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  1. After reading every post on all 4 pages, Wow! Quite a campaign going on here. First, about Juan Pablo. Yes, he's a very good dancer. Yes, he's learned very well from Cheryl. Yes, they appeared to have a very good partnership. But it seems to me there's been questions about his fan base from the very beginning, questions about whether he was he getting the votes. Were his scores a little too high as if the judges are trying to help keep him in the competition. I've seen many here mention they "forgot" him or his dance. There was nothing particularly striking to remember. No drama. Yeah, so he just wasn't getting the votes. I don't think it was all that shocking really. It happens most seasons. Someone is really good but they get "shockingly" eliminated when really they just didn't have fan support. CAI, she can cry me a river. She knows how this works. She over scores one, another suffers the consequences. She's gone on rants before. I think it's more face-saving than anything else. Now, about Bobby. I follow him on Instagram. I haven't seen any bashing of other competitors. So I went looking on twitter, scrolling back a week. Still didn't see any bashing of other competitors. By "bashing", is that being defined as mentioning "I don't have experience like they do"? IMO that's just stating a fact. IMO that's not having a chip on his shoulder either. On Instagram, IMO, he's been pretty humble, repeatedly thanking his fans for voting for him or "if you can", "if you have time" could you please vote again. Is he supposed to forfeit because he's not as talented as the others (ohh but he better not say so!)? Monday night was he supposed to volunteer in tribute to take the place of Juan Pablo's exit? Of course not! He's a competitor. His whole life has been a competition to bring himself out of desperate poverty. DWTS is just another competition. Competitors compete. Is he hellbent on winning? LOL! I don't think he's that deluded, though he will say he's off to rehearsals to "go get that mirrorball". He's amazed enough as it is that he made it to the finals. On his twitter I noticed he had RT'd/replied to a couple presumably nasty tweets, taking a fairly gentle tone. I say presumably because not only were the tweets deleted by the originator, the whole account was deleted. Sometimes people tweet out stuff not really understanding that there is someone on the other end reading what they sent, they get embarrassed and delete. On his IG, he showed a lengthy rant from someone who was campaigning with a petition for DWTS to dump Bobby and bring back Juan (not gonna happen!). Bobby just quietly said to not do that. That it doesn't bother him but it gets his fans upset. Anyway, I'm just not seeing this horrible person being described. Finally, about Sharna. Yes, she's definitely "complicit" in Bobby still being on the show-she's his coach. She shouldn't be expected to quit on him or forfeit either. Of course she'll defend him against trolling, nasty messages on social media, in interviews, etc. It's part of the job. Same as any other pro has done. But of course, Sharna knows Bobby, unlike most of us. And I think she'd be very proud in the unlikely instance of winning an MBT with Bobby. Who's the greater challenge? Bobby or someone who can dance better? And yes, of course her fans will try their best to get that MBT for her. I doubt she will get it this time but I don't begrudge her fans from trying. All JMO!
  2. Week 8, Semi-Finals, and STILL 6 couples remain! I'm guessing there will be a double elimination tonight - at least I hope so! Hey! We've actually got to the semi-finals with no guest "judges". Excellent! Dedicated Dances: Bobby/Sharna: Oh I sooo don't like the cluster of audience/troupe around the raised stage usually to hide feet. He may not have missed any steps, I'm just not sure how many of those steps were salsa. Nice to mention those who are "really hurting" from the CA fires. (He's had this on his IG story a few times, so I wouldn't consider it a ploy for votes). Alexis/Alan: She's dedicating the dance to Alan? Really playing up the showmance, isn't she! She's a good dancer. I wish she (and Alan) didn't go this route. Besides, I thought this was all dedicated to her mother?? Looked like her feet come off the floor during that spin. That 10 was too high IMO due to the lift that CAI also saw and Len's lack of content critique. If Alan gets called back for next season, which I'd assume he will, he's going to get partners so TPTB can have another showmance. Who will take his career (on or off DWTS) seriously after this? Joe/Jenna: He didn't do much - or ANY - dancing. What was CAI impressed about. Can we now nickname him JungleJim Joe? At least Len admitted he didn't do much. 8-7-7 FOR WHAT!!!! So I guess he goes to the finals. And then these "judges" will look soooo heartbroken when a better dancer gets cut tonight. At least Bobby tries. Joe's whole schtick has been to not try and be accommodated for not trying. How cute! Juan/Cheryl: Beautiful! Straight on Argentine Tango. No messing around. No crowds on the floor. Classic! Yes, there was one out of sync moment and the body contact could have been a bit closer. But too many perfect scores are given for far-from-perfect dances. This one was well deserved! Evanna/Keo: That was beautifully and powerfully done. Glad that it was more uplifting than sorrowful. Good choreo from Keo. Awwww Keo just got me teary eyed. This is the farthest he's ever gotten. There's a real separation in the scores between the can-do's and the no-can-do's. I expect Milo will also get a perfect score. Milo/Witney: Another very good AT, though a little too dependent on lifts for my taste. Interesting scores. One point less than Alexis? I have to wonder how easily Milo is picking up these dances. I follow most of the pros on Instagram. Witney never shows him learning. All she posts with him are IG videos where they are goofing around, sitting around, teasing each other in rehearsals, but never anything of him learning the steps. I see Cheryl, Shauna at the studio late into the night teaching Juan or Bobby. Witney is off at concerts, meeting for her fashion line, hawking beauty products, etc. Curious. Judges' Choices Bobby/Sharna: Well...better than his first jive. What was he doing laying on the floor? Oh well. Bobby is Bobby. CAI has instant replay? That's new. 8s are his 10s! LOL! Alexis/Alan: Too many people on the floor and too many glaring lights. But I could still see some pretty glaring out-of-sync moments. She seemed to lose energy half way through and the sharpness in her kicks and flicks disappeared. This is an example of what I said earlier. A perfect score given for a far-from-perfect dance. My guess is they want her and her showmance in the finale and she needed some help from the scores that she didn't get from votes. Joe/Jenna: Whaddayaknow! That was actually a passable quickstep. You could drive a truck between them but much better and his frame was a little come-and-go, but by far his best dance. If that is all from a training session with CAI, then I really have to wonder about Jenna's teaching ability. Juan/Cheryl: Wow that was fun! Well done! Len makes an excellent point - both of Juan's dances were to proper music. Makes a difference. Evanna/Keo: That was very fast but she kept up the energy and sharpness throughout. I didn't see an error. Maybe there was but I didn't notice it. Milo/Witney: That struck me as a little weird. Nothing I could really put my finger on but something struck me wrong. Maybe I was too focused on him opening up his chest? I don't know. I don't see that as a 10 dance, so I disagree with Bruno. Wow! I understand their wanting Alexis in the finale if she's going on tour, but to sacrifice Juan is just wrong.
  3. Well, tomorrow night is the last time for voting. Maybe they'll have a twitter "vote" after the freestyles next week, IF there are freestyles next week.
  4. But there will be no voting on the final Monday night. The last vote will be Monday 11/12 after the semi-finals dances. Presumably the freestyles will be on the last night but only the judges will get to score them. Then they'll announce the winner and that will be that. Speaking of freestyles, I hope Keo is working with someone to develop some unique choreography. His choreography in the past has been somewhat dull and I'd like to see Evanna at least have a fighting chance. Then again, I haven't heard any of the pros mention freestyles yet. I believe the pros normally start working on them 2-3 weeks prior to the finale. I wonder if the production geniuses might skip the freestyles (which often involve a lot of stage production) and just have fusion dances instead.
  5. That's interesting. But I'm sure they'll still find a way to override a bad viewer choice for winner. I doubt they would risk the whole "stature" (or being viewed as a joke) of the show for Joe and Bachelor Nation. They could also dust off the 2 and 3 paddles for next week.
  6. Don't worry. The judges always make the choice from the 3 finalists. The viewers select the finalists and then on Tuesday, the final show, there's one more dance where the judges can adjust the scores to get the "winner" they want. Remember Bristol? She was knocking people out left and right with her Mom's fans and the Vote For The Worst group. They just adjust the scores on the last dance. If they like how the scores and votes played out, only then do they give everyone 10s. The show would "jump the shark" if it ever let Joe "win".
  7. Cast In Other Projects

    I noticed in the credits on the trailer that Natasha Bure is in the film. She's Candace Bure's daughter. So there's another connection, I guess for both Maks and Peta. On Natasha's IMDB, the film is show in "post-production" which is normal after filming is done. I had to laugh that the premise is Peta teaching someone to dance. Sooo original!
  8. Country Week Ohhhh boy, the dreaded double elimination! Can they PLEASE stop saying YeeHaw! John/Emma: Emma does a good job coming up with cute routines that her partners can handle (Jenna! Heads up!). The only reason I don't mind all the extra dancers on the floor is that John is so tall, he's easy to spot in the crowd. This whole lead-up seems overly emotional. Is he feeling the danger of low scores last week? A desperation move? I don't know but I did enjoy the dance. Not sure what to make of the scores. Evanna/Keo: Ouch! 2nd to dance. They really really don't like her (or him?), now do they! She's got the light & shade and the fast & slow but too many stop & poses. It's supposed to flow, constantly move from one action to the next. This is Keo's fault. But definitely one of the better rumbas that I've seen on this show. Hold on CAI. She's not becoming a ballroom dancer by speed learning one dance a week. But I agree that Evanna is coming along wonderfully (though she was never as awkward as Kelly Osbourne starting out). Juan Pablo/Cheryl: Do you get the impression that most of the stars and pros (with a few exceptions) don't really like country music? I'm picking up some mockery going on. Wow this is fast and loads of steps. Not much Charleston and what looked like a flub at the end when sweeping his leg over Cheryl. I really didn't care for this and much of the problem I think was the song. Perfect score? I get the feeling they're trying to save him. No way was that a perfect "Charleston". Joe/Jenna: Let's see. Dark floor, lots of troupe with similar outfits, flashing lights straight at the cameras (our eyes), yep! All she forgot was fog on the floor. It wasn't bad for week 1 - stiff, awkward, heavy footed - except this is week 7. I do think the "over-confidence" in the package was all a producer-driven script. Milo/Witney: His posture, at least in hold, has definitely improved. A nice foxtrot. Did not like the interruption in the middle to gaze at the singer. The camera should be on the competing dancers at all times. They can gaze at the singer during pro dances. An awful lot of 10s tonight. DeMarcus/Lindsay: She's spinning and dancing like crazy while he mostly swayed in place. A little balance issue as he was dragging her across the floor. While dragging her in a circle, he actually tipped back on his heel - I've never seen anyone do that. They even showed it in replay during judging. It's a wonder no one mentioned it. Alexis/Alan: Oh please! He has feelings for her and gets all kissy. Didn't any of the male pros pull him aside after last week's show? Oh well. A passable samba. She just doesn't move her hips. CAI tried to explain her problem saying she dances too high. She doesn't dig down into the floor which has been a problem with all her dances. No way was that worth any 10s. Bobby/Sharna: What's with all the breakaways to gaze at the singer? His posture is a mess, his frame is a mess, at one point he was running across the floor in little baby steps. But boy! He sure is trying! He was so happy for 8s. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I just like this guy. Team Bobby: Some sync issues. Evanna blended right in with the lady pros. The men's choreo was simple enough that Bobby could keep up. Good job. That's a very high score. Sets a high bar for Team Joe. Team Joe: How many ways can they hide Joe? LOL! Even riding a bull while the others dance. But on the lineup at the table, they put him right up front! Go figure! But they kept every one moving and mixing it up so it was hard to follow anyone. Ohhhh Thank goodness Evanna is safe. I hope this gets her tons of votes tonight. I can think of 2 others I'd rather see go before John. Oh well.
  9. Interesting. I had the opposite opinion of them on SYTYCD. Lindsay, to me, was the better technician while Witney was better at flirting and cheesing for the camera. It left me with the impression that Witney, being knockout gorgeous, got used to getting away with more and Lindsay, being beautiful but not on Witney's level of gorgeous had to work at it more. Now on DWTS we see that Lindsay having always had to work a little harder, seems to be better at coaching, at least to me, and Witney either does well or checks out. All just my opinion of course. I do agree completely about DeMarcus. Seeing him next to Rashad really showed the difference and Lindsay has been covering a lot. Yes, he's tremendously strong, and yes, she does love to fly, but he's not so great as a dancer.
  10. Halloween Week Milo/Witney: Creepy. I wonder if she choreographed it. (Did she choreo the I'll Be Watching You dance with Frankie?) Unfortunately with Witney, I think there's always the question because she's generally not forthcoming about when she gets help. Oh well. That's her choice. As for the perfect score? A little surprised Len liked it. I guess it was technically good for what passes for contemporary on this show. John/Emma: John's moves seemed too small and too soft, especially when in hold. Numerous small goofs but the 6s seemed a bit low. DeMarcus/Lindsay: That did not look like a salsa! (Granted, there is more leeway for Halloween, but all weeks are some kind of theme so I do expect the assigned dance to be done.) He really is stiff in the hips. Even in his little demo for Len, he was moving his knees, not his hips. He spent way too much time just standing in one place, and of course Lindsay compensates with lifts. All this is ignored by the "judges". His votes must have fallen off after being compared to Rashad. 8s were extremely generous, the 9 was ridiculous. Evanna/Keo: It seems Evanna has spent the whole season so far getting 'less than' judges comments and 'less than' scores so maybe if she just stops caring what they think, it'll turn things around. A very sharp tango and the comments certainly sound different. The scores are up where I think she should be. Just hoping these are just not parting gifts. Bobby/Sharna: Sorry Bobby, no sympathy for your schedule. You knew what your schedule was before signing up for this. As for the dance, another creepy one! They're really into cracking necks tonight. I wish Sharna could straighten out his posture. Very simple choreography but executed well (except for the posture). Mary Lou/Sasha: something looks wrong with her walking in hold, at one point looking like she was falling foward. I wonder if she's got some kind of torso injury going on. Her shoulders were up around her ears. Not a good dance. Hate to say it but I think the 8s were overscores. Alexis/Alan: Wow she's really going the full-on showmance route! I hope Alan does do some serious thinking before he follows her (any farther) down this route, like about his career and his future on this show. A showmance once becomes a showmance every time. The producers will try their best to make it so! The dance was cute. She's very pretty but that doesn't mean she has to dance soft and pretty, but she does, every dance! Why is she dressed like Mrs. Santa Claus? Why is she all giggly like a 12 year old at the mention of her showmance package? Argggh! These two are giving me a headache! Some good pro dances tonight. I like this hallway one. So Val is...dramatic drumroll...going on tour. Of course he is. Joe/Jenna: Well, it wasn't awful. So I guess that's an improvement. His rear was hanging out a mile or so and his posture is attrocious. Why is he out of breath? He was mostly just standing while Jenna used him as a jungle gym. Except the last lift where he dropped her into his crotch. But I'm sure he'll live on as his fans persist in torturing him. Juan/Cheryl: Very enjoyable. And it was a clean jive. I hadn't been connecting with Juan but he's starting to grow on me. I wouldn't mind seeing Cheryl getting another MBT. Oh Mary Lou. It was time.
  11. Maybe that's why so many of the songs don't match the dances in timing
  12. If this is about my comment about shoehorning a dance style into music that doesn't fit, that was not a criticism of Keo. Just the opposite actually. He did the best he could with what he was given. Production chooses the dance style and music. It used to be that the pro would submit a list of songs they would like that would be fitting for all the various dances that might be assigned. I don't know if the pros still do that. But just for the record, I like Keo just fine.
  13. Time for the seasonal 2 hour promotion for Disney. How's ratings for the Juniors show? They're certainly pushing promotion of the kids show. (Still pushing Emma/Sasha too I see.) Alexis/Alan: I saw on IG that some were already complaining about "cultural appropriation". Disney already did that so I can't really blame the couples for doing what they're assigned. When I see all that fog, I really look closer. In that first spin, it looked like both feet came off the floor. Will CAI notice? Anyway, Alexis is a very pretty dancer, very light on her feet and this week I think it worked for her. Is there something going on between these two? There were so many double-entendres in the judges' comments. High scores for the first couple. Juan Pablo/Cheryl: Ha! Cheryl seems a little over the whole Disney thing. A few too many theatrics (and too many troupe dancers) for my taste but it was entertaining. I had to double-check what the style was supposed to be. Oh yes, a Viennese Waltz. Okay. At least Cheryl wasn't selling sex this week. When he gets down to straight-up dancing, he's quite good. He doesn't have to be Christian or William or Gilles. Same score as Alexis? Is this going to be a 10s-fest tonight? DeMarcus/Lindsay: Usually he looks light on his feet but tonight his footwork looked very heavy and labored. Sure, there were lots of lifts. Lindsay loves being lifted. But considering the dislocated finger, she could have eased up a little. The scores don't really reflect the gushing at the judges table. What's up with that! Evanna/Keo: Gosh! Who's "singing" - this is horrible! This is one of the problems with theme weeks - trying to shoehorn a dance style into music that just doesn't fit. That was jam-packed choreography and she executed very well, but the song just didn't work...and the judges aren't acknowledging that. They're talking around in circles making it seem she did something wrong, and she didn't. But of course, they can't criticize the music selection or dance style, so they blame Evanna. Not fair! And the 8s do not reflect all she did. Her dance quality is up in the 9s category, compared to the scores others are getting. Joe/Jenna: He really loved going to Disneyland...Not! He put some effort into that and it wasn't completely bad. He was out of sync most of the time and I didn't see much jive. That middle section where he just stood there while the troupe ladies walked around him...that confused me. Of course, I never saw the movie so maybe that has some significance? Anyway, he perseveres. Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli - interrupted by a weekly test of the emergency broadcast system. Way to go Time Warner/Spectrum! Mary Lou/Sasha: I did not care for this choreography - it seemed like this stunt, now that stunt, now another stunt. Nothing seemed connected. I didn't notice this great revelation during the dance. Sasha's flying tumblesault just seemed strange. Ah well, I'm sure she's good for another week. Jordan really struggling with that song - too low for him perhaps? John/Emma: Amazing how every.single.star who's ever been on this show and made it to Disney week just looooves Disney. Uh huh. But good job with a tough dance. His arms kept dropping (fatigue maybe?) but he'd remember and pull them back up again (or Emma yelling at him during the dance?) Bobby/Sharna: Very nice. A sweet dance. I can see the effort he's making. Sometimes he hits, sometimes he misses. But he seems to be having the time of his life. And that, to me, counts alot. Milo/Witney: A little out of sync at the beginning, way, way too much space between them, long break in hold in the middle. Will any of this be mentioned for the featured movie/dance? Well, at least Len mentioned the spacing. The 10 is ridiculous! Well that was quite a fake-out for no elimination. I'm sure it'll give DeMarcus and Alexis fans a little scare to vote harder.
  14. I've only just now watched Monday's trio dances. There's no sense at this point for writing a review on all couples, so I'll just offer up a few thoughts. Whoever picked these trios did a miserable job. By having a 3rd who is the same sex as the star means that the dance will feature the pro. It's very rare that the pro is able and inclined to throw attention to the star throughout the whole (or most of the) dance. More commonly, the pro sucks up all the attention. Only Bobby and Juan Pablo escaped this treatment. I think Bobby may have selected long-time friend Lindsey. No idea how Juan Pablo got Melissa. Also, some matchups did the star no favors, such as Mary Lou - Nastia with her long limbs made Mary Lou look like a clunky fireplug. Or Alexis with look-alike Maddie (why wouldn't she admit to Dance Moms?) - I had a hard time telling them apart. The only memorable trio (memorable in a good way) by the end of the show was, to my surprise, John and Emma. The dancing wasn't all that remarkable but the concept and choreography was great. She kept both moving and she kept it looking dramatic regardless of the quality of the movement. Milo IMO did not deserve 10s. After criticizing Evanna for insufficient hip action in her salsa (with a novice), Milo and Ryker had pretty much zero hip action...and Ryker is highly trained in ballroom, having competed against Witney, Lindsey, etc. prior to SYTYCD days. Joe/Jordan - what a waste of time! As for Tinashe, I've read through every comment on this thread and the question pounding in my head for all four pages is, to those crushed over her elimination, Did.You.Vote??? Rhetorical question. Some already admitted to not voting. You're angry that others didn't vote for your favorite when many of you couldn't be bothered to vote yourselves. Who struck up conversations with her core fans (the ones constantly tweeting their adoration to her), explaining voting to them and how to set up many many accounts on the website? Who explained that tweeting, hashtagging, instagramming is not voting to her fans? Most stars are only vaguely familiar with the show and certainly have no clue how voting/scoring works. For some stars, like pop singers, I wouldn't expect their fans to be familiar with the show either. I don't know what Brandon did, if anything, to get her fans engaged in the process. Maybe some picked up the phone. Maybe not. But it happens every season. Someone with talent gets eliminated simply because, IMO, they didn't stand out, their fans didn't engage, and there was little or no attempt to develop new fans. What I do know is, everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone can have their most and least favorites, and NO ONE on this site should feel compelled to append their opinions on this site with "and I'm not a racist". It's Saturday night and this week is done! Here's hoping for a better experience next week.
  15. I didn't really take this as whining. To me it seemed more like he didn't do as well as he'd hoped so he really needs the votes. I'd agree that he didn't do all that great so the only way to survive is to ask for votes. YMMV.