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  1. S13.E03: Aztec Aliens 2018.06.19

    We were way out of touch with the judges this week . . . more so than usual. This was the first week we really liked some of the makeups, but naturally the ones we liked, the judges panned. <sigh> In the first pairing, we much preferred the first one to the one that the judges said won that pair. That blue just didn't appeal to us at all. We loved the bounty hunter , . . not the backstory but the actual look itself. It was very cool looking with the 'mask' on, and it was beautiful when she took it off. Since I know nothing about the Aztecs really, I couldn't tell whether it fit the challenge or not, but honestly I thought that was just a gorgeous make up and probably the one I've liked the most all season. I really disliked the winner. I did not like the colors - it seemed very garish to me, and that kind of bug-eyed look was just not appealing at all. And the bronze-ish one with the feathers in the headdress that the judges disliked so much was another one that I really liked. And I also thought's Mel's (I think it was hers with the flowers?) was just gorgeous. As my dad would say, "To each his own!"
  2. S06.E10: Two Sparrows in a Hurricane 2018.06.14

    Okay, Gunnar has always had his issues, but when he become such a colossal jerk? I get it that he's upset about seeing Avery and Alanna together, but (a) you'd think he just might be glad that he found out what Alanna was like before he got any further into her and (b) I don't give a damn how much your poor little feelings have been hurt, you don't leave the stage in the middle of a performance unless you're dying. If the guys let him come back to the band, he better count his lucky stars because that crap was just so far over the line, it's not even funny. Gunnar needs some serious professional help right now. Don't like Avery with Alanna, but I do still love Avery. Who'd have thought at the beginning that he would end up the most steady, solid and likeable person on the show? I get why Jessie feels she can't take on Brad. She doesn't have money, and he was able to throw her under the bus in the divorce, so she now has a 'record' of being unstable. That's a very tough uphill climb. But I'm at the point where I want her to just grab her son and take off. The longer she lets Brad fuck their kid up, the harder it's going to be for him to ever recover. I generally like Daphne, but I am so over bratty kids who know their parents have made mistakes and had to learn the hard way but still absolutely refuse to give them any credit for knowing what they're talking about. We had Maddie get mixed up with the rapist manager, and now Daphne is being exploited on a stupid reality show. I was really hoping she would refuse to mention her mother on air. But no. And Maddie needs to pull her head out of her butt, recognize that Bieberwannabe is a douche, and hook up with his friend, the one who actually seems to care about her and respect her. This is probably going to be hard to believe, but I actually do still like the show. Or maybe it's that I still have affection for most of the characters? But I am frustrated by some of these ridiculous story lines. Honestly, the writers need to understand that to balance out all the melodrama, there needs to be at least one healthy, happy relationship. There has to be. Because no one really wants to spend an hour each week watching a bunch of people be completely miserable. From time to time there have been hints - Deacon and Rayna were a good couple for a bit, Scarlett and Gunnar were a good couple for a bit, Juliette and Avery were a good couple for a bit. But they never allowed any of them to stay that way. It's one thing to have a relationship hit a snag they have to work together to get past, but that's not what the show does. The show just dumps on them and makes them be awful to each other. Just one healthy adult relationship - is that really too much to ask? Finally, I am actually looking forward to seeing Juliette come back and go after that cult. That, if done right, could be hella fine entertainment!
  3. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    Thank you for posting that clip. I had completely forgotten about that. I agree it was so much better that first season they used it. Wish they'd bring it back for that purpose.
  4. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    70 person Children's Choir: We missed most of this one because we tuned in a bit late. Seemed okay but not-quite-ready-for-prime-time. Quinn and Misha: She was in great shape for someone her age, but the dancing was just okay. Great for 71 but otherwise just okay. Telekineses guy: Nope. Jeffrey Li: Loved his voice, and he was a cutie! Light show people: We got bored and stopped watching. Daniel Emmet: Beautiful voice! We loved the song he was doing originally, but we loved the second song even better. Amazing that he could learn it that quickly with all those distractions going on. He just has a really lovely voice. Our favorite act of the night. Naked guy with teacups: Oh hell no. Trapeze Artists: I can recognize that what they do is extremely difficult and requires a lot of training, but honestly we got bored after a very short while. There's only so much you can do in an act like that, and it gets repetitive after a while. Annalyse Nock: Bored. As soon as we saw her lying on the ground and the guy running towards her, I told my husband, "She's fine. She'll jump up as soon as the guy gets over to her. This is all for show." And yup, as soon as the guy got there, she rolled over and got up completely without any help smiling. This is so darn predictable it's not even remotely exciting at all. Last Girl Singer: Surprise surprise. Yet another singer gets the golden buzzer. 3 out of 4 acts so far have been singers. And she was okay but might have done better with a different song. Aside from the fact that she has no idea what a "natural woman" is or feels like, she's no Aretha Franklin. We always used to enjoy this show and sometimes we still do, but honestly it's gotten so predictable at times. I'm tired of singers getting the Golden Buzzer, especially when they're usually just not that spectacular. I thought Darcy the ventriloquist was Golden Buzzer worthy because she was very good and the act was a bit different. But many of them have been nothing more than pretty good. We honestly don't even pay attention to the sob stories any more. As soon as they start in on one of these extended intros, unless it's got animals in it, we tune it out. Don't care. You want a show where best sob story wins? Bring back Queen for a Day. Otherwise, it's a talent contest, and you do not suddenly become more talented because your dad died or your wife left you and took your truck or you have some kind of illness. I personally would rather just see as many acts per show as we could. And see more variety - where were the magicians and comedians and strength acts? Heck, I'd love to see a good juggler or baton twirler. I'd even be up for watching more chickens try to play the piano.
  5. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Which is too bad because with probably just a little bit of effort they actually could discover some new talent. Wouldn't that be special?
  6. S15.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.18

    I said much the same thing to my husband last night. I am so sick and tired of them telling the b-boys that they need a "signature" move and complaining about not seeing anything new when we sit through a bazillion and a half contemporary dancers who are absolutely indistinguishable from each other. Angst, bicycle feet, stretch your arm out, jump, hold your head and look distressed, etc. It's the same damn thing over and over again. Yet no one ever tells them they didn't show us anything new. And what was up with them saying they were only going to put the best through, and then they proceeded to put through multiple sub-par dancers that even they said needed improvement? Your transitions were terrible, you fell out of your spin, you need to work on your emotions, you need to keep working . . . come get your ticket. Jeez Louise, there's going to be a ton of cannon fodder at the Academy. Only ones we really liked last night were the tapper and the animator/tutter. We thought they were very good. "Baby" should have been sent home. The twins should have been sent home. I agreed with Twitch that the guy with the wheel should have gone through . . . at least given the other crap dancers they put through. (Not that he was a crap dancer, because we thought he was pretty good, but he was definitely better and more interesting than some of the ones they put through.) The salsa dancers didn't really wow us, and I wasn't sure why until I read the comments about the 'nude' panties, and I think that was the issue. It was very distracting and made me feel kind of icky to watch. WhineandCheez is right - matching panties would have been the way to go. Overall, this was a very ho hum set of auditions, we thought.
  7. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Exactly. I hate when little kids sing 'adult' songs, even when they're not overtly sexual. There's always something lacking because the kids have no real idea what they're singing about, so it's impossible (unless they've been really well coached) for them to convey the proper emotion or feeling. I was too distracted by her 'little girl speak' to really even think about what she was singing. It was always just painfully obvious she was a kid by the way she pronounced her words. That's why I thought it was kind of refreshing that one time when the young girl sang a Disney song. Yay! Something age appropriate for a child!
  8. S13.E02: Midnight Monsters 2018.06.12

    I had not heard that. We'll be sad to see it go, but I agree the talent pool seems to be a bit thin the last couple of seasons. So far this season we have not been wowed by any of the makeups. We can appreciate the tremendous amount of work people are doing, and I freely admit I couldn't do 100th as well as they do, but I can remember in past seasons being just completely blown away by at least one makeup, if not several, each week. We've watched every season except the first, but I have to admit we didn't remember at all probably half of the contestants. What would have been cool for a final season was if they brought back every single winner (I know that would probably be impossible) and pit them against each other to come up with a "Grand Champion" of Face Off. That would have been awesome.
  9. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    In defense of Howie, I will admit that she brought Janis Joplin to mind for my husband and I as well due to the raspy quality of her voice, so I don't think that comment was entirely out of line. Of course, she also brought to mind Joe Cocker . . . . But singing can be very subjective - we liked her performance and thought she was better than a lot of singers that have been put through. But that's us. I will also say that we were not familiar with the song she sung and because she shares the same affliction many singers have in that they cannot enunciate worth shit, we had no idea what she was singing about, so the sexual references were totally lost on us. For which I think I'm actually grateful because ordinarily we can't stand children singing adult lyrics. In fact, that's really a pet peeve of mine.
  10. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Little Sophie: She was cute, and we knew they were going to put her through, but I honestly wish they'd set an age limit as I really don't want to see her again. Quick Change Couple: We enjoyed this one mostly because it's the first time we can remember having both of them do a quick change, and then having Tyra do a quick change was awesome. But there's only so much you can do with an act like this. We thought they were good enough to get another round, but they won't win. Noah: We liked him. Caterpillar Guy: Why did anyone on the show think we wanted to see that crap? We undoubtedly missed a good act to give that ridiculousness air time. :( Future Kings: We enjoyed them and were happy to see them get to another round. Virtual Reality Guys: Honestly, we were so bored by this act, but this is the type of thing that probably is experienced differently in the auditorium than on tv. Miss Trish: Loved her voice!! Very Motown. We're looking forward to seeing her again. Scorpion Guy: I know these acts can go wrong, but we just don't like them because they all follow the same pattern. Anxious assistant who hypes tension and artist escapes at the last possible second. At this point I'd actually prefer to see one who got out so fast they weren't even close to being in danger. Hans - International Superstar: We did not expect that and found that we enjoyed it immensely, even though we didn't expect to. Samuel the Comic: We were rolling with him. Just loved his entire act. But then we also enjoyed the comic who built his routine around his stuttering as well. But I'm a sucker for anyone who can take something like that and just roll with it and have fun. Courtney: We really liked her a lot, but having read the comments here, I'm disappointed to learn that she was a contestant on another version of the show. But she was good, even though she reminded us of Joe Cocker. :)
  11. S13.E02: Audition 2

    I had forgotten about them, but we really liked them, and we liked the song. Thought it was very catchy. Our reaction to the "coffee house" comment was, "What's wrong with coffee houses?" Yeah, it wasn't the glitzy stuff that they usually get, but honestly I'm just a bit tired of the overblown, overwrought, pop type singers. A nice coffee-house singer would be a nice change. :)
  12. S13.E02: Audition 2

    I'm having a real hard time right now remembering most of the acts from last night. The little girl who did the animal noises was cute. Loved that she kept giggling. I can't see her making it all the way to the end, but I don't mind that she made it to one more round at least. I liked the guys doing the acrobatics. The belly noises guys were okay. I actually thought it was kind of amazing the sounds they were making, but it's also kind of off-putting to watch them 'work.' Not sure how much more they can do. That 'comic' was horrible. What was Simon thinking? His comedy wasn't funny - it was just really awkward and nasty. Ditto the couple comics. God grief, that was uncomfortable. No, just no to both of them. We liked both the singers. Were not as crazy about the dance troupe. And I am annoyed that they showed a bunch of different dogs in the waiting area but we didn't see any dog acts. Boo hiss!
  13. S15.E01: Auditions 1 2018.06.04

    Glad to see the show back. We liked the first girl (I don't remember anyone's name at this point) - different and really interesting. As others have said, I'm not sure how that will translate into other styles. Does anyone know why the dropped the choreography round? She seems like a perfect candidate for that. We also really liked the tapper and that first ballroom couple. Ballroom trio was okay. With the way the judges were talking, we were expecting them to put that one guy and the girl through but not Kiki's brother. Kiki grew on me last season, so I'm okay with his brother. Am I right in thinking they're not doing that team thing they did last season with the All Stars? We really did not care for that at all. I haven't been able to find out too much information about this year's format, so I don't know if they're completely back to the way it used to be or if there are more surprises in store. But we're looking forward to it.
  14. S13:Ep1 - Auditions 1

    Is that what they're doing? I always assumed the auditions ran for several days in each city, and they just culled all the auditions from different days down into the segment and that was why the outfits changed, since you will sometimes see them in one outfit/hairstyle, then in a different outfit/hairstyle, and then back in the first outfit/hairstyle.
  15. S13:Ep1 - Auditions 1

    OMG! How could I have forgotten the cats? They were awesome!! Please don't anybody tell my 2 cats that I forgot about that act. < lol > We thought the cats were absolutely amazing. Some of the tricks they did are not natural behaviors for cats. I would go see those cats perform live. :)