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  1. Ridge had his 30th birthday in 1990, so the character should be 57. Think they've de-aged him a bit, though.
  2. I think a perfect opportunity for TPTB to show another side of the Ridge-Thorne relationship would have been after Thorne tore into Ridge in that meeting in his office and Ridge's response was "Are you going to cry?"*. That could have led to both of them laughing, like brothers, and enjoying a moment together with something other than complete enmity towards one another. It would have shown they are more than just adversaries and competitors, that there's shared history and affection there too. *As much as I've harped on TK's lack of charm or humor, that line made me laugh out loud.
  3. Either IR's Thorne will revert to his never-winning, bland personality or he will be shipped off back to Paris. IR's Thorne is light-years ahead of TK's Ridge in attractiveness, charm, etc. If the show doesn't take advantage of this to reboot Thorne, beyond his relatively newfound desire to design, TPTB should be fired. Or, I suppose TK could call it quits. I can't see him being ok with being upstaged by a B&B newcomer. But, upstaged he is. TK has never ever worked as Ridge. Looks aside, his characterization of Ridge is brusque, mean-spirited and charmless. At least RM had his looks, was pretty good at light humor and had a degree of charm. TK has none of that. And it's going to become increasingly apparent when he and IR square off.
  4. WH was also the first Thorne to really compete with RM's Ridge in the looks department. Clayton Norcross was always a bit doughy and Jeff Trachta was . . . tall. With IR in the role, Thorne is now actually better-looking (and more charming) than Ridge. YMMV, of course.
  5. What I hate is the gaslighting of the non-cheating spouse. Liam proclaimed to anyone who would listen that he was just trying to right the wrongs Sally endured and that he had no "feelings" for her. We all knew that was a crock but that's how he sold it. It was all in Steffy's head and should she believe her husband or her lying eyes? Sally, too, even up to the moment she was buried in the rubble of Spectra, proclaimed her feelings for Liam were innocent and that she wasn't hitting on him. Now, we know that was a lie too. They both continued with the mutual, but platonic, admiration right up to the time it became something everyone else knew all along. That it wasn't platonic and they had feelings for each other.
  6. What happened to the whole "I love you in an innocent way" thing? Now, Sally's going to leave town because of the kiss that she said was just a sign of appreciation?
  7. As the tension mounted, I could feel the redux of the we're-about-to-die kiss between Bridget and Ridge. This show is nothing if not unoriginal.
  8. I think they're reconciling Bill and Liam, legitimately, so the pain of Steffy's and Bill's betrayal when they finally hit the sheets will cut even deeper.
  9. In the comic books, Attilan was in The Himalayas for many years, and was subsequently relocated to The Blue Area on the moon. So, fanwanking says these Inhumans are basically earthlings who now reside on the moon.
  10. Steffy: "I told you Sally is my arch rival!" Liam: "I thought that was a figure of speech." Hilarious.
  11. In their initial confrontation where Bill confessed to the arson, didn't Liam tell Bill he was sending the confession file to a few different places before Bill even knew what was happening?
  12. Thorsten Kaye and Ingo Rademacher are actually both German. Born and raised in Germany until about they were about ten, when they both relocated to England and Australia, respectively. Now, both are playing characters born and raised in L.A. Those accents are going to be hilarious. Loved that YT clip of WH losing it as Thorne. That was one for the books. Eric pointing at Thorne and telling him to stop his childish (but completely justified) outburst was amusing. I've always enjoyed JM and Susan Flannery when they've taken decidedly parental tones with their adult children.
  13. KKL looks phenomenal. I don't know why they dress her so boringly these days. Her body is great. I noticed JMW too. I wondered whether she'd had some butt work done.
  14. So, Sally is beholden to yet another man? Whom she now will put on a pedestal and tell repeatedly she couldn't have done it without him? Way to write strong female characters, BB.
  15. Bill's obsession with this building really needs some context. What better irrational motivation could there be than trying to best his (absentee, never-spoken-of) late father? If his father had tried and failed to erect a monument to his own greatness, this would be an area where Bill could accomplish what his father didn't. The fact that Bill was the forgotten child, only grudgingly accepted by his father (at some point, right? Otherwise, how would he have inherited any interest in SP?) would provide all the fierce, irrational motivation for Bill to erect "Sky", his proof positive that he's a better businessman than his father. This would explain a single-minded tunnel-vision that's so extreme it caused Bill to consider disowning Liam if he got in his way. It would also help the audience sympathize with him. A little. As it is, Bill, apparently, is just a dick.