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  1. S04.E07: Episode 7

    If stranding her with a hoard of faux earth goddesses and horny frat douchebags is rotten, what is it called when she bangs Helen's partner?
  2. Did you mean that literally or figuratively...?
  3. My guess is when Corney looks at this pic she thinks, "If I let myself go, that's going to be me" looking at Nicole. And Nicole probably thinks, "I look better than Corney"...
  4. A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    Maybe you could move our posts related to this to that thread? Thanks! @J. Matazz, thank you so much for sharing that experience with us! I thought as much...So glad you feel 'you' now!
  5. A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    I wonder if @J. Matazz is stil around, perhaps she can enlighten us...?
  6. A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    I'm wondering though if from what you got from that other show was more about an adult being confused and just not wanting to deal with sex until they had fully transitioned. I haven't heard anything about trans people having no sex after transitioning...that seems weird, why would you go to all that trouble of transitioning to never have sex again? BTW, that other show I found very difficult to watch, I couldnt make it through a full episode and stopped watching because it was so painful to see how difficult this journey was for adults...completely different to Jazz's show for sure!
  7. A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    Yes but it seems very different if one is talking about an adult transitioning and perhaps being confused about which gender they want to now be sexual with, compared to Jazz, who was a teenager who claimed to have never had an orgasm, so IIRC, the doctors wanted her to experiment on herself so that she knew what sexual feelings and orgasm felt like...unless I’m misremembering?
  8. That was quite entertaining!
  9. Not that I wouldn’t rejoice if ths was true, thought I sort of feel that Ashley deserves a longer term hell with tr because of how despicable she was this season...but I digress. I dont get ‘reputable’ from that website, but if they did break up, I’d be waiting for the inevitable make up...these two assholes live for their Z list fame and I’d assume they’re playing us all at this point to try and squeeze every penny from whatever is left of their sad faux reality fame.
  10. S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    Re:Ashley, come the fuck ON! Ashley is a straight up demented, psycho, fucking bitch. Any woman who weaponizes another woman’s children against her is less than the fetid goo underneath shit rotting on a curb on a hot summers day. I have zero fucks to give for that nasty twat.
  11. Maybe there's a special kind of woke, or 'réveillé', for Huguenots...;)
  12. She's a coward. So is Juan. People like that are all bark and then they run and hide. Those two deserve each other and Russ needs to stop making that marriage happen, it's over, she got her green card. I wouldn't put it past her to divorce Russ and marry Juan and try to being him to the US as her husband so they can run around MiYAMMY together being fake fabulous. She is the definition of a skank.
  13. THANK you for saying this. It's been bugging the everloving shit out of me since this rumor has been on this site. I feel it's incredibly distressing and sad that any woman - or man - from a developed country would make fun of, gleefully at times, another woman having to possibly engage in sex work to survive. I have spent a lot of time in Thailand and NObody, NO young girl there or any other country, dreams of being a sex worker when they grow up. In fact, I will also go another step further and say that I found the glee at renaming the David & Annie thread was also in extremely poor taste. It says a lot about our society when people think it's fun or funny to make fun of someone who may have had to resort to selling their body to survive. It's all the more shocking while we're globally in the midst of a movement directly related to women who have been forced to have sex to keep their jobs, etc. The above comment illustrates everything I just said above. Yes this is a snark site, but some things just are not cool to make fun of.
  14. S05.E16: Reunion Part 2 2018.07.26

    You know, I really wish they'd iced out Assley and not included her in this because it only feeds her psychotic delusions of self importance. All that bullshit she was drooling to the hair and makeup peeps backstage during the first part of the reunion was gross. I wish one of them had said, "look bitch, you disgust us and the only reason we're working on your stank ass is because we have to, but dont mistake that for us giving any fucks about your deluded, psycho ass." But alas I doubt they did. I do wish they'd also do her hair and makeup so awfully that she'd look like a clown out there on the couch. Yes I'm petty, but that's how much I loathe this creepy freak.
  15. Yes we do. Because she's a vain bitch and yes, she needs to eat a damn cookie. Preferably one high in protein and fiber.