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  1. It's from Valentino: https://tomandlorenzo.com/2018/06/ruth-negga-in-valentino-on-the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/
  2. Then how, specifically, is Crawford responsible? What specific action or decision of his resulted in the accident? What was the specific chain of events that shows causality? In the interests of specificity. Unless, perhaps, there are limits on the need for specificity, in which case, perhaps those limits do not need to encompass everything that is said by everyone.
  3. I wrote in completely general terms, and you figured I meant to be specific. I don't see how I could be any farther from being specific.
  4. No. Actions scenes involve dozens of people who have to do the right thing at the right time in sequence. I have no information what anyone was supposed to do, so I have no idea who, if anyone, failed to do what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to. Therefore, nothing I said indicates that Wayans failed to follow the choreography, and I don't see where you got the idea that I implied any such thing.
  5. Unnecessary and kind of weird. The shrapnel thing was strange. Shrapnel is flying debris. You can generally predict that an effect will cause shrapnel; you can generally predict what area it might cover. You can't predict that a piece of shrapnel will follow a particular trajectory to a particular spot. Action scenes are highly choreographed. The director's job is to make sure everyone is comfortable with the choreography (both in the sense of what they're supposed to do and how it will all come together safely) before calling action, but he can't actually make people do what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it. If little accidents are common, that's a problem, but this seemed to be an isolated incident that Wayans was taking awfully personally. And the "emotional terrorist stickers" sounded over the top. I have no idea if Wayans had any involvement in any decisions, and I can get being happy that a difficult coworker is gone, but agents are usually better than talent at managing perceptions.
  6. https://qz.com/1299620/samantha-bees-apology-for-calling-ivanka-trump-a-feckless-c-word-is-perfect/ Talks about the structure of an apology.
  7. Season 8: Our Guys Didn't Always Win

    Divorce (8.16) about Catholic annulments and the two toxic divorce attorneys had so many actors giving it their all, but my favorite moment is during the interrogation of the homeless guy who gave his "mitre" to the doctor for her protection. Someone knocks at the door of the room and he blithely says, "Come in!" Edit: My memory was slightly off; as if the interrogation room were his office, he seamlessly calls, "Yes?"
  8. With all of New York's actors available for guest roles, sometimes you have to give them something to sink their teeth into. Some of my my favorites: Ann Dowd in Compassion (14.19) as the pediatric oncologist explaining why she sent a con man to minister to her little patients in the afterlife. Mary Alice in Mother Love (3.15) as the mother confessing she gave up on her crack-addicted daughter Kelly Karbacz in Dazzled (12.20) as the daughter unloading on her divorced parents (William Atherton and Jayne Atkinson)
  9. Finally, some actual journalism. My bet, the show will downgrade the action and focus more on comedy.
  10. Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    The false equivalence I've seen is the claim that Barr was fired/shut down for being "rude." Barr wasn't being rude, she was being flat-out racist because she thought that was funny. Sam, on the other hand, was rude, while making a criticism.
  11. Robert Downey Jr had almost 50 credits, mostly in films, including an Academy Award nomination, when he became uninsurable. At this point, Crawford has around 60 credits, mostly in television. Completely different careers. I haven't seen any confirmation that Crawford is, in fact, uninsurable, let alone has a drug problem. If he is, he won't need to go on an apology tour. He'd most likely be up for guest parts in TV shows, which don't require completion bonds.
  12. So you're assuming he's insurable?
  13. Does this mean that people who spoke up on Crawford's behalf were not attacked on social media as liars? If Crawford were uninsurable, the studio would have an irreproachable reason for replacing him. Seems to me they would be better off sharing that much, at least.
  14. I poked my nose into the controversy because I started wondering what was up with Crawford. I was surprised by the initial reports and wondered about the details. Several google searches later, there's not a lot of clarity. Mostly just verbatim repeating what Crawford and Wayans posted -- no value add. So that was pointless. I took an interest in the first season of the show because Crawford had appeared on Leverage. That was a well-run, collaborative show that put out high-quality productions on short timelines and budgets. I don't see them putting up with a lot of nonsense. Apparently, they didn't have a problem with Crawford because they had him back. Action sequences were often handling by the second unit, so if Crawford was in the habit of abusing lower-ranking crew, he'd have had ample opportunity. Of course, he's friends with Christian Kane, but Kane had a great reputation with the production (they hired him again for The Librarians), so I don't see him enabling an abusive pal to get work at the expense of his cast and crew. The thing that stands out for me now is -- where are the details of his misbehavior? Crawford has been replaced, so anyone who suffered at his hands would presumably have nothing to lose in speaking up. If people were creating and posting stickers about him being an emotional terrorist, surely there have to be some stories, so where are they? Surely the #metoo movement hasn't lost that much momentum.
  15. No, it did not. There is no reason they couldn't have gone charging forward with their own agenda, only to have everything derailed by the collapse of SHIELD. Punting was a choice.