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  1. S04.E01: A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Speaking of Misthaven, I can't wait 'til A&E release their annotated map of the geography of the world they so meticulously created!
  2. S05.E02: Trespassers

    Speaking of which, do we get to see Renee Montoya again? I thought this episode was slightly better than the premiere. It felt like it had a more coherent story. Still, a lot of it felt like running away from various threats like street gang leaders we've never seen before or that random Mother and Child duo. Forget Batman, clearly James Gordon is the most amazing mortal fighter ever. I did enjoy Harvey, though. I'm a little disappointed that there is so much filler action. I don't feel like there are enough character moments, and some (eg. Alfred) have nothing to do. The ones that are used are not even entertaining to watch as they usually are (eg. Ed). A lot of it was pretty predictable (eg. the men in the greenhouse all become cannon fodder but Ivy doesn't kill Bruce - why, because he said the plants around them looked like death?).
  3. S04.E02: White Out

    When David was born, the fairies gave him the gift of dance.
  4. S04.E02: White Out

    It would have been more realistic if Anna had arrived on the eve of Snow and Charming's wedding and Charming was self-conscious about acting the part of a royal and not messing up the coronation since he didn't know any royal protocol and he was embarrassed to ask. But I guess they wanted instead to use the episode to prove that Anna was another strong female who could fight. Mulan would have worked much better in this episode if it must be kept as written.
  5. S04.E02: White Out

    It really tells you something that the Writers had Snow enter the room and they did not think about her organic reaction to the scene. WTF was the point of making Snow seem like she was jealous anyway? It's like whoever wrote that scene had only written the Snow subplot with the power outage and didn't know what had happened to Emma in this episode. I can't think of a logical way to explain it other than concluding this was how little the Writers cared about Snow as a character or about the Snow/Emma relationship.
  6. A live-action "Hunchback of Notre Dame" movie has been announced. It's such a shame that A&E never had a chance to put their spin on this tale! Apparently, this new movie will pull from the animated film and the original Victor Hugo movie but not from the stage musical based on the animated film. I wonder why. What if Frollo turned out to be Regina and Zelena's brother? I can just imagine all the heart-warming scenes. Henry could convince Quasimodo to give Frollo another chance because he's family.
  7. Frasier

    I just finished Season 4. Frasier eating alone at the restaurant was hilarious, and very relatable. It's difficult to go to a nice restaurant to eat alone. I was disappointed Niles chose to get back with Maris. I really though the had made a breakthrough (especially after finding out he was painted out of all the artwork in the house) and it's beginning to feel like retread. It's interesting how long they are dragging out Niles and Daphne. I had mixed feelings about Martin getting back together with Sherry. She could be amusing but also annoying.
  8. S01.E11: Contrails

    I agree with the comments above how the characters seem so different week-to-week. So is Grace all A-ok now? She seems to be back at work and not able to babysit Cal. I get that she still has feelings for Ben deep inside, but it just felt out of the blue when she said she loved Ben. As others have said, I fully expected this week, Jared would be struggling with how to tell Loudres. His reaction asking Michaela if he should tell his wife is beyond ridiculous. If they're not careful, his character is going to be as unlikeable as Grace. The first scene in the flight simulator cockpit dragged a bit and made the episode start very slow (I can totally imagine people tuning out). I did like watching Ben and the pilot working together, though. Before he became a kidnapper. I figured the meteorologist would be done for after the visit from the two crazies. He did not deserve to die. The pilot should have gone to see him without Ben who wouldn't have told Michaela who wouldn't have spoken in front of Autumn. I found it frustrating to watch the mole hear the sensitive conversation. I am guessing the picture quality of those documents Autumn took are going to be really bad. I was very glad to see Michaela and Ben clueing in at the end... finally. I don't see why Ben was so amazed when he saw the Captain posting papers on the wall. It's not much different from his own bulletin board. I thought we would see Autumn seeing her bleak future in Cal's sketchbook.
  9. This episode could have made a difference on how Emma saw Regina. For the first time, she saw The Evil Queen and her destructiveness. She watched her mother be burned alive. Emma should have needed some time to deal with that and it would have affected her interactions with Regina. Similarly, this episode blew to hell the theory that Regina could never truly follow through with killing Snow, which might explain all the attempts. But nope. Regina saw Snow "die" and was happy about it. Snow and Charming's mindset towards her should also have changed a bit as a result of that. What if Emma had come back, and her mom had really died in the past. I wonder how that would change the course of the story for a while.
  10. If Emma had stayed on the show for a few more seasons, I wonder if we might have gotten a flashback explaining why she wasn't snapped up. I'm sure we can all write one in a pinch.
  11. Tonight on "60 Minutes", we sit down with Blue, Glinda and Merlin to discuss who is the most useless in all the realms.
  12. The only explanation I can think of is Glinda's Book of Records, though technically Glinda said it tells the past, the present and the future of OZ. So what was the Book of Records referring to Zelena or Dorothy? It was supposed to be a "sorceress" so we could rule out Kansas, right? Yes, despite the "shocking" surprises, ultimately, there was little to no actual payoff, in terms of scenes you would look forward to seeing again. It really is amazing how far HOPE held up while watching this show. Right from mid-2A, I was already beginning to be disappointed with the unsatisfying character moments for the Charmings and it went downhill from there. But even in the latter half of 5B, I was still clinging onto HOPE. Heck, I think part of me was still hoping for something when we heard everyone was returning for the series finale. The ultimate lesson of this show is where HOPE gets you, LOL.
  13. For sure I think it was reverse-engineered. It wouldn't be unfathomable that a "Back to the Future" type time travel scenario was on their to-do list. Maybe they had already settled on doing Wicked. So it could be a case of them marrying together (or more appropriately, forcing together) oil and vinegar. I could totally see the whole "There's no place like home" concept popping up in their discussions of Oz as a way of providing Emma with an "arc" even though it wasn't developed beyond having Emma repeat over and over again how she wants to go back to NYC when we knew full well she would end up staying in Storybrooke. I think they must have also come up with Marian-returning-from-the-Past twist for the finale when they first brought Robin Hood on as Regina's love interest. They never did tell us the origin of this spell so it just felt like another thing they pulled out of their you-know-where. I had a huge problem with that originally. Like why did she literally need Regina's actual heart when she could use Rumple's symbolic brain made out of gold yarn? How did she figure out Philip and Aurora's baby wouldn't do, but Snowflake could? Just from gut feeling because she was the most amazing magical student ever? The whole brain/heart/courage thing was a clunky way to work in Oz references. When told sequentially like that, it really made no sense. Don't forget the projector where you could actually watch any past event like it was a TV. Why didn't Glinda seek Zelena out when she was a little girl, after she came over in the tornado? Why wait until after Rumple had corrupted her?
  14. Since Emma missed New York while she was in Storybrooke, did that mean New York was home?