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  1. S04.E14: MM 54

    I always wonder if they are sitting at the table read and someone says this doesn't make sense at all.
  2. S04.E14: MM 54

    This is where I get confused. She needed help getting him out of the car when they crashed. How did she get her husband out to bury him?
  3. S04.E14: MM 54

    Such a good movie!!!
  4. S09.E01: Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian

    I always wonder how do actors read a script and think this is ok. Especially if you have kids.
  5. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    EHH I will watch it online at lunch time.
  6. I know she was going to have a hell of a headache Saturday morning LOL.
  7. She looks GREAT!
  8. Those shoes were distracting. She could have picked something black.
  9. Funny or sad thing is she says it cost $40,000 a month to look like she does.
  10. S03.E02: Of Their Sojourn Here

    I kept thinking he did something to the car or this was a Landry set up.
  11. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

  12. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    Too be honest I am not shocked.
  13. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    They appeared to have dry personalities. Just sitting in the apartment staring at each other.
  14. QVC

    I like her mascara but only one application is needed.
  15. S06.E18: One Ton Family: Part 2

    I agree, he sounded very rehearsed.