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    I am a tv show junkie. I love old shows, new shows, and watching both a million times. My favorites include Once Upon a Time, Castle, Rizzoli and Isles, Sex and the City, SOAP, Sports Night, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Bewitched, Leverage, and Night Court. A former soap opera junkie I used to be hard core fan of General Hospital and Guiding Light. I also used to watch All My Children, One Life To Live, As the World Turns and Days of Our Lives.
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  1. Characters We Hate

    I can't believe I forgot about Cora Beth! She was horrible. I disliked John Boy he always seemed like he thought he was better then everyone else. They also kept treating him like he was suppose to be so smart but he never really came off any smarter then the rest of his siblings.
  2. The Rerun Thread: One Interview at a Time

    Oh, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, so many episodes I love her and others I want to strangle her. Gutting Fritz's case in Live Wire was a horrible thing to do. Thank God its followed by Dial M for Provenza which is really hilarious. I skipped over Problem Child that episode freaks me out that kid was a psycho and it freaks me out that he was only 12 or 13 no kid should be that messed up. Sudden Death is another really good one poor Julio at the end breaking down because he gave his brother the hat. Live Wire is also the beginning of Gabriel being an ass. Him suggesting that Daniels should be transferred. What an ass. I love how Brenda not only doesn't do that but hands him the form instead and tells him to fill it out.
  3. Yeah, what else does she had have to do? Its not like she's working 60 hour work weeks or even 40 hours or even 10 hours that she has no time to plan on what to do. She does nothing at all. All day, every day, ignoring anyone wanting to buy a house. Even sleep is too much work for Janelle.
  4. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    That was what I heard the show was about when they started promoting it. I didn't mind then. Emerson and Caviezel were the only actors I knew on the show and I really wanted to see Emerson playing someone so completely different from Linus. I wasn't sure I'd be able to ever see him as anyone else but I did and I really did love both characters. Finch and Reese were really good characters and I loved seeing their friendship develop. I wasn't sure what to make of Carter at first I didn't know if she'd be the one always hunting them or if they were going to wait longer before she met Reese or what. But she grew on me pretty fast as did Fusco (one of my favorite parts was watching how Fusco changing). She a lot of really great moments and scenes in just the first season alone. I hadn't heard that it was also their wives who were part of screwing over Taraji and the show. But I'm glad to know it. I like to know all who's responsible so I can hate them all. Don't want to leave anyone out. Yes, I'm still bitter too. Carter was a great character and Root and Shah were horrible. They destroyed a really good show. I mean yes we got the last laugh by the ratings taking a nosedive, Taraji finding great success and the show getting canceled. But I still would have rather had the show.
  5. Characters We Hate

    I hated Mary Ellen too. Also, Erin, JimBob and JohnBoy. And sometimes Elizabeth.
  6. Season 7 Discussion

    I thought that's what Nathan said too which creeped me out. I agree about the cereal that was annoying and there's no way the Bates kids were eating that. Tori and Bobby were so annoying about wanting a boy first. I really "loved"? Josie admitting she doesn't like surprises. She likes to know where she's going. So naturally Kelton decides to surprise her. Why? If she doesn't like that then don't do it.
  7. Looks like Psych is returning to Hallmark Movies and Mysteries starting on September 24th with the first episode and continuing weekdays every afternoon at least through October 4th (which is as far out as my DVR currently goes).
  8. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    All these ghost stories are really amazing!
  9. All Episodes Talk: Grunt

    I really like how the show handles the three boys and their relationship with each other. From Brad and Randy being best buds and teaming up to being pains to Mark. To Mark being the one who squeals on them. Like the one with the magician babysitter when Jill calls Brad and Randy don't want to tell her that he's stuck in the box because they know she'll blame them for it which they were right she and Tim do when they get home. Given their troublemaking its not a stretch to think they were. Jill wants to talk to Mark which they don't want her to because he'll rat them out. Sure enough despite his promise Mark immediately tells his mom that Brad and Randy locked the magician in a box then drops the phone and runs with his brothers chasing after him. Tim and Jill return home completely convinced it was Brad and Randy's fault until Sir Larry assures them it wasn't their fault. Same when the boys are being bullied in the video game room at the bowling alley. Brad and Randy decided try to let it go but don't when the Bully says something about Randy and Brad immediately tries to beat him up. Then later the three work together to get the Bully handcuffed to the video game. Or when the three boys team up to prank Tim with the shaving cream. Or to get the donuts out of the cupboard. A few years later Brad and Randy are fighting more because their relationship has changed. Randy feels left out because Brad now has new friends, interests and a girlfriend. Brad's jealousy over how easy it is for his younger brother with classes and grades. Randy's jealousy when Brad writes an article that gets more attention. Later when Randy leaves we see Brad and Mark become closer. They did a good job with the boys and their relationship with each other.
  10. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I had one like that after my mother passed away. A year after my uncle died his wife told me she had dream with him in it and woke up completely at peace. She told me her grieving was over. I, who tend to prolong the grieving process wondered how that was possible. Well, a year and one day after my mother's passing I had a dream where I woke up in bed there was a white shadow that came floating down and turned into my mother. She then lectured me on making sure that I made sure Dad and I were eating heathy every word she said was exactly what my mother would say. When I pointed out Dad was you know a grown adult she immediately told me it was still up to me because we know if it was up to him he wouldn't eat any vegetables and someone had to try and make sure he did. That was me. Then went away. Then came back down the second time to tell me we needed to do more. Having more experiences, go on day trips and vacations. Which I admit confused me I get the whole make the most of the time you have message but I'm housebound due to medical problems which I pointed out and asked how I was suppose to do that when I physically can't. She never did answer that question. But when I woke up I felt completely at peace. I even think she came a day after the one year anniversary because the day of I was having a really bad day pain wise and depressed that I couldn't go to her gravesite that day. The first one makes so much sense because that's exactly what she'd tell me because she'd worry we weren't eating healthy when she wasn't around. The second one I'm more confused about unless it was her way of telling me I'm going to get better.
  11. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Yes, she definitely did!
  12. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Her and that stupid Root became regulars. I hated both characters. The show was perfect with Finch, Reese, Fusco and Carter. They made a really great team. She had great chemistry with all three characters and I really think the show needed her. She was the one character on the show who wasn't trying to make up for something they did in their past. It was really nice to have one character like that. Kind of in contrast to the other three. At the time I thought they were going to kill Fusco off because he was barely on show during season three pushed to the background for Shah and Root. I will never understand why when TPTB have really great show. The ratings are great and then decided to change it. Bring in new people, push the old ones to the side or fire them. Then seem absolutely shocked when the ratings go down and fans are ticked. Why when ratings are good? That is the point right? So why destroy it? Had they not did that the show probably would still be on or gone at least eight seasons. I didn't sign up to watch Shah and Root. I signed up to watch Finch, Reese, Fusco and Carter.
  13. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Oh, I remember that! I was so pissed off. POI was such a great show and Carter was an awesome character (so were the other three) and I was so ticked off they did that I quit the show. I never watched it again. When it comes up in reruns on TV I always watch up until her character's killed off and stop watching again until all those episodes pass. I cheered when the ratings went down and it got canceled. I did the same thing on Sleepy Hollow when they did it again to Abbie.
  14. I agree. I've never bought the idea that bring raised how he was made a molester. Nope, he's still be a disgusting creep the only difference is he may have had to face real consequences for his actions. Nothing in his demeaner as has ever said he's humbled or sorry for anything he's done. Including accusing others of being molesters. I love the sinking boat idea. I do sometimes also like to imagine all three in jail. Just imagine for a moment JB, Michelle and Josh in prison. All three would be someone else's bitch by lunch. And it would be awesome.