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  1. Don’t those things beep like crazy if you don’t replace the batteries? Mine does.
  2. I totally agree with this. And who cares about their finances? When I started working, a wise woman told me that the only persons finances I should worry about are my own.
  3. I wonder about that. But this does raise a good point. Who should and shouldn’t be considered for a role? Some people thought a Black British actor and actress shouldn’t have played Martin Luther King and Coretta King (as was done in the movie Selma). Some thought a Black British actor should not have been considered for the lead in Get Out. I think they are all thought provoking arguments.
  4. When did she say that? Do you mean when Jaclyn forgot her own cover name and Stephanie said she would distance herself from her?
  5. Explain to me the hatetred of her, please. I don’t get it. She seems okay to me. Just a person who grew up with some privilege, that’s all.
  6. Lance Reddick has been in both The Wire and Oz.
  7. I think these kids are only mirroring what they see in the outer society. Right now the society is saying that they one percent has everything, so why even tru for the American dream, no matter what, you’re screwed.
  8. OMG, you are SO right. When I see him, it makes me sad; I remember Basquiat, (now I want to see Downtown 81). Anyway, Shawnice is too damn thirsty; I get it, she wants to be loved, she wants a husband, but she needs to take a chill pill! Doing a lap dance with your new husband, that you just met, at your wedding reception, in front of your family and friends and his family and friends? Not a good look. She needs to be with a partner who gets her. Jephte looks like a child to me. All of these couples seem mismatched because the experts are doing this for drama's sake. The woman whose fiancee died recently should NOT even be on this show. Neither should the man who quit his job "for love."
  9. I believe it is true that black men date outside the race more than any other race of men. If you listen to Black male entertainers, many of them have many negative things to say about Black women. If you go on YouTube you will be amazed at the negative comments made about Black women. We will have to agree to disagree.
  10. My UO is that I feel a lot of the Beth hate and Kevin Love has elements of racial unease there. There was even a post as how the actor who plays Kevin hasn’t gotten much recognition for his portrayal of Kevin. IMO, once again the white male must be front and center and if he’s not, something is wrong.
  11. Are you saying that Black women should just sit and wait for that prince? Why not be with men who appreciate you, regardless of their race? Do you find the show problematic because these women are in Europe? Interesting that Black men can date who they want and no one complains, but let a Black woman date a man oc another race, and there’s an issue. SMH.
  12. I don’t get the Beth hate, just because she’s not over the moon when it comes to screwed up Kevin. Yes, we all know how hard it is to be an attractive, wealthy white male in America.
  13. Amen to that. Kevin was driving drunk, he could have killed himself or an innocent person. I don’t blame Beth for not being a fan of his. I’m getting sick of Kevin’s poor me act too.
  14. I can’t wait for The Alienist. I’ve been waiting to see that on screen since I read the book, in the nineties. No show can and should last forever.
  15. Well no one died except Stroh. I liked the finale. They all just continue on, kind of like life.