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  1. S01.E09: Requiem

    I believe that the killer left it behind, when the police were searching the building. I think we see Conner pick it up.
  2. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    I can't wait for the reunion. I think Soledad O'Brian is going to do a great job. ETA: I saw a few clips of the reunion and...(putting behind spoiler tag)
  3. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    I'm having a problem with all of this anger being thrown at Michaela when everybody on this show has either killed someone or covered up a murder. Why suddenly is Michaela so wrong? Why is she the worst of the worst? I mean Wes actually killed Sam, Asher killed the DA (I think that's who she was), Frank killed Lila, Laurel might have killed her mother, etc.
  4. Okay Erika, I won't call you liar. I'll call you a call girl who got lucky. Better? I loved how Erika was all like, "I don't remember what I said" and BAM, there's a video of her saying just what Teddi said. Maybe Erika's brain is going to rot from all the yak hair on top of her head.
  5. Season 4 All Episode Talk

    I would love to ask these producers, "Where Did You Find These People?" especially the women. When Jaclin first came into the jail, she was a mess; she couldn't deal with being separated from her daughter, and since her first child died, I get that. I don't think anybody with young children should even be on this show. I realize that people who have young children go to jail, but they don't have a choice, these people do. Stephanie was a loon, I don't know what show she thought she was on. And Angele....damn I don't get how she made the cut to go onto this show. She needs some serious therapy. She must come from a place where she's never truly felt love and she acted like she'd never been loved by anybody until she came into the jail. Sad.
  6. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    Bravo. I don't get why Michaela is judged harsher than everybody else. If Simon wasn't gay, would people feel bad about what Michaela did? To me, him being gay came out of left field, we just found out this season. I sense people felt more for him when they found that out, even though he'd done all kinds of shit to Annalise. I liked that Michaela reminded Asher that he did murder someone, so let's not get on a moral high horse Asher. Sure, Michaela cheated, but shit, you're a murderer, who has never even been caught. My UO is I think this was a great SERIES finale. I think the show should end now. Annalise has done a great thing, she's come full circle. Michaela is the new Annalise, and she's embracing it. Connor and Oliver will get married and Asher, who's living in Laurel's old apartment will be the best man. Laurel might have killed her mother, or maybe not, but she knows something, she's finally got her son. Nate knows all their secrets. Bonnie is looking for love in the right places, and maybe she has a son (but who's the father?). I think the show can go out on this note or... Maybe they'll do like CBS did with The Good Wife. They created a spin off and put it on streaming. Maybe this show can continue without Annalise. We shall see.
  7. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    So should they have had a white woman or a white man play the Rosie Perez role? It would have been better if Rosie Perez played the English teacher/turned head of the drama department.
  8. S01.E01: Pilot

    Simon mentioned that his family were devout Catholics.
  9. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    Last season folks hated Simon and probably didn't care what the hell would happen to him. Today it's "poor Simon." I don't get it. I don't get why folks are so focused on what Michaela did, when the rest of them are pretty awful. Asher killed someone and everybody seems to have forgotten that. I don't feel sorry for Simon at all. He shouldn't have done what he did to Annalise. Had he not been a jealous asshole, he probably wouldn't have ended up the way he did. What Michaela did might not have been nice and kind, but as she told Annalise, she did what she had to do to keep the rest of them safe, which was why Annalise really didn't have much to say to her. As for her being morally compromised, well, all of them are. I mean, Laurel probably killed her own mother.
  10. S04.E15: Nobody Else Is Dying

    Interesting, interesting. Is that kid Bonnie’s son? He’s cute. I wonder who’s the father. Michaella went full on Annalise tonight. Glad Bonnie wasn’t the one in the car, but I kind of knew that. Nate has the files on all of them, I knew he didn’t destroy shit. So Laurel did kill her mom? What were those scratches on her arm? Cute baby. I liked this finale because there wasn’t any WTF moments at the end, just Annalise singing to a cute baby.
  11. I like this thread. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it because I find nitpickers kind of annoying buzz killers, but this show has so many issues that just aren't brought up at all. I don't need to have an entire episode of exposition, but sometimes I feel this show spends so much time on emotion and no time on real life at all. For example: What does Kate do for a living? When the show started, I think she was working for Kevin, then she got a job as a PA for a woman who had an annoying daughter, what happened to that job, did Kate give it up when she started singing, is she still singing? I know it's TV and not real life but sometimes when a person creates a show, they need to do some world building, i.e. "this is where these people live, this is what they do for a living, etc."
  12. S06.E10: Communication

    Ryan needs to understand that we are in the 21st century and expectations of marriage are different. My great-grandfather worked six days a week; my great-grandmother had three small children by the time she was twenty-three. Their life was probably more about survival. Ryan and Jaclyn aren't living like that, she wants to spend time with him, she doesn't just want a husband who brings home the bacon. I'm laughing at the whole "phone" issue. When I got my first cell phone in 1999, it was just that, a phone; today it's graduated to that and so much more. Jephte, however was right, it was stupid and Shawnice should have realized that too. She's too extra, she gets too emotional over everything. I don't think Jephte meant to be mean to Shawnice, he just thought the whole thing was stupid and didn't get why Shawnice wanted to.
  13. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I disagree. I don't like Deja but I like that her character exists. There's a woman on You Tube who is always talking about this. But on TV there's been The Cosby Show and Black-ish. Randall is quite privileged; and I wonder if he realizes this. The reason they even had that house (that sadly burned down) was because Jack's father gave him the money.
  14. S02.E18: The Wedding

    Maybe the "her" is a character we haven't met yet.
  15. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I watched Rise and I thought it was pretty good. Here's the thing though. I wonder if in real life, since this was based on a real person, there was a Rosie Perez character. The reason he was picked to be the head of the drama department was because he came cheaper than she. That's what he was told, that the school will spend money on football, but won't lift a finger for the drama department.