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  1. And Cat said it during the show at some point when a bunch of dancers were on the stage with her. I loved seeing Anya.
  2. 'Mad Pooper' wanted by Springs police
  3. I think it said "for this long." These three did not have a good grasp of geography. And when someone guesses Sweden, Norway, and Finland and gets it wrong, no one jumps in with Sweden, Norway, and Denmark? Come on!
  4. Got it. I just looked at an email my husband received after taking the test, and it said "If you passed the test, we'll contact you to schedule an audition." Yikes, no, that is not what happens. Whoever's writing the emails is not doing so well. Maybe they're emphasizing the random aspect now to compensate for that past error and are overcompensating.
  5. The Broadway choreographer said his dance was inspired by classic film noir, and I spent pretty much the whole routine wondering Does he know what film noir even is? because I didn't see it at all. I need to stop watching the "this dance is about..." intros. The first top 10 show was nice because it didn't have any explanations. ETA: I didn't think Robert should have gone first, but he chose Chris Brown for his solo music, so I don't care as much now!
  6. I think the lipstick was purposefully smeared during the dance to the lyrics that mentioned makeup. I am suspicious that it was deliberate to give Lex a "breakthrough" moment in the future. When he dances in his style later, he will really stand out. I am way behind and only just watched this one. I was disappointed Comfort didn't pick the woman and not at all surprised but still disappointed that Jenna picked Kiki.
  7. If you, like me, wondered What's the difference between album of the year and record of the year? wikipedia says Now that I see it, it makes sense. Singles used to be on little records (45s), after all.
  8. I don't think this is anything new. Out of the people who pass the online test, they contact some, randomly, for in-person testing.
  9. I'm frequently like this and am so glad to hear I'm not alone!
  10. Well, Watch ESPN has been down for about 20 minutes, just showing the logo. Grr.
  11. I just remembered that Venus's bra kept peeking out of her other outfit. Maybe that's why she changed. I also recently read an article about how superstitious Serena and therefore her box could be. I wonder if Venus is the same way.
  12. Day kit and night kit, I assume. Serena also changes outfits like that. Is this really Venus's first night match, though? I do like this one better. Speaking of what people in Ashe are wearing, stop wearing the American flag, especially as a scarf! Flag Code
  13. Oh yeah, that was really bad, especially the finger wagging (though that may have been an earlier challenge, I can't remember). Palate cleanser:
  14. Madison and CoCo seem to be friendly, which is nice. Here they are after Madison beat CoCo in the Stanford finals. It was enjoyable to watch (the match and the waiting for the trophies), reminding me a little of Flavia and Roberta in 2015: