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  1. I, for one, am glad that Quinn gets the same treatment every other character (usually a woman) gets when she's been disrespected. Taylor tells her husband Ridge she doesn't appreciate Brooke trying to seduce him, he replies with "That's just Logan"; Eric dismisses Brooke's sleeping with yet another inappropriate person with an "Oh, Stephanie, let it go." Hell, to Ridge, Brooke herself is dismissing Bill's kisses as merely "gratitude". So the phenomenon of dismissing another character's actions is hardly unique to Quinn. She's hardly special so I'm ok with her concerns being dismissed as quickly as everyone else's have always been in the past.
  2. The lack of chemistry between KKL and TK makes so much of their story fall flat. If RM were still playing Ridge (or if KKL were playing off any other actor with whom she had chemistry), her confrontational scenes would have come off much better. Her response would have been a mix of shock, disappointment and anger. As this incarnation of Bridge has always looked as if they can barely tolerate each other, however, Brooke yesterday seemed like she was yelling at someone she can't stand and is glad she finally has cause to leave.
  3. That lingerie shoot was ridiculous. The photos were horrible - poorly lit, and hideously staged. I know less about photography than anyone on this board but I know what I'm accustomed to seeing in magazines and layouts and it wasn't that. Could this show not even get that right?
  4. Ridge, for good and ill, was not solely Stephanie's creation. Eric had just as much of a hand in creating the man Ridge is today. He was their child. And neither Stephanie nor Eric loved any of their children more than they loved Ridge. Ridge is more Forrester than any of the offspring.
  5. I kind of hate that Brooke is finally deciding to be a real mother (not that kind) for the first time in her life. Even with Hope 1.0, she was willing to completely disregard $Bill's despicable deeds against her daughter to get her latest "destiny". But now, she's so fixated on Hope getting her own destiny (which, conveniently validates her own pursuit of Ridge against all common sense) she's infantilized the poor girl. Hope is now being "over-mothered". There's got to be a happy medium.
  6. That love scene between Thorne and Katie made it look as if it was their first time. Either way, gross. And, congratulations Show, you pulled it off. You made charming, chemistry-magnet Ingo into a dull, bloodless, whispering bore. Well done.
  7. I thought Ridge and Thorne learned Thorne was the one who shot Ridge back when Jeff Trachta played Thorne. Wasn't there some confrontation about that? Stephanie was involved too. Regardless, drivethroo, that is an excellent storyline.
  8. Can't the same be said of Hope? No, she's not being praised to the high heavens at this particular moment, but Hope, oh Hope. She of the multiple parties, the out-of-nowhere gift of a crappy fashion line she doesn't even design (poor Thorne Forrester calls her "boss"?), has had just as much handed to her as Steffy.
  9. The next face I want to see crack is Brooke's. She's been a grade-A terrible mother to Hope during this whole mess. But first I want her to get her heart's desire for her daughter. I want Hope and Liam to end up together. And I want Brooke to be characteristically smug about it in that kindergarten-teacher way of hers. And then I want Liam to start sniffing around an independent, unattached Steffy again because, unlike original recipe waffle Ridge, Liam's "periods of monogamy" can be measured in months, not years. (I think the idea that she'd rather be alone than with Liam is going to wound and intrigue him in ways he won't understand). Ultimately, I want Brooke to live with the knowledge that she encouraged her daughter down this futile, painful path, pursuing a man-child who has never fully committed to anyone. But before all that, I want Brooke to see Steffy in her "I-choose-me" glory. I want her to realize that she could've chosen herself years ago instead of ping-ponging between men without a breath in between. I want her to lament the choices she's made and the possibilities she forsook in her blind, immature desire for "love" and "destiny". And then I want her face to crack.
  10. Brooke is officially the worst parent ever. She is so stupidly starry-eyed and giddy about "love" she's encouraging her daughter to get involved with a man living with his other babymama. I wish Hope would say her clear reservations about this approach are shattering her own illusions about herself and making her feel like she's becoming her mother.
  11. But isn't Brooke doing the same thing? They were both presumptuously implying that the other's daughter was going to be hurt now that Hope is pregnant. They are both advocating for their own children and I can't say either one of them is wrong for doing so. They are both flaming idiots, however, for encouraging their daughters to pursue this limp, unworthy man-child.
  12. Brooke was only working in the FC lab, and in a position to create BeLieF, because she'd been with Ridge and was then-married to Eric. She was just a regular chemist working in a hospital lab when Ridge came along. She wouldn't have even thought to try to create a wrinkle-free fabric if she hadn't been involved with the Forresters.
  13. S01.E01: Daybreak

    Cole Hauser's character and the daughter had sex and, afterwards, he asked her to go some music festival. She was fine up until that point and told him he always ruins it. Apparently, she enjoys the physical relationship but can't handle/is uncomfortable/something, with any sort of emotional attachment.
  14. But, are they taking it slowly? They barely know each other and, while I can buy an instant passion, I really don't get the instant tenderness of just holding each other, fingers interlocked, hair stroking, etc. Often in real life, and the majority of time on soaps, the sex precedes the casual tender moments. It feels as if they skipped a step and went straight to the lounging in each other's arms. This just seemed weird to me.
  15. So, Emma Barber and her uncle Justin Barber hatched some diabolical plot to hurt Forrester Creations yet they didn't even bother to change her last name? Shut up, Maya. Idiot.