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  1. Academy President John Bailey Under Investigation for Sexual Harassment (EXCLUSIVE)
  2. They had the very first double winner: The lady who loved New Orleans & the Chicago lady. They won $20,000 and split the winnings. I'm with Demaris on the soggy bread being gross! I'd rather dip as I go thankyouverymuch.
  3. College Basketball

    CBS, Turner receive backlash for new March Madness Selection Sunday show format
  4. Black Panther (2018)

    I loved this! This is how I was supposed to feel after seeing Wonder Woman (did someone say hype machine), but that movie was just okay. I'll definitely go see this in the theater again which I never do! Wakanda Forever!
  5. S03.E03: Crash

    Are you guys thinking of the Juggalo who worked at Arbys in season 1? The actor is Adam Zastrow.
  6. My winners were Azerbaijan (they had a beautiful dark blue suede(?) coat), Italy (shiny midnight blue coat) & the Philippines (a lovely teal coat). Losers: Slovenia & Bulgaria (bright green!), USA (hated those gloves and the sweaters were doing too much for me) & Germany was really disappointing (a pukey yellow for the men & green for the women?).
  7. The Opening Ceremony!

    NBC's Opening Ceremony Broadcast Edited Out 23 Minutes Of The Event, So Here's What You Missed I was wondering what happened to the torch relay! I actually enjoy that part because you get to see different parts of the country and the cheering crowds.
  8. The Opening Ceremony!

    Does anyone know what NBC cut for time?
  9. Figure Skating

    I hope it really comes on at 7, but I have to record the full 3 hour block of hockey or whatever sport is on before OI.
  10. Figure Skating

    I've got it airing on NBC Sports Network starting Saturday between 5-8 pm ET every night. I have a feeling they'll spread it out over the night so I'll be DVR'ing.
  11. NFL Thread

    Sources: Josh McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Patriots and not take Colts job
  12. Does anyone know what's going on with Kate Upton and the accusations against Guess? All I know is she sent out a cryptic tweet about harassment, but has she given any other details?
  13. 🛠 Formatting Issues, page Numbers

    Fixed! Thank you.
  14. Tennis Thread

    Chris McKendry spoke with Tennys Sandgren today... So it was a misunderstanding and he wasn't raised that way. Oh and he's a good Christian boy who deleted his twitter for a fresh start. Whatever dude. Go Chung!
  15. All Episodes Talk: Falling Water

    This season is so different but episode 3 seemed to get things on track after cleaning up some season 1 stuff. They got rid of the woman in red, Taka's mom & tossed Sabine in jail to free up some storyline space and I'm okay with all of that! Those stories moved too slow/were too vague for me. Are the green shoe people still a thing? Is the guy chasing Tess with them? The best thing about this season is having all the leads working together (and sharing information!) and not searching for the boy.