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  1. The name Michael does mean "he who is like God." I can't imagine Mike Schur just carelessly named him after himself for no reason other than narcissism.
  2. All Seasons Talk: Dunder-Mifflin HQ

    Especially since that final episode of season 8, she uses the word "Calibrate" correctly, repeatedly. Same girl who said "Is JLP a word? Like, I jlp you." But I did like the character!
  3. SNL in the Media

    A shared manic episode seems unlikely. She did say yes to the proposal. Puppy love is more likely.
  4. Nitpicking

    Yes. A ton. It's called a 1.5 story house and they are everywhere around here.
  5. Ocean's Eight (2017)

    They literally added her to the team because of how easily she blends in with the many other look-a-likes.
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I kinda wish them a Happily Ever After. I totally get why they would have bonded so strongly so quickly. Shared traumas. Plus his BPD and her crappy last relationship means they were both likely to get very attached very quickly. I wouldn't bet on their "marriage", but I will be happy if it ends up working out. They are both in rebounds though. It usually means they should think before they act. However, we haven't had a popstar's Vegas wedding in pop culture for a while. So I'll enjoy the show.
  7. S04.E17: Chapter Eighty-One

    I think Mateo wrote the book and is the narrator. But what do I know?! Just seems like a good reason to explain the focus on Mateo's family as the central unit.
  8. S01.E08: Heat Wave

    I think it's because Lena and Lisa sound pretty similar. They probably should have named her ANYTHING ELSE to keep from the confusion. However, I do have a friend John Thomas who no one has ever called "John". It's not impossible, but it is quite redundant.
  9. Her friends who love her stood up for her abuser. I would hope that my friends would stick up for me. Now Jason is an asshole for being a bad friend. No matter what he said, one of his friends was crying and he comforted the one who caused the tears.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Gave Me Cookie, Got You Cookie

    Absolutely go back and watch. I will tell you, seasons 1, 2 & 4 are really worth your time. 5 and 6 are complicated because they involve a lot of hiding of pregnant bellies. Three has hits and misses, but it's a bit of a letdown after 2 (which is the best by a mile).
  11. Same! People can be named anything.
  12. This Is Our Speculation Without Spoilers Topic

    How rude of this show to just bum us out for 4 months.
  13. Well, she is Oprah. Once her friends saw how her original dress photographed, they said it reads more white than it does in person. The other wedding attendants who wore beige were likely not going to be in (m)any photos, or they didn't mind the implication of upstaging the bride. We are talking about what she wore, so I have a feeling we would have been talking about her "white" dress too. On the official record, I loved her dress. It was so tea party and the color was amazing with her skin.
  14. SNL Season 43: Speculation and more!

    I'm a sucker for the pre-taped bits. This season I am going to be suuuuper predictable and say my favorites were "Come Back Barack" and "Friendos" plus the one where Chris Redd was the superhero sidekick. Of the live sketches, I liked Family Feud when Sterling K Brown was Common and Donald Glover as Lando. Girlfriend of a boxer (going to my sistahs house), Don Jr and I'M ERIC are my favorite recurring characters. I particularly loved when I'M ERIC was eating his Halloween candy wrong or when he called himself Derek. MVFP - Chris Redd. I never want to know SNL without him (until he leaves on his own good terms). Alex Moffat is a close second. MVP - Strangely, I think this was Kenan's strongest season. He's usually middle of the pack and consistent. This season he was in all of my favorite non-Update bits!
  15. S43.E21: Tina Fey / Nicki Minaj

    Oh heck yes! That would have been perfect, and no one could call "offense" to a freckled face mixed race woman playing a freckle faced mixed race woman. Plus, Maya is a much more likely choice. I suppose we will have Meghan Markle around for a while, so hopefully we'll get a Maya sighting in the coming years. Maybe when she gives birth to 7th in line to the throne.