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  1. SNL Season 44: Speculation and More!

    Yep! Double yep!
  2. The Good Podcast

    The Office. I spent hours and hours reading TWOP and OfficeTally when I started watching that show, and people were discussing so many small details. It changed the entire show for me. There were 6 pages on the Casino Night Episode merely discussing how Pam could move a coat hanger with an umbrella to make Dwight think Jim could actually move things with his mind. Also, The West Wing and Gilmore Girls, but they now have podcasts.
  3. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I was like "Ron Swanson, is that you?"
  4. True! I forgot about that (I tried to erase it from my mind) but it seemed like a very clear sign that nothing could happen with Greg now. They could have made Skylar a new Greg-like character, but maybe they want the messy backstory part too.
  5. I love Skylar Astin. Bring it on.
  6. Season One Talk: Making It!

    I loved the show. I loved the crafts. I love the support the contestants had for each other. I will never ever not love something Amy Poehler does, and I hope the show lasts 100 years. It was just so nice to have an hour break from the nastiness that is on every channel these days. It's why I watch GBBO on Netflix every chance I get. Plus, crafts are not something I can do, and I like feeling no jealousy towards to success of the contestants. Warm fuzzies all around. I love Amy in overalls.
  7. The Good Podcast

    We got Tiya today! Also, two episodes a forking week until the season 3 premiere? Wahoo!
  8. That cast. I love them. Kristen is wrapped in Will's arms? Why are they all so sweet?!? I'm gonna cry on this show's final episode.
  9. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

    I'm on it! That is what I thought, but I wasn't sure if I was trying too hard to see the meaning behind it. Glad to know my instincts matched the intended purpose. Thanks for helping me grasp it. I'll tell you what, I haven't had a movie stick with me a week after I saw it for a long time. So, it's definitely special.
  10. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

    Love how the sexy dude with the eye patch had his name bleeped out throughout the movie. IMDB lists him as "Mr. ________" lol Not entirely sure why they had Lily James do the voiceover for Tessa Thompson's white voice, as she was more than capable of doing a British accent. Apparently the director wanted the dubbed voices to not match perfectly. Still so lost on the horse thing. I mean, I kind of get the "work horse" thing. But it was weird enough before it got there. I work at a call center (I do not do any calls, I am in a different department) and I told my coworkers they should all see this movie. Lol, it's going to freak them out so much. I liked seeing Oakland be just a place people live, and not someplace scary and dangerous like it's always portrayed. I give the people behind this movie props for showing equal amounts of male and female nudity. It's always just naked chicks. At least we finally saw male (horse) nudity [cry-laughing-emoji]
  11. The Good Podcast

    Absolutely he's such a natural. To be honest, I know him from 3 Men and a Baby. I never watched Cheers! Doesn't mean I can't appreciate the nostalgia for what it was, of course. He's a lovely man and also, so freaking handsome.
  12. The Good Podcast

    I love how no one within the cast or crew of The Good Place calls him Ted. They all (including Mike Schur) call him Ted Danson. It's really cute. Also, Ted Danson being a fan of Kristen Bell before the show makes everything so much "good"er!
  13. I have so much dislike in my soul for Amy Sherman Palladino, and I find it quite unfair that Maisel wasn't submitted as a mini-series. Hopefully the more relevant Golden Globes will be able to include B99 in their nominations (I say hopefully because I do not know when the episodes will begin on NBC).
  14. I looked at an extended list because I was trying to see if Jane the Virgin got ANYTHING (they didn't) and I found Maya there. It's not on most overview lists. Her ceremony will be the week or two before at the Creative Arts Emmy's with all other guest actor nominees. Hoping she and SKB win for their guest spots on Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine respectively!
  15. Two nominations: Maya Rudolph got nominated for guest actress as the Judge.