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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Stay on topic, please. Reminder that Relationship talk that isn't a spoiler, and talks about other shows' couples, should be taken elsewhere.
  2. I think you're safe Steffy doesn't bond she just uses pawns till she's done with them. I liked Wyatt and Katie but more than that I liked who Katie was while with him. I don't see this thing with Thorne being a show-stopper. Neither of them have any purpose but why not? Something to do for them.
  3. S03.E08. Lazarus. 2018.06.20

    Katie suspects a dark side to her refugee work. Will helps with a Resistance operation. Snyder goes back to work for the IGA. Bram starts a new job.
  4. S03.E09. Only Human 2018.06.20.

    Max is brought to the ER with breathing problems. Willis is determined to find out what happened in his brother's unit.
  5. Will follows clues that may lead to a dangerous secret about the Seattle Colony. Katie helps a refugee family. Bran steps in to parent Gracie.
  6. S03.E08 Home Stays Home 2018.06.13

    Mario joins Rox and Willis at the scene of a boat crash. Leanne tries to save brother and sister victims of a prank gone wrong. Max's father catches him kissing Ariel.
  7. All of that! @mightysparrow RM showed up and at least attempted to sell whatever crap they were serving, with some warmth and a boatload of charm. JMW appears to lack both of those. I think the charm is missing over all.
  8. I know this is sad and disturbing but please express yourselves via PM so we can stay on topic. Thank you.
  9. The Spoiler Collection

    IDK, there were many who commented on the chemistry between Dolla and Sally when she shot the much beloved but now forgotten Skye. I can't imagine Steffy would be cool about it either. Maybe they have something here. What could we smush name them? Dally? Bally? Solla? Oh, the possibilities! LOL
  10. I think it's a better story, the baby being Dolla's spawn. It's the very last thing he deserves, another spawn and it breaks faith with the poor victimized Steffy crap they seem desperate to sell. If OBG is Liam's then it's much easier to handwave the "mistake" of screwing his Dear Dad. So I'm speculating that Kelly is Liam's. I can't begin to express how hard I'm hoping that Hope is knocked up.
  11. S03. E06 The Emerald City 2018.06.06

    The Bowman Family encounters danger on the road to a possible new home. After receiving a hero's welcome Snyder settles into retirement.
  12. S03 E07 Step Up 2018.06.06

    Rox decided to make amends with her former step coach when called to the scene of a pyramid stunt gone wrong. Noa wants the Drs to find an alternative to hysterectomy on a teenage mom.
  13. S14E09: Purgatory 2018.06.05

    Sorry, that bug happened when they fixed something else. They'll get to it.
  14. Small Talk: Chatting in the Corridors

    I think it deserves a few nominations. Show that had so much going for it, interesting premise, solid cast (mostly) turning into a hot, disjointed, convoluted mess. That's accurate not mean.