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  1. Notes From Your Mod Squad

    After discussion, the moderation team has decided that the Mind Your Surroundings has reached the end of its prolific life in the Arrow forum. The topic will remain closed, and going forward, discussion of other shows in the CW universe will be directed to their respective forums. Please note: The Small Talk thread is not a MYS substitute and discussion of other CW superhero shows will be removed from that thread. There may need to be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis; however, assume the policy is in effect unless you see otherwise in this thread. If exceptions are made, such as with the annual crossover episode, you will find detailed instructions in here when the time comes. As always, please PM the mod team with questions; discussion of moderation actions is not allowed in topic, and doing so will result in post removal. Thank you for your assistance!
  2. Steffy is choosing this, in fact chose it within moments of finding Liam with Hope. Why act like she is being forced or "broken"? She's after a good payday, smile, Steffy, like a good whore. Dolla is gross but he's her choice.
  3. If the characters did this it would be all they would ever have time to do and there wouldn't be a show. They have ALL done extremely shitty things to each other. I don't need to rehash it all the time. A few well placed barbs works better for me.
  4. This topic is being locked while the moderation team discusses whether or not it is necessary as all the shows have their own forums. Thanks.
  5. S14. E15. Greenhorn Overboard

    2018.07.31 A greenhorn's life hangs in the balance as the crew of the Summer Bay scrambles to rescue one of their own.
  6. Maybe you're right about Steffy and he won't care but I believe he loves Kelly. He'll want desperately to keep Kelly out of Dolla's clutches. At least until Dolla says Kelly is his spawn but will that be true? Depends, I think on how long the PTB drag this out. If they want more drama it won't be true and it gives Steffy a path back to Liam in time for Hope to give birth. If they want her to stay with Dolla for the foreseeable future it will be true. In either case drama.
  7. My speculation is that Steffy will fall for Dolla and shortly afterwards will discover that this was Dolla "destroying" Liam by taking away everything he loves as he vowed to do when Liam kicked him out of SP. Steffy's cha cha cha is just a bonus. Dolla loves only winning. And Dolla.
  8. Yes, Liam is a waffling douchecanoe. No argument whatsoever. But those are the very last two people that I want to see reading him for filth. They have no room, no right to judge him after what they did. I do wanted him to blast back at them but like the spineless wimp he is he just took it. I was disappointed.
  9. Well, that was cheesy. I can't call it campy because campy has some level of sardonic self-awareness and this was just plain cheddar. With one scene they reduce Dolla to a man who has to buy a woman ( not that he's ever been above that but the ego has got to sting a bit) and Steffy to a prostitute. Quite the plan Steffy came up with in her grief and rage. Pretty calculated. It's like she was just waiting for the opportunity. If so, she would be interesting if she only owned that shit. TIIC do her a huge disservice by continuing to try to make her the victim. It's a cognitive dissonance that is uncomfortable to this viewer. I rarely have much to say about her face but damn, in the first photo, her nose looks perfect. The magic of make-up? I dunno, but it looks wider at the bridge now and I can't imagine anyone going to the plastic surgeon and asking for a bigger nose, unless they had a medical issue or were botched.
  10. S03. E13. What Goes Around. 2018.07.25

    Will makes a sacrifice. Katie tries to protect refugees. Snyder struggles to control the colony. Bram and Gracie make a decision.
  11. Love triangles are this Show's bread and butter. I accept that but there was something more to it. Now, not so much. IMO
  12. Personality wise, Dolla and Steffy are a good match although I admit, the age difference icks me and I wonder if they are too much alike to be interesting. Other than everyone having their initial freak out there isn't much there. Sure, they can embrace their evil together but to what end? Dolla has done the worst he can do to Liam so if Steffy continues to target him or Hope he'll just be jealous. Steffy won't want him to target FC because, family so who are they going to be evil towards? Sally? Enough of that, already. Just wondering.
  13. S03. E12. Bonzo 2018.07.18

    Will and the Outliers fight to save Kynes from Snyder's IGA Army.
  14. A plane crashes into the eighth floor of Angels Memorial causing chaos. Noa has an accident. Willis admits he needs Rox in his life. The Doctors gather at court to support Leeann's custody of Ariel.
  15. S03. E11. Disposable Heroes 2018.07.11

    Will, Katie, Broussard and Amy help the Outliers. Snyder makes his play to take over Seattle.