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  1. S11.E14: Battle of the Beasts

    I didn't really have a favorite amongst the three so I'm fine with Cig's win, but I didn't like the episode format at all! Like others have said already it was really hard to assess the makeup through an action film and compounding the problem was that the lighting/cinematography was terrible in my opinion. Nicely done feathers on George's eagle? Who can tell?!! Also, I really enjoy Mr. Westmore's critiques so the departure from that format made the process feel not complete. I'm not a fan of the 2 part finale as having an episode for the purpose of announcing the winner a week after the creative episode is aired sucks out a lot of excitement and continuity of a finale, but I would be a fan of making the finale a 1 and half or 2 hour special.
  2. S11.E13: Gargoyle Guardians

    I was really glad to see Tyler again this season. I remember being incredibly impressed at how well he worked to execute his concepts and how he constantly and graciously spent time helping others. He was the same again this season. I do agree with the judges comments on his work overall for this challenge, but like many others here I just don't understand how he went home instead of Cig. There really was no concept with Cig's creation. He just made his gargoyle wear the architecture directly, which was easy to do because the particular style he chose happen to be full of ready to wear pieces. The red makeup wasn't all that great and the overall word that came to mind when looking at this creation was "lacking". It just looked very lightweight like it should be inside a jack-in-a box. I've liked Cig all season both his personality and his work, but this elimination was just wrong. I was really impressed with Emily's beautiful creation. The girl is truly talented. But I do think she benefited all season from being paired with Tyler. I think she got more benefit from that partnership then he did. Edited to say how impressive George's sculpting/painting was. Terrible wings and horn of course, but wow!
  3. S02.E02: Episode 2

    Considering his feelings for her, why would you find that surprising? I think one of the appeals of this kind of genre is that it upholds the concept of honor, loyalty, etc. etc. It's a cliché I know, but t's a nice escape to immerse in a world of handsome men who act with honor and beautiful heroines who defy hardship. I was surprised because Ross's actions really broke away from this appealing aspect and made the presumed hero so unlikeable. I'm not so much upset at the cracks of their marriage as much as I am of how ugly Ross has been in creating those cracks.
  4. S02.E08: Episode 8

    So this can be translated as "I had to ride out in the middle of the night and then sleep with her. I had too! It was my duty." I know he did it all out of pure emotion but what an odd, odd thing to say, especially to his wife. This show.....smh.....I'm watching because I like the genre but this has to be one of the most boring of its kind ever. Not only are most of the main characters incredibly not likeable but it seems like the episodes pretty much lather, rinse, and repeat over and over. I was being facetious when I stated previously that I'm rooting for George at this point but you know what? I really am now. Go Warleggen!
  5. S02.E06: Episode 6

    That was funny! Me too. I think we all were agape at the sight of Ross on the verge of debtor's prison leaving every bit of cash he could get his hand on to Elizabeth and her son while leaving nothing to his own wife and child. wow.....wow. It's gotten to a point now where I am actively rooting for George.
  6. S02.E02: Episode 2

    I was surprised by Ross' move on Elizabeth. Thank goodness she had some sense to move away. Maybe in the book it delved into his psyche as to why he did that (stress, grief, longing youth, etc.) but in this episode they really did not do a good job of laying out the groundwork which would give that scene more depth. As it was shown, I just found it kind of creepy.
  7. S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    That's good to know, thanks for that info. I think what I'm looking for is a truly felt acknowledgment by Claire for Frank and an indication of her affection for him even though he is not her true love. She did show this by stopping Jaime from killing Randall but somehow that whole story was done without much display of Claire's inner feelings and I wasn't sure if she was doing that more from guilt, lingering affection for Frank, fearing of changing the future and therefore her present, or whatever. She has now lived a good life with him for twenty years and raised a child together, thus I hope to see evidence that she loved him truly even though it was not the same kind of THE LOVE that she had with Jaime. In that same vein, I hope they show Brianna's depth of feeling for Frank as opposed to just having her mentioning it in passing. Even though I absolutely love Claire and Jaime together I have a lot of sympathy for Frank's suffering and generosity and thus really want to see him get his just due.
  8. S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    I really agree with this HumblePi. The way they handled it carries on the narrative but it wasn't emotionally satisfying for me. They could have spent an additional 5 minutes on this to give both the stories and Claire/Brianna characters more depth. I just finished binge watching the second season and have to say that the entire France episodes were a grind to get through, but the final episode was a tragic and wrenching whopper. As for the new Brianna actress, I'm neutral because I haven't seen enough of her but on the other hand, there's just something about her that makes me think they missed the boat on this - a certain lack of grace maybe, an aura of special-ness that I think a heroine in this type of story needs to have. But because the main characters for the first season were so perfectly cast and the actors have been so fantastic the bar is really raised for those just coming to the party. Wow, I was shocked when I realized that Gellis had killed her husband but on further thought, it totally rounds out her character - killing husbands must be her thing. And count me in on the Murtah bandwagon!
  9. S05.E10: New Normal

    I cannot stand how they are using Quinn this season. I truly do not want to see another episode of him in agony next week coughing up thick chunks of blood. For me, the intrigue and quality of this show have long ago sunk very low, probably around the shark jumping CIA blow up. But what has kept me coming back is Quinn and his story. Only Quinn and his story. The fact that we get to see him nearly die in a particularly gruesome way and probably physically messed up for the rest of his life is truly depressing.
  10. S06.E08: Start To Finish

    The angst of the boy trying to kill Rick and Carl as revenge for his father - a perfect example of the kind of boring, half-baked storyline that added absolutely NOTHING to the show while being monumentally boring, cast by actors that seem incredibly wrong or unlikeable for the role. This whole season was full of this, making me miss whole episodes and not even caring, only to conclude last night by a repeat of the notorious "wearing of the guts" that made all of us gasp and marvel at the ingenuity. I know it's hard to keep up with creativity and great storylines season after season, but how about trying to cast better and settling in for mediocre? Because it's not even that anymore. Whoever cast Enid should be demoted. They've tried to recreate Jennifer Lawrence's character in Winter's Bones but ended up with a flat, unlikeable character that I simply cannot muster up sympathy for no matter how tragic her story. I even want the little child to die. That's how unbearable this show has become. Terrible. Truly terrible.
  11. S06.E06: Always Accountable

    I simply CANNOT concentrate on what's going on due to the fact that I'm completely consumed by the need to know what has happened to Glen. People are talking and shooting and riding motorcycles, but I'm just biding time and fast forwarding in my mind so we can get to the reveal about Glen. Show, I need to know what's happened to him. Let me please have that so I can concentrate on the rest of the storyline once more.
  12. With regards to the two huge eel feasts that were shared, who of the six was it that said on this episode that in effect, two meals in a 40 day stretch didn't make a difference in whether she made it or not? Are you kidding me? That's like giving a person who's about to pass out from lack of water a good long drink and then saying that a single drink didn't make a difference. Ungrateful idiots totally lacking in introspection and grace. I suspect the ones who've been excoriated online got together and as a group decided, no, we're not going to apologize because they made us look back and plus, we had cause. As I've stated previously, even if every one of their causes was justified (which I really do not think is the case), I still cannot get over how ugly these people are. As for vegetarian Dani, whatever respect I had for her sticking to her beliefs is totally negated by her respect and love towards animals while treating fellow human beings with such unkindness. Save us all from these types of nature lovers.
  13. I think the only one who appeared to be genuinely sorry that extreme duress prevented basic human kindness is Luke. The others I think are not sorry and probably don't care. That's fine for them, but I guess if I'm in that situation I'd be embarrassed and sorry for all my friends and family who probably told a lot of people they know that I'm going to be on this show. Those people are now probably busy explaining about the poor job of editing the show has done, and I'm sure everyone nods in understanding while inside, they can't help but feel amazed at the petty meanness displayed.
  14. Jeff had me with his apology after catching the eel. It was so sincere, and at a moment when he could have crowed. I haven't liked the term "alpha" male but with his actions I think Jeff truly is that. He's someone who can lead a group without resorting to pettiness. Chris on the other hand.....what an ass. What an ASS. I don't know enough about Dani but even if their complaints about her were completely valid, their reaction is over the top catty with a good dose of malice thrown in. Every single one of them. Difficult circumstances I know, but wow it's hard to watch a group of people treating another person like that. That said, EJ and Jeff were completely right not to take Dani in. There's too much drama associated with her and that group and they don't need it.
  15. ok, I just finished binge watching and feel compelled to comment. There' something not quite great about this series which makes me sad because I love the genre. When I finished watching Pride and Prejudice I was absolutely obsessed with it and Colin Firth. This obsession lasted many years and only was surpassed once I found North and South with Richard Armitage. But even though Aiden Turner/Poldark is physically incredible I just I don't find his character all that compelling, nor do I find the love triangle all that interesting as many here have said. This is the type of show I should be eagerly awaiting for new episodes each week but I find that I can definitely wait. They've done a good job of building interest and suspense in regards to the mine and what's going to happen to Poldark business wise, but I don't feel any heat or intensity in the romantic side of the story. Just because a character says he/she's in love doesn't make it so. You need to show us with moments and chemistry. I find Poldark an appealing character but strangely sexless. Some of it is probably how the actor is portraying him but I really think it has mostly to do with the direction. I want to love this show and hope it will improve next season.