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  1. Oh, yes, I remember that well! It was the guy who was PROBABLY the winner of Megan Wants a Millionaire. It happened while the show was airing, and they immediately stopped airing the show and NEVER had another one of those Of Love spinoffs. The guy married someone after the show filmed and murdered her. They found her in a suitcase with her fingers removed so they wouldn’t identify her by her fingerprints, but I think they actually ended up identifying her by the serial number on her breast implants. He was on the lam and I think hung himself. I’ll need to check out that podcast! Although I could probably do my own podcast, lol.
  2. I would give up all of these Bachelor shows if only VH-1 would resurrect all of the Of Love series and spin-offs. That was the heyday of reality dating shows**. In fact, I missed a bunch of Bachelor/ette shows in the middle there (The Meredith/Byron/some football player maybe era) because I was tuning into VH-1 for Real Chance at Love and the like. **I would also accept Paradise Hotel as the original Bachelor in Paradise.
  3. I’m totally with you, Mabinogia: Wills, Harrison, and Venmo John. The rest of these guys aren’t even in the strata of being dateable...but I guess they make for good TV.
  4. S04.E08: Episode 08

    I thought the best (funniest—as opposed to the emotional lines)—was Anton’s: “Macking?? 1991 called—on a landline—and wants you to fax its slang back.” On the opposite end of the spectrum—the scene that just gutted me—was Noah seeing this family come into the restaurant, dad just like him sitting next to a little girl who looked just like Stacy at the time—and envisioning the first time he laid eyes on Allison. And then just losing it crying! I was thinking how the hell does Noah get a 4-minute “part” as opposed to Cole’s 50 minutes. But, god damn, 4 minutes was all he needed! I disagree. We saw her in an emotionally fragile and spiraling state, for sure. We know she has a history of severe depression and self-harm (cutting), she recently institutionalized herself for 6 months, and she tried drowning herself in season 1. Since that’s already been her go-to method of suicide, it seems highly likely she drowned herself. The scene of them talking was in Block Island, when they missed the ferry and stayed at that bed and breakfast. I think it’s entirely reasonable that the father only wanted to meet her before he dies and never mentioned a kidney at all. Just yesterday my husband and I were talking about one thing and then suddenly he went off on this other emotional tangent on a whole different topic and completely made up something he thought I was implying because he was feeling stressed and emotional about the other thing. It took quite a bit of talking him down to get him to realize I didn’t say anything about the other thing. So, yeah, 100% Allison could have made up that the dad asked for her kidney because SHE thinks that’s the only reason he’d be contacting her now if he never bothered to meet her in thirty-something years. We’ve also seen that Allison has a propensity for tragic over-imagination; Joanie fell off a horse and she imagined her dead and bleeding from the mouth when we know the kid was fine. [Should have quoted someone talking about the murder mystery here to change the topic.] I think just like “Oh, no! Who stabbed Noah?!?” turned out to be “Lolz, it was as just Noah, but no worries, he’s FINE now.” I think the person who killed Allison is Allison. I suppose it could be a big twist and it could be Luisa or someone. But I think it is more meaningful that it’s Allison. She’s been a tragic character from the moment we met her—it’s how everyone has defined her—it’s how she has defined herself. We’ve seen her struggling against her own demons for years and barely hanging on. And as for how we left saw her, it was with Helen telling her SHE’s the one who makes people use her or see her as a sex object. At the time it seemed like it could have been an encouraging way to see it—you have agency to change how people perceive you by taking accountability for your behavior. But for someone already in the deeply fragile emotional state that she was in with her history of depression, anxiety, and attempted suicide, it could have been that final push for her to think she’s worthless. That’s not to “blame” Helen there, but with Cole going off and accusing everyone what did you SAY to her??? Everyone will have “said” something to her but it doesn’t matter because it was Allison’s choice. She has agency in her life but sadly she thinks the only agency she has is in ending it.
  5. I think it’s most likely Colton was cast on B’ette BECAUSE he was dating Tia. Production told them they’ll start their story on Bachelorette and continue their storybook romance on BIP, where they would become Bachelor royalty if they got engaged. I do think it’s entirely possible that Colton wasn’t aware of this because the poor dolt always looks like he was just smashed in the head with a frying pan and lost his short-term memory. But Tia was definitely (IMO) all up in this plan. Hell, it seems that EVERYONE (except for Goose) is aware of this master romance plan. Because, think of it, in any other situation, wouldn’t there be some Wrong Reasons accusations? Granted, most people come to Paradise with someone in mind, but the fact that they were together BEFORE the show and Tia is dead set they’re getting back together (why would she think this otherwise???)—and narry a Wrong Reasons utterance??
  6. “Aw! So now you know when I OVULATE?!?” Snort!
  7. Oh, definitely! John was SO EXCITED because he’s never had the opportunity to speak with so many pretty ladies! Wills was the same way—I’m going to dance and be fun! Just two nerdy guys living their best lives. It’s not even like they were focused on trying to hook up like the other guys, but more like: I get to just talk to a bunch of different people and have fun?!? This is a new experience for me and I’m going to make the most of it!
  8. @CindyBee you posted this in the episode thread but responding here... Boy, I was the first to jump on Baby Beckah for persecuting Leo via social media for the Wrong Reasons, but I guess it did cause an investigation to some actual (alleged) behavior. I love that the article references that the investigation is over the charge that “he slid into the DMs” of women on set, lol. I recall how one of the Bachelor Nation regulars here (sorry, I forget who) had to explain to the rest of us what “slid into DMs” meant after a Wrong Reasons accusation of such. If this goes to trial, imaging, “Your honor, the defendant slid into the plantiff’s DMs.”
  9. Hmm. Now that you put it that way. I’m thinking it’s very likely Tia wasn’t going to go on the date at all, and some “trusted” producer told her she should ask Chris—that she would really like him—but of course exactly for that reason because Chris is most likely to freak the hell out when Colton shows up. Anyone else would be all “Oh, well” and start chatting up another girl. Not Chris. He had his buddies talking him up FOR HOURS about how Tia is his woman and he’s going to win out over Colton—ensuring a big confrontation and love triangle/stalker situation.
  10. He didn’t even get a “guard and protect your heart” tattoo like Kasey on Ali’s season—so he’s obviously not taking the task very seriously.
  11. So anyone familiar with my posts has probably caught on that I type my reactions as I watch. Sometimes I miss something because I’m still typing about the last thing—no big deal though. This is the First Time in Bachelor [franchise] History that I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV to even attempt to type for that first break. From the show intro to the recap packages, that was PURE GOLD! More gold than Jordan’s hot pants and Becca’s engagement ring put together. I laughed so hard that I nearly blacked out and can’t even recall what I was laughing at—just everything and everyone! Vague impressions of Venmo John counting pesos and Jordan eating chicken. In particular, Wills jumping out from behind the trees and dancing made me choke on my water and my life flashed before my eyes. But I would have died happy. Kevin says that Ashley cheated on him with Jared—juicy! Wells. Wills. Wells! Wills? Kendall likes picnicking in cemeteries for the ample parking. Everyone is pumped up about how hot everyone else is—except for sad sack Tia mooning over Colton. So of course she gets the date card—and the bippers react like it’s circumstance. Ha! Have they never seen this show before? They’re going to wait until she “moves on” and starts having feelings for someone else and THEN swoop Colton in. But Chris? Tia just has bad guydar all around. All these great guys and she picks the crazy one—unbeknownst to her. Tia didn’t want Joe so he glommed onto Kendall’s mouth before Crystal had a chance to jump in there. But, fear not, she’s kissing Kevin before you know it. The other “couple” of the night is Nick and Chelsea—and now we know why we barely heard him speak during Becca’s season: cute guy, TERRIBLE personality. He thinks Chelsea’s son’s name is Slippy?!? Maybe he said Skippy—but I’m not so sure. Hard pass from Chelsea. Chris forgot to button his shirt for this dinner date. Nobody needs this much chest hair heaving above their plate. (But good thing they don’t eat.) Chris has made Tia get over Colton, so CUE COLTON!! Oh, no the “Colton Cloud” has lifted over her head, but they are showing storm clouds rolling in and rustling branches. Here we go! Tia jumped up SO FAST with the biggest smile, but thwarted immediately as Colton talks to the other ladies. Go with Angela! Tia is haggard compared to that hottie, and she comes from a football family. Oh, Chris just talked about “Goose’s ship” and that was something from the intro—he has an alter ego, Goose, that he talks about in the third person?? This might explain these really strange and sudden personality shifts exhibited this past season. Jordan: “Here’s what you have going for you... You have great hair product.” Chris: “Wow. I didn’t think of it like that.” Nick: “He’s getting sloppy segunduzz.” (????) What???? So, Tia and Colton really played the famewhore long con here. Oh, Goose has gotten his gander’s feathers ruffled!!
  12. That’s a pretty big-ass “past” diamond for having only known each other for about 6 weeks. Then again, the “future” Diamond is the same size, so I guess it checks out.
  13. Wow. Already incessantly publicly shaming him for stupid shit? I thought the first wife was too much of a nagging downer?
  14. Missed most of Garrett’s date, but tuned in just in time to hear Garrett say his family ran off his ex-wife and if he had a do-over, he’d get them MORE up in his relationship earlier on. Uhh, probably not exactly a good policy to try to win over the OTHER family. But I imagine their families getting together to celebrate Festivus. ...Left the room a minute and he’s crying to some guy (step-dad? Uncle?) now he’s crying to some curly-haired lady (sister?) who is battling this humidity and losing. Garrett is a blubbering mess. Now Becca is crying over hearing that Garrett cried. I don’t know what is happening but this means Walls Are Down, so it bodes well for their Journey. This poor curly-haired lady’s hair is now 3-feet high, despite being tied in a pony-tail. I don’t know where they are, but it is obviously a tropical locale or the hot/rainy season. Oh, the intro out of the commercial tells me this is the Maldives. Sister now has her hair firmly in a top-knot bun...but it’s escaping. Oh, man, Becca is totally pulling an Arie. It’s always been Blake and he’s the right choice on paper, but the more she learns about Garrett, the more drawn to him she is. Wait, there’s another even older guy here now, too. Maybe he’s the step-dad. I don’t know what’s happening because my family is too damn loud. I think Blake is freaking out again but I can’t hear. Did Becca TELL Blake she’s feeling Garrett? What happened? Now the mom from Fresh off the Boat is there?? And, oh my god, everyone go to sleep—especially my husband!! now my husband went to bed, but the 10-year-old and 18-year-old are all being loud. There’s a boat, there’s dolphins, and Garrett does a “shark attack” pulling Becca’s leg under water. But other than that, didn’t hear a word they said. Holy Jesus, now my daughter is playing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” and choreographing dance moves for summer camp! Whelp, I’m just going to assume nothing of note is happening and thankfully I have you guys to keep me informed. Wait, silence just fell over the house for me to hear Garrett say, “You don’t give me butterflies, you give me eagles.” Oh, boy, I was better off NOT hearing. Hour 2. The family has scattered—possibly huddling in fear of mom’s wrath. (Took long enough!) Becca is “in her head”—the cardinal sin of the Right Reasons Journey. But she’s always been in love with Blake and can’t imagine saying goodbye to him, so that means Goodbye, Blake! “Prepare yourselves for what you’re about to see!!” Harrison is REALLY kicking this most dramatic moment in Bachelor history up a few notches!! Becca shouldn’t have been smiling and looking at Blake adoringly as he ramped up to his proposal; the lead usually gives a pained look so they know it’s coming. Oh, wait, Harrison is talking to Blake in between the dumping and the proposal. I WASN’T prepared for this! But it’s smart because people tune out and don’t watch ATFR. But I thought since Blake was SO SWEATY that he was going to pass out cold from the heat coupled with an anxiety attack. Or, maybe fling himself out to sea. So it wasn’t really as dramatic as we were led to believe. “The only red flags were there were no red flags” is this generation’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Oh, wow, Becca’s sister is in air conditioning and her hair is still approximately 16 inches wide, so I guess don’t let the humidity scare you off from the Maldives, ladies. So they DO record these “happy couple” rendezvous, so we can stop blaming Arie for “recording” their break up. Oh, I just noticed I said nothing about the engagement. Whelp, that’s a thing that happened. Still don’t like or trust this guy. And right on cue... It’s not even just the “mean likes”—nothing about him seems genuine. Wait, so we’re supposed to accept Garrett’s apology and give him time to learn and grow—but we’re NOT supposed to extend Arie the same courtesy? Mmhmm. But which one of these two has the Costco membership?!? Harrison is missing the hard-hitting questions, lol. Becca and Garrett win a trip to Thailand and a busted minivan! This is like The Price is Right Showcase Showdown! Suddenly the Costco membership is like the consolation prize. Speaking of which, good luck with that engagement, Becs. The license plate in FNLROSE! Lol.
  15. 90 Day Fiancé: Everybody’s Gettin’ Frauded Or 90 Day Fiancé: Casting People a Little Bit More Stupider “After my marriage, I didn’t trust anyone for 30 years, until this young Nigerian hit me up on Facebook.” Uhhhhh. “Here’s a piece of umbilical cord from another man’s child.” Yuck. “I was surprised that women on the mail order bride site actually said hola to me, but the hottest one ‘video chatted’ me by sending me a gif, so I’m ready to propose.” Ay, caramba! “Jesse and I make up and break up every day and we like nothing about each other’s personalities and life choices, but he’s coming to America because the one thing we have in common is that we’re both fame whores.” Yippee! “I’m 34, and I live with my best friend, Mom. I managed to survive the Amazon without a fish swimming up my urethra, and I didn’t get murdered by a machete-wielding thief when I ran away into the jungle because I’m a criminal. We don’t speak the same language, so maybe Karine didn’t actually ask for unicorn shoes. Hell if I know. But I hope my lengthy and neatly photocopied criminal record will win over her police officer father and these here stuffed animals will swoop her away from the better catches who could also give her a green card.” D’oh! Oh, damn! The app recording just went into some pregnancy show in the second half of this recording and part 2 in a separate recording won’t open, so that’s all for now, I guess. They done frauded me!