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  1. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Peta must have deleted it. All that's left is a pic of her + Maks on the plane and another on the beach.
  2. General Gabbery: DWTS

    Some of these pros seem to have photogs following them around all the time taking pics for their social media. Who took this picture? What - did Val ask a waiter to take pics while he proposed? Or is this a re-enactment? The Houghs do it all the time. Julianne + her husband go to Paris - wonderful city, romance galore! - except they bring a photographer to document the vacation (she admitted it on one of the IG pics at the time). Derek travels with Michelle (I think that's her name) who I think doubles as photographer/personal assistant. What a weird way to live thinking you have to document everything in your life for social media. Anyway, yes, I got a laugh too when I saw this on Sharna's instastories. Best wishes to both Jenna and Val, though not so sure how long this will last. Jenna's worked hard for her super thin dancers body - wonder how willing she is to give it up for a baby. I seem to recall Val saying something to the effect that he's not so much looking to get married but he's anxious to become a father.
  3. In The Media: DWTS

    I believe Nyle DiMarco (S22) was openly out on a previous reality show he won (fashion or modeling or something) but he chose to keep it quiet while on DWTS.
  4. S26.E04: Finale

    Oh yes, I just realized that no one lifted the awardees on their shoulders. Also the MBT looked quite a bit smaller and lighter than other MBTs. Usually they need 2 hands to hold it but Jenna was easily holding it in 1 hand while hugging people. Also as of 1158pmEST Val hasn't tweeted. DanceWithMe tweeted out a congrats but nothing from Val. Hmmm. Maybe he's in flight?
  5. In The Media: DWTS

    Ahhh thanks! I saw someone in the other thread also mention 3 dances and I was trying to figure out what did I miss. Yes, he did a little jive in the dance-off. Totally forgot about that.
  6. In The Media: DWTS

    3 Ballroom dances? I count 2. Cha Cha-week 1 Quickstep-week 2 Contemporary-week 3 Jazz-week 4
  7. S26.E04: Finale

    No surprises tonight. I didn't bother with a write up since the ending was a foregone conclusion but just a couple thoughts: Tonya: A lovely Viennese Waltz. A little wobble at the beginning and at times she looked like she was muscling through it but overall a great job. But that freestyle was awful. The whole beginning where she was dancing and twirling on her own, she looked labored and very unflattering and made me think of something out of middle school. Sasha really let her down. But of course all 10s as is traditional for freestyles. Josh: For his Foxtrot he looked a little stiff at times and Sharna was really carrying the load here. But that freestyle was awesome! He was strong, powerful, commanded the floor and Sharna frequently stepped back to dance with the troupe. Great job and fitting for him (no this would not work for most contestants). Adam: Jazz was cute but nothing unusual or different. How does he get Contemporary last week and Jazz this week? He basically got 3 freestyles. That freestyle was strange. Parts that I think were supposed to be in synch weren't. Much of it underlit. Nigel Lythgoe would probably love it on SYTYCD but waaaay too outside the box here. Inventive, yes. Well executed, no. Unusual that judges critiqued it (first time all season!). I suspect the 28 score was to close the gap so Adam wasn't so far ahead of Josh. They were trying to create a little suspense (or throw Sharna a little kibble). Before the freestyles, they put Adam a whopping 3.6145% over Josh. After the freestyles, Adam was only 0.585% over Josh. If more time had been given for voting, it's possible Josh could have won since I think Sharna's fans (and those fans who don't like Jenna) could have pulled out a win but with, what was it, 3 minutes to vote? Not much could be done. But at least it appears Sharna wasn't completely trounced by Jenna - that's what I mean by throwing her some kibble. In reality, the awardee was known from the start and the path was cleared for him.
  8. In The Media: DWTS

    They also have approximately 3 weeks of rehearsal footage before the season even starts to assess each contestant.
  9. S26.E03: Week 3

    I believe that is true. In fact, there's an article online that discusses the making of the MBT and how they purposely keep it to some nominal value, IIRC it's valued at $20-$25 purposely so it can't be construed as a prize. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers are paid the same amount since they participated in the same number of weeks.
  10. In The Media: DWTS

    Here's the link: 98 Breaking the Ice Part 1-Tonya Harding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXGFzvbxZCE On the right side of the screen you'll see parts 2-3-4 or just click on genuinecap 's name to see all that person's videos. Looks to be about 30 minutes total.
  11. S26.E03: Week 3

    I think maybe you've zeroed in on the problem. For those who follow skating closely, you and they have gotten to "know" Mirai a little bit and are familiar with her humor, shade, snark, etc. (whatever you want to call it) But for the rest of us, we don't know her from anybody. We don't know when she's joking or just being spoiled, entitled or bratty. We hear the things she says and of course we'll make conclusions about her (as we do about all the contestants). Her error, IMO, was in thinking that the general audience is composed of avid Olympic skating fans and of course we'd know when she's joking and when she's not. She would have been better off minding her comments, just being cheerful and eager to do well. Three episodes where she is just one of many, really isn't enough time to give the general audience a chance to get to know her. Also, if she's trying to be like Adam and his snark, that's a big mistake. Better to figure out your own personna than to try to take on someone else's. Adam (who I'm not a fan of) is being true to himself and his own personality, or at least that which he chooses to present to the world. She's not him so of course his personality isn't going to work on her.
  12. In The Media: DWTS

    Ahhh thanks! You know, it really puzzles me. She has been so resistant to saying I'm sorry. But having said it once in an interview, why not just say "I have apologized and I'm still truly sorry but it's time for me to move on" or something like that. It's such an issue for her, certainly she'd remember and once you've broken through that wall, what's the big deal...or why is she making it a big deal. I don't know how many have said it just here, nevermind the whole DWTS audience, myself included, if only she'd apologize THEN I could support her. I don't get it! Now...off to look for Breaking the Ice video. Thanks again.
  13. In The Media: DWTS

    IIRC Nancy was "proclaimed" snooty by the media covering the Disney parade. She herself said she felt embarrassed having this parade and being the center of attention. She was tired and just wanted to go home, made a non-pc comment on a hot mic and has forever since been lambasted for it. It's kind of become a thing for famous people to say (with cheesy fake enthusiasm) "I'm going to Disneyland" after completing some athletic accomplishment and some announcer asks "what's next for you". It's like they are being encouraged/arm-twisted into participating in a Disney commercial. Also, please correct me if I'm under the wrong impression but wasn't I Tonya just theatrical point-of-view and not a documentary? I don't even think it was categorized as a docu-drama. Also I saw Margo Robbie on ET regarding some other topic and she was asked if she would go support Tonya at DWTS. She said she'd try to attend. She looked like she was caught off-guard (my impression) so I'm not sure if she was actually interested or just giving a polite response.
  14. In The Media: DWTS

    I would also like to see the video and I appreciate your effort in re-finding it. Thanks!