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    I am a tv show junkie. I love old shows, new shows, and watching both a million times. My favorites include Once Upon a Time, Castle, Rizzoli and Isles, Sex and the City, SOAP, Sports Night, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Bewitched, Leverage, and Night Court. A former soap opera junkie I used to be hard core fan of General Hospital and Guiding Light. I also used to watch All My Children, One Life To Live, As the World Turns and Days of Our Lives.
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  1. Media Time: Articles, Clips, etc.

    Its a pretty good Christmas movie. I liked Wild America best and Tom and Huck second best. Wild America was just a fun.
  2. He also brought the wine! I bet Jesus danced too and had a lot of fun.
  3. That's always been my question regard their attempts to preach to people so your telling me to give up birthdays, holidays, fun, and a whole bunch of stuff that the Jesus I was raised with is totally cool with. Why would I (or anyone) want to switch? For a joyless and depressing life? I can't imagine being a kid or raising a kid not allowed to experience any of the fun and joy of life. No fun, no parties, no dress up. My mom was always quick to toss out their tract that was left in our doors or they'd give out at schools (to be fair they weren't the only Christian group passing out tracts at the schools). My great-grandfather's got the group to avoid him by inviting them in to talk happy to talk about their faith which they were happy to do until they realized he knew the Bible. He could counter all their arguments with different passages and explaining one's they parroted as having a different meaning or knowing that the entire passage it was taking from which they had taken out of context. He was always very polite about it. He loved a good religious debate. They soon got really quiet and made up an excuse to leave and avoided his house when they would come back through the neighborhood. I thought that I wouldn't be surprised by listening to each one talk. They didn't really say anything different from other cults. So much was so much the same. But no it was still painful to hear. Rick and his poor sister and their brothers. One stayed behind and one left and they both committed suicide. The one trying hard speak to his parents even going to his brother's wedding. And of course the abuse. Can I just say how much I love Australia? They managed to force Scientology to open their books there and went after JW for abuse. I loved listening to the Elders being question I could have watched the whole thing. That's what needs to be done. They need to be held accountable especially for abuse and protecting the abusers.
  4. Nitpicking

    Would Chris had even asked if he wasn't with Sherry? His phone calls and suddenly visiting Rory more all started because of Sherry. To impress her because at the time Sherry wanted kids and seemed really interested in the fact Christopher had one. I doubt it. If Sherry hadn't been interested in who knows when they would have heard from Christopher again.
  5. S03.E03: Quite a Common Fairy

    Yes, they are excellent at undermining their own stories and forgetting important things. They could have come with ways to explain why Rumple was unable to use other options. They could have shown Rumple trying other options and failing, getting desperate and finally turning to the Curse. They could have shown the fairies working against him by hiding many of the other options or that magic was working against him since he was the Dark One. Nah, instead went with showing almost a dozen different ways he could have made it over but waited as centuries passed and zero guarantee or really zero way to know if Bae was killed at any point or died of old age. Bae was in Neverland for how long? He couldn't take time out of his busy schedule of manipulating everyone to eventually curse them and go collect his son.
  6. Media Time: Articles, Clips, etc.

    Oh, that's so cool! I loved the first Wreck it Ralph movie and can't wait for the next one.
  7. S11.E07: A Lifetime of Achievement

    Yes one of the best shows in season one and then they messed with it.
  8. Yes, but poor Grandpa had other problems.
  9. Nitpicking

    Yes, but Rory helped her see how ridiculous she was being with her remarks about her territory being threatened and joking about Mommy Sherry and asking if she wanted to take over the Jewish holidays.
  10. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    RIP Stan Lee and thanks for all have done and all you have inspired.
  11. Yep, nothing else matters and after the baby is born it doesn't matter anymore either. Jill's certainly not going to look at all the handouts her family received her entire life, helping finishing TTH and all the furniture inside it, everything else since then handed to them as help her family got because her parents couldn't support all their kids. No that's certainly nothing to take notice of and think gee maybe she should give back after all the help she and her family got. She's certainly never going to even consider asking where her family would be if not for all the handouts and later help from TLC.
  12. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Yes, his behavior then and later in the TH in another episode about how he's always going to be honest and if his wife doesn't look good he's going to tell her. I don't wish him on any woman.
  13. Versailles: All Episodes Talk

    Well progress on the Man in the Iron Mask I guess not that surprising after all. I still hate Maintenon and Louis in this episode. The poor people of Court to go from one dangerous powerful mistress Montespan to another. I liked what Chevalier said to her. I hope Sophie and Eleanor got away. Yes, let's show Louis being even worse in plotting the death of an innocent girl. No worries right Maintenon everything you both do is for God right? I hated Philippe slapping his daughter. Poor girl, how much it had to suck to go through that. I thought it was sad when Philippe was told that was his daughter. Hadn't seen her in so long he didn't even recognize her. I'm assuming Marchel went to Sophie because he knew she'd figure out Eleanor was marked for death and to get her out of the palace. He seemed disturb at the idea of killing her. Really this season hasn't been good at all. This episode wasn't fun. It was another episode of an out of control Louis and his righteous hypocrite mistress.
  14. Nitpicking

    No, that was all Christopher's fault.
  15. That's why I always end up disappointed in fixer up shows. I want to see different ideas, different styles and things. Not basically the same thing over and over again. I tried Fixer Up during one of the marathons it didn't take long to notice I was basically seeing the same thing over and over again.