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  1. Here's a little about her dress, which she wore in Shenzhen, China, earlier this month:
  2. Haha, I'll be looking for it--probably next season.
  3. I'm not saying the show had to manipulate things this episode, but they do sometimes make sure an entire category in the J! round gets shown when it's something special/a sponsor.
  4. I am really tired of poorly written clues and the judges not being ready to make a quick decision. As @secnarf just said, ringworm is tinea. Pedis is obviously foot. Gah! I immediately knew what they were going for but also that ringworm wasn't outright wrong.
  5. I loved recognizing bits from "Parents Just Don't Understand" in Bev's dialogue when they were shopping at the beginning. I am Real Adam's age, and this song was a huge hit with kids our age and even all these years later I still know most of the words by heart despite not having listened to it since Leslie Knope/Amy Poehler demonstrated she also knew all the words.
  6. No, the flight to hell only has middle seats.
  7. LOL
  8. I knew "American" was in the title but not the full title. Oh well.
  9. Hooray for Nicole Gibbs, the only American woman out of the 10 who played Monday to move on!
  10. I believe they are told the date, and I thought she looked like she was straining a bit to remember it for her answer.
  11. Yes, it's the latter. We've had so many complaints about bad FJ clues, and it's frustrating to this viewer. I think they're trying to branch out to avoid repetition, and that's good in theory, but it's leading to some bad clues IMO.
  12. @GreekGeek, there is an explanation here: https://thejeopardyfan.com/2018/01/final-jeopardy-1-11-2018.html Julie didn't even see the Jack White picture. And they could have picked a better one--yikes!
  13. I got Lana from Three's Company vibes.
  14. It was national coats of arms, not flags. Everyone should look at Zambia's here because there is a tiny zebra on it! (Aww!) Clue: "The shield on Zambia's coat of arms features black & white stripes representing this natural wonder." Who's to say zebras aren't a natural wonder? :)
  15. Since the category was about decades, I think it's clear here, but some use aughts or noughts. I think most people try to avoid it!