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  1. Really short stories.
  2. And I thought Penn State was in State College! I don't want to debate it; I just think it's funny that there are three different answers here.
  3. There's no small talk thread, so I'll stick this in here. Former Letterman worker on a new show counts, eh? I'm alone in the house for a couple of weeks and am watching a lot of stuff, and I noticed "Written by Stephanie Birkitt" at the beginning of an American Housewife episode. It's somewhat embarrassing to admit that I was watching that, because it's not that good, but the bit of information is interesting. I thought she went to law school.
  4. I think I recall a "despondent" as well. There are typos in the text captions, but the music descriptions are great! Wasn't she hacking something up into a handkerchief when the explosion happened? I believe the man who was blinded mentioned sugar and coal at the beginning when his wife said she'd get flour all over him. The babies in this episode were all so cute.
  5. I frequently mute the interviews (sorry), so I can't help except to post this:
  6. That was remarkably just like reading the book (though it's been a couple of years). The audio book is 12h30m, so it's impressive that I can't think of too much that was left out of this 1h30m movie.
  7. Another person to hate is Ilie Nastase. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/tennis/2017/04/22/ilie-nastase-calls-anne-keothavong-johanna-konta-fing-bitches/
  8. I thought there was too much of Skloot in the book, so I'm not too surprised to read this: from Oprah Winfrey Stuns In The Otherwise Disappointing ‘The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks’ by Alan Sepinwall
  9. I think "literature" would mislead a lot of people toward fiction. This was an open letter to the president concerning real events.
  10. *Sigh* I could watch Baryshnikov videos on Youtube for hours.
  11. I guess Liv made two separate batches of chili, to keep the brains separate. For doing all that work, she deserved first choice.
  12. Returning to PBS Sunday, October 15, at 8pm.
  13. The episode down at Linda's parents' swinging senior community in Florida probably didn't have any non-family.
  14. I'm loving all of the Linda Ronstadt love. Two of my cousins--23 and 26--had never heard of her, and I was sad, though I bet they've heard some of her songs and just don't know it.
  15. Last alphabetically as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Zimbabwe got kicked out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimbabwe_and_the_Commonwealth_of_Nations#Zimbabwe_under_Mugabe