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  1. Sandy has turned into a real bitch this season, and a piss poor captain. She swans about cluelessly while Kasey can't do shit because she lied on her CV, but Hannah gets shit about that nonetheless. The cherry on that shit sundae is Sandy sniping that even though Kasey lied all over her CV it's somehow Hannahs fault for not training her better. WTF? To add insult to injury, the previews where Sandy is cooing praise on Kasey for doing basic shit she lied about knowing how to do is bullshit. That's hardly being a good leader. In addition, Sandys recent scolding of Colin on social media for calling Joao out for the new creeper he is, that is beyond fucked up. Sandy makes a BFD about being a woman captain, yet she has no fucks to give about a male crew member behaving in ways towards her female stews that to many of us comes off as being sexual harassment, predatory, and just overall pervy as hell? She's full of shit. She needs to take several seats and shut the fuck up. She should have known how Joao was behaving and fired his ass along with Kasey.
  2. I wonder if Livi moved after Luis left. I sort of think the only reason she would come back is because she feels obligated to care for and protect her little sister, which in and of itself is a pretty sad statement on Molly's parenting skills. I sort of hope Livi doesn't come back because Molly seems to assume she is her personal baby sitter and de facto parent when Molly is busy doing other non parent shit. Molly is a shit parent.
  3. Azan/Hassan is about as devout a Muslim as Luis is a devout Christian...they both use their religion as a weapon in their scams, but they are blatant sinners in any religion. Two pieces of shit in the same sidewalk crack of life.
  4. Joao behaves like a sexual predator, there's nothing wrong with another man, Colin, calling his stank ass out publicly. Sandy is more concerned with her BravHo job than calling out misogyny happening right under her clueless nose. She's a real piece of work...
  5. It's photoshopped, it's not real. She has put eyelashes on her eyes, re-contoured her chin to cartoon proportions (hehe, my auto spell wrote cuntour, probably more appropriate), and she's airbrushed her face and I think her hair. There's no way she could lose that much weight, she is incapable of doing anything that would be healthy and good for her.
  6. I know people think she's lost weight but, given her total lack of impulse control and the need to have whatever she wants whenever she wants it, I find that hard to believe. Arent there apps to make you appear much thinner? That's what I feel like I'm seeing...
  7. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    The Great Disappearance of Katherine Dennis: 2018 Edition seemed fake ass fake to me. First of all, why the hell would Katherine even agree to have that shown on TV when she knows her baby daddy is a vengeful and spitful PoS and would very likely use this footage as ammo against her in any further custody battles? That alone makes ZERO sense to me. Second, why would Katherine want to appear to be on a bender and off the wagon when she's worked so hard to get her shit together - custody battle aside - why would she want to have herself portrayed that way? Again, it makes ZERO sense to me. Annnnd, that's all the brain power I'm willing to expend on that flaming pile of BS. Re: Craig...dude has problems and seems like he has mental health and substance abuse issues. I can't help but wonder what his parents are doing right this minute. They must watch the show, right? They must see what we see, right? They seemed like normal people who would do anything to help their son so I cannot fathom they could watch this season and NOT drive down there and pack him up and take him home to wherever it is he's from. Craig, Charleston and you need to break the fuck up already, you're not a good match. The shitty bracelet thomas (I refuse to capitalize that disgusting bastard's name) gave Assley was priceless! She was sooooo disappointed. Can you imagine what their convo was while she watched last week's episode and saw him contemplating getting her a Ravenel family coat of arms ring? Hahahahahhahahahahaha, that alone should be cold comfort to us Assley loathers! She could have had a solid gold Ravenel family heirloom to flash about but instead she got a shitty silver or titanium bracelet that looks like a dog collar. Justice, meet Assley. The entire scene with Assley whinging and crying to Miss Pat about her and thomas was beYOND cringe worthy. You could tell Miss Pat's thought bubble was 'Oh dear, how do I get this woman out of my house as soon as possible?!?' Clearly Ass doesn't understand the Southern way because if she did she'd realize that just because Miss Pat takes you shopping, does not mean you can cry all over her about your scammy relationship with thomas. What an idiot Ass is. I really dont know if I can watch next season if they force her on to the show. She's so awful and disgusting as a human being, with nary a redeemable characteristic to her name. Honestly? I'd rather watch dog shit melt in the hot Charleston sun than watch another season with her in it. Good for Austen for 86ing Victoria. Dude, in the future, if a chick wants to get with you, and you've dated her friend and she knows that already, that should be a red flag that this chick aint right. Victoria is a bitch, and has a lot of nerve bitching to Chelsea about being handsy with Austen when she knowingly went for her friend's fresh ex. Naomi is officially redeemed with last night's episode wrt Craig and any animosity she might harbor for him. I imagine any semblance of organization and cleanliness we saw at their abode as a couple was due to her, because clearly Craig cant clean one square inch of anything by himself. His house must stank so bad. And I wonder if his life coach has quit him already...
  8. As a woman, Kasey is an embarrassment. She has an over inflated, overentitled sense of self esteem when, in reality, she is a rather mediocre looking young woman with a bad dye job and nice tits and ass, who is used to flaunting her body for attention, so that people don't see how useless she Actually is. I doubt when she was photographed in a bikini wearing a flower crown, anyone was looking at her mad stew skills. It was mind blowing to hear she had someone embellish her CV and she had no idea what was even on it! I mean, WHO does that?!? And when she said putting Barista and Service on her CV made her seem 'like some super human' or however she worded it, I nearly spit my drink! I guess in Spacey Kasey World, knowing how to make coffees and serve dinner formally is akin to graduating from MIT with a doctorate in quantum physics or something...
  9. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    Ay yi yi, I could barely get through this season opener, it was that boring and tedious for me. I'm soooooo fucking tired of all the angsty hand wringing and whinging about how stressful and terrible these rich people's lives are! Seriously, they all seem to have a shit ton of money, they live in amazing homes, I mean who is able to pick up and leave their gorgeous NYC brownstone to go live in a modern glass home in the Palisades or wherever Helen and Vik's new home is?! You need to be pretty wealthy to do that and yet, they're never - and I mean NEVER - happy about anything. These characters suck the life out of a room in one second, and they suck the life out of me just sitting on my ass watching them on my television. It's amazing how great this show was in S01, and how bad it has been ever since. Sarah Treem must have had some great collaborators that are no longer involved, or she's a one seasons wonder because this show is nothing like the S01 show I adored so much. I seriously doubt I'll be able to watch the entire season and will likely take it off my DVR schedule, and just check it out when I can.
  10. In and amongst all our discussion, I wanted to say that I think Bobby brought out the best in Jill, and I cannot even imagine how she feels now. It's a sad situation...
  11. He's really an embarrassment...to men, to his self important family name, to Americans, to North Americans, to his precious Huguenot heritage...basically any group he could be put into, he's an embarrassment to. Including dancing white dudes. And you know he probably thought he was being ultra sexay and Katherine was about to melt into a puddle in his presence. The dude is deluded beyond...
  12. What people are saying this? Just curious...
  13. We can only hope that is the case...I do remember her asking May if she wanted to go on a plane and to Morocco, to which May said, NO. May is odd...it's like she's in a stupor most of the time. I know we dont see much of her, and that's as it should be, but it always seems like she's not really 'there' when Nicole asks her a question. It's like she's so engrossed in her Ipad or whatever she's doing that she doesn't answer or the question doesnt really register. Does anyone else notice that? Is that normal behavior for a child her age (I dont have kids)? I honestly dont think May will even notice she's in another country as long as she's got her Ipad and her mother is shoving french fries in her mouth. It's unreal how shitty a parent Nicole is.
  14. I doubt Bravo would have gone there without asking first. It's not like it's the funeral of a public figure and all the media outlets will be there. It was the owner of a fabric store and his widow, a former housewife who would love nothing more than to be asked back on the show again. Her sadness I'm sure is real, and it was very clear in the show how much they adored each other, but she is so calculating that one cannot help wonder if her wording and interaction with B was carefully thought out. "What am I going to do?" If only Andy would give her back her place on RHNY, she could go on...Except, no thank you. Let her focus on the fabric business. Sad as it might sound, and I sincerely don't say it to be bitchy, but I can totally see Jill getting back on the show after her comments to B at the funeral, and her saying to Andy, "Bobby would be SO HAPPY to know I'm back on the show...(Now when are you going to put Ginger's photo in the clubhouse Andy?!?)" The reality is, at least in my opinion, that this show brings out the worst in Jill and she's better off living her life off TV and out of the public eye, no matter how much she might crave the attention.
  15. I hadn't thought about this until I read your comment. It was totally disgusting that BravHo went to a goddamn funeral to shoot footage and honestly? The only way they could have done that was to ask Jill for permission to shoot there, right? I mean, they wouldn't roll up with a camera crew and let Bethany just unleash her verbal diarrhea ad hoc outside a funeral, right? So there must have been a phone call..."Hi Jill, on behalf of the Bravo and Housewives family, we want to extend our deepest condolences to you on the loss of your dearly beloved Bobby. Oh, by the way, can we come to the funeral and shoot footage of you and Bethany reconciling?" There had to be a convo like this before they shot there. It just shows how low Bravo will stoop, and how low Andy Cohen will go, and how utterly depraved and without any moral compass Bethanny really is. I feel sorry for Bryn, having such a narcissist for a mother, and a loser for a father. Poor kid. At least she'll have a pile of cash for therapy. True, Carol is not a Kennedy, but her connection didn't 'die with her husband'. The Radziwills are related to the Kennedys because Lee is/was Jackie's sister. So the Radziwills and the Kennedys would still be considered 'family', at least the way most families work. You don't get cut out of an extended family just because someone dies, at least not where I come from.