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  1. You could argue that there is one for the purposes of Jeopardy, because the show has official procedures, sources, and rules. Unfortunately the public doesn't seem to be privy to all of that information. And of course the show sometimes makes mistakes. But let's say Merriam-Webster, for example, is the One Dictionary to Rule Them All. It has definitions for both LGBT and LGBTQ that do not include transsexual, so "transsexual" would be incorrect. Perhaps their procedure is to consult three specific dictionaries, but none included transsexual in the definition. I don't know the method to the madness but generally trust that there is one.
  2. The Mary Carillo Interview: Tennis, Storytelling, and Dad A conversation with a sports legend. 11:50 AM, Nov 13, 2017 | By Jonathan V. Last
  3. Yeah, he's going to get some deserved scolding for that. I think you're talking about the moment the rickroll lyrics came up. Yes, phones were getting smaller before they got bigger. That's also what I heard.
  4. I couldn't remember if Tim was one of the teachers (he's not), so I looked him up, and he was the champ Cindy beat in her first game!
  5. I never thought this was anything but him doing calculations on his own. That was just my gut reaction, but as "proof," isn't the audience (a) dark (I've never been to a taping) and (b) not in the direction that he was looking? Plus the show is very careful about doing things by the book. 25, per a tweet from his original run.
  6. Dave was one of many reading mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel here (link is to Dave directly).
  7. According to Wikipedia, the teen champ used to be in the TOC, but that ended in 2000.
  8. I don't think so. I think J! wants to avoid--as much as possible--having anyone who played each other in the quarters playing again in the semis. They're also not going to have the women play each other in the semis, I predict. And scores from the quarters probably do come into play. Perhaps the biggest quarterfinal winner is the one who gets the two wildcard opponents in the semis. If any players had the same name they'd be kept apart until the finals, but I don't think that's a factor here.
  9. Thanks, I couldn't remember if it was "boys" or "guys." It's true that those might prime you to say "girls" in response. I'd forgotten about the curse, ha!
  10. Yes! Although I noticed she said "girls" and not "women."
  11. Backing up @illdoc here, they are kept in the dark to make it a level playing field. I think he returned to the location of their first date to propose. My tip for remembering the order of the tropics is that Cancer has an N in it and is the northern one. 28 Blondie movies! Holy cow.
  12. Two TS's I got: Navratilova's city of birth and Square Pegs. I was happy someone got Remote Control. I loved that show! For colon cancer awareness in memory of Cindy Stowell. https://www.cancerresearch.org/blog/october-2017/cindy-stowell-jeopardy-champion-colon-cancer
  13. Unscripted dog sneeze! Kristen got in a "bless you" before there was a cut. I wonder if someone laughed.
  14. But Peggy Hill taught me that if you don't have testicles, getting kicked in the crotch is nothing!