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  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

    She was awesome, though. And Groban was dull as dishwater. Her friend was right. Writing around obscuring her identity was awkward, but necessary for the big twist. Could it have been done better? Sure. The odd line about her family going through a tough time, or about needing to call her parents. Something to show she was concerned.
  2. Three and Out

    I'm not that broken up by this. The entire concept of the show just seems very tired, these days. They've done as much as they can do with it, and the sense of them scraping the barrel is palpable, even amongst the (less frequent) funny bits of The Grand Tour. There are only so many times they can take expensive cars to drive around other countries, or cheap cars to drive around the UK, or turn cars into something else. And those parts are the core appeal of the show. Testing new cars isn't enough, interviewing minor celebrities isn't enough.
  3. Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

    No Idris Elba is good for me. He was terrible in the first movie (and he's an actor I find staggeringly overrated anyway). Charlie Hunnam was an uninspiring hero too, so again I'm glad he's not in it. But I do hope that Rinko Kikuchi has a decent sized role, and isn't relegated to a bystander. The fight scenes in the first movie were mostly really well done. Atmospheric and fraught with real tension, and the city-smashing bits were a lot of fun. But I don't think bigger is necessarily going to improve that. Also, I hope this movie makes me a believer in Scott Eastwood. Because at the moment, all I think when I see him is that it creeps me out just how much he looks like his dad.
  4. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

    I don't think Emma Stone's character treated either her father or Josh Groban badly. She was exasperated and pissed at her dad for crapping on her boyfriend, and she didn't love Josh Groban. There was no obligation for her to stay with him, and when he pushed things too far, she realised the relationship just wasn't what she wanted. As for Emily, I was baffled when they started portraying her as a sympathetic, wronged woman, after she was so cold and cruel in the opening scenes. She cheats, blurts out she wants a divorce, and Cal is gone from the house seemingly the next day. I genuinely thought they were setting Marisa Tomei's character up as a new romance that would work out, but then she was just a crazy woman who apparently proved that his wife was the right woman for him. And the message seemed to be, 'you're a schlubby, middle aged guy who doesn't try hard enough to look good. If you did, your wife would be happy with you.' But by far the worst bit of the movie is the son's creepy, obsessive pursuit of Jessica. They played it as cute and romantic, when it was anything but. And even after Jessica called him out on being a creep, he still 'wins' when she apparently gives him naked pictures of herself (which also: What. The. Fuck?) Having said all that, I do like the movie. It's probably my favourite Steve Carell performance, and definitely my favourite Ryan Gosling performance. He's genuinely funny, as the vain, slightly prissy lothario, and the clash of two completely different attitudes to life was amusing to watch. I thought Annaleigh Tipton was charming as the babysitter with a huge crush, and I always like Emma Stone. Kevin Bacon was fun as the sleazy love interest too. I see it more as a movie with lots of good parts and performances, but a troubling underlying message.
  5. The Expanse in the Media

    Yeah, this was a good trailer. It really conveyed a sense of scale and big consequences for everything that's going on. I would hope it might attract new viewers who are looking for a scifi action show, but somehow haven't found The Expanse so far.
  6. S02.E03: AKA Sole Survivor

    Was that Coney Island, where Jessica and Trish dumped Simpson's body? I've been there once, and can't help but think there are plenty of bodies submerged in the sea there. Not to mention a fair few cars with bags of guns in the trunk. I'm not sure what to make of the layers on layers of trauma that Jessica has. Because season one showed her as a far more carefree, outgoing person before Kilgrave came along. But now she's having visions of traumatic events that happened years before. It just seems very... plot convenient. Of course, if you realise that abusers often prey on the already vulnerable, Jessica's backstory works well as an analogue of that. So far, I'm liking Trish investigating alongside Jessica a lot. Their relationship is so great, and I love how their personalities clash in a genuinely sisterly way. I did enjoy Trish adamantly declaring she was not touching the scorched, severed head they found. Because... damn right. I was genuinely surprised when Maury called with the Leslie Hansen ID. The woman Jessica was talking to had a really creepy energy to begin with, and the second shock was that she was super-powered too. Jessica being dead was less of a surprise, I suppose. But what a mindfuck for her! She's confessed to suicidal thoughts, her life has been a complete mess, spent years drowning her pain, and now she finds out that she could have been 'spared' all of that, if not for IGH. Looks like Trish sure knows how to pick 'em. Griffin getting all controlling and dismissive of her ability to make her own choices. Yeah, Simpson backed down and apologised for his attitude the first couple of times he did that, too. Also, nice invasion of privacy and theft from his girlfriend too. At least she seems to realise she has lousy taste in guys. "You have often needed protection from your own vagina" seems to be a valid criticism of Trish, from what we've seen in the show. They're definitely teasing Trish/Malcolm as a couple. All their scenes together have been fairly tension-laden, finding ways to get the two of them alone. And then getting paparazzi'd together? The super is an asshole. This prolonged meet-cute, of him being a bigot and Jess yelling at him really isn't doing it for me. He's obviously going to turn out to have a heart of gold, and I just don't care. Already tired of hearing him talk about what an awesome dad he is. I did like the minor class commentary when Malcolm went to visit the slum lord, who lived in a gorgeous house somewhere in a very expensive part of Manhattan. He was completely detached from the building he owns, and completely involved in himself. The scene between Jeri and Jessica was really well done. Great acting from both women. But I still wouldn't trust Jeri as far as I could throw her. And if her storyline is actually about fighting to save her legal career while she's still able to have one, then I really don't want to know any more. Sounds like something that should be on Suits.
  7. S02.E02: AKA Freak Accident

    Wow, Jessica really is at an all-time low. Banging that douchey finance bro in the bathroom, because he had the swoonworthy line of "nice ass". At least she dismissed him cruelly before he could get off but still... make better decisions, Jess. She also really didn't need to look at the photographs from her family's death. Being an asshole to cops is a good way of making yourself a suspect as well, you'd think Jessica would understand that. And beating up guys with no legs is a good way to find yourself a social outcast. Particularly when you're making a name for yourself as an unpredictable, sort-of-murdering super-powered person. Still don't care about the bland super guy. Flat acting, and so clearly a love interest of little consequence. It looks like the Whizzer was just as screwed up by IGH as Jessica was. And I like the idea that being given these powers can actually be really traumatic, and not the "wow, this is so cool!" trip that it often is in superhero stories. And I'm even more convinced now that Griffin is bad news, that's what my "scroty sense" is telling me. He's just too supportive and nice to actually be either of those things. We all know how these bland love interest characters work out: Dead or evil. Meanwhile, I'm getting slightly crushy vibes between Trish and Malcolm. That would be interesting, despite my aforementioned disinterest in romance on the show. Trish's mother is fucking evil, absolutely awful. It's sad that Trish even needs to acknowledge her existence, but again she's willing to do it for Jessica. And of course there's a sleazy, predatory, sex criminal director in her past. One who her mother put her in the path of for her own selfish goals. But I did really appreciate that they showed just how much it affected Trish, to confront her abuser. Even as strong and collected and brave as she is, it was still traumatic, and something that took a lot of courage to do. The stuff with Jeri? Don't care. Is she dying? Maybe. Am I interested in seeing her do drugs and sleep with prostitutes? I am not. It was really uncomfortable to watch, which was surely the intention. I ended up skipping through the last couple of minutes of it. Simpson's return was underwhelming and brief. He was a potent villain, with the toxic masculinity and 'I'll handle this, little lady' vibe of his character. Oh well.
  8. S02.E01: AKA Start At The Beginning

    So it didn't take Jessica long to reset herself, did it? Self destructive, poor impulse control, pushing away the people who care about her. I'm glad, in a way, that killing Kilgrave hasn't been presented as a magical fix for her. She's still a pain in the ass, and she always will be. But I love the dynamic between her, Trish and Malcolm. The two do-gooders, trying their best to help someone who doesn't want help, Jessica firing Malcolm and him just ignoring it. Who would have thought that the sketchy druggie from the beginning of season 1 would become such a pillar of moral strength? And for a moment, I thought Trish had really fallen on hard times, doing birthday parties as Patsy (and singing... not very well), but of course she'd humiliate herself like that for Jessica. I'm not here for romance, so the love interests for both Jessica and Trish left me cold. At least, I assume that the new building super with the son is going to be one for Jessica. But I will say it seems likely that Trish's boyfriend will end up being bad news... again. Terry Chen as the antagonist seems too... small for this show. Presumably, he'll be a secondary bad guy who gets caught up in whatever is happening with IGH. Jeri is always a wild card, but I do find it interesting that they can frame her as a villain in this, but a good guy in Iron Fist (at least, she was in the episodes I watched) and both work. I guess that's a valid commentary on lawyers. I did laugh when that guy called himself the Whizzer, both because of the Golden Age hero, and because Jessica saying "I bet [that's what they called you]" was amusing. But I'm glad he was killed off, because those fast running effects were lame. But they had Jess for seventeen days, without anyone knowing where she was, and what they were doing? Which means they're a seriously powerful organisation. My only concern is that this company "making monsters" is a licence for monster-of-the-week stuff, and I don't think Netflix shows in general, or Jessica Jones in particular, are suitable for anything remotely episodic. This is long-form storytelling, and it's what I come to their shows to get.
  9. I don't know where she got them from, but from what I've seen, Margaret Qualley is a pretty decent actor. She was a regular in The Leftovers, and has a couple of decent supporting roles in movies. But then I've never minded Andie MacDowell. It's not like she tried to do serious dramas or win awards. She mostly did romantic comedies or smaller supporting roles in ensemble movies.
  10. LGBT Themes, Stories and Characters on TV

    I finally caught up on The Good Place, and am so disappointed that they're going with Eleanor/Chidi as their main pairing, rather than Eleanor/Tahani. They've made no bones about the fact Eleanor is into Tahani, but they treat it as a throwaway gag while going for the far less interesting pairing. Disappointed, but not surprised.
  11. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    It's cheap, and for some reason people watch it. It wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't all seem so scripted. So what they're watching, in essence, are badly written soaps starring people who can't act.
  12. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I can't help you with the lead bit, but The Expanse has Frankie Adams, who is Samoan-New Zealander, in a prominent role (and she's probably the biggest asskicker in the show). In fact, all of the main female characters are WOC. British-Dominican Dominique Tipper, Iranian Shohreh Aghdashloo, French-Thai Florence Faivre and even Cara Gee, who is of Ojibwe descent. There's also Cas Anvar, one of the main male actors, who has Iranian parents and Chad Coleman, who is African-American.
  13. Gender in Movies

    Well.... There go any plans I had to see that movie. Not that I was likely to anyway. I find Jennifer Lawrence a very dull presence on-screen. But I had thought about reading the book. So that's out of the window too.
  14. Unpopular Opinions

    Sadly, it's not new. Celebration of ignorance has been something of a trend in the media for some years now. Particularly in the trashy, tabloid media that benefits from ignorance. There are plenty of celebrities, particularly reality TV 'stars', who seem unceasingly proud of being stupid, and play it up in media appearances. I don't know if people like it because it makes them feel nonthreatening, or if intelligence has been painted as a sign of superiority and smugness. And I always go back to the sneering comments a few years ago, about Anne Hathaway being "ambitious", "grasping", "superior" and other things, most of which came because she didn't hide the fact she had a brain, and she took acting seriously. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence was falling down stairs at awards shows and being feted to the skies.
  15. Actors You Just Can't Stand

    No kidding. If I was an actor, and some method berk would only address me as my character's name, I would make extra sure to only ever call them by their real name. I might even use their full name all the time. "Hey, Daniel Day Lewis, are you ready for this next take? In this movie we're making, where we're paid to act?"