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  1. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    No, he never learned from that. But we did see that he really know what he was doing he was always just too excited when he was adding more power to stop and do it right or stop to think whether or not things could hold a different engine. We saw his skills with the hot rod, he was able to tell immediately what was wrong with Al's game and fix it, There really isn't a comparable thing like that to Jill except her cooking which is horrible. But we are shown she can cook a really good breakfast because she did in the one with Randy's cancer scare and the episode where she followed a recipe and make a good dish for the potluck. She either doesn't care to do it right. They keep trying to tell us she is or will be a good therapist but we never see it. We're never shown it. We see many more signs she'd be bad at it. Maybe her problem is similar to Tim's she won't slow down and do things right? She thinks she knows what she's doing and Tim does too he's blinded by his excitement and she's blinded by always thinking she's right and so smart. If she slowed down and really tried she'd be a great cook. If she slowed down and really listened she'd be a good therapist. She's blinded by always thinking she's right with Tim that she won't stop and admit she's wrong? I think your right. Except for the more power thing Tim worked hard to do better over the years. The boys each did too. They learned lessons. Tim learns his or really tries to. Jill doesn't and doesn't have too. Randy also learned to be passion it causes but not in a way that makes people think you want to destroy stuff. Like when Tim explains how he went wrong trying to save shop class in high school and everyone thought he wanted to destroy the music department. He explains to Brad in a much better way the whole Angela making his lunch and doing his chores. It would have been nice to see Jill learn and trying to better when she apologized for messing up. Not to blame her husband. And also working how much she's like her father. Al's issues with his mother I'm glad they got fixed but I wish it had been Tim who helped him more then Ilene I know Tim talks to him and helps him understand. But who understands more about Al's issues then Tim? They both lost their fathers young. The differences seem to be how their mothers dealt with it. Al's mother ended up clinging to her son to the point she can't understand why he wants some alone time with his girlfriend. Tim's mom went to work and really worked hard to raise her sons to go out in the world (with various success). Al clinged to his mother for the same reason but also feeling that he should. He made a promise to his father that he would take care of her and took it to extremes. Of course his father didn't mean to sacrifice his life and a future with his girlfriend. But to look after her. Both Tim and Al went into their careers that their fathers had. It seems like that all would have been something Tim and Al would have talked about more and Tim would have been able to help him.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    Yes, she does. Its the same thing she does every time she does something wrong. Like when she left the hot rod out in the snow. She doesn't apologize, doesn't admit she was wrong while blaming Tim because he dropped a beam on her car. The only thing she doesn't do is blame her father this time. Turning it around to blame Tim because of all the times he made fun of her? That doesn't make it anymore right. He was wrong to do that and she was wrong to make fun of him on TV. It was very annoy on that show that there wasn't even one woman who countered anything that Jill said or anyone else was. No, they were all just trash their husbands. Its crazy. Like when Jill mentions the midlife crisis not one woman says anything about it? These are suppose to be professionals right? You'd think one or all would comment on that one or ask what she's doing to help him through? It does take a lot away from Jill. All the times she messes up wouldn't be that bad if she had to apologize like Tim always did when he messed up. Same with her mess-ups in therapy. If they were chalked up to mistakes or even learning mistakes that would make a big difference. Its very annoying to have her never once get a clue about herself. How many times has she realized she's just like her father? But does nothing to change it or be aware of it.
  3. Also, explain to me how the two women compare? The first is clearly badass since she governed millions and answered to no one. But how is her descendent anything like her? She goes on walks or hikes? What badass thing did she ever do? At least show her in the army or special forces or doing something awesome.
  4. Race and Ethnicity in the Movies

    Yes but then it will be the power of Christian prayer and Jesus that makes it all go well. There will atheists, you'll know them immediately because they'll be assholes. And probably not really atheists just angry with God. But they'll be moved by the rescue of all 12 boys and their coach and immediately be Christians again. I don't but I do have a problem with Pure Flix making a movie about it.
  5. No, they don't. They don't want nor could they handle their kids being smarter or successful in anyway. Its sad and infuriating at the same time.
  6. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    This is the impression I've gotten too. I've been to big weddings and small weddings, some with food and some without. Duggars despite actually having more then enough money that they could spring for food don't. The could go expensive or cheep and go buy a bunch of deli trays. They throw these huge big weddings where a thousand people come. They know a thousand people are coming. But don't bother to rent tables or chairs for them to sit. Who make guests stand in a parking lot in November to eat ice cream. With as many weddings as their expected to throw they could buy tables and chairs and used them nine times. Its not that they don't have the money to spring for this stuff is that they won't. Then walk away with a ton of gifts. I probably shouldn't be surprised they put the bare minimum into everything they do. It shouldn't be surprising they do the same with weddings.
  7. I love that twist too. It was a great idea. I ended up really liking Abigail. I wish we had seen more of her. She was really cool. I liked the Charming helped her. In doing so it inspired him not to give up. This episode had a lot of realistic reactions. It was really nice to see. I really liked Emma laying on the bed beside Mary Margaret. It was a really good scene.
  8. S01.E14: Dreamy 2012.03.04

    I loved the festival too. Even though it doesn't make sense Regina would allow a festival. I wish we had a few more festivals or different events. It was fun to see them celebrate it. It would have been fun to see them post-curse decided to have a festival or holiday from the Enchanted Forest. Snow explaining it to Emma. They had holidays too didn't they? Maybe seeing festivals from the different kingdoms. I hate the flashback. The whole how dwarves are born and only for the life of mining? That's messed up. Nova's not allowed to change her mind and not be a fairy anymore? Or fairy godmother. Why not? It doesn't make any sense.
  9. Errah! How did that happen?

    Even more funny since we saw Santa as he fell and there's no way. It wasn't going fast enough knock them out and definitely wasn't heavy enough to knock out three people. I wish we saw more of Parker. I liked him a lot. He came up with a way for Tim do what he wanted without breaking the Christmas lights rule and seemed really great. It would have be nice to see him again. I still kind of wish we had seeing Lillian or Lucille or maybe both remarry and how the family adjusted to that. A stepparent, a new stepgrandparent, it could have been really interesting.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    No, they don't Benny had to of gone to school with Tim or at least high school since they had the same shop teacher. It might have been nice if they did. Maybe Benny's family could have moved from New Jersey when he was a child or teen. Lillian being from Texas could explain why she and the Colonel lived there after getting out of the army and she wanted to go back there? I suppose the Colonel could have been from Texas but it was never said. But it could explain why the girls don't have accents depending on when he left the army they might have all been teenagers or older.
  11. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    It was a nice change in the beginning they finally gave Mark something to do. Brad had sports and girls Randy had writing and girls and later activist. Mark went Goth. It was a big change and gave him something to do. Then after awhile they didn't seem to know what to do with that anymore. He wore black, had one Goth friend, and made a horror movie. Maybe they should have had him date a Goth girl or make more Goth friends? I kind of think it would have been fun if he went through a few different fads or maybe go grunge and blast Nirvana. Or stick with film and doing more horror movies. That would be a lot of fun or maybe trying different genres. Looking back I'm surprise they didn't make Ronnie the one doing pot. It seems to fit with his character more but he wasn't (that we know of). I did laugh when Jill made a joke and Ronnie didn't laugh, Jill remarked it was a joke and after moment Ronnie very lowly said "good one". Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense. Unless Wilson assumed it was to used as a prop. But still why hand over a real blade? No, one had any idea what the film was about? I can see why Tim and Jill since the scene they did had a voiceover the didn't know about. But Wilson probably would have figured it out quickly and Heidi because of her scene. No one talked to each other? Mark didn't tell anyone what it was about? No one asked him what it was about? How they should act out their scene? Where it was going? When did all the filming take place? It had to be after school or on the weekend because of school and Tool Time. Everyone else would be hanging around to watch each scene being filmed, wouldn't they? Al didn't tell Tim how fun it was to play Algore and what he did? Heidi and Wilson didn't either? It doesn't make any sense.
  12. S03.E05: Pies

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who getting fired up over the comments over American pies. Insult anything else you want but not our pies! There's so many really good different pies. I love pies. Cherry pie, blueberry pie, delicious three berry pie very yummy, French silk, lemon meringue, chocolate peanut butter cup, blackberry pie, peach pie, Banana cream, Coconut cream pie, key lime, my mom made an excellent apple pie. I can't remember the last time I felt this patriotic.
  13. The Rerun Thread: One Interview at a Time

    Me too. Especially looking forward to Brenda's apology in the last episode of the season.
  14. It was. Whitney's adoptive parents were John and Lydia Owens who had eleven children many who were in her wedding. Then suddenly by Bradley's birth or his baby shower the Owens were gone and her bio parents were back in her life. No idea what happened or why she suddenly dropped the Owens.
  15. They really did. There were a lot of good episodes later in the series but so many others lacked layers and nuance. That's what made the episode with the teen that murdered the Chinese delivery man so interesting. Nora had to wrestle with death penalty. Something she doesn't believe in. But in the end she had to realize the murderer deserved it. Had they done that more with Nora it would have made her character more interesting. The could have done that with Borgia wrestling with her faith while working on cases. But that's never what happens. It was great to see Stone ask that question at the end of Life Choice. It was great having Adam after talking with Stone and Robinette make the remark about them being men talking about it. Its more interesting when they present both sides better. Its like the one where Fontana tortures the suspect for information. Torture is wrong but I liked that they showed a scenario. What if it was to find a location of a child? Is that child's life or anyone's life reason to torture someone for information? Of course there's also questions on whether the kid is already dead or if the suspect lies. Is there ever a time where its "okay"? Its really great they found the kid alive. But what if the kid had been dead? What if they hadn't tortured but waited for the lawyer and did everything right but found the child died during that time period? Both sides were presented and in ways that made sense which made it a much better episode. In Life Choice we got to see people's reactions to abortion even those who were cops and lawyers. Plus at the end after hearing all the rhetoric and the murder suspect going on and on what a great thing Mary did, to have Stone ask that question.