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  1. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    LINE.OF.THE.NIGHT. ”You’re *supposed* to do all the bitch work and shut your mouth about it. Sorry, I’m just giving you advice for your integration...I’m going to take a shower now.”
  2. The thing that makes Asuelu come off as more inept is his voice, which to me sounds like a grown man talking baby talk. It’s so bizarre. Also bizarre is how Kalani doesn’t want to marry him then all he has to do is cry and tell her he loves to cuddle her and she’s all ‘yeah let’s get married now’. Girlfriend has the maturity of a 6th grader.
  3. Who's the worst?

    I think I prefer Ashskinz and Jonafern...I dont know why...
  4. Who's the worst?

    This is like asking Which is worse, having to eat hot steaming dog shit, or having to eat cold hard dog shit? One might go down more easily but they're both still dog shit. I'm glad to be vindicated to see that Leida and Steven are THE WORST, but Cat. 3 is like a tie for everything to me. It's all terrible.
  5. I'm starting to think that she's referring to Queen Debbie perhaps...?
  6. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    The bottom line for me is that the editing monkeys are not making up footage of Steven being a fucking twat to the mother of his newborn child. They are not fabricating footage of him saying HE should come before the baby. They are not making up footage of him telling Olga - in an angry voice - to let the baby wait to be fed. They are not making up footage of him being a fucking asshole to the mother of his infant. So I cannot give him a 'woe is me I've had a shitty childhood' pass and assume he's a nice guy. He's not a nice guy, he's worse than a fucking asshole, he's an emotional abuser on a good day, to a young woman who's an orphan in Russia, to whom a life in America must seem like a dream. It all sucks and TLC is disgusting for allowing it to continue.
  7. @HunterHunted, I meant a liability from the perspective of slander, libel and the possibility that her crazy accusations could hurt the Brand/business/ratings, not that she's a physical danger to anyone. I also was a bit surprised that Andy was so kind to her when she called in. Normally he's not that kind to folks who he deems bad for BravHo, but he totally played her tete a tete, which surprised me.
  8. I would think she’s a liability, from a litigious perspective, contract legalese or not.
  9. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    The only couples I hope DO get married are Bitchface Leida & Greasy Dope Eric (because they deserve to make each other's lives miserable), and Yonathon & Boobies McGee (because he deserves to deal with her insane jealousy for all eternity for boinking someone who is basically still a kid/young adult. The rest are awful people who should not be allowed to partner or procreate, IMO...
  10. Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    Well, if that's how she feels when he's not physically present (ie: he's in the US and she's still in Russia), then I shan't spend another millisecond worrying about her. Neeeeeeext...
  11. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Why does she always wear maternity looking clothing? Even in that weird photo above with the tiara, she's in a loose blousy schmata, what's she hiding? Certainly not her virginity, or her dignity...
  12. I kinda love that that on air proposal completely over shadowed crazy girl's call in. Those two were adorable!
  13. Today YR was pre empted, and they aired a “Classic” epi, the one where Dickolas is drunk in a cabin over Sharon not telling him something or other, anyway, there are flashbacks of all his past relationships, and Syph scenes it’s GT playing Syph, I mean, did they re do a shit ton of old scenes just to maaaaybe air them for a pre empt situation? Did anyone else see this? It was bizarre...
  14. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    I have mixed feelings about Mother Coltee. She does seem passive aggressive, for example, "telling on" Larissa like she'd been a naughty little girl for wanting to buy a pleather couch and surprise Coltee. Those things wont endear her to Larissa. That said, I dont see Coltee doing anything yet that is catering to Larissa, he just temporarily appeases her like taking her shopping for a new apartment that they cannot afford (producer BS). However, Coltee has lived with Mother Coltee for 30 something years now and this is what she raised - a youngish man who eats his feelings, gets obese, takes off just enough weight to go to Brazil and shop for a wife, then chooses the most obnoxious, awful person he could find, and brings her home despite having reservations about her even before she got on a plane (see: scene where he eats his feelings in a giant croissant). The way I see it, both Coltee and Mother Coltee brought this upon themselves. When you use your grown ass son as a stand in partner and dont push him to grow and seek out his own peers and a mate, you get this. Debbie is reaping what she done sowed, IMO of course.
  15. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    There are ways around everything, and visas and green cards are no different. In addition, there are a myriad of ways to enter the USA legally and then request green card status. In addition to the marrying approach - which this show has proven is a fucking joke - there are work visas, educational visas, visas for people who survived natural disasters and for whatever reason cannot continue living in their home country (I know people who've come here legally on other visas after a natural disaster because they had PTSD from their disaster experiences, and they didn't have a shit ton of money in the bank, but they had an immigration lawyer on both sides who assisted them through the system, and they had two siblings here who helped them settle in initially.