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  1. Adam is busy on Twitter but mostly boring questions reassuring fandoms and fielding multiple identical questions about whether Jennifer Morrison is filming or not. This is the only actual reply which is related to plot or character.
  2. He must be bored today. He has actually been quite restrained the last two weeks or so.
  3. Adam placating the fandoms today on Twitter after supporting one coupling in a web contest, but he reiterates that he supports all couplings.
  4. That is so well laid out. For such supposed fans of sci-fi/fantasy, A&E has seemingly put zero thought into this at all. I did contact them for an answer, and they kindly obliged. "Hello tennisgurl. We hope you will keep watching because these are all the questions we want our audience to ask! Right now, it's the middle of the story so Patience is the key (Patience is a character we'll be introducing in Season 9, but no one is supposed to know that yet!). But here's a sneak peek. Emma is a very special case of Savior. She is basically Harry Summers. Or Buffy Potter. The main variable missing in your equation is "The Diamond In The Rough". You might want to watch our Aladdin episode again because it is just full of clues. Sometimes, diamonds are forever, and sometimes they are one of a kind. See how that relates to Saviors? WE ARE BOTH. That's the theme of our show, and that pervades the Savior mythology. Hope that helps. If not, connecting the dots is fun!"
  5. Good point... maybe we should have gotten Hook going to Regina for advice. He could help her with the Robin dilemma too, and they could build up their BFF-ness.
  6. The problem is not lack of adult themes. It's the lack of any coherence. All they'd use it for is to show more gory details of villagers dying.
  7. There's Gideon's story and Robin's story and Regina's story and Rumple's story... it's just showbiz.
  8. They're choosing to show this whole engagement from Hook's POV. They could have built an entire episode around Emma's POV of finding the ring box, maybe having her patented WALLS fly up... talking to Henry, Charming and Snow, and then, she sees Hook. Flashbacks to some unseen moments with Cleo (I joke, really)... ooh, flashbacks showing parallels between Snow and Grendel's mother! Maybe that's what was happening in the Alternate episode for this week and that's why all the Charmings were MIA.
  9. To me, the story isn't going to be that great anyway, so sometimes, it's the cameo that gives a bit of joy and fun. If one is not going to get a kick out of fairy tale mash-ups, then this show doesn't have much going for it. Having said that, some cameos were so basic they provided no joy, only disappointment that so much potential was squandered (eg. Aurora and King Stephen). I did enjoy seeing Ariel again, though... I thought that was a better use of a cameo. I just read this on the Once Wiki, from the audio commentary of "Poor Unfortunate Souls":
  10. I forgot all about that. This is the one time that I think they could have planned ahead. They were probably dreaming of the day when they could bring The Evil Queen onto the show.
  11. What are you talking about? This is Year of Snowing.
  12. Because Gidiot has special powers that rivals Rumple's. Especially in Tea Tasting. Good point... I totally forgot about that. So did the Writers. He has more darkness inside of him. I wish he said no. It will be Regina and August sharing the honors because they're the most important people in her life. Rumple is probably the best person to be his Best Man.
  13. Well, it's the Rejuvenated Dastardly Robin. Villainous makes everything better according to these Writers and they'd be right considering how a lot of people seemed to enjoy this version of Robin. I'd rather have seen Emma having Cinderella, Snow, Mulan, Aurora and Granny over to scrub the floors and clean the bathroom in the B plot.
  14. What's galling is that it's their choice to return to those same wells. If they insisted on doing a Rumple flashback, they COULD have gone back to how Teenage Rumple got separated from the Kind Sister Spinners. Or Young Adult Rumple and how he got involved with Young Milah. We haven't seen those periods in his life yet. But it's their utter lack of creativity in seeking a parallel with Gideon and their insistence on giving Belle a reason to give Rumple another chance which created this insulting retcon. I know people keep saying if they got rid of flashbacks, things would be better (which isn't exactly true, given their track record). But assuming flashbacks MUST go on, better writers would be able to explore new avenues instead of conking us on the head with the exact same themes over and over again, no matter how it contradicts with previous events. But in A&E's minds, they succeeded with this one - because no one would have predicted their twist that it was Young Bae who forced Rumple to kill at at time when Rumple was willing to give up using his Dark One powers. What a great twist no one saw coming, eh?
  15. Beowulf was arrogant, but he was always willing to fight alone and sacrifice his own life. He wasn't holding the only powerful sword. In fact, he refused to fight Grendel with a weapon so it would be fair. I agree he might look down upon Rumple for using magic, but to me, he might as well be called Random Villain #1582934. The real Beowulf would have been out to pursue further glory by chasing other monsters.