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  1. If A&E had genuinely wanted to make the fans of Outlaw Queen feel better, they could have done a single episode with Robin in Season 6 where Regina travels to The Land of the Poor Unfortunate Obliterated Souls (you know there is one), which is at the end of the River of Lost Souls. Here, she rescues Robin's soul and many other innocent souls (throw in Aunt Em, Milah, etc.) and Regina and Robin have a heartfelt goodbye. The story they actually wrote was basically a story for The Evil Queen... now we know their ultimate plan for her all season was to have her save the day with a huge sacrifice (which is un-done 5 minutes later, but I digress). Sean Maguire must have really wanted to come back, because that plotline didn't actually honor Robin at all.
  2. I suppose they felt it was necessary to explain why Regina split herself, though that isn't true. Regina could have done it thinking she needs to do it for Robin. But then, maybe that would make her seem weak, doing stuff for a man? Who knows how these Writers think. More likely, it's as explained above... they didn't think. What other fallout was there, except Emma comforting Regina? Oh yeah, the pointlessly idiotic "feud" between Regina and Zelena. I can't think of any other consequence of Robin "dying".
  3. Was that the case for the late 1800s?
  4. They clearly thought he was boring to write for, even in 2B right after he got to Storybrooke! It was probably a combination... Neal was stopping Rumple from being fun and his death would be a shocker that would prove how high the show's stakes were. They could easily have had Regina and Robin drift apart and then write him going back to Sherwood Forest. It might even have been a better story for Regina. So I wonder why they killed him in that way... probably as a shocker too.
  5. Well, if they had gotten their way, Prince Charming would have died and this show would STILL have been oh-so-hopeful. All those tweets Adam wrote about "don't judge until you see the whole story"... WTF. WishRobin was NOT RealRobin. He was completely irrelevant in the injustice of Robin dying at the hands of Hades. Oh sorry, what am I saying. The Evil Queen got her happy ending with WishRobin, and that's all that matters. Well, SOMEONE has to have Walls™ now that Emma is gone.
  6. Why did the dragon give up when they started climbing the beanstalk? They would have been easy pickings. How would random people from Arendelle know how to use portals? Why would the sit at the table like that at the end. I suppose it could have made sense if it were the wedding reception dinner, but some of those people should not be at the main table. I'm going to assume it was because certain people REALLY didn't want to sit anywhere near Rumple when they found out he was joining them for dinner.
  7. The S5 finale basically spent 2 hours on setup for S6. The Land of Untold Stories, the Splitting of Regina, Rumple losing track of Belle in a Box. The only character with a story arc that actually began in Season 6 was Emma's death prophesy. This finale did set up for next season but it was interspersed as flashbacks, and then the last 5 minutes. Most of the other finales set up the next season or arc in the last 5-15 minutes.
  8. Plus the actor is a lot older than 23 or 24.
  9. I hadn't read this interview in detail until now, which makes me even more angry. So their "planning" for this Season 6 and "the final act" didn't just begin in January as was assumed. It began last freak'in summer. And see, they've known their ending for YEARS. Aren't they amazing? So much foresight. They are so full of it.
  10. I just read another disturbing quote...
  11. This was the exact quote, so hopefully it can be interpreted as you suggested:
  12. It's kind of ridiculous they're giving these interviews and saying these things. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a typical 24 year old doesn't have 11 year old children. I mean, how stupid do you have to be. (don't answer that)
  13. When the little girl offered to go out of the cave dwelling to fight the monster/invaders, they lost me. There's Brave™ and there's completely unrealistic.
  14. The baby was not in sight when she later went to look for David. Nor was the baby in sight for much of 6B. Zelena was also holding a baby and she was allowed to be useful.
  15. Much less marketable. Plus, even in this series, a lot of the "charm" of Anne comes from the lines, expressions and anecdotes from the LMM book. Without that, would this story be as engaging or unique?