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  1. S03.E05: Toby

    I had to say hey Kevin has a black brother he has to know about racism but then Kevin was a jerk towards Randall a lot.
  2. QVC

    Found this on the QVC boards- Former pitmaster Robert Moye was the QVC personality who sold Corky's products when they first went on the air. Stovall traveled with him to West Chester for filming, and when Moye retired, he became the face behind the ribs.
  3. S04.E14: MM 54

    I always wonder if they are sitting at the table read and someone says this doesn't make sense at all.
  4. S04.E14: MM 54

    This is where I get confused. She needed help getting him out of the car when they crashed. How did she get her husband out to bury him?
  5. S04.E14: MM 54

    Such a good movie!!!
  6. S09.E01: Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian

    I always wonder how do actors read a script and think this is ok. Especially if you have kids.
  7. All Episodes Talk: I (Don't) Want To Be Alone!

    EHH I will watch it online at lunch time.
  8. I know she was going to have a hell of a headache Saturday morning LOL.
  9. She looks GREAT!
  10. Those shoes were distracting. She could have picked something black.
  11. Funny or sad thing is she says it cost $40,000 a month to look like she does.
  12. S03.E02: Of Their Sojourn Here

    I kept thinking he did something to the car or this was a Landry set up.
  13. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

  14. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    Too be honest I am not shocked.
  15. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    They appeared to have dry personalities. Just sitting in the apartment staring at each other.