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  1. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    I think Dan has had a couple of moments of tonal awkwardness, so far. He seemed less jokey about Rahul beating him to star baker than I'd like, and I feel he gives off an air of competitiveness that clashes with the general feel of the show. He seems nice enough, but there's something about him I don't find completely genuine.
  2. Richard Madden's audition to be the next James Bond is going quite well. His show, Bodyguard, has been a hit in the UK, and the hype around it has had Netflix pick it up to stream internationally. He does a really good job, showing a bit of charm, along with some steely coldness, which I think any good James Bond should have. Of course, I'd also have Jed Mercurio, who created Bodyguard (and Line of Duty) write any new Bond movie, as a far more lo-fi, tension-driven story.
  3. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    Rahul, for the love of god, enjoy yourself! He seems to feel pressure so intensely, I thought his dome not melting would reduce him to tears. Even insecure bakers in the past have enjoyed the compliments they get. I really like Ruby. She has a great, bolshy sense of humour that appeals to me a lot. Her blurting out "oh my God!" when they announced the blancmange technical was hilarious. Kim-Joy's turtles were cool, but I just can't warm to her. I find her too determinedly quirky and off-beat. I wish John had won star baker. There's something so sweet about a big, burly bloke who gets into girly things because he has daughters. Kind of a cheat to keep everyone, but maybe they just couldn't decide between Karen and Briony. I guess it feels good to them all now, but they'll regret it next week, when two of them might be for the chop. Briony summed up my view on the dramatic delay before the announcement.
  4. Well, it looks like The Predator is struggling at the box office and getting pretty bad reviews. And already, people online are starting to blame Olivia Munn, because of course they are. Why not blame Shane Black for hiring a sexual offender and for making a shitty movie?
  5. S09.E03: Bread Week

    As a British person, I am thoroughly not offended by Manon thinking French baking is superior, and I struggle to picture the British person who would be. We're not that precious. And dismissing British food is one of the things we assume that French people will say. But people have accused her of everything from being too flirty (a common accusation) to outright cheating. But there absolutely is a tendency for certain women on this show to get online hate. People said they didn't like Candice, because of her attitude and the faces she pulled. Same for Ruby Tandoh. They also implied that both were hooking up with Paul Hollywood, and some have already said the same about Manon. There absolutely is a toxic element to the fandom of this show, and they're evident on social media every week, and they nearly always pick young, attractive women as their targets.
  6. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    The viewing figures don't back that assertion up.
  7. The Good Podcast

    I'm listening to the episode with Ted Danson at the moment and, man he seems like such a great guy. I know everyone says that, but when you hear him being so humble and self-effacing while constantly asking genuine questions to the editor, about his process, it really hits home. There was something about him admitting to having missed about fifty Cheers episodes because he was putting his kids to bed, as well as talking about his holiday with wife, kids and grandkids, that was very sweet and warm. But as an interview himself, he's not great. For the very same reasons. He diverts attention away from himself and doesn't seem to want to talk about his own performance. I would really like an episode of this podcast to get several of the cast together, though. Obviously they're all busy, and the podcast has done a good job of getting the right people for the right episodes, but still...
  8. S01.E08: Inshallah

    Ah, so the helicopter crash is canon Jack Ryan, then. That's how he gets hurt in the Chris Pine movie that came out a couple of years ago too. Still, that's a hell of a backstory, for Jack. And I guess the fact he's not completely embittered to Muslims, like many are, is testament to his character. That was the best Abbie Cornish has looked, in the show so far, in that first scene. Not sure if she just doesn't suit the dressier attire they had her wearing in earlier episodes, or maybe having her hair up does her no favours. It always amuses me how easily wanted terrorists find it to move about the globe, even in and out of their target countries, in fiction. Suleiman and his whole band are now in America, un-monitored and carrying out their nefarious plans. It's where my suspense of disbelief always falls apart. Now that Suleiman's dead, I guess we'll get no more Hanin next season, which is a shame. She was definitely the stand out, of this show. The nuance for all the other Middle Eastern characters fell away, as they became more and more stereotypically evil. Suleiman had a complex backstory, but everything about his present was too black and white. I guess they were trying to show that this is how radicalisation works? All in all, this was okay. Not challenging viewing, but easy enough to consume. The writing could have been so much better, though. Overall, the plot was like something out of all the shallow, formulaic spy thriller novels that are so popular at the moment. There were just too many neat coincidences and cliches through the whole season, and they weren't disguised well enough. I'll watch the second season, but I won't be waiting for it with bated breath.
  9. S01.E07: The Boy

    Oh wow, who would have figured that Cathy would find out about Jack's real job! Surely it would be incumbent on him to tell his boss and the military guys that he knows her? Not only does he not say it, but he acts as though he doesn't know her at all. But still, why is she getting as pissy as that, when it seemed fairly clear in earlier episodes that she knew he was lying? Or did I misread more nuance into their date scene than they intended? Anyway, I guess it just doesn't seem like a big betrayal, but I suppose it's to show that Cathy is more invested than she claimed. And seriously, the abducted doctor is the president's old friend? Man, these coincidences just pile up and up, don't they? Fortunately for Ryan, that means the ground op is a go as well. The show did a good job of ratcheting tension, when the soldiers went in. But... they find a dry hole with one single man desribed as "one of them", and they... just kill him? Really? Because for all they know he could have vital information. The twist with the vitamins was something I didn't see coming, actually. The show did a fairly good job of burying the lede on that. Quite a novel idea, for a spy thriller.
  10. S01.E06: Sources and Methods

    A US Air Force drone pilot on active duty can take leave to fly to Southern Turkey, and no one notices? His storyline is dumb, and I hope he gets himself killed. Abbie Cornish's face is oddly inexpressive in this show. I don't know if she's trying to create a still, centred character, or if she's had a load of botox. But I'm starting to agree that she was a casting misstep. You really want Cathy to jump off the screen, and get viewers invested in her and her relationship with Jack, and she doesn't. The coincidences keep piling up, irritatingly. Cathy is working on a case that ties directly to Suleiman, because of course she is. Jack himself continues to be a self-righteous asshole. Yes, the Turkish sex trafficker is a sleazebag, but acting like a prissy, pissy jerk isn't going to make him more eager help you. That's not how intel work is done. Greer telling him to grow the fuck up clearly isn't going to take. I guess this is why analysts, no matter how preternaturally intelligent and capable they are, don't belong in the field. "Geography is destiny" was quite a good line. It's something people do need to think about, when judging those from other countries, or those trying to leave those countries. I'd have been more interested to see Hanin follow the refugee trail all the way from Turkey to Western Europe, but I guess it would have been considered too dull. At least they're safe now Greer definitely had the coolest moment in the series so far, killing Yazid. Shows why he's cut out for this and Ryan isn't. But then he went and undid all that coolness by telling a long story that Ryan doesn't really care about.
  11. S01.E05: End of Honor

    I appreciate Hanin's storyline more than anything else in the show. Even without her husband being the evil mastermind, it's still cool to see a woman trying to get herself and her children to safety, through the refugee system. Putting a human face on people in that position is so important. Suleiman's backstory is pretty sad. Clearly a very bright man, whose life was derailed by events beyond his control, and then he grabbed onto the only lifeline he could see: the fantasy of a better life. The drone pilot's plot has some interesting beats, but I agree the actor is a bit lifeless. And having him explain all the stuff that was being adequately conveyed already was redundant. Yes, I get that he's struggling with the mix of impersonal attacks, and the intimacy of being able to watch your target's life beforehand. Ryan is a bit ridiculous, I have to say. He works everything out first, every time. Just once, it would be nice if some of these far more seasoned intelligence officers actually knew what they were doing, without Ryan having to explain things. They joked about him not being a superhero in the episode, but he might as well be.
  12. S01.E04: The Wolf

    The plotting of this show is starting to bug me. So Ali changes vehicles and just happens to stop at the same petrol station as Ryan and Boldly Sexual French Cop*. Not only that, but Ryan just decides to wander around the forecourt with his phone, and notices there is more ice on the car than there should be (hell of an analysis, there) then that it's been hot-wired. Too many coincidences, in that period of about a minute. Meanwhile, Aggressively Islamophobic French Cop* is pissing off Greer in another car, and they're handily unavailable to help. *Seriously, guys, be a little less broad with your stereotypes? I'm actually annoyed that Ali is dead, because the actor was giving a really nice performance. Sort of soulful and vulnerable, despite the things he was doing. Oh, and the French cop is dead, leaving Ryan traumatised and the only witness to what happened. And hey, of course Suleiman is using biological/chemical weapons, because then Cathy's job is crucial to the plot of the show. Someone else called it, and it was obvious they were going to be right. I kind of like Ryan and Cathy together. They were a bit awkward, but it was a first date. She obviously knew he was lying about his job, but didn't push it. I guess she needed to get laid as much as Ryan did.
  13. Damage control via insulting a different set of people. That's... certainly a way to go.
  14. S09.E03: Bread Week

    Have you ever had keema naan? Naan bread stuffed with lamb. It's great, even if it's perhaps too filling to have as an accompaniment with curry and rice. My sister loves peshwari naan, which has coconut and sugar in it, but it's a bit too sweet for me.
  15. S09.E03: Bread Week

    Aw, not Antony. He seemed like a really nice bloke. I'm starting to think Ruby is going far in this competition. She seems to get quite a bit of camera time, and it's not just because she's extremely attractive. I do think the editors have at least an unconscious bias towards the contestants who stick around. This, of course, is predicated on the belief that they don't start to edit the show until the whole thing is in the can. Naan bread is so good, even when it's a bit dry or greasy. Just works perfectly with curry. I think I'd happily eat most of those made here. Except Kim-Joy's raw ones. Rahul is starting to remind me of Alvin, from a few years ago. Nervous, and really not seeming to enjoy himself very much. I know people handle stress and pressure differently, but I'm much happier watching contestants who actually seem to like what they're doing, even when they cock it up. Although Rahul seems like he lives his entire life like this, which must be exhausting. Manon, sadly, seems to be getting some of the vitriol that attractive young women often seem to get from fans of Bake Off (see previous Ruby, Flora, Candice, Sophie etc). The woman writing the Guardian's live coverage of the episode was practically beside herself, over every mistake she made. But she seems very genuine and sweet to me.