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  1. So Sonja with a sexy J likes ‘next day hand prints’? Okaaaaaaaay!
  2. I dislike that website name too.... Would I be labelled a ‘lazy mom’ for choosing antibiotics over oils? Motherhood is tough enough without someone from a privileged lifestyle being so judgemental. Gwyneth and Goop springs to mind. Pfft.
  3. Where would this season be without Luanne?! MVP 🏅
  4. I agree, she does seem to be that way with Carol....after finding her self in her default position of relationship sabotage.
  5. Bethenny needs to destroy a relationship before they leave her first.
  6. The pair she wore in her car? Me too! Anyone know the brand? 😎
  7. Dorinda has Luanne listed as this on her phone: 'Lu Ann DeLessops or luannade' [sic] !!!! I hate it when you argue about something with someone and they turn it into an argument about the way you are arguing...uuuuggghhh..... tiresome. I might name that practice a Bethement! "Aaaaaarrgghhh..... I just got caught up in a bethement with my friend..."
  8. Bethenny is like that dog that’s all loud and aggressive toward other dogs walking past their property... until the gate is open... then the aggression is gone :poof: Face to face they are sweet as pie!
  9. S10.E07: On an Island

    I get the sense that when growing up Carole was the good girl and good student, who maybe wasn’t all that popular with boys at school, who was maybe not seen as pretty, yada yada.... then finally gets a shot at being ‘cool’ later in life, particularly after her journalistic career and her RH stint...so she’s now keen to hang on to her ‘coolness’...she’s had a young hip boyfriend who fits her newer persona, and now Tinsley meets the criteria of young ‘girl’ (she always calls herself a girl) has a cute blonde ‘bestie’. Carole seems to be more focused on the shallower aspects of life and being pretty (from what I can see on this show). Something just rubs me up the wrong way about Carole these days... she seems too far removed from her original persona. I know we all grow and progress, but Carole is soooooo different these days. I preferred the intellectual Carole... this season’s Carole is too shallow for me. Ps...just saw the post from Film Noire ^^^ I rest my case.
  10. Warning: generalization about men coming up... Carole: men do NOT hear ‘unspoken rules’! They hardly hear spoken rules!! Someone needs to enroll her in Men 101.
  11. S08.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Bitches are just bitches? Nooooo..... Children are born sweet and lovely... bitchiness is a learned behaviour derived from problems/pain/bad experiences.
  12. S08.E21: Reunion Part 3

    Erika’s bitch persona is classic ‘hurt them before they hurt me’ personified. edit: I am soooo over that attitude.... so boring to watch her pissy attitude all the time.
  13. S10.E05: Tea for Tat

    Wanna take bets Sonja is now a squatter living in Bethenny’s dressing room?!
  14. S10.E04: War and P.O.S

    Thankyou for describing your very painful personal experience. You have beautifully articulated how painful a divorce can be. You have illustrated how Sonja and Dorinda just don’t want to appreciate each other’s experiences as they are too busy competing for who has had it harder. I send you a big cyber hug all the way from Down Under ( here it is ——> O ). Please keep your head up knowing it wasn’t about you at all....it was about your ex being a POS. Please keep in touch with a doctor or therapist for your own health. Please keep all of us crazy forum people on your shoulders whispering positive/crazy/funny/motivating stuff into your ears! xxx
  15. “You were right” is Bethenny’s oxygen/kryptonite/adrenaline/drug of choice!