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  1. But isn't Brooke doing the same thing? They were both presumptuously implying that the other's daughter was going to be hurt now that Hope is pregnant. They are both advocating for their own children and I can't say either one of them is wrong for doing so. They are both flaming idiots, however, for encouraging their daughters to pursue this limp, unworthy man-child.
  2. Brooke was only working in the FC lab, and in a position to create BeLieF, because she'd been with Ridge and was then-married to Eric. She was just a regular chemist working in a hospital lab when Ridge came along. She wouldn't have even thought to try to create a wrinkle-free fabric if she hadn't been involved with the Forresters.
  3. S01.E01: Daybreak

    Cole Hauser's character and the daughter had sex and, afterwards, he asked her to go some music festival. She was fine up until that point and told him he always ruins it. Apparently, she enjoys the physical relationship but can't handle/is uncomfortable/something, with any sort of emotional attachment.
  4. But, are they taking it slowly? They barely know each other and, while I can buy an instant passion, I really don't get the instant tenderness of just holding each other, fingers interlocked, hair stroking, etc. Often in real life, and the majority of time on soaps, the sex precedes the casual tender moments. It feels as if they skipped a step and went straight to the lounging in each other's arms. This just seemed weird to me.
  5. So, Emma Barber and her uncle Justin Barber hatched some diabolical plot to hurt Forrester Creations yet they didn't even bother to change her last name? Shut up, Maya. Idiot.
  6. Only this show could make a fan-favorite actor as handsome and charming as IR into a thirsty back-bencher. And had to laugh at Katie's passive-aggressive "Don't you dare kiss me because you feel sorry for me". Could there be a more obvious invitation for Thorne to do just that? Talk about thirsty. It's like the Sahara meeting the Mojave with these two.
  7. Steffy taking Wyatt to task for not disclosing Bill's lie sooner is ridiculous. To my mind, Wyatt doesn't owe Steffy (or Hope) anything. They both treated him as a substitute for his brother and they both dumped him when Liam became available. They're lucky he still talks to them at all.
  8. Brooke and Ridge both look at the other as though they're insane for supporting their own daughter. There is no "right" answer here and they need to just acknowledge that this is a difference of opinion that can't be resolved. But Brooke's squinty-eyed look of incredulity and Ridge's half-smirk, head shaking makes them both look like assholes.
  9. So, will Hope be pregnant with Liam's child while Steffy finds out her child is actually Bill's? Liam would be pulled in all sorts of directions.
  10. Wow. The corniness was in full effect today. All that giggling, mewling and "Logan Girls" nonsense was more than I could bear. It all felt so artificial and forced. I honestly hope some Hope fans enjoyed it because I couldn't take it.
  11. I don't get why Brooke and Taylor are dressed so horribly. Brooke, especially, is in very fine form, but the clothes they're putting her in would be hideous on almost anyone. I understand if KKL doesn't want to wear short skirts and wants to dress "for her age", but she would look much better with something more body-conscious. Really quite a shame.
  12. I thought the line about the "'71 Ferrari" was just a throwaway so I was pretty shocked when they went outside and there it was. I was even more shocked when they started touching it and someone actually drove it away. A few years ago, those cars were selling for a cool million. I wonder if BabyBell is showing off his latest ride.
  13. Neither Hope nor Steffy is any great prize. (We all pretty much agree Liam isn't one either.) Off the top of my head, I can remember Hope characterizing Steffy's miscarriage as "a blessing" and "a sign" that she and Liam should be together. And she married Wyatt because Liam was late. Also not a big fan of the public disclosure and pimping of her (and, of a necessity, Liam's) sex life to sell clothes. And HFTF is just vaguely dumb. How do undefined morals and values translate to clothing? So, women who can't afford a Forrester Original scarf, i.e., middle-class women, get a free scarf when a wealthy woman buys one? Tom's gives shoes to needy people and HFTF gives scarves to soccer moms. Ok.
  14. I'm not fond of actress-bashing but JMW's main issue, aside from her odd, staccato delivery, is her lack of warmth. This is a soap opera. Actors don't have to be master thespians but they do have to bring something to the table. KKL is no Meryl Streep but, as has been pointed out by others, she exudes a warmth (and vulnerability) that makes Brooke interesting and her allure understandable. RM had a healthy amount of charm and lightness that infused Ridge with charisma. (TK may be a better actor but he is wholly deficient in those qualities.) HTy, also a very limited actress, at least sold the serene beauty thing very, very well. And, it didn't hurt that KKL, HTy and RM were all great-looking. JMW is just cold. Her looks are cold and her (onscreen) personality is cold. Many of us noted her response to HTy - "are you crying" - as uncharacteristically natural, concerned and human. Aside from that short scene, her interactions with just about every other character are frigid and seemingly devoid of any feeling. I wish she were better.
  15. I think Bill really believes Ridge shot him. He's not lying. Liam will be the real shooter. Maybe at some point, Bill will find out and try to protect and/or blackmail Liam but, for now, Bill thinks it was Ridge. So, Baby Bell is recycling his dad's SLs yet again with one family member shooting another while in a fugue state a la drunken Thorne shooting Ridge and blacking out almost immediately thereafter.