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  1. Congratulations to Shin Lim on his win!! Very deserving. And congratulations to the voters as well. We were so pleasantly surprised to see the top 4 were all acts we really liked! So did not expect that to happen. :) Some random thoughts: I have liked Daniel Emmet all along, but hearing him sing with Placido Domingo showed how much more work he needs to do on training his voice. Placido is deservedly one of the greats, and Daniel didn't embarrass himself by singing with him, but it was clear who the real pro was. We appear to be about the only ones who genuinely enjoyed Mel B's "comedy" act. The whole thing was silly but enjoyable. Although I honestly was a bit sorry that Samuel didn't get to do another set of his own. We have liked him all along and find him to be genuinely amusing and funny. We also appear to be about the only ones who enjoy Heidi. She can be a bit of a ditz at times, but we love her enthusiasm when she is asked to take part in an act. She just seems like a real good sport. Having Courtney sing a Janis Joplin song just really brought home how much she is *not* Janis Joplin or even close to being Janis Joplin. :( We did not care for Tyra at first, but she grew on us over the past few years. At times she's a bit much, but she's mostly enjoyable. However, Hans as host would be worth a shot. Both of us had the same reaction to Garth Brooks writing a song for Michael. We wanted to hear Garth sing it. It was a nothingburger coming from Michael. Loved Brian and Linsdsay playing together. That was great. Vickie was at her funniest when paired with David Spade. Make of that what you will. It's funny, but while the season overall has been somewhat lackluster, we felt the finale was one of the better ones we can remember. And this was honestly the most satisfying top 4 ever. For us at least. Your mileage may vary. Until next season!
  2. We thought this was one of the better finales in terms of people really bringing it. Brian King Joseph is wonderful, and as plus, he's just so darn cute and has a smile that lights up a room. Plus with the success of Lindsay Sterling, it's a good time for this act. For our money he would be a worthy winner. Vickie - How is she still here? Her first performance was her funniest, and it still wasn't really terribly funny. And there was no "trailer nasty" in that first one. Each successive performance has been getting worse and worse, and last night was truly cringe-worthy. Could not believe she's been doing this for 20 years. Aren't you supposed to get better with practice? :( Daniel Emmett - I love his voice and have liked all but one of his performances. I thought last night was terrific. Even my husband grudgingly admitted he was pretty good, and that's a first. Hubby didn't vote for Daniel, of course, but I did. I personally wouldn't mind him winning, but given that he hasn't been getting through each round strictly on viewer votes, I don't expect that to happen. Glennis Grace - has been good each week, but I just don't see her as a standout. She's reliably good, though. But since she has a career already, I don't necessarily want to see her win this nor do I think she will. But I would expect her to be in the top 5. Zucaroh - They were amazing once again last night. I love the story-telling. I don't think a dance troupe has ever won, but we both think they could be the exception. And we could really see them as a Vegas act. Duo Transcend - I know what they do takes skill, but it's just the same thing over and over again. Neither one of us even saw her apparently drop him at the end because we'd long since lost interest by then and were looking at Facebook on our phones. :\ Courtney Hadwin - We have developed a severe dislike of her by this point in time. So so done with her. Hate her screeching and screaming. Hate her spastic movements. Hate her pointing. She looks like a young Mick Jagger but without his showmanship. Like Duo Transcend, she's a one-note performer. Every song sounds and looks exactly the same. We're just tired of it. Michael Ketterer - A decent singer but he just doesn't really stand out. Give him a halo and name him a saint, but we don't really want to see him win. Shin Lim - He's amazing, and we love to watch him perform. This performance was no exception, and we like that he changed it up a bit. It was nice to hear him play. Another one we would consider a worthy winner. Samuel J. Comroe - For our money, he's another one that we would consider a worthy winner. Humor is subjective, but this guy makes us laugh every single time. Not always big belly laughs. Sometimes it's just quiet chuckles. But we have loved every single one of his performances. No real clue who is going to win, but my inclination is that Zucaroh could sneak in there, and that would be great.
  3. Vickie made it through? WTF? Ugh. Brian made it through!!! Yay! I'm okay with Daniel making it through. I've liked him. But I did feel kind of bad for We Three since Daniel has been saved multiple times while they were getting through without assistance from the show. But whatever. Courtney made it through. <yawn> Glennis Grace made it through. Yay! (The DH thinks she's great.) We would like to see the win go to either Zurcaroh, Samuel, Shin Lim, or Brian. We're guessing the judges want it to go to either Michael or Courtney. We'll see next week!
  4. We love Brian Joseph King. He never fails to entertain us, and I hope he makes it through. Christina Wells was off. Glennis was good, we thought. Hated Noah. I liked Daniel; hubby not so much. We liked We Three--enjoyed the song but the sound was off. Hubby thinks the girl should be the lead singer rather than the guy. Also liked Angel City Choir, but it was hard to hear the singers. How have they not figured out how to properly mic singers and groups after 15 seasons? We are both so over Courtney. We liked her the first week. I didn't care for her song choice the second time, although hubby still thought it was good. We both think Steppenwolf should sue her for what she did to their song last night. It was just awful. The problem with her is she's a one hit wonder. Every single one of her performances sounds exactly the same. Screech, dance very badly, everything done full bore. To borrow from Len Goodman of DWTS, there is no light and shade in her singing, so it becomes very boring very quickly. She'll probably go through. She may even win this whole thing. But we are over her. Completely and totally over her. Vickie was mildly amusing the first time, and that was also the last time she made either of us laugh. Trailer nasty needs to go away. A big nope. Aaron Crow is a great entertainer, but for the second time in a row, he has kind of bored us. And what is it with people who refuse to speak? It really doesn't add anything to their act unless they're Tape Face. Annoying. We're not sure how we feel about Da Republik. Hubby voted for them; I didn't. But we both agreed that we much prefer Zurcaroh. So at the end of the day the only one we're really invested in seeing go through from this group is Brian Joseph King. We thought he was the best of the night last night, and it would be nice to see a musician who is not also a singer get some more play.
  5. S15.E14: Finale

    We were very happy to see Hannahlei win. We have loved her since the Academy, and nothing that happened on the show made us waver from wanting to see her win. I was bummed that no one picked Cole/Hannahlei's Broadway number with the umbrella. That was for us perhaps the best dance of the season. We thoroughly enjoyed that. We were really thrilled that Evan was given a new number to dance with Lex (did not remember him being so very good at tap!), and it was superb!! So nice he got a chance to shine for a minute there. That routine really rocked. Enjoyed seeing Twitch and Nigel join in the boys' dance. Were kind of surprised they didn't include Evan as they did with the girls' number. That was a clever way to get those who had been eliminated back in. Maybe they didn't because he got the new number with Lex. And if they were only going to do one or the other, then definitely much preferred his new number. Overall a very satisfying conclusion. We didn't notice anything off with Hannahlei's reaction, but that's a very subjective thing. Would love to see DWTS pick up Cole in the troupe. Did I hear Cat say they'd be back next summer?
  6. Comedy is very subjective. We absolutely adore Samuel. He makes us laugh every time. Sometimes just quiet little amused laughs and sometimes full outright laughing. It's like last season a lot of people just loved Preacher Lawson, and honestly we couldn't stand him. I don't think he ever made us laugh once (although most of the time we couldn't understand a damn thing he was saying). It's like with the other comic there now - Vickie. Cannot stand her. Didn't like her the first time she was on and liked her less the second time. Different strokes. :) I am so very happy that Us the Duo went home. Now they can have their baby in peace and let us out of it. Sorry to see Voices of Hope go. We did like them. Glad to see Zucaroh and Shin Lim made it through. Don't care about Michael - seems like a nice guy and has a nice voice, but he doesn't wow me. We're still stuck with Duo Transcend, but I guess we can't have it all. Mostly a good group going through. Right now we would be happy with a win for any of Samuel, Shin Lim, or Zucaroh.
  7. Of all the acts last night, there were only a few that we really liked. Samuel Comroe is my favorite, and hubby likes him too. He has made us laugh each time, and we just find him very personable. We really want him to be there at the end. Zucaroh is another one that we really like. Once again another great show. Those two were top performers for us last night. We enjoyed Voices of Hope choir, but agree with some others than something was off with the sound. There was no reason the lead singers should have been drowned out like that. But they were not the only singers plagued by poor sound mixing, so maybe they need some new hires? We also enjoyed Shin Lim. He's usually a top performer for us, but last night, while amazing, seemed a little slow. Not enough to keep us from voting for him, though, and wanting him to go through. Beyond that, there was no one in the rest of the group that we really want to see go through. And at this point I think I actively hate Us the Duo. God, I am sick to death of them and their 'amazing' 'no one else in the entire history of mankind has ever loved like we love or ever had a baby' backstory. And that song was just horrid. Please just go the eff away. Now. Also don't care for the other "Duo." I recognize what they do is hard and takes a lot of practice, but there's only so long I can watch them making shapes on a trapeze. And transitioning to making shapes on roller skates didn't help. God I hate that. I hated the brother-sister act that did that stuff recently, and I hated watching these guys do it. Another one I just want to go away now. The other singers are all, in our humble opinion anyway, decent enough singers and pleasant to listen to, but none of them seem to really stand out vocally. They're okay but nothing more. And while we are amazed by the guys who dance in heels, if it weren't for that gimmick, they'd be just another one of myriad dance troupes we've seen. The dancing in heels is what's amazing - not really they're dancing. And I have to admit we are over acts like Front Pictures and the other one that made it through. Maybe they read differently in person, but sitting at home watching on tv is kind of boring. If Samuel Comroe, Zucaroh and Shin Lim make it through, we'll be happy. We would add Voices of Hope to that list as our other favorite. After that, we really don't care except that I actively don't want to see either of the Duos ever again.
  8. S15.E13: Top Four Perform

    I am honestly afraid you might be right. No. Just no. Jensen does not have the personality that Lindsey does nor does she have the dance chops either. It would be as bad as watching Allison Holker on there as a pro. :(
  9. S15.E13: Top Four Perform

    We thought everyone did a great job last night, but Hannahlei continues to be our favorite. We are ones who do not find her unable to emote. Or if she is, we've never noticed it. She seems to do well with everything she's been given. We especially loved her final dance with Gennessy. We agreed with the judges that their synchronization was wonderful; even their body shapes were almost dead on the same most of the time. Really spectacular to watch. We thought the difference between Hannalei and Jensen was particularly noticeable in their duet. That Jensen dances "heavy" is the only way to describe it, and it was especially obvious dancing next to Hannahlei who seems to just soar. Also loved Hannalei and Slavik's jazz routine. That's probably my favorite Jazz routine ever on this show. And I have to say we thought she did a good job of keeping up with Fikshun. Usually we don't even notice whoever is dancing with him because he just draws the eye, but we thought the two of them were pretty well matched (obviously he's much better at that style, but he did a good job of not overpowering her in the routine), and she managed to keep some of our focus on her. We also loved Robert and Jensen's dance, although to be honest, we would really have loved to have seen that dance with Robert and Hannalei. Again Jensen performed it well, but Hannahlei would have given it an otherworldly quality. Jensen is just more 'pedestrian' maybe? I don't know what it is - I just can't warm up to her. And watching her and Lindsey together, it was so clear that Jensen is not in Lindsey's league as a dancer. Hate to break it to her, but she may always be Lindsey's sister to us. Hoping she doesn't end up on DWTS. We still love that show and have zero interest in seeing Jensen on it. Magda maybe. Cole maybe. But not Jensen. Anyway, really hoping for a Hannahlei win. :)
  10. Sorry. Didn't mean to ruin it for you. I'm sure you're right and it was meant to be just a sweet song about a parent's hopes and dreams and I don't seriously think they won't love their little girl no matter how she comes out, but it's one of those things that just hits too close to home for me to find it anything but toxic. Cranky old lady. :)
  11. I came to the realization last night that I have officially reached "Cranky Old Lady" status. I enjoyed Us the Duo through the first couple of rounds - the first appearance more than the second. But last night I was just incredibly annoyed. All of it annoyed me. The whole "I'm pregnant" story - how amazing! It's not like 900 million women before you have ever had a kid. Then really? Winning AGT is your grand plan for securing your child's future? The $25,000/year you'll get for the next 40 years? Better start working on Plan B. And then even the song itself annoyed me. I get it was supposed to be a cutesy song, but as the mother of a child who is a member of the LGBTQ community, I've met and supported way too many children who have been rejected by their parents and struggled with depression and self-harm as a result, so the whole "if she's got her mother's eyes, I'll love her" and "if she's got her father's hair, I'll love her" crap just made me angry. It's your child, and you damn well better love her even if she comes out looking like Quasimodo or Yoda! I know I know. As I said, officially a cranky old lady. That said, I do like their voices and the way they harmonize, but last night I just wanted to slap both of them. Over indulgent and emotionally manipulative. :\ Speaking of wanting to slap people, I wanted to slap Tyra when she badgered that kid into giving up the name of the girl he likes. Way to set him up to be ridiculed and bullied at school and way to set her up as well. Ugh. Liked Zucaroh a lot. That was terrific! Also enjoyed the violinist. And the second magician. I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention because I didn't see any issue with the sign. But I liked the trick, and he has a pleasant enough stage presence, and I have no idea how you transport a motorcycle, so that was cool. Aaron Crow was just way.too.slow. And I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed Hans. This was his best performance to date, and I just found myself completely entertained. Hubby was not similarly entertained, though.
  12. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    Wow. That recently, and I already forgot it? That surprises me because we really liked both Gaby and Jaja. You'd think that would have stuck in my memory. <lol> Thanks for looking that up!
  13. S15.E12: Top Six Perform

    Did not see that coming. I thought for sure Slavik was going home. I don't ever remember having a finale where there were not 2 girls and 2 boys. But my memory has been known to be faulty on occasion. Does anyone else remember having a season like this? In the end I have kind of mixed feelings about what happened. On the one hand, I recognize that both Darius and JayJay are better dancers than Slavik and feel as though both deserved to be in the finale based on their dancing. On the other hand, neither one ever really connected with either me or my husband. It wasn't that we disliked them; we just tended to forget they were there if they weren't actually dancing. I don't really know what it was, but it certainly wasn't because they were AA or gay. Slavik has been growing on us over the season. He's not the best dancer, but he seems to try really hard, and it's obvious he hasn't had the training the others have had. So I could see people voting to reward his effort and willingness to throw himself into everything? And honestly one of the most memorable scenes of the season for me anyway was when they showed Gennessy backstage overwhelmed and Slavik there for her calming her down and getting her ready to go out and perform. I admit he got a lot of votes from me for that alone. Definitely not the best dancer, but I could see him being people's favorite. Anyway, we are both still on the Hannahlei train. She has been our favorite since the Academy, and nothing we have seen has changed that. We love to watch her dance and just really like the way she moves. Hoping for a win for her.
  14. Thrilled that Samuel made it through! I know some here don't care for him, but we find him really funny, and it makes up for us having to sit through Preacher, whom we couldn't stand, last year. Comedy really is subjective, and Samuel is our cup of tea. :) Sad to see the cats go. Really, America? They trained cats!!! We couldn't have given up even one of the singers for cats? :(
  15. Absolutely loved Samuel. He makes us laugh every time, and we really hope he makes it through. This routine was a little different than his others and maybe not quite as laugh-out-loud as his earlier ones, but it was nevertheless amusing, and he's just a very likeable guy to us. We each gave him a full 10 votes. The only other act we really enjoyed was the cats. Yes, it's variations on a theme, but they're cats. We have cats. We have always had cats. The only thing we have ever been able to get any of them to do on command is come for dinner. <lol> We did enjoy Da Republik dance group and Voices of Hope. They weren't great, but we enjoyed them. The trapeze duo was fine, but the overkill intro with Tyra's "their fall broke the internet" and "it was on every news station" just made us roll our eyes really hard. Good grief. She was nowhere near the flames, and she fell on her back onto a thick mat, just as she is trained to do in a fall. Yes, there is always the possibility that things can go wrong, but they train for those things, and I guarantee you she knows how to fall so she doesn't get hurt. I admit I couldn't do what they do at all, but on the other hand, if you're going to ding the cats for being repetitive, then ding these guys as well because it's the same tricks over and over again. I don't think we saw anything new last night - it just lasted longer. Two minutes or however long it is is about as long as I could watch these guys. We were starting to get bored by the end. We were also bored by the light show. It's mildly interesting in wondering how they do that, but we just don't find those kinds of acts entertaining for long. The 71-year-old dancer still just mostly gets into poses and is lifted by her partner. Not much actual dancing, and it's not that good when she does. Yumbo Dump - the less said about them the better. That was just painfully awful. The Sacred Riana is one we have enjoyed in the past but last night was just awful. It wasn't scary, and other than making Mel's picture appear on the doll, was there any actual magic in that act? It was ridiculous. The zombie army of look-alikes seriously wasn't scary, nor was her climbing the wall. And the abrupt cutaway was just weird. If she makes it through, I hope she's got more than that, because that was just awful. At the end of the night the only two we were really rooting for out of this group was Samuel and the cats. Anyone else can go home, and we won't mind.