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  1. I was watching some clips from Season 1, and one thing I never understood was. Why did Sydney continue to do her bidding, when his wish backfired and he ended up trapped in the Mirror? Was he so obsessed with her that he wasn't angry she used him? I remember how annoyed I was in that city council meeting where Regina revealed she was building that pointy playground for the kids. What happened to city council, anyway? Who were those people on council? I remember I was so curious about all that.
  2. Oh boy, if there were multiple Lands Without Magic too? This could be a possible twist, actually, since the intro words in Season 7 Episode 1 were: "There was a magical forest filled with fairy tale characters. One day a powerful curse trapped them in a city which had no magic. And each of them forgot who they really were. This is how it happened." Whereas in Season 1, the text was "One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen. Our World. This is how it happened." Deliberate omission of "Our World"? Or no? Hmm....
  3. Several lines in this episode made the original show seem like a bunch of scenarios where good always wins and everyone gets a happy ending. Cinderella says, "I know that where you come from, true love always wins, but mine is a world of broken promises where people never find each other." Later, she goes, "Your grandparents were lucky. Not all of us always find each other." I find the revisionism a little annoying. In the old show, people were miserable 99% of the time. They may find each other eventually, but then they get separated again, and again, and again, and again. I also wouldn't say that "true love always wins". Again, maybe they sometimes do "win" in the end, but at what cost?
  4. I think what might have happened is that the actors were working on Friday night (according to several tweets), so they were naturally following the audience reaction on social media and maybe talking about the reaction. The plotline in this episode stood out to fans due to the history of what has happened on the show several times before. So I can see how these new cast members may find it difficult to see it from the lens of viewers who know the pattern and the lack of consequences. Even kids watch many adult shows these days (by middle school, this is almost a given), so this show would seem tame even to them.
  5. Yeah, that first tweet did seem really inappropriate. This episode was another case of a character TRYING to do the right thing, but it completely backfires, which makes you wonder - why should anyone do the right thing? It happened two episodes in a row - in the last one, Regina tries to help Drizella.
  6. I think that was the fourth one, since it had Rumplestiltskin. I haven't seen that one yet. I actually didn't even know there was a fourth one until just now when I googled it, since I watched the third one today, and Rumple had a very minor role in it. Spoilers below for Shrek 3 if you haven't seen it. In Shrek 3, the villain is Prince Charming, who convinces the other villains that they were unfairly treated, and they attack the kingdom and he tries to take the Crown. I thought Shrek 3 was a bit better than Shrek 2, though I can't say I'll ever want to watch it again. I did like seeing the fairy tale princesses and some of the other minor cameos (eg. Three Blind Mice in passing). It didn't make much sense to me why Captain Hook, etc. in the tavern would suddenly be against Prince Charming when he was in and out of the tavern several times in Shrek 2 with no problem. It seems like a retcon. Plus some "villains" are friends with the heroes, like the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and one of the Ugly Stepsisters. So it seemed kind of arbitrary who was a villain and who wasn't. Interesting, the Princess who betrays the other princesses was Rapunzel. The movie also featured Arthur... I thought one of the character arcs was Shrek would be willing to become King, but then he just handed the Crown to Arthur, so that was weird. I did think they do a decent job of giving Shrek something to work through in each movie (in this one, dealing with impending fatherhood). Now that I've watched two more Shrek movies (this third one came out in 2007), where there are a ton of fairy tale mash-ups and call-outs, I'm thinking that A&E aren't really as original as they claim to be. They're just doing it in a more "serious" way. I'm going to try to find the fourth one to watch.
  7. I think this could be the one time where the Writers will be hesitant to try to redeem Gothel, or to make light of what she did. Adam hasn't responded on Twitter, but many people have been tweeting the female writers (see below), two of which adamantly stated that Gothel was evil and a bad bad villain. With the elevated recognition of sexual harassment in the news, I think even A&E would be willing to do a bit of adjusting. Brigitte Hales‏ @InkTankGirl Nov 17 What I found interesting about this story is that he was very much drawn to her tower, and believed himself to be in control. Only to have the tables turned. Brigitte Hales‏ @InkTankGirl Nov 17 Gothel comes from a long line of temptress villains who glamour and seduce. Mythology is full of them. That is their breed of evil. Alexa | CS‏ @colinshook Nov 17 Will you adress he was raped? Or will all the writers keep avoiding it? Brigitte Hales‏ @InkTankGirl Nov 17 Again, I'm not avoiding anything. Gothel is a villain. Evil. Bad. She does terrible things, which is what makes her a villain. Leah Fong‏ @leahfong Nov 17 All the villains do terrible things. Like killing people, which we've also seen. This show is a portrayal of the light and yes, the dark. Epona‏ @Epona_610 Nov 17 But why /glorify/ the dark so much? Leah Fong‏ @leahfong Replying to @Epona_610 @InkTankGirl @colinshook Definitely not glorifying or condoning it. But it is a part of fantasy -- the trickery of glamouring, love potions, magic etc from Greek mythology to Harry Potter.
  8. I just found this quote from "Wake Up Call" about Eloise Gardener. Rogers says, "Until she disappeared 10 years ago, she was a normal kid. Liked art, hated school. She's a bit of an amateur poet. Well, that's everything, except that she was fearless until she disappeared when something spooked her... something that was in this journal... some kind of protection rune." So in Episode 2, she was a "little girl". This description seems to suggest she was a teenager. I guess we're supposed to believe that the actress playing the witch is 23-28 years old (18 is probably the maximum age to be called a "kid" in this context).
  9. So far, we've had two mentions of 10 years, so does that have anything to do with how long they have been Cursed in Hyperion Heights? Rogers said the case had been cold for 10 years. Jacinda said she hadn't seen Nick for 10 years. Now, how could they all have existed in REAL Seattle without aging for 10 years? Or is 10 the Writers' favorite number this year? We have no way of knowing what's random and what's intentional on this show.
  10. I'm watching "Shrek 3" while I'm doing boring paperwork, but then I got a little bored, so I went on Youtube and happened upon Lana Parrilla's interview on the Rachael Ray Show from October. She repeats here that it has been 7-10 years flashing forward. Now, does she mean since The Last Supper? Or since Henry left Storybrooke on his motorcycle?
  11. The other reason is, at least half the time, the "twist" is something they thought of later (though they would vehemently insist otherwise, to the point of absurdity, like when they claimed you could rewatch "The Stable Boy" to see that Leopold and Cora had a past... uh, riiiiiiiiiight...).
  12. I agree. Telling the actresses who played Ivy and Marian beforehand were particularly important because it would significantly affect their performance. I suppose Colin and Rose knowing could allow them to portray a magnetism to each other even though their characters weren't conscious of the fact that they were father and daughter. From a practical standpoint, it wouldn't surprise me that A&E would just confide in Colin more because they've worked together for years. They also would want to tell him how meaty the "new" role was. Colin hasn't said anything about "collaborating" with A&E to the level of Lana, but they could also have spoken to him when they visited Vancouver to talk to her about the requel. We know that the actress playing Lady Tremaine knew nothing, since in the summer interviews (they probably would have filmed the first or second episode by then?), she said there were no redeeming qualities in Tremaine that she could glean. So whatever "twist" they have in store would have been revealed to her later, which would actually affect her performance if she did start off as a hero/victim. I can't say the performance for Victoria has changed at all over the last 7 episodes. Who knows when the actress found out that she was "awake".
  13. That's a good point. I know it was supposed to be poignant and all that but I think I would need to rewatch the animated movie at least 15 times before I can remove that episode from my soul.
  14. That would be a good twist, and would tie the Cinderella and Rapunzel threads together. Though I would be surprised that Disney let them turn a beloved Disney princess into an evil despicable villain. I know they've done it with Peter Pan and Arthur, but they're not as recent as "Tangled". Though I wouldn't be surprised at anything after they let them have Tangled seduce Whook, even if it wasn't really her. All the people who switched to another station halfway through wouldn't have known that. It also means that they will be giving Tremaine a sob story. It doesn't fit the timeline, but what I was thinking before that Anastasia could have been Rapunzel, stolen as a baby by Gothel, and Lady Tremaine learned magic to get her out, and then Gothel killed her, so Tremaine is desperate to get back a child that she wasn't able to raise herself.
  15. They still write Henry as if he's an overgrown child. The thing he said about love made him sound like a teenager. I think that's why it disturbs me that he's drinking so much, especially during the day.