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  1. I'm glad Trixie stayed, but I really wonder why she thinks she was terrible on her original season. She wasn't by a longshot, so I really hope she gets out of her head. And I never for a moment believed Shangela was sending Trixie home. Girl knows how popular Trixie is, and will not bring that holy hell upon herself. Dela really is wiping the floor with the other queens. For someone who didn't warm to her in her original season (far too much playing to the cameras to get the edit she wants like Jinkx), she has really won me over this time. I'm also warming to Shangela in a way I didn't in her original season. While I don't think they will be top 2 (nothing will convince me that Bebe won't get top 2 just to justify the Season 1 crown), I can definitely see them being in the top 4. Kinda sucks for Aja, I thought she was good enough to get Top 3/be safe - but I guess they wanted to give her the critique. What sucks for Chi Chi is she could've really gone for a dim Maya Angelou who occasionally says something really profound, but she got deep in her head again. I'm mildly surprised Kennedy openly admitted she sent Milk home because her feelings were hurt, but at least she was honest about it. And honestly, I'll take Chi Chi for 2 extra weeks over dealing with Milk for another. ThorgyGate was stupid and Shangela knows better than to make a big deal out of that sort of thing. She musta been worried about camera time (Girl, don't worry - there are maybe 3 queens, including yourself, who honestly deserved the All-Stars invite - you're alright). Hope Trixie redeems herself next week, and hope Kennedy goes home (my least favorite of the remaining queens)
  2. Pretty sure that is the first matchup BBHN. It just has a 3 next to Stoic Face because it won its next two matchups. Also, new matchup goes live in 8ish minutes at my blog if anyone wants to take their votes over there!
  3. Sad to see this go. I do a movie one on a much smaller scale (i.e. not on weekends or holidays) at my blog if anyone needs a fix over there. Next vote is on Tuesday! (angrygay.blogspot.com)
  4. So sad KODTVTM is ending, one of my favorite things about the site. Hell, I have a similar thing going on at my blog for me and my coworkers, only with movie scenes. Is another daily feature replacing it, or was the maintenance a strain? Either way, thanks for all the fun!
  5. What Corgi said. I can understand a one-and-done getting a second chance, but this was on the Mountain for awhile with its five wins.
  6. I almost submitted something similar to this, but after also submitting Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills, I worried what people would think.
  7. Because it is up against Parks and Rec.
  8. I'm okay with it getting the 10 wins. I may not understand the appeal, but Gilmore Girls does have a devoted following so it doesn't bother me for them to get something at the top. I feel the same way about Seinfeld. However, I'm holding off on submissions so I don't have another lose to this, just to be safe.
  9. So, I voted for my entry just as it changed, and then it told me it was 0-0 for about 30 minutes, and now it is giving me a total. Did I break it temporarily? Also, I am sad I have had multiple entries lose to the Gilmore Girls juggernaut, especially since I didn't care for the show. Ah well.
  10. I thank the kind souls who gave pity and voted for my entry. It is still a tremendous ass-kicking.
  11. This is my 20th entry into KODTVTM. As such, I think it should get all the pity votes and win.
  12. Haven't watched UKS, is there more to the clip than what is shown? Surprised it toppled the Acropolis juggernaut based off just that. And currently it is beating mine, so was wondering if it was a running gag or just an extremely random bit of nonsense that works really well within the context of the show.
  13. So, not to beg for votes for my entry, but this has what has happened to me my last few entries: Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg: Lost by 18 votes The Demogorgon: Lost by 3 votes Office Homophobe: Lost by 11 votes. This is in addition to A Tweet of Death and Bust Your Windows getting beat handily. Guys, I need a win. I can't lose another nail biter!
  14. Huh, didn't make me sign in when I first submitted it. Stupid Hulu.
  15. Thanks for protecting the integrity of the voting, David! It's why we Internet-love you!