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  1. S12.E10: The VCR Illumination

    My own experience suggests that the most important factor is the quality of the tape. I have tapes over 30 years old that are just fine, but have seen bargain-bin movies recorded on cheap tape become worthless after just a few years. I'm surprised that nobody fooled with the VCR to try to watch the rest of what Sheldon had recorded. Taping over something doesn't get rid of what was already there; the VCR is just less apt to automatically lock in on the old signal.
  2. A recent news story has highlighted that you can't always believe your relatives on this.
  3. S07 E20 Rachael and Vance

    "Criminal" covers a lot of territory, so I can see how she might not want to jump to any conclusions, and she might have been putting some trust in the producers. Reality shows have been more careful since Megan Wants a Millionaire got yanked after failing to properly check out someone.
  4. That kind of thing used to happen because clerks would load the wrong bills into a canister (e.g. put 20's into one set as containing 5's). The banks "solved" that problem by having their ATM's only give 20's. I suspect those 100's weren't really the result of an issue with the software.
  5. They did early on when the company used a dark brown glass bottle. The voice has changed multiple times since. The "English" voice sounds like a deliberate effort to stop anyone from associating a race with the character.
  6. I'm sure the salesman promised him that they'd swap it for something else if she didn't like it, but for her to choose "his" pickup over the SUV says that he was so clueless he didn't even know something as basic as what type of vehicle to get.
  7. As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    Even though the woman talks about her dad, there's a disclaimer telling you the guy in the ad is not him. I presume the stuff doesn't work well enough on her dad to impress viewers.
  8. The Speculation with Spoilers Saturation

    That's how it was reported, but you're correct in that no official announcement has been made yet, and it's not impossible for a low-rated show that didn't have its initial order extended to be renewed anyway, proving the initial reports wrong.
  9. And what's with the "translation" on the screen when she's speaking English? Was the intent for her to actually speak a little Italian, but a bad fake accent was the best she could do?
  10. The Speculation with Spoilers Saturation

    They already did a "Raj may get deported story". Why do another one with a political component that'll anger millions of viewers, especially after the network had to axe Murphy Brown?
  11. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    They're there to be on TV, and the producers aren't going to devote much air time to somebody doing laundry.
  12. Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    They're not saying otherwise; they're just suggesting that Folger's smells better than any other "coffee" the West African fellow tried. That could have just been some dreck at fast food joints. And why is he commenting on the smell? Would his opinion be different after he tasted it?
  13. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    As opposed to when? You wouldn't want her to risk screwing things up for guests by announcing that she's quitting in mid-charter, but neither did she wait until they were done cleaning up., She gave them the best opportunity to bring on a replacement.
  14. The company is saying they want to focus on building more SUVs, trucks, and battery-electric vehicles, so it sounds like they're not giving up on small cars; it's just that the ones they'll be making won't have gasoline engines, so it made more sense to close down the plants making those than convert them.
  15. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    Essentially, you become a visitor, with all of the associated limitations. Yes, you can generally say goodbyes, but you can't interfere with anyone doing their job. You aren't expected to stick around, but I presume Caroline had talked to the producers and they let her sack out while they made room/travel arrangements for her, hoping for a little more drama before she was gone. I don't know of anyone getting a security escort after quitting, but do for a firing for misuse of security privileges.