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  1. She also had a job at the Raytown Travel Agency (how may I help youuu?)
  2. Favorite and Least Favorite TV Couples

    Burt and Virginia were such a great couple. I LOVED everything about them, I lived everything about the show too. I still watch it all the time.
  3. A sincere congratulations on your year and a half, that is a hell of an accomplishment. I haven't had a drop of alcohol since 12/29/1985 and I can tell you it gets so much easier. I don't even think about alcohol anymore.
  4. Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Isaac won't be filmed anymore? Good for Jo!
  5. That is pretty horrible. I see absolutely nothing at all wrong with that picture or the caption. I'm not a big fan of Bethenny but I also don't hate her. I think the picture is very sweet. I have a similar picture of my husband with the cat in front of him and the dog behind him, all sound asleep. It's my all time favorite picture of him so I understand Bethenny posting this one.
  6. You're so sweet, you've made my day. My offer is a standing offer, you are welcome any time.
  7. Thank you. I do love animals much more than I love people. After adopting a dog who was so abused that I couldn't touch her for over a year, I just can not watch anymore. I've seen it first hand and I just can't watch the abuse and suffering anymore. It breaks my heart.
  8. I thank you guys for keeping me up to date with the show. I had to stop watching any kind of animal rescue type shows a long time ago. They either make me so mad that I seriously want to hurt the animal abusers or they make me cry so hard that I get a headache and I'm depressed for days. It's nice to come here and see updates and see how the family is because I just can't watch.
  9. Leah Messer Sims Calvert Messer: She's 23!

    Ali has such an old soul look to her. It's hard to explain what I mean but she has the look of an older person, and I don't mean physically. Like I said, I can't explain it.
  10. Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    When is the baby due? For some reason I thought her due date was mid July.
  11. Teen Mom 2: Small Talk

    I had subscriptions to all of them. Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, 16 etc. Every birthday and Xmas I would ask for subscription renewals. Then I moved on to the rock magazines like Cream and Circus. I also bought a lot of my own magazines. We lived in a huge condo complex and starting at 12-13, I was the queen babysitter in that place. I made so much money that my older brothers were always trying to borrow money from me. A lot of the moms were friends and I'd watch a group of kids so the moms could all go out. One New Year's Eve I watched 4 kids overnight and made $450. If I may say so, I was a kick ass babysitter, the kids loved me. My parents also hit me up for money to buy more alcohol, so at a young age I learned to hide my shit. I turned 15 in 1980 so my clothes were the torn sweatshirts over a couple of tank tops, the tightest jeans you could find and boots. My kids laugh at my old pictures. I'm sure every kid does that though. One more thing I must say, I am so damn sick of this hot, sunny weather bullshit. This weather makes me so sluggish. I'm looking longingly at my big, fuzzy purple bathrobe hanging in the closet. I hate this time of year, I am soo ready for some cold, rainy, stormy days. I'm painting my laundry room. The room itself is really big and we use it mainly for storage. When I say storage I mean we toss stuff in there when we don't know where else to put it. We had floor to ceiling shelves and cabinets put in and had some of the walls re-dry walled. Now comes my favorite part, the painting. The shelves are raw wood so I have to do some sanding and priming before I paint. I have a special kind of shelf in there I can sit on to do the upper parts I can't reach. I went with a dark gray called stormy sky and I love it so far. I love it so much I want to use this color in my kitchen. I have the drawers and the cabinet doors all painted. I'm starting on the cabinets and shelves tomorrow. I really love to paint. I don't even mind the prep and the cleanup. I love talking something that looks crappy and making it look good. There are so many things I can't do anymore but things like this I can still do and that makes it better. Lol, and I'm rambling again. Can you tell that my old man is back on the road? Which one of you can I pay to come and visit me? I'll pay for all transportation. I'm a lot of fun, my pets are cute and I'm a good cook. Any takers?
  12. Farrah

    I made it through about a minute of that video then I was done. That poor kid isn't even close to being "normal". Why the hell does she tall like that? I couldn't stand to be around this kid for a second before I was looking for the nearest exit. I can't stand the kid, then I realize it's not her fault at all and I feel bad for her. My granddaughter just turned 10 and I can't imagine her ever acting like that. I'm going to save the video and show it to her, I'm curious about what reaction she'll have. I couldn't sleep last night and I was in bed trying to imagine what life would be like if Sophia had been a boy. I can't even think about how that boy would be treated. To clarify, I don't often think about Farrah but at 4 in the morning when I'm trying to fall asleep, I think about some weird shit.
  13. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    That's my issue though, I shouldn't have to Google every time I read a post. I just don't understand why people use them. It seriously takes a half a second to type a whole word. I understand it in places like Twitter where you have a letter limit but I don't understand it anywhere else. like mama Dawn said "it don't make no damn sense" .
  14. Catelynn (and Tyler)

    This is the third time today I've had to ask what a damn acronym means. CTFD?
  15. Oh, duh, I'm an idiot. So thanks for answering. I hate any and every single acronym out there and there are so many of them. I'm a whole words person, even in texts I spell the whole word. I get so confused by them.