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  1. Does it cost extra for them to call a loved one a c*nt? Just asking for a friend...
  2. That hair color is similar to what Robbie's awful dye job is, so maybe they got a twofer at their local SuperCuts. She cant be pregnant without actual sex so...yanno...She will never change until/unless TLC cuts her off once and for all.
  3. I gotta say, girl looks GREAT without that loser sack of shit attached to her life. She's in school, she has braces, she's taking charge of her life. Good for her. I loathed her when first we all met her, but now I want her to succeed in spite of Jorge the Liar. I also would like her to divorce his ass and move on. But I still dont understand who is paying for her school, braces, living expenses, Apple watch, and new car...does anyone know if she's working too or maybe she's living wisely off her TLC payments?
  4. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Did anyone else notice this...At the end, when they all got up off the couch, I heard Darcey say something to Jesse? I heard her say his name, then I think he didn't reply and was turned shaking hands or maybe just back turned to her not engaging, and she was like "umm", and then she tottered off set stage left...Did anyone else see that? I immediately thought she was trying for some hate hookup after the show because she's nothing if not consistent.
  5. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    IF Rhylee is useless, which remains to be seen though Thebes harbingers of editing seem to be telegraphing this hard, The it is not because she is female, but rather because she is a snotty ass who has an attitude problem and is closed to learning because SHEISACAPTAININALASKADAMMIT and she knows everything already because again, SHE IS A CAPTAIN (of a fishing boat) IN ALASKA. I loathe her already and we’re only two in. ETA: I know t( editing monkeys are trying to do a switch and bait on it being Rhylee or Caroline who is kicked off the boat...do we have a betting pool going on this yet....or could it actually be Chandler instead???
  6. S37.E02 The Chicken Has Flown the Coop

    Am I the only one rooting for an 'awakened' Cowgirl/Lyrsa situation? Also, WHY is that pasty white dude, the screenwriter, on the Goliath tribe? And where have we seen him on TV? He looks entirely useless and like he should be on the David tribe. And if they're as per the end of the show, then how can they continue to call this season David vs. Goliath???
  7. And that a Louboutin stiletto can cause The TRAUMA... I don't drink so I'm saying this from that perspective...I think she has an issue with alcohol and probably uses it when she's stressed out as a way to dull the insanity in her head, of which there seems to be a lot! I feel there are a lot of levels of 'drinking problems' and that she likely has one, though perhaps not on a level of say, I drink to black out on a daily basis level, if you know what I mean. She has something wrong with her, but then so does Jesse. They're likely both narcissists and feed off one another...yanno...INTHENAMEOFLOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE...*insert puking emoji here*
  8. S06.E02: Foam, Party of One

    Foam Boy is the biggest fuckwit loser and as much as I adore Captain Lee, I think less of him for insisting this drunken petulant asshole is a good guy and a good friend...Seriously Captain Lee?!? Rhylee hon, wearing a see through white dress for a work related social gathering is not classy or smart. I’m a woman and I wouldn’t take you seriously after seeing how you present yourself. And as much as I think Bosun Boy was wrong saying you lost it in the van (that’s not how I heard it), you don’t talk like that’s to your bosun, even I know that and I’ve never worked on a charter yacht. Your mouth is a fishing boat sewer, class it up if you wanna make it in the world of yachting. Verbal chum isn't going to get you far as a yachty. Kate is such a refreshing air after the debacle that was BD/Med this year. Her deadpan descriptions are gold. I'm still out on Josiah, I can’t tell if he’s good or a shit stirring bitch. Caroline is psycho and shouldn’t be on a boat or any confined space. South African douchenozzle, he’s like JWow but less of an asshole at first glance. The Kiwi dude should be bosun. The bosun should be off the boat and never in charge of anyone in a work setting. The chef is a dream, no drama, just great food, exactly as it should be. But he's a titch creepy in the hair department.
  9. Congrats on your sobriety.
  10. A lot of people care or the bridal/wedding jewelry industry wouldn't be as huge as it is. Potato, Potahto, YMMV. In other news, if I never hear IN THE NAME OF LOVE opined ever Ever EVER E.V.E.R. again it'll be too soon. Eternal damnation is hearing INTHENAMEOFLOVE over and over and over and over and over and over for all eternity, in Duhrcey's whiny voice.
  11. So...MyeKhul...Taking out your handkerchief and wiping your DRY EYES does not make anyone think you’re actually, Yano, CRYING. Nice try Nigerian scam amateur. And to be clear, he took the damn money, no questions about it. His reaction is one I’ve experienced many times over there when someone is trying to evade and deflect. I can’t only assume he decided a life with GrAngela was going to be hell on earth so he decidedly to at least get out of it with whatever cash he could. in Lagos, $600 will buy a lot of roasted meat at street carts...or a new mobile phone...or buy provisions for mom for quite a while. I can’t feel bad for her, she’s an idiot too. Something is really wrong with Spaetzel. I mean as in she comes off as a battered woman at some point. It’s not fun to watch and TLC show runners are pieces of shit for exploiting her. Darcey? NEWSFLASH: Your daughters wold probably be thrilled to hear you and Jesse broke up...And I doubt they give two shits about who you boink. In fact, I’d be the good money you embarrass the living hell out of them. But you’re too narcissistic to ever really get it. I hope Jesse had to pay for both rooms himself, and that he had NO FUN AT ALL in NYC. I sure he thought he’d be cavorting around on TLCs dime... So Pole the Idiot departs for home to make more money because he’s run out, yet he leaves Kreeny in the we’re squatting in with a SHIT TON of, well, SHIT. How is she going to pay for that shithole if there’s no more money? And if she’s headed back up the Amazon until he returns, she’ll need a barge to get all those plush toys up river so they can rot in the humid, dank rainforest, who’ll pay for the boat to haul all that shit? This show blows.
  12. We *are* still talking about GrAngela, yes?
  13. S06.E01: We're Not in the Caribbean Anymore

    That 'mansion' is as tacky ass as Steve is. Oy vey. Seriously, the interior looks like your basic Mexico touristo condo except with a lot of empty space in it. The pink and blue neon night lighting? Tacky. The menu? Tacky. More like the menu from a Mexican Riviera 'Chilis" type of place, not what I'd consider 5+ stars. The whole schtick looks cheesy and the type of place someone like Angela on 90 Days would consider 'lugJUReUS'. Not surprised given Steve's penchant for yelling like a stupid moron whilst being blotto drunk and demanding BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a douchenozzle. Oh, and he's definitely oogling Cupid, no doubt about that.
  14. But you're watching TLC and that's what they're about, lying to create more drama...Ditto BravHo...it's their thing so if we're going to watch those channels I think we all have to accept the fact that what we're watching is more like "Fictional Reality" or "Altered Reality", but full on reality? Yeah, no way.