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  1. Snow? You mean Snadam Whitsis?
  2. Episode description for "Chosen": As a young woman, back when she looked exactly the same as now, Gothel was originally chosen as The Guardian. But she was too scared and didn't want the responsibility. One day, while she was crying in her Garden, she heard a voice. It was Evil Grandmother Willow, tempting her with a deal. If she promised to take care of The Garden of Forking Paths of Evil, she would give Gothel Magical Shears, uh, no, a Magical Hand-Saw, to cut away her Guardian-ship. Gothel agreed but once she used the saw to hack away her Guardian-ship, everything went wrong. Her true love was mortally wounded, and because she wasn't Guardian, she wasn't able to save him, though one breath remained in his body. She became determined to find the next Guardian through whatever means possible. And I almost forgot, Gothel was Princess Aurora as a child. There are so many similarities, like they were both blond and you know how Gothel gave Rogers a cake, well, remember Flora, Fauna and Merriweather also made a cake. So many Easter Eggs to look forward to, everyone, and if you were really observant, there were A TON of clues in 7A.
  3. Ellen Pompeo was on "Ellen" talking about how great "Grey's Anatomy" still is despite losing its leading man, and she said: I was getting flashbacks to those interviews in the summer when A&E and the cast were going on and on about how great change is. Is "Grey's Anatomy" seriously still on top of its game? I've never really watched it. Could "Once" have learned something about how to drag a show out, uh, I mean continue a show while shedding half its cast?
  4. By this point, Lana knows exactly what A&E want from an episode. Villain actors, after you kill someone, we'll need a lingering sadface shot.
  5. Everyone has to start somewhere. I don't think that it's too surprising that an actor wants to try directing when they have the chance, since that has happened in the latter seasons of many shows. It's also a "safer" environment since they know the crew and if they have a good relationship with their colleagues, they would also make the experience easier. Directing an episode on a prime time show on network TV would be something new to add to her resume. People who hire aren't stupid. If they are judging her ability to direct, they would look at her directing ability within the episode, not the ratings, which are caused by a multitude of different factors.
  6. Given all the positive response on Twitter, I guess that episode's ratings will go through the roof, eh? What a unique title. That was the series finale of "Buffy". Who's chosen this time? Whoever is annointed as The Guardian?
  7. That's somewhat what they were trying to do with Woken-Up-Rumple and Rogers. Rumpleweaver knew Eloise was evil but Rogers thought he was doing a good thing, and we got Weaver doing a super shoddy job of trying to send Rogers on the wrong trail.
  8. That's a good point. The "Curse Download" actually takes away the fun of seeing fairytale characters reacting to and getting used to the modern world without magic. A character waking up also doesn't mean much when everyone they interact with are from the Disenchanted Forest. It would be more of a deal if their Cursed life was entangled with regular people, and she would have to continue to interact with them while maintaining a cover.
  9. They've already introduced a bit of magic that selected characters/objects can wield in Hyperion Heights, so we're also not really seeing characters try to outwit each other or get the upper-hand using "real world" techniques.
  10. Maybe that's why scripts are not checked for continuity? Because of their short deadlines and the rushed writing? Then again, are the deadlines on this show shorter than on other shows?
  11. The new Coven and their agenda (and Gothel's agenda and backstory) seems to be the overriding mystery of 7B. In a way, it was a half-season arc they did in 7A... by the end of it, the two villains Tremaine and Drizella were incapacitated, and by unwittingly falling into a coma, Lucy had succeeded in Jacinda and Henry rallying together.
  12. I think it's one of the best examples of how unaware they are. As you said, Hook's killing of David's father happened as late as Season 6. Even in Season 5, they were still featuring victims of Regina's massacres who needed to die (Percival) and there was the bold and audacious head snapping of guards in the musical episode. Meanwhile Season 6 had the flashback of Rumple giving the poison to Snow's innocent handmaiden and his deal with Hyde pretty much guaranteed her death, yet we were all supposed to be happy that he was invited to the Last Supper. The Writers couldn't understand why it was a big deal that Regina killed Elderly Snowing or that Zelena raped Robin. Yet the villains deserved a millionth chance because of sadface.
  13. That's my dilemma exactly. After picking Tangled from the shelf, I left the children's section and then saw Game of Thrones, but decided against it. Lucky I didn't bump into anyone I knew by accident, LOL. "Oh, what did you borrow? Do you have kids or something? No? .... ...."
  14. And the Writers continually thought it was a good idea to do neither of those things... making her even more evil with massacres and ensuring she avoided any sort of consequence with her victims apologizing to her. Which was pretty much embodied by the episode "The Evil Queen".
  15. I hope to watch the "Tangled" series eventually. I borrowed the "Tangled: Before Ever After" movie from the library yesterday so I'll watch that when I have time. I guess we are those adults who are seen perusing the children's movies shelves, LOL. I'll have to see if I can still stomach Rapunzel now that it's been tainted with the future of Lady Tremaine. I don't mind darkness, though I really dislike violence. I mainly watch "Gotham" since I find the journey of Bruce Wayne to be quite fascinating. But by halfway last season, I was finding the characters quite tiresome, learning the same lessons over and over again, especially Jim Gordon. With "villains" like Penguin, it's an endless cycle of kicking them down and then regain strength, wash, rinse, repeat. I do want to catch up, but I fell behind so much the episodes were off the network's site, and so I have to wait 'til I get my hands on the DVDs. I feel like there's so little hope in that series since we already know the endpoint. None of these villains are going to die, Gotham is going to be a horrible place, yada yada yada. I'm really not that versed in comic book stuff, but I was referring to the Andrew Garfield movies. I didn't really connect. I liked the first "Ironman" movie but after a few, I lost all connections to the character.