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  1. Late Night or Late Show? (For me, the former, not that I'd sneeze at the latter!)
  2. Alex, We’ll Take ‘To Have and to Hold’ for $1,000
  3. I didn't notice anything about his pronunciation, but as someone who remembers being corrected on the pronunciation of "island" during a class read-aloud, I feel like sticking up for him now!
  4. The think music made it hard to think about songs!
  5. Ugh, this just reminded me of Joshua Allen. Does anyone know if he was convicted? All the articles I see are from when he was charged. It's funny how many places reported on the charges, but no one said anything about the result. They were far from the only same-sex partners. The producers apparently didn't force people to work with a member of the opposite sex, so yay, progress for this show! I've never had strong feelings one way or the other about Allison's personality (though I only started watching in season 3), but she was bugging me in this episode. She was trying too hard. I also don't like her syntax or something. I just did not like the way she spoke. (And my last two sentences here are not the most eloquent or illuminating!) Seeing and hearing Paul always caught me off guard a bit because he was so much more reserved and professional that it was quite the contrast. I liked that. Thanks to those who said there was a preexisting relationship between Lex and Gaby (plus his tap experience), because that choice seemed odd to me.
  6. We bought them in late August last year for a night session and a day session. I'm pretty sure it was the second Monday and Tuesday. Our assigned seats in Ashe were pretty bad and it wasn't terribly fun to watch tennis from that high up and from that angle, but I don't regret it. I had a great time watching things on the other courts and thus preferred the day session, when more was going on. We spent less than $100 for two tickets each time, but my husband may have found some deal. He's the one who planned it all out. We also went to the free day (2nd Thursday, Community Day), where you can watch doubles on the outer courts, and I also really enjoyed that, but they don't announce if they're doing that very far in advance. As for Wimbledon, my impression is that it's not easy to get tickets, even for locals. I've kind of given up on the idea of ever going myself. :(
  7. I went last year for multiple days and loved it. Have fun!
  8. Did anyone else watch Remember Me? It's not a Masterpiece show, but if there's interest we could start a thread in this forum anyway. Or we could just talk about it in Small Talk. I wasn't expecting a supernatural element, so I'm not sure what I think about that. I was worried the young woman was going to die and am glad she didn't, because I like her. http://www.pbs.org/program/remember-me/
  9. And we had to see/hear Napoleon shout "you're supposed to be the best of the best, "etc. at least three times.
  10. Have you tried https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/185-what-s-the-name-of-that-book
  11. Whoops, I typed this now-redundant post and didn't hit submit: Back in the day, the players had to bow or curtsy to the royal box (even if no royalty was in it). I assume that is the genesis of the "leave together" tradition. Since 2003, the players only bow if the queen or Prince Philip is there.
  12. Haha, I have always wondered if she is touching his leg or the furniture. I have a tiny, old TV, though. The most recent time I noticed it I was actually watching on a modern flat screen and I said, "she IS touching his leg!"
  13. Venus's smile at the end was so great. It could not have been any bigger.
  14. ONLINE LEARNING $1000: internetpolyglot.com can help you learn languages like this one, the basis for Pilipino Haha, stockholder was so very wrong for "Employment at Walmart makes you not just a worker but this." In my house we said lots of mean things at the expense of Walmart for this one because it is horrible to its employees.