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  1. At first I thought she was yelling that she “didn’t git myself a pork chop” and was very upset about the craft services table running out of lunch options, but then I turned up the volume, and what you wrote is accurate. Speaking of lunch, remember sad Danielle leaving with her single slice of greasy pizza, whereas Jorge and Anfisa had an entire pie each last season? I think I’m just sad we didn’t get to see what everyone got this season—or whatever fight inevitably broke out between Jesse and Darcy over lunch.
  2. Worse than that, whenever people started arguing or get into a juicy exchange, Shaun would try to get them to settle down. What do you think we’re tuning in for?! She’s the anti-Andy Cohen. Andy gets a glimmer in his eye and a huge smile whenever the fighting starts because he sees ratings wracking up before his eyes. Shaun is all, let’s film this before participants have even seen a minute of this show and not ask them anything...because she hasn’t seen the show, either. And if anyone manages to happen upon a point of contention , give them the now, now, settle down. It’s ridiculous. How do you film a reaction/reunion show without having anything aired to react to yet? And, not to mention, real-time events probably don’t match up with whatever they filmed here MONTHS ago. Darcy and Jesse could have gotten back together and broken up 37 more times since then.
  3. S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    You’re not the only one. I was all indignant on my couch over how Stevie Nicks—and her crimping iron—survived the apocalypse somehow managed to show up on cue without being eaten by zombies (or whatever the radioactive canibal survivors are supposed to be). And then somehow Misty was eating French fries?! But, oh, French fries... that’s when I remembered this was in the past. In my defense, it took me the course of four days to get through this episode, so I forgot what was going on—damn mood lighting in the warlock school keeps putting me to sleep. But speaking of Cordelia’s vision of the future, it doesn’t dawn on her that promoting Michael to Supreme is what causes the Apocalypse rather than thinking it’s the future without him and that he’ll change the future?? I mean, I get it: TV show logic to keep the storyline going. Misty is perceptive enough to figure out Michael is evil, but the Supreme isn’t? Doesn’t seem to me that Cordelia “deserves” to be Supreme—Michael or not. Maybe the show will end with Misty as Supreme; I suppose they hinted Mallory is rising and we already had her “showing her powers” to Michael in the future storyline. Just as long as it’s not Cordelia. She doesn’t seem to do much anymore other than set up the destruction of earth and arrange musical guest stars—and act all holier than thou about it all. Shut up, Cordelia. You know something’s wrong with Cordelia as the “face of good” when I’m finding myself rooting for Satan spawn over her. Misty’s cool and Myrtle is fun. All of these other witches are bitches. I can be on board with the warlocks, though. Looking forward to Murder House.
  4. Based on my forensic analysis, lol, the spots circled in blue appear to be extensions, whereas the stripe circled in red appears to be gray roots. DIDN’T we see her get her hair colored for this big dumping event, along with the veneers? But it also seemed likes he visited and then turned right back around to dump her, so maybe the hair coloring was for the first visit, then he came back a month later—long enough for roots to come in, but not long enough for her salon rotation.
  5. I noticed the same thing! I’m only 5’2” and I don’t need to stand on my tippy toes to scramble eggs. Based on the stove height, I also guessed he’s 5’ even or maybe 5’1” tops...unless they have a different standard stove size in the UK.
  6. I dozed off and didn’t see the whole episode yet. But I’m really hoping for a twist ending like Azan and Nicole’s—Michael stole Angela’s $900 to open up the Nigerian franchise of Azan’s beauty shop. Angela and Nicole could be the before and after models for their wrinkle cream, which would become a world-wide phenomenon.
  7. Oh, it just seems like an eternity. Guess the show’s better than i thought if it feels like we’ve been trapped in that outpost for twice as long as we actually have been, lol.
  8. Hahaha. There was a lot of time spent on walking dramatically! That being said, I thought FINALLY we got a good episode this season!!! But it took EIGHT freakin episodes in for the storyline to START?!? This is all just ridiculous. I’d stick with the 5-minute-long slow-motion walk to a dramatic song in this episode if it meant I could get the seven hours of my life back that I spent watching “Big Brother: Outpost” to get us to this point. Also put my vote down for liking the scene with Cordelia “witchsplaining” why a boy couldn’t be the Supreme. I thought it was a cool way to flip the social commentary of how ridiculous it is for men to say a woman can’t fill-in-the-blank. Time’s up for the witches in this universe! Is it wrong to be rooting for the spawn of satan? I’m under Michael’s spell!
  9. Well kill is obviously Paul. That man is just intolerable all around. Plus, with his criminal background, you can claim a pretty solid self-defense case. Shag I’m going with Tarik because of his orgy skills. Um, I’m not really freaky like that, but i’d at least have the opportunity to switch out for someone better at the orgy. Marry is Ricky because based on his marriage record, seems like I can swoop in for some love bombing (flowers, romantic dinners, etc) and then become ex wife 3 or 4 before the ink on the marriage certificate barely has time to dry. And agreed that Michael is probably the only sane person on this show, love of Donald Trump notwithstanding.
  10. I’m halfway through rewatching Murder House as a refresher on any cross-over background for...Armageddon?? (Is that right??) Hmm. That’s saying everything you need to know about what I think of this show that I don’t even know what the current season is called!! And—goddamned it—I’m finding myself ANGRY over how good this show used to be and wondering why I still subject myself to this when every season has just gotten worse than the previous one (except Asylum, which was the best). Murder House was a really intriguing drama that got you caught up in the storylines of the characters. It really put the “story” in American Horror Story. Now (for many years) we get horror with no cohesive story. I miss the storytelling! Any other show I would have given up on by now, but every year I get suckered in thinking it’s ALL NEW, so this year Murphy is going to get his ol’ magic back. I also get all hyped up for arrival of fall—rustling leaves, a chill in the air, and getting ready for Halloween. If there was anything else on live TV on Wednesdays at 10ET, i’d be out, but I guess i’ll just continue to torture myself watching this dreck. That’s the true horror.
  11. Oh, man. I can’t decide which proposal was the most cringe-worthy: Ricky bringing up Melissa while on bended knee and then exclaiming “It fits!!” to also remind Xmina that the ring was intended for Melissa. Angela giving Michael a boob-sweat soppped flag—ticket to America—and Michael losing his mind like a 12-year-old with Taylor Swift tickets—thinking he’s going to meet Donald Trump, just like the kid imagines Taylor will pull her onstage. He didn’t even TRY to pretend he was the slightest bit happy about marrying Angela—just going to America! But I think the proposal that took the (giant yellow frosted or teeny-tiny-Darcy-sized carrot) cake was Tarik’s rap to his ‘round the world girl that he’s going to make his ‘round the way girl, Hazel. She just STARES at him for 5 minutes straight “What is that?” And can’t even attempt to muster a smile either in the moment or later to the producer. But just when you think Tarik’s storyline can’t go any lower, his brother tells us they have orgies together?!? Listen, it’s bad enough learning about Kavanaugh “devil’s triangling” his prep school buddies, but Tarik with his own BROTHER?!? (Clutching my pearls) This week is giving me the vapors. Darcey and Jesse were obviously already broken up before he arrived. It was all over Darcey’s face and how they greeted each other. I guess she thought he’d take one look at her Mariah bustier and new choppers and win him right back over. When he invited her to the hotel to get out of the cold, she had a glimmer of hope, but that was dashed quicker than preparing a box of instant Rice-A-Roni.
  12. S08.E03: Forbidden Fruit

    Who lined up the three dead witches’ bodies for the living witches to come on in and resurrect? I’m guessing nobody since Langdon only figured out that Mallory was a witch, so no one knew about the other two. Plus, it sounds like he’s the enemy of witches. And, whelp, everyone else is dead aside from cyborg Kathy Bates and radio-active ex-boyfriend, right? Although we didn’t see all of the Grays murdered, but it seems doubtful they’d suddenly give a storyline to a background character who never had a line. If it was Halloween, as per Ryan Murphy’s Law, shouldn’t all of these ghosts be suddenly able to live it up, wrecking havoc all over town? So maybe all of these people who died can come back for one night only and give us the Halloween episode we deserve—not the one we got? But Langdon already killed Veneble, so it’s not like the ghosts can come back and haunt/terrorize her for vengeance. But I guess ghosts aren’t part of this year’s storyline. And, okay, EVERYONE died, so it SHOULD have been wild enough to “count” as a Halloween episode, but it just wasn't. They just Snow Whited us—everyone ate an apple and died and but some came back to life with the kiss of true witchiness. And they lived happily ever after...? Maybe NOW it will get good? I don’t really have high hopes.
  13. S01.E10: Romans

    I think the “switching timelines” part of the show explains a couple of your questions. In “our” (or the main) timeline both of them were Henry Deaver. It’s just that The Kid died as a child so they ended up adopting lawyer Henry. In the other timeline, the original Henry didn’t die, and he grew up to be a doctor. When lawyer Henry Deaver was missing as a child, he ended up in the alternate timeline when Matthew (his adopted father who didn’t adopt him in that timeline) had him locked in a cage. That’s where he was for the 11 days; the shack in the woods was a red herring. So then when “dead” Henry Deaver shows up as an adult in this timeline, the warden knew he was special/dangerous and locked him up, just like the minister did when the other Henry Devar showed up in his timeline.
  14. Are you kidding me?!? One small tie in the back holding Angela’s top on?!?! Someone knock me in the eye with a suitcase so I don’t need to see this. Oh, dear, stop shoveling in the cake or that tie is going to burst. Forget the suitcase. A “black eye” won’t be blinding enough; drop a “black guy” on my head to knock me unconscious.
  15. I think Jenna is a “sugar baby,” which is basically a “freelance hooker”: young pretty girl dates rich, older (oftentimes married) men and takes whatever they can get from them financially quid pro quo. It’s not like $X for X sexual activity, but they’ll date and the guy is going to lavish the girl with designer clothes and accessories, a car, rent, maybe college tuition. Lala Kent on Van Der Pump Rules is probably the poster example.She managed to keep her sugar daddy’s identity on lockdown for a full season while her castmates were accusing her of being a hooker, because how else was this restaurant hostess driving these luxury cars, etc. But then the next season she doubled down on how her BJs get PJs (private jets). And now (in real time not on TV yet) the sugar daddy left his wife and now they’re engaged. So I guess dreams do come true, lol. I suppose the sugar baby thing is the mistress equivalent of being the trophy wife. Lala jumped from sugar baby to trophy wife. If Jenna married Jordan, I guess she’d be giving up that opportunity. Trade your youth and looks for the money now, then when you get traded in for a younger model, marry for love then, lol.