You know, I didn't really see anything wrong with what Darienne did this episode (granted, I haven't watched Untucked yet, but still). She picked the 4 she thought were strongest. Ben delaCreme might have had her feelings hurt, but I think Darienne was within her right to not discuss her selections. She was struggling with the challenge herself and needed to focus on that rather than Ben's feelings. Personally, I felt that Laganja was more deserving of the bottom 3 than Darienne (though I also felt this way the last time Darienne was in the bottom 3. Maybe I just don't like Laganja), but since Darienne picked such a strong group, her weaker effort stood out more. Glad to see Adore get a win, even if it was at the expense of Bianca. And Joslyn looks to be peaking at the perfect time. Really looking forward to the Top 6 (I assume Trinity and Laganja will be out shortly).