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  1. And they only used her for one scene this week, too. Once the Writers are "over" a character, they're really over a character. You'd think they would have used such a good actress fully in her last few episodes.
  2. S07.E14: The Girl in the Tower

    They did a really good job making Alice look younger in the first flashback in the Tower. It was really convincing and it was sort of neat with the Alice in Wonderland blue dress and the tea party. I like Alice, but I had to groan when she pulled out that cupcake with a single candle. Fine, it wasn't as offensive as when Regina and Zelena had one, but still. I spent much of the episode wondering how a troll could get her out of a Tower that she was trapped in by magic, but (spoiler alert), then they explained at the end that Alice magicked the troll into existence because she wished to escape. But Gothel herself couldn't magick herself out? Overall, I liked this episode more because the actress who played Alice/Tilly was really good and it helped that I actually cared about her. But Robyn, not so much. Call me devoid of romantic feeling but the flashback Robyn totally grated. I didn't like the Sneak Peek of her pointing an arrow at Alice's head, but it got worse later when she proclaimed killing the troll was her "one chance at honor" even after Alice told her that the troll was her friend and had saved her. Keeping Alice locked up so she could go for honor was unforgivable. If Alice hadn't interrupted, she would have killed the troll with her never-miss arrow. I was rolling my eyes when Alice was looking so surprised and touched that Robyn was defending her to the mob of men. Nobin was a cute nickname. Tower Girl, not so much. That was her source of pain and Robyn later seemed to understand that, yet she kept calling Alice that. It was as idiotic as the nickname Kansas right after Dorothy said how much she hated that place. Robyn seemed like such a brat. "In Storybrooke, I was never alone... it was insufferably quaint. I felt so trapped". Well, boo hoo for you. I think they were trying to parallel the Aladdin/Jasmine conversation where they both felt that they were trapped. It didn't endear me to her when she related her story of stealing the Yellow Bug from the nameless "Sheriff". Just think, the Bug could have been our only cameo of "Emma" this season. I can imagine A&E laughing when they came up with the scene where the Troll ALMOST smashes and destroys Emma's car. Got ya, fans. Someone help me with the timeline. I was confused why the Tower was still intact in this episode. I thought it was already destroyed when Regina and Whook first arrived. Didn't Regina teach Drizella magic in its ruins? The present-day storyline was fun, only because it featured Tilly and Rogers. The "scavenger hunt" to figure out her last 24 hours was sort of fun, but so poorly executed. You'd think there would be more cops out and about looking for Tilly. Why wouldn't the grocery store people report her? You'd think she would be all over the news. Speaking of which, did someone mind-wipe the grocery people? I kept expecting Gothel to pop up at any moment. I had to laugh when one of the "clues" was the powdered sugar all over Tilly's sleeves. What a tease, though. Thought you were going to see Tiana? Bwahahahahaha, not so fast. She's not allowed to have screentime just yet, folks. What happened with that, anyway? Tiana couldn't give Tilly an alibi or what? So what's left. There's not much to say about sending a ten year old into a psycho's apartment. Why would she take off her hat? Why would Facilier come in and go upstairs, leaving the door wide open? I feel zero chemistry between Regina and Facilier so the whole "He wants the Dagger and I still have feelings for him" falls flat. Instead of that dumb subplot, we should have seen Drizella working to bring down Gothel. Why only give her one scene?
  3. S01.E08: The Strangled Heart

    I was disappointed they killed Eliza who turned out to be Jane. I suppose they needed to kill anyone who had too many "answers". It's another case of why wouldn't she just tell Quentin the full story so he could prepare himself for the threat of the Beast. The Dean could also have been a bit more forthcoming. The problem with these types of sci-fi/fantasy shows is the characters who know have to be so cryptic and secretive, and it doesn't seem to make much sense. I hope Jane's spirit lives on and she can continue to show up to be Quentin's guide in the future. Overall, though, I did like this episode. It was neat that Alice read the books for "research". Not sure I liked that all this was to solve their sex problem since that seemed to be resolution.
  4. S01.E07: The Mayakovsky Circumstances

    This episode was a little tedious. I'm tired of them being tested, this time by a grumpy professor with a heart of gold or whatever. The subplot at the Physical house was amusing at times. It was nice to see Eliot get a boyfriend but now he's apparently evil/controlled by the blue moth.
  5. We could all make a wish on a star that Victoria continues to make appearances in the flashbacks. Surely, we will see the story of how Tremaine came to work with the heroes, how she cozied up to the King of the Disenchanted Forest/how she got Marcus killed, and of course, she would appear when we explore Drizella and Anastasia's childhood. Hopefully, we will get a "Welcome to Hyperion Heights" episode where we see Day 1 of the new Curse, plus how she pushed residents out of Hyperion Heights and the whole gentrification process. Not having that would leave a huge gaping hole in this wonderful season.
  6. S01.E06: Impractical Applications

    This episode felt like a bit of a cheap way to bring in some frat hazing rituals along with some truth or dare. I don't get the point of kicking out students who could potentially be helpful to the community. From the alumni, a lot of them don't exactly fight evil or do anything particularly worthwhile. This episode did make me understand Kady a bit more and I liked her mom too. It's getting difficult to like Julia when she got someone killed by doing something which was reckless and unnecessary.
  7. Maybe making a character a regular on this show is like buying a toy for a child. Once they have it, they throw it aside and want a new shinier toy. Whereas a guest star is like going the store everyday and playing with it for awhile but having to put it back on the shelf.
  8. Does a "regular" mean they are contractually required to stick around? Are they paid by appearances. I really felt badly for the actor who played Will after he described the difficulties of being stuck as a regular on this show but rarely used.
  9. So where does this flashback fit into the timeline? So this was before Zelena and Robyn moved to a farm, and was immediately after the confrontation with Gothel and Madame Leota? Before Drizella was turned into a statue? But I guess with the fear of spies, this was after Drizella had made her "prophesy"? So at this point in time, Regina et al had no idea about the Coven and its symbol? Because, right before the Curse was cast that Regina went to Zelena's farm and she told Regina that she got an invite to the Coven. Yet Zelena and Robyn had already seen Gothel try to resurrect Madame Leota.
  10. S01.E05: Mendings, Major and Minor

    This episode was alright. It was a little obvious that Quentin wasn't going to cure cancer, but I did like the scene with fixing the airplane. Penny going to Fillory and finding that lost third-year traveller was intriguing. I wish they'd get rid of the standalone subplot with Julia, though.
  11. S01.E03: Consequences Of Advanced Spellcasting

    The best part of this episode was probably Penny finding out he was a traveller. The rest of it was alright, but a little frustrating. Alice once again taking the risk to communicate with Charlie was too reckless yet again. The outcome wasn't satisfying since there was no essence of Charlie left. For a magical school, they sure let medical emergencies and student magic get out of control. I don't understand why Quentin is so harsh and unfeeling with Julia. I liked their friendship in the pilot, but there seems to be a lot that was not flushed out since I find his attitude towards her since then to be hard to believe. I did like how Eliot and Quentin came to bump into her when looking for the lost book, though.
  12. S01.E04: The World In The Walls

    I've watched a couple of shows with a psych ward episode, but I didn't expect one so early in the series. I think it was still reasonably interesting because we saw Quentin actively try to get out and it was clever of him to communicate with Penny using his thoughts. That was really cruel of Julia of help to mess with Quentin's mind since she knew how fragile he was. I'm glad she saw Marina's true colors in the end, though. I was pretty tired of seeing Julia working with them. It was nice to see Penny and Katie showing concern for Quentin. The lax security of the school is hard to buy, though. You'd think they would have other staff members monitoring the perimeter and the admin building while they did that procedure to wake Quentin. I also liked that this episode had a bit more humor since the last two were rather bleak.
  13. I borrowed the Season 1 DVD and this series was recommended to me (I haven't read the books or even heard of them until this show). I actually watched the first four episodes on the same day, so I'm trying to remember which was which. I was engaged by the first episode. I really like fantasy/sci-fi shows, so the whole magical school/Narnia-esque premise was intriguing to me. I found the first episode pretty fun to watch with the exception of the ending, since I'm not a fan of monster shows nor gore. I also liked Quentin and his nerdiness so that made a big difference in making me care about what was going on. I felt badly for Julia in the first episode when she didn't get into the school. I was disappointed Quentin wasn't more sympathetic of her disappointment. I would have thought he would have liked a friend at the school with him. The supporting characters I didn't really warm to until the second episode. I found most of them annoying in the first episode. I think Eliot and Margo supporting Quentin when he thought it might be expelled made me like them a lot more. Penny still seemed unnecessarily mean and I didn't understand why Quentin was expelled and sent to a specialist while Alice wasn't. In the second episode, I didn't like the whole meat locker stuff. Overall, the swearing was unnecessary as was the constant smoking. The picture quality wasn't that great and the whole show felt a little low-budget. However, I was engaged enough to continue watching right away after the first two episodes, and that's not usually the case with most new shows I try.
  14. EW Interview with the actors. Typical with this show, where the actors who sign on know absolutely nothing. It's almost funny to read at this point. So she was told initially it would be 3 episodes? I guess the Writers changed things up again. That's a pretty amusing question. They've really only had one scene together and then the coupling were MIA for three episodes. I like that the actress also doesn't see this as a meet-cute. It's interesting that Robin is "tougher" considering she grew up in Storybrooke. I know Alice was in a Tower all that time, so she was protected but she also travelled to other realms like Wonderland by herself. We've seen her wily nature before, so it's a little hard to believe that she would be so easily caged. I must say the descriptions they give of their "adventures" remind me very much of Red and Dorothy. It's interesting they seem to know about the criticisms of Red/Dorothy. Are they going to explain why Alice acts a little "mad" and loopy? She seemed totally normal as a child in the Tower. I suppose she could have developed that quirkiness in Wonderland.
  15. Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. It's probably because most of us when we can't sleep, we count Mother Gothels. Wait... is that just me?