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  1. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    If I’m overboard and in the water I want everyone shouting “man overboard” loudly and frequently until my ass is hauled back onboard.
  2. S13.E21: Reunion Part 3

    I’m almost too exhausted from all her over the top everything (clothes, makeup, voice, facial EXPRESSIONS !!!) to type this out, but..... SHUT. UP. GINA. CASITA.
  3. S13.E20: Reunion Part 2

    While it might have been an accurate observation, Tamra didn’t think twice about pointing out very clearly (with a head turn demonstration) that Shane turns his head away from his wife Emily when she goes to kiss him. Ouch. On tv. Ouch.
  4. S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    Cancer sucks, poor Greg. Why decline chemo though? :( Why not give everything a try?
  5. S07.E15: Reunion Part 2

    Tommy might not be my cup of tea...he’s loud and brash and crude, but he has a heart of gold. He’s not only looking out for his wife MJ but he’s looking out for tough nut Veda too (see how solitious he was to Veda walking on set?) and trying to keep the relationship between mother and daughter smooth. Kudos to Tommy....it seems to be working. He’s the kind of guy I want on my team.
  6. I’d love an invitation to come over and see your house rather than an invitation to come over and spend time together, Jennifer. /end sarcasm font
  7. I think Teresa is pissed off that Joe isn’t spending time with their dad when she is at home....to give her time off/a break from caring for their dad. Spending time with their dad when she is away is all well and good, but for her that isn’t giving her a break from being his carer. Trees wants him to spend time with their dad when it would normally be on her. She is just hopeless at articulating this! My husband and I had his mother live with us for a few years before she passed away this year and the other two brothers did nothing, so I think that might be her perspective.
  8. The only people comparing Mrs Bragger’s house ugly McMansion to a Parisian hotel are people who have never been to Paris.
  9. S03.E15: Game of Phones

    Poor love.... as soon as her vanity project became ‘real work’ Kam suddenly remembers her children are her priority.
  10. S13.E18: Femme Finale

    Poor Emily.... she deserved a WOW for her outfit too. Shane is such a little shit.
  11. S03.E14: Growers and Show-ers

    No Carey, Lance Armstrong did NOT win 6 or 7 Tour de France races... he cheated by using drugs so had his titles taken away so he is no longer the winner. You can’t declare yourself the winner if you did it by cheating. Why is Brandi getting pissy with Stephanie? Leanne is only friends with Steph to get at Brandi; Steph is acting all Dr Phil for Leanne and D’Andra...? Feeling left out?
  12. S07.E13: A Very MJ Wedding

    I hope we get to keep Nema!
  13. Gina doesn’t really want that divorce, she’s just trying to save face.... did you see how happy she was to tell Emily about Matt calling her 6 times and having phone sex? That is the involvement of a woman trying to get her man back.
  14. Kam is such a poseur.... she has to include her surname when introducing herself to the Danish people, who wouldn’t know a Wescott from a waistcoat, at the album release party. Ha ha ha!
  15. I hope Melania doesn’t feel stabby.... those nails could do damage!