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  1. The original series seemed to be a different story every week. That's why I'm wondering if this reboot is working on people's nostalgia and just remaking the stories from '80s with a modern twist. A&E is capable of taking other people's work and putting a ribbon or two on it but I don't see them coming up new original standalone stories for weeks on end. The fact that Bryan Fuller had creative differences and left may mean Apple already has a vision for what they want.
  2. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    The deleted scene with Wish Granny, Wish Grumpy and Wish Blue at the Snowing statue (hopefully it will be on the DVD) suggested that life was really bad in the Wish Realm. So Evil Wish Henry was a really bad King, I guess? Why would he turn against all his grandparents' old friends? Yes, he experienced loss but he would have had a solid upbringing and he had many people who would have loved him. I actually thought Wish Henry was one of the more entertaining aspects of the 2-hour finale (it's so rare to see someone actually treating Regina with contempt), but as usual, they didn't put much thought into the characters. I suppose Wish Rumple could have been wreaking havoc on the kingdom, but then they had Wish Henry willingly and happily making a deal with him. I don't get why Wish Henry suddenly cut Regina's hand.
  3. I know there were predictions that no one would ever hire A&E again, but somehow, this announcement doesn't surprise me. The guys are weak writers and showrunners but they are smart where it counts. Somehow, Lucifer from "Cinderella" is the image that comes to mind right now, LOL. They know how to make their Lady Tremaine happy.
  4. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    Yeah, I began thinking this in the 4A episode where Snow, Emma, Charming and even Henry assumed that Regina might go beserk since she "lost" Robin with the return of Marian. It makes the show less infuriating to imagine that Emma, Snow and Henry say things just to placate her.
  5. If by "reboot", they're going to re-tell the same stories from the 80's by picking the best parts, modernizing it, and throwing in some random twists and Apollo bars, then this new show might not require much actual creativity. Wikipedia described it as a "fantasy, horror and science fiction" anthology series, so basically it's a mixed bag of everything A&E loves.
  6. I don't know if A&E would be able to handle one-off episodes without dragging out the payoff for 13 hours. They'll probably exhaust all their ideas in half a season. Then, they'll introduce a format where every week, everything is different except for one common element. Regina.
  7. Life imitates art. On the show, The Evil Queen destroys and uproots the lives of all the people in an entire realm, and gets crowned Queen of Everything. In real life, A&E destroys every character in their own show, and gets crowned MVP Most Paid Producers of ABC Television.
  8. I finally finished it, and I found it really disappointing. I'm kind of glad I didn't watch it in the theatres. At its most basic level, a lot of it was just really boring and unengaging. The first hour was tedious, from the main ship to the villains' subplot, to the island. It felt so formulaic. Of course they had to find a code breaker in a casino on an exotic planet, though I think the only subplot that interested me was Finn and Rose's mission (though it was really out-of-nowhere soap opera-ish at the end when she kissed him). I liked "The Force Awakens" and having Rey off on her own subplot for the entire movie wasn't a good call. As it got near the climax, it really dragged again. A lot of the reviews I read said there were great moments, but I don't think I can think of a single scene I really liked. The whole movie felt like a series of suicide missions and failed missions, mixed in with some speeches about hope and darkness and light (hmm, wonder where I've heard that from). I just didn't find a bunch of people dying entertaining or inspiring or whatever the hell it was supposed to be. Kylo and Snoke were so cartoonish. I know Kylo was supposed to be all hurt and conflicted but are we supposed to understand why he was so intent on having his mother killed? Was it all because he wanted to erase the past because it was soooooo painful or was it just because he was power hungry? The tantrum with him ordering all the guns to shoot Luke was laughable. I can't say I was even that impressed with the "twist" that he was fighting a hologram. I'm not sure I want to see sequels for good movies, if their only purpose is to drag a story out and kill off one original character at a time. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan and I've only seen each of the movies once, but it felt like a mindless summer action flick to me and nothing more than that.
  9. I'm 30 minutes into "The Last Jedi" and I'm more bored than I was in "Flower Child". Enough with "hope". Must that word permeate everything I watch? Hopefully, it gets better.
  10. I'm pretty sure if we suggested a Season 7 rewatch, we'd be down to 4/5ths of a person.
  11. That's a good sign that one may still enjoy and be affected by earlier seasons and characters/relationships despite what this show became. I think I would be very disappointed if I watched Season 1 or 2A again and they were no longer able to evoke the same emotions anymore.
  12. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    This episode needs a title change. It should actually be called "Never Leaving Storybrooke Again".
  13. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    Yep, they were to the left of the main aisle, from the perspective of Snowing. That was the side with Wish Henry, Granny, Blue, Gepetto, Pinocchio, Tiana, and all our favorite random extras. Robyn was there too. EDIT: Wow, nice Gif. I forgot Zelena and Archie were on that side as well.
  14. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    Now now, then we wouldn't have had that awesome CGI journey where Tinkerbelle flew around and we got to soar above Disneyworld Maine, which could basically be a threat to all humanity, what with uncontrollable mythical monsters, evil witches and warlocks, medieval epidemics, outdated modes of thinking, plus thieves, bandits and pirates.
  15. S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    In this "complex" world that A&E has created, kingdoms and towns just run themselves. A casual fan from another message board watched the finale, and she liked that Regina was crowned Queen. But she wondered what was the reason for bringing of all the realms to Storybrooke. Was there some sort of danger? That's the biggest problem with it. There was absolutely no reason for it to be done. If Wish Rumple had started some process which would have destroyed all the realms (like that nebulous thing that The Black Fairy did last year), then that would have been a valid reason. But Regina's idea in this episode came out of nowhere.