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  1. On a journey to see Merida so my access to Internet is more scarce than her charisma.
  2. Another one is apparating or not.
  3. Mrs. Allan was MIA, as was Aunt Josephine. The latter was particularly strange, because Aunt Josephine could have been a presence in Charlottetown. What was the point of introducing these two if they were going to disappear? In this production, the relationships that Anne has with pretty much everybody except Marilla and Matthew are quite shallow.
  4. Why is Dr. Whale putting in so much energy with healing, when Emma, Regina, Rumple and Zelena (formerly) can do it with a wave of the hand? Has Blue healed? It would have made more sense if the hospital was at the nunnery and that's what the fairies did all day.
  5. They hired five actresses and the media only reported after the table read, just when A&E wanted. You gotta give A&E props for holding so tightly on the reins of the media. As they say, #Nospoilers.
  6. The Hook thread would be more appropriate for this, or we'll never be able to find this discussion again, much like everything in this thread. It's nice to have "unpopular" opinions everywhere. I would prefer the hand if only for the actor's sake. It must be so annoying.
  7. Henry was dumped by a girl, so he doesn't believe in magic anymore. He probably also met a Male Cleo who made him put up WALLS. They could also repeat the Neal plotline and have Henry afraid of returning because of some deep dark bad thing that he did.
  8. Maybe that's why Netflix is willing to contribute some money. That audience can binge later.
  9. It depends if people figure out too quickly, and they have to do a quick switcheroo to something that doesn't make any sense. Or they could go with our wild speculation from a few months ago that Lucy is actually The Pen, so her mother is a feathered quill.
  10. I finally got around to watching this. I couldn't tell Jane and Ruby apart. I liked Diana in the first installment, but I thought she lost all chemistry with Anne after the second movie where she was jealous of Anne's middle school fling with Gilbert. If they are "trying" to follow the book more, I wish they had Stella and Priscilla at Queens. Though they would probably be as bland and lacking in character as everyone else. That was indeed strange. Miss Stacey didn't seem like a kindred spirit, more like a quirky weirdo. She didn't have much of a relationship with Anne. What was with her constant use of French? And what about when Anne jumped to the conclusion that Gilbert INTENTIONALLY waited until the last minute to point out Anne read the wrong book. I thought it was ridiculous they used the line from the book at the end about Anne needing to catch up on 5 years of conversation. Except in this adaptation, she was pretty much dating Gilbert two years ago. I couldn't tell what age they were supposed to be at the end, since they still looked like they were 13.
  11. They may get a bunch of new viewers from the fans of all those new actresses. Traditionally, the casting on this show elevates the writing, so A&E will probably luck out that way yet again.
  12. I've never heard of those characters before, but I just looked them up and saw they are Disney animated TV shows. I know their source material has run dry, but I was hoping for more traditional fairy tales/folk tales/myths. I also don't have access to the Disney channel, so wouldn't be able to appreciate any references they do make.
  13. That was a real puzzler for me. My guess is that her potential redemption stories overlap too much with Regina's and Hook's. They also have nowhere else to go with her flashbacks. If they were interested in actually exploring her believably, they would have done so in Season 5/6, but she ended up being the Evil Queen's dumb pawn for the first half, and not much in the second half.
  14. You can't have enough main characters on this show. I wonder who will draw the short straw and end up standing around doing nothing by mid-season? I can totally see A&E doing a "mystery" of Who's Lucy's mother, as we see Henry flirting with each of the five women in flashback. Who did he get pregnant?
  15. It is a much busier area, though, so I doubt they would be filming as much exterior as in Storybrooke. It would also cost a bit to rebuild a brand new street scene in studio, given their assumed lower budget.