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  1. She looks so pretty with short hair. She needs to leave those long ass wigs alone, she and Gizelle.
  2. I think Robyn needs a storyline. She really doesn’t do anything except follow Gizelle around. Maybe she thinks she’ll get more followers if she fights Karen.
  3. Kendall is pretty, though her eyes are too close together. Both Monique and Gizelle look better with shorter hair.
  4. Robyn and Monique can join the cast of Basketball Wives along with Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie. Is Robyn trying to start a physical fight? Did Karen’s charity really raise Alzheimer’s awareness? Perhaps, but it probably didn’t raise much moneys. If a person wanted awareness they could have watched that 60 Minutes segment a few weeks ago, to see what Alzheimer’s does to people.
  5. How much money did Karen’s event raise? Crickets. Candyass, you are a spoiled little diva, princess so STFU, so Chris was on the money with that. Why is Monique hanging out with Karen?
  6. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Why does Craig need therapy? Because he won't do what people want him to do? I think Naomie is the one who needs therapy. I mean she was hostile towards Craig, sorry but you can't make anybody do what you want them to do. Life 101.
  7. Chicago: 9Mag

    To me, Kat was the real bitchass. The only reason she said anything to Rachel last year was because she needed a storyline and her being in LA wasn’t doing it, and the cameras caught she and Ryan together. She said they’d been hooking up for months and she never said a word then. Where is Kat? Don is a fool. These women know he’s weak, and they also know that if they hook up with him, they might end up on TV. I think Ryan loves Rachel, but she doesn’t seem to feel the same way. If Ryan wanted to fire all of those messy people, he should have given them notice first, not trash the shop like a three year old. That was wrong.
  8. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    Shep and Kathryn: Maybe they were both drunk/stoned/both when they hooked up. How has Shep not fathered little Sheps? Fellatio.
  9. S03.E04 No Haven in My Shadow 2018.06.13

    RA, you could learn a lot from Darla, if you weren't an asshole. Sometimes I get tired of Vi's schtick; the woman's supposed to be close to my age (58) and she acts like she's at least 20 years older.
  10. I might not have liked Jill all the time, but I believe Bobby really loved her. Sad. Ramona was right about one thing, can't hold resentments, I mean life's too fucking short to hold dumbass resentments and for what? Resentments don't make you money or make you younger. They just fuck you up. I hope Luann learned something in rehab, I hope the experience humbled her.
  11. Why would they have to be acting? People are really douche-y like that IRL, especially on vacation, and especially when they think the crew are their personal slaves, I've seen that shit plenty of times on cruises.
  12. Love Captain Sandy's comment, "A shit tip from shit human beings."
  13. Is there butter on the croutons? (would you like me to pee on it for you?) Can you explain the food to me, because I can't eat food if you don't explain it to me? (it's food motherfucker, don't you have eyes?) "Can I have a sprite...I mean a 7 up....I mean an 8 down....I mean a cranberry juice?????" Captain Sandy, you ain't focused either. Drive the fucking boat and stop worrying about who's kissing who. Why is what's her face even there Kasey or whatever her name is. These guests act like nouveau riche types who've never even been out of the country, or even off their block. And then the heifer didn't even want to eat after she made such a big stink about her steak being cold. What a witch!
  14. Maybe, but I don't think so. I've been on many cruises and have seen people act just like these fools over and over again. "I'm paying for this shit, so if I want to act like a douche then I can!" They treat the crew like their own personal slaves. Disgusting. Did Captain Sandy just say "dealeo?"
  15. Those charter guests are fucking tacky. How is it Hannah's fault that the guests don't come to dinner when Adam wants them to? That dude just asked for French fries? Go to McDonald's asshole. These guests are the worst. Is Captain Sandy going to get pissed at Hannah for something the GUESTS wanted? Captain Sandy is turning into Petty La Belle. I think the heifer is still pissed at Hannah for lying to her LAST YEAR. Get over it lady. What's her face can't make a bloody Mary? Why is she a stew on a yacht?