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  1. Thanks for the tech support! I’m on a phone and, yes, just had to click back out to YouTube. Garrett’s ex looks freakishly similar to Becca—so much so that if you told me they already got married and this is was their wedding video, I wouldn’t have questioned it. I guess it might be Right Reasons since she’s his “type.”
  2. I’m so disappointed! Someone caught on the wedding video was out there and took it down before I had a chance to see it. It just dawned on me after seeing this week’s commercial for the Jordan-David 2:1 date why Becca was forced to keep them both around for so long. It seems like it’s later in the season to force her to keep the annoying Wrong Reasoner and Wrong Reason Accuser, but I forgot David was in “intensive care” so they probably had to push out the 2:1. My speculation is that they’ll both go home after that date. Actually, I guess we’re not that “far into the season” yet. It just SEEMS that way because they just keep focusing on all of the really annoying guys and Becca’s annoying—and I just don’t like any of it. Maybe they can break it up a bit—show us how Harrison spends the week while waiting to tell Becca and the gentlemen that this is the final rose.
  3. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    We’ve only seen Vic’s mom from Helen’s perspective so HELEN thinks she’s smothering and overbearing, but she probably just brought over a dish or two, not filled the ENTIRE fridge with food, etc. Likewise, the neighbor probably just brought over a couple of avocados and didn’t act like we’re going to be best friends and goat yoga partners now that you accepted my bounty of avocados. It was also interesting how as soon as she told the therapist she left her parents 3,000 miles away, she comes home to Vic’s mom. So, I think she’s painting Mama Vic through that same lens that she sees her parents. Just like the Mexican restaurant: Helen was feeling close with her family (before Noah busted it up) so she remembers it dark and quiet and intimate; meanwhile Noah was feeling anxiety of pushed out of the family so he has sensory overload with brightly colored paper banners, people chattering to a near roar, and a freaking mariachi band so he can barely hear them. Helen is “earthquaking” everything that isn’t just her, Vic, and the TWO kids. So now she’s this season’s Most Unreliable Narrator, I suppose? But why do the writers keep rehashing this storyline of hallucinations?!? We GET the point of the show that people see and remember different things based on their own emotions. But now I’m worried that THREE people are traipsing all over New York (Manhattan and Long Island), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, France, and Southern California without any proper treatment or medication. (Sure Allison had three months of inpatient treatment, but she was still hallucinating her daughter dead off the horse afterward.) Not that I WANT the show to go there because the whole delusion plot has gone off the rails, but MAYBE Noah and Helen will bond over their hallucinations and perhaps we’ll see how Noah magically got better aside from sex with Juliette...sex with each other, perhaps?
  4. Missed Something...

    I think that was the night of the wedding/accident when they were sitting on the beach together talking, so that was YEARS ago that Vic got that job offer! Boy, Fancy CA Hospital sure takes a long time with paperwork! Am I misremembering? Was that too soon for her to be with Vic? I feel like he gave up the job offer to be with Helen early on in the relationship, so maybe somehow the offer was still on the table years later?
  5. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    That scene with Ashley coming to Patricia’s house all deferential, skittish, and profusely thanking her for her time came off like an old mobster movie with Patricia as the don. That coupled with the coming up previews of Kathryn missing made me worried that the order of “The lady will have a hot toddy” meant something nefarious. Oh, no! Ashley had Michael Hot Toddy Kathryn!! But I can’t decide which scene of Ashley squirming I enjoyed more. Well, i’ll go with the one where she THINKS she’s getting the upper hand on Thomas by “negging” him like she’s Mystery on the old VH-1 show “The Pick-Up Artist” and acting like she’s questioning WHY she’d ever be with a loser like him. Buuut, as soon as he pulls out a jewelry box, she goes the other extreme squealing, “Baaaabe!” and batting her eyelashes. THEN she opens the box, sees the hideous bracelet instead of a ring, and her ENTIRE face just falls. BOOM! You “baaabed” him and then he pulled a reverse Mystery by giving you a hideous “piece of flare” and now you’re stuck. What a roller coaster of gold digger emotions!
  6. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Wills is sweet and he’s literate—the only person in Bachelor History we’ve ever seen reading a book. Granted, maybe the bar is set a little low this season, but that’s enough to catapult him to the top of the list for me. I also have my eye on John, the quiet software engineer who scrambled up the pole and, based on context clues, I assume he likes to go rock climbing or something? Not that I would be scaling any mountains with the guy personally. But they both seem like good catches: Smart, sweet, nerdy-cute, athletic without being TOO pumped up. There might be other guys who are outright better looking, but from what we know about all of these guys so far (which, granted, is limited), I’d make them my top two for the Journey.
  7. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I hope I didn’t let you down, Saber!
  8. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    David’s face isn’t that bad considering Harrison claimed he was in “intensive care.” Now we found out he just broke his nose. Code blue? More like Code boo-boo! Jordan thinks his collared shirt with a cut out FOR a tie WITHOUT a tie shows he can go either way, but Nick one-ups (or one-downs?) him by wearing a fleece track suit. Man bun and some guy I’ve never seen are going home. Guess we’ll be subjected to Jordan making scrambled eggs in those gold lamee booty shorts tomorrow. This is a new one. Becca goes to the house, gets Garrett, then they drive to the date location, park the car, she walks around to the passenger side, THEN gives the “Bachelor handshake” leg hug welcome. Noooooo. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works! Lincoln is a flat earther?!?!?!? Oh, hell no!! Check, please! Where’s Harrison with the hook to drag him off stage right??!? He’s a floor pooper, a sexual assaulter, and now a flat earther?!? This is just too much to handle! ...which brings us to “inappropriate social media liker” Garrett who doesn’t seem THAT bad in comparison now. Except for that divorce reveal that made Becca look absolutely crestfallen, but once he mentioned his “bloodline”** of successful marriages, she grabs his hand and tilts her head on his shoulder adoringly. **And now I’m concerned about his likes again. No one who’s NOT a racist refers to their “bloodline,” right? John was pretty impressive climbing that pole! David is on the injured reserved list, so Colton is the designated Jordan Wrong Reasons accuser of the evening. Jean the Colognesseur had a fragrance created for Becca oooor just slapped her name on a label but she’s not impressed—don’t ask me for a date. Now he amps it up and says he’s in love? Bye, dude. You’ve already “jumped the gun.” Everyone knows he’s not ACTUALLY in love, he’s just trying to get a rose. “What about the gift?” He’s actually ADMITTING he didn’t really mean it and just thought that’s what she wanted to hear! WHY is she “walking him out”? Everyone was on Wrong Reasons radar with Jordan that they overlooked that they had an actual Wrong Reasoner in their midst! But now Becca is Wrong Reasoning our sweet Wills by holding Jean Blanc’s behavior into this date. Oh, duh, took me a minute to realize this is a Big Deal because Arie proposed but he “didn’t really mean it.” But, yay, Wills got some romance there. I was worried she was friend-zoning him crying over Jean (ie, Arie) and keeping her chin tucked tight so he could only kiss her forehead. Poor Wills had to bring up twice about relating to being broken hearted before Becca asked him to talk about it—then immediately brought it back to herself. Wills for Bachelor! (He can do better than Becca!) whoa, well, Wills is officially out of the friend zone—and officially my favorite. WHY is she still keeping Jordan?!? Nick and Christon are both dreamy as hell—despite never hearing either of them speak. What the hell is Jordan talking about?!? His talking heads never make sense! I think the producers think that Bachelor Nation thinks he’s the new Chad. If I may speak for Bachelor Nation, we do not! He’s jumped the shark. He’s Paradise material, but he shouldn’t make it this far on the main show.
  9. To be Mohammad 2.0? Mo got a lot of “better offers” from lots of other desperate women online, many of whom sent him money, etc (as I learned from you super sleuths), parlay into “fame” and the opportunity to shill online as an influencer, etc. The recording sounds like he may be auditioning other takers, though it sounded like he’s already kissed this person, so maybe a local rather than another Visa op? Unfortunately he didn’t get to America in season 1, so now he’s stuck in the long game—and Nicole pulled a big twist of going to Morocco to marry him instead of bringing him to the US. I wonder whether HE “released” the recording online to keep her from coming? Timing seems suspect and there apparently isn’t anyone else in the conversation, so it’s like someone trying to fake their way out of a situation by picking up a non-ringing phone, “Hello? Oh, you don’t say! I’llbe right there!” He can’t just outright break up with her, or he’d be off the show. Just like Luis and Anfisa are forced to “pretend” to work it out to stay on the show and earn their green card—whichever comes first.
  10. That guy was great! I also loved when Anfisa said Jorge and I don’t drink, Jorge was sitting there with his typical panicked lying face (deer caught in the headlights eyes, sweating brow, gaping mouth), but Ramon didn’t skip a beat, “Oh, I don’t drink, either. I just thought it would be festive to have a toast.” Producers cut to footage of Ramon and Jorge having a “festive toast” at a prior boy’s night out. You can tell this guy has a lot of practice covering for the boys with their ladies! Then again, I guess he’s a smooth operator all around—I’m not going to call Anfisa a prostitute, but there was an accusation of prostitutionity.
  11. If I had to choose my top moment, I’m going with Luis bee-bopping to his tunes ignoring Molly completely while wearing the most elaborate “Space Jam” t-shirt known to mankind.
  12. The Bachelorette in the Media

    See, this is why you are Truthaboutluv! Thanks for setting us straight on Colton’s journey. I just was repeating what I read here. Ok, then Bekah’s accusation does seem plausible.
  13. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Ooh! That’s actually a really good theory that is so obvious I’m amazed that none of us thought of it: Tia and Colton (and producers?) set the whole thing up for Tia and Colton to get engaged in Paradise. The only problem is, I thought he had already dumped Tia for Aly Raisman, then dumped Aly to go on this show? But I guess when you’re Wrong Reasons, you’ll do anything for a bit of notoriety.
  14. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Maybe it was posted in the spoilers thread, but Alex, who was already sent home (and I have no clue which one he was), was convicted of assault for breaking the eye socket of a “friend” who was talking to his girl or something? I’m sure someone will post the actual story. But, yes, Alex’s assault conviction was also occurring during the show, so the “background check” missed TWO of them!
  15. Craig’s big “design” is a clip art that came free with his software—but, don’t worry, the software gives him rights to screen print it on a pillow...that he also isn’t sewing. Sooooo, how is this Craig’s design or Craig’s pillow??? Then, if that isn’t bad enough, his back-up option—the one he’s actually going to do—consists of a picture he found OF A PILLOW! So, I guess that’s even worse because he’s just going to steal someone else’s pillow design outright! But then I laughed when the nice fabric store lady gave him all kinds of fabrics and Craig said he’ll embroider the palm trees on with his machine, because we all know his machine has one size so it will end up with these tiny little trees with 1/3 of a large dog half hanging off of it and other random fabric scraps thrown in a bag. Shep and Kathryn slept together after Kinsey was born and a few times since?!?! I wonder whether T-Rav knew. That kind of took the thunder away from the whole Victoria-Austen-Chelsea thing. Yeah, yeah, you girls were “friends” (seemingly more acquaintances) but Shep and T-Rav really ARE friends and K&T have a baby (and now babies) together, so that’s much more of a “friend code violation” or whatever we’re supposed to think about that than grabbing someone’s arm on a windy boat. These people can all date whomever they want—just the show editors seemed to undercut their big Austen storyline with Kathryn and Shep. Was Whitney wearing Patricia’s coat to the beer tasting?!? My Grandma used to have one just like that with the fur collar and all of the buttons. I’m not here to force people into prescribed gender roles, so you do you, Whitney. His outfits this season are over the top, though. I guess he sees T-Rav in his white pants and blue blazer for 4 years straight, and he’s all, i’m wearing a ‘60s women’s winter coat, an ‘80s red Addidas tracksuit, and ‘00s Ed Hardy reject rock and roll. Why in the world would T-Rav even CONSIDER making Ashley part of the “Ravenel dynasty” with a family crest ring?!? Is he really that clueless that ANYONE would take it to mean she’s now part of the family and meanwhile THIS BITCH is all he took a bite of the sandwich I bought for him so we’re GETTING MARRIED!! I really loved at the party Ashley saying she won’t say hello to Kathryn because she and T-Rav are fighting, basically admitting how she’s all ego and would only flaunt with smug satisfaction if she feels she has the upper hand. But then she has a couple of grapefruit-passion fruit beers (that taste more yellow than red with a hint of wood and dirt - Craig) and she’s back with the bravado in front of the guys...but still panicked that T-Rav is staring at Kathryn.