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  1. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Happy to have provided your laugh! 😆
  2. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    I had to have a look around to see what Gina’s husband Matt looks like, since Vicki picked up that photo frame guessing it was him..... found this: https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/gallery/matthew-kirschenheiter-and-gina-kirschenheiter/
  3. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Bolded: Aha..... you’ve called it! Date stamped and all! Yes, Steve was such a wimp in that moment.... won’t even address what Kelly wanted to talk about.
  4. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    What. Has. Happened. To. Us? (Off to the lab to test my drink.....)
  5. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    My thoughts on that particular TH too.... bad things happen to good people all the time.
  6. S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Not George Clooney Steve is never going to marry Vicki. What’s that expression? You don’t need to buy the cow if you’re already getting the milk for free. Little Bitch Shane has zero chemistry with his beard wife Emily. That was physically awkward when she tried to get a kiss when he got home from work! Would it have killed him to have least said she looked “good” when she asked him how she looked in her red party outfit? It’s a shame she needed to ask him. He is at least an odd cold fish and at worst a misogynistic arrogant and judgmental controller (from the view from my sofa anyway!).
  7. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    It is labeled with both Lauren and Carolyn’s names. It’s Carolyn in the photo. I’m not posting to prove/disprove anything about a friendship between Carole and Carolyn, just in reply to KungFuBunny stating there are NO photos. I remembered these being posted in this forum, or TWOP, ages ago so went and googled them.
  8. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    There are these photos.... https://rememberingcbk.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/hanging-out-with-carole/
  9. S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Bethenny. Carole. They are both right. They are both wrong. They are both upset and hurting. It’s these final blows and subsequent behaviours that will highlight differences....
  10. Good point. I have a friend, in his late 40s, who does not have children and is making choices that he might not make if he wanted to have a long life .... he has even admitted to knowing he is probably here for a good life not a long life. His version of a good life is to be a heavy drinker. He has no reason to think differently or aim for a longer life. How many of us hear people wanting to prolong their life for their children or grandchildren’s sake?
  11. I LOVE your attitude! I wish you and your husband many many more years of good health (or good enough health). I appreciate your perspective because there are plenty of people who would judge Eddie harshly for his decisions. You have explained so well why it’s a balance between the ‘perfect’ decision health wise versus the decisions that add enjoyment to your life. That’s probably a balance we all struggle with!
  12. S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    Take a bow.... that was such a razor sharp description of Frankel. Although I don’t think Frankel wants to demean those who ‘wrong’ her, she wants (or needs) to incinerate them so she can walk triumphantly over their ashes.
  13. S13.E06: Rumors

    Sadly, it doesn’t seem like David is trying to keep it amicable.
  14. S13.E06: Rumors

    Because she is stupid (I don’t think she is ignorant, but she is lowering this for some emotional or illogical or other reason.) Because she is worried about the consequences of his anger? Shannon told Tamra that David was literally shaking with anger in the courtroom. Maybe she thinks it will be better to be seen to be making compromises? Shannon must think it’s better to take less for some reason. I wrote this in my post up thread: he won’t thank her for this, he will still hate her. Divorce brings out the worst...