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  1. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    Half a million reboots. Janet has just over 800. Derek is more advanced, but his brain is wrong, so maybe he needed a million reboots to be a full on Janet.
  2. The Masked Singer

    Oh, also, lemme add, the lion said nothing "Gold" was on her walls. Rumer has won a mirrorball trophy. I wonder if that's why she phrased it that way. Also, I think Scout is taller, but I definitely agree that she's the activist I first think of in the family. I have no idea how that is different. I may not know how to pronounce singer...
  3. S06.E02: Hitchcock & Scully

    He said "My wife and My dad" and before even thinking about who that actually is, I pictured Amy and Holt. I guess he's his dad to me. I didn't even think it was wrong for a half second or so.
  4. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    The good she did happened after she died, well, the effects happened after her death. She didn't have an opportunity to screw up after starting the charity because she literally died. She was like "people do not like us!" and I was like, "welcome, Gen"
  5. The Masked Singer

    No, they played it as a teaser to make it look like he said that to Monster. But when they came back, he said it to an actual former NFL player. It was to throw us off.
  6. The Masked Singer

    I was coming here to say this. I had the realization while brushing my teeth. I am too invested.
  7. The Masked Singer

    Tracy Turnblad says "the higher the hair the closer to God" in Hairspray. It's Ricky Lake. Poodle may kill me. I remain confused. Musical family, soul, exercise, stand up, not known for singing, San Francisco. WTF. Unicorn is boring. That hint makes me hope Tori Spelling can just go home now. Lion... whispers and fake news are RUMORS. I think it's not time for his comeback yet.
  8. The Masked Singer

    What is musical about Margaret's family? Also, why did she mention exercise twice? The poodle has me STUMPED. I am also backtracking on the Rabbit because JC's voice sounds more like Joey's than I remembered. It just seems like Joey's energy, but maybe JC is excited for the paycheck. Maya Rudolph is one of the guesses for the Poodle, not the alien. The alien is the one with many sisters, not the poodle. The alien says anonymity is hard to have in her family, but never indicates they are musical. So, maybe LaToya isn't it. I am running out of famous families with lots of sisters... Literally I began to think of the Gosselin kids because the twins are both 18 now. Seriously, I'm digging deep. David Foster also has a TON of kids, he's in the music business, most of them are girls. But Erin Foster is quite a bit less famous than Antonio Brown.
  9. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    I thought she said, "It's common, Terry" indicating she already forgot Charles' name after her told her. Your way makes more sense.
  10. The Masked Singer

    Lance has a very deep voice. Closer to Barry White than you'd think. Joey looks pretty healthy in pics I saw of him from last summer. The rabbit has a belly and seems hyper. Joey Joey Joey.
  11. S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    Not a dig at all. It's exactly what I expect from this show and The Good Place. Not sure how my wording made it seem out of place. I adore the diversity of this show and of my political party.
  12. S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    OMG, even the diversity of the committee was like "THIS IS OUR VISUAL FOR DEMOCRATS" and they were following the rules and taking too long. I did not make this connection to politics outside of the refugee comparison Jason made. Wow, must rewatch now that I realize that political subtlety. Also, I was curious why the only black guy on the committee had to do the hardest work and then ended up having to quit. Almost like he was the punching bag... the "Jerry Gergich" of the committee you could say.
  13. S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    Four Oreos from Heaven. New band name I call it!
  14. S06.E01: Honeymoon

    So happy to have this show back. I have been watching the first 5 seasons every night before bed since the renewal (I know, I like routine) and I forgot how much it sucks to wait between episodes. The good thing about Holt's consequences are that Amy will be on the same floor as the detectives. They don't have to find creative reasons to head downstairs (upstairs?) to include her in the story. I wanted a lot more Rosa, but this episode was wonderful and it felt just like old times. Didn't skip a beat.
  15. The Masked Singer

    Thoughts on the Poodle being Maya Rudolph? She sounds so much like her when she sings. Musical family, known for comedy but wants to be known for her voice. No clue if San Francisco fits at all. But "Your Honor" could be a reference to Maya as the Judge on The Good Place. Whoever the poodle is, they sound like Maya when they sing.