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  1. Sure. Mama Odie was a fairy who was trying to help Tiana get her kingdom back.
  2. Frankly, I was surprised she wasn't brought back to start with. This makes it official... only the ex-villains are back for multiple episodes. It does seem like they're running out of ideas. Bringing tidings of gloom and doom in Storybrooke, maybe? Plus now they can fill a few episodes with "What happened to her since last time?"
  3. No one is raving over the new stills from the new season? Why does Adult Henry's hair look so weird in the Enchanted Forest. It's much better in current-day. Alice in Wonderland is going to be kooky. I wonder if she's going to be as important and intriguing as The Oracle. Lady Tremaine looks unnaturally tanned or maybe it was just bad lighting.
  4. We clearly need help from The Savior.
  5. It's consistent with their strategy of telling the same stories over and over again. There will no doubt be "callbacks" to the Pilot in the season premiere. Adult Henry will take Lucy back to Lady Tremaine's house, where Lucy and her mother live. There, Henry meets the cold Lady Tremaine and feels bad for Lucy and falls a bit for Lucy's harried mother. After a hard day of Uber driving, Henry will relax in a bar where he meets Roni, who he is able to open up to about his failure of a book (which has caused him to put up WALLS and withdraw from society), and she encourages him to look out for Lucy. Henry realizes Lucy has left her copy of Henry's zero selling book in the back seat. The next morning, Henry decides to accept the call for a Uber driver to take Lucy to school and Jacinda and Tiana to work. The hand in the clock in Lucy's room starts to move.
  6. This shows how low our standards are when it comes to this show. The characters should always be treating the people who wronged them the way normal people would. That was definitely a plus in 3A, but that alone didn't necessarily make 3A all that great of a story to me. Too many people were still holding the idiot ball in the various subplots for me to really lose myself in the storyline. I remember did have that hope after "Lost Girl", but it was clear soon after that we weren't going to get that at all. In hindsight, it makes sense since we now know that they were originally planning to have Emma and Hook at the end of that episode. Which shows that right from the start of Season 3, they were never going to plan an arc around the Charming family unit... the focus for Emma was going to be Hook and the triangle. Although I enjoyed Team Princess, I must admit I was still disappointed and it didn't hold up as well on rewatch, since the bonding and conversations among them were very superficial. It ultimately became them walking around from plot point to plot point, with very little world-building. Even Emma/Snow got very little after the episode where they visited the destroyed nursery. So to me, they could have done more.
  7. Is the blue dress same or different from the previous Cinderella dress? For some reason, this one looks better to me, or maybe it fits the second Cinderella more?
  8. They were super lucky in that every original cast member clicked right from the first episode: Emma, Snow, Charming, Henry (he was great as the precocious kid in S1), Regina, Rumple. This season, they have just as many newbies. The question of whether lightning can strike twice, six times over, is a very legitimate concern. From the Season 6 finale and the sneak peek, I'm lukewarm on both Lucy and Adult Henry. So maybe Alice in Wonderland is the one who gave Lady Tremaine the Curse, so Alice can use it to come back to the World Without Magic?
  9. So Lucy is living with her mother? When did Lucy's own memories "awaken"? Eddy "wonders". Basically, that means he wants us to wonder. Except we don't care. We'll be the judge if she's "deliciously" evil or just another despicable self-centered entitled villain. They probably thought The Black Fairy was deliciously evil too. So wildcard that the Writers can do anything with the character and decide later why the hell she's even on the show. They're like Snow and Red, eh? Are they implying the show even cared about that friendship beyond Season 1? If we add up Snow and Red's conversations from Season 2 onwards, would they last 10 minutes? If that means they're going to write her like Henry post-Season 1, then no thanks.
  10. I've never thought 3A was that much better than some of the other arcs. As said above, the flashbacks were all over the place with two particularly bad ones ("Quite a Common Fairy" kicking off the whole soulmate subplot and "Nasty Habits" which was basically dragging out the surprise "twist" that Peter Pan was Rumple's father). We had the annoying secret-keeping with David and the dreamshade. We had Henry easily succumbing to Peter Pan's "charms". I never bought that Peter Pan would still trust Tinkerbelle or that he wouldn't know exactly what they were all up to. After "Lost Girl", we would never get another Snow/Emma episode, and Emma was segregated from David's dreamshade subplot with Snow, since she needed to be slotted into the triangle. Granted, it was probably the best half-season for Hook, in terms of character growth. Still, all was not yet lost, since the setup in "Going Home" had so much potential that one would think it could rejuvenate the show. But nope, one episode into 3B, everyone was back in Storybrooke and pretty much the same except for a Zelena overdose of massive proportions, unconvincing "romance" with Outlaw Queen, and retcons up the wazoo. But then again, it turns out the show could be even more maddening/insulting (4B) and more boring and repetitive (the entire Season 6).
  11. It didn't take them long to confirm that Lady Tremaine will have a sob story. And Drizella seems like a Regina with her oh-so-demanding mother. It looks like Rumple will get segregated as usual, this time with Alice in Wonderland. Given the description of the character, I really don't see why it had to be Alice and not someone they hadn't written an entire series about already. Adult Henry sounds like a total loser.
  12. I wonder who Cinderella's Fairy Godmother will be? I'm really looking for them to really explore that character in this new reboot!
  13. It will be easy to write present-day Adult Henry. A&E can actually use how they felt as under-appreciated writers in Hollywood, where their self-esteem was trampled as no one understood their brilliance. Lucy will help get Henry's creative juices flowing again and he can take a nap and get a chapter with illustrations done. A&E keep forgetting - the job of the Author doesn't actually require any talent. Unfortunately, this is the only way that A&E know how to write. The number of villains who had a softer side outnumber the ones who did not. If Lady Tremaine stays on the show, eventually she will get that treatment (increased chance if A&E love how bold and audacious she is). Even villains who end up being pure baddies still get a bone... Hades with that ridiculous falling-in-love-on-a-bicycle flashback, and The Black Fairy with her "sad" mother-looking-out-for-her-son backstory.
  14. As edgy and grounded and raw and badass as Bandit Snow, I'm assuming. I can't help but feel that this will be forced. I really hate that they did the done-a-thousand-times-over "romantic interests meet by collision". Henry has been so underdeveloped that they will need to invent a personality for him to have any character development. So far I haven't read a spoiler which has made me go, "Oh yeah, that was something they never explored in the original series which will be interesting to see." Just wait.
  15. I was fully expecting to open that article and read "Henry is a bail bondsperson".