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  1. I was wondering about the Magic Slippers that Zelena had which Rumple was trying to get his hands on. If he had gotten it, would he have forgotten about the Curse and use the Slippers to get to Bae? Then again, we now know that Dorothy used the Slippers to get to Fictional Kansas World, so maybe it couldn't take him to the Land Without Magic.
  2. Flight Logs: Manifest in the Media

    Just looking at that freeze frame of the "Manifest" trailer video... they really photoshopped Jared (in the logo with the main characters). He looks younger.
  3. Flight Logs: Manifest in the Media

    Article about possible reasons for "Manifest"'s success: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/nbc-s-manifest-isn-t-next-lost-it-has-improbably-ncna935481 Analysis re: renewal chances: https://www.tvfanatic.com/slideshows/nbc-cheat-sheet-manifest-is-on-thin-ice/ Ratings from last night: https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-monday-nov-12-2018/ https://programminginsider.com/monday-overnights-the-voice-leads-nbc-to-victory-2/
  4. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    It has only been a few weeks since Michaela returned. She was coming for an extended social visit for the first time. They were clearly trying hard to bring her back into the social circle. If that was their intent, then they would be careful about every action they do to make her feel as comfortable as she could. Of course a married couple is allowed to show affection, but most people in real life put some thought into the context and their purpose and act accordingly. If you know someone is sensitive to something, then it's courtesy especially if you are a caring friend to avoid any possible triggers, at least until they are used to it.
  5. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    That line definitely felt weird. They should have said something along the lines of "At least Michaela made it through dinner. Even though we insisted on kissing each other hello in front of Michaela since that wasn't insensitive at all."
  6. S03.E03: Quite a Common Fairy

    Hello, You know when you're looking in the cupboard for paprika and it's there, but you just can't see it? That's what happened with Rumple and the crystal ball. Hope that helps, A&E
  7. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    I guess in the last scene, Michaela seems to have been "won over" by the callings. It makes sense that Ben is more skeptical and let down because in both this episode and last episode, Ben has taken action but the outcome is not as clear as Michaela's successes. Ben believes that he failed by losing the flash drive to Vance. I think we're supposed to feel sorry for Danny. We got that scene with him eating alone. I thought it would pan out and someone we know would be there, but it didn't, so I think it was solely to show how sad he is without Olive and Grace. Did Ben tell Grace that he was attending a talk by a fellow passenger with Saanvi? Ben is not telling Grace about his true reasons for getting the job, which is pretty shady. He's going down the rabbit hole again, tsk tsk. I would like to see a tonal shift in the third season or so to find out that the "callings" is really the White Rabbit and the plane actually landed in Wonderland and they had five years of adventures.
  8. S01.E07: S.N.A.F.U.

    It was in the same episode with the aftermath of the murder of the female passenger. I remember being grossed out by that episode with the dead body, in addition to the flashback of the crash with the lingering shot of dead Evie. Speaking of the mean lady who got murdered. I like seeing her in flashbacks on the plane. Ben being detective was pretty fun to watch. As usual, he (and the writers) aren't aware that companies track the files accessed by employees. I found it unintentionally hilarious when he clicked on a file and Fiona Clarke's PhD came up... uh, why? And later on, in the computer programmer's office, that weird scrolling file that saved when he put in the USB drive? If Vance was reading all their texts/phone calls, I'm surprised he needed Jared to spy on Michaela for him. I'm liking Vance being on their side. Michaela working with Jared is also more enjoyable with everything out in the open. If Jared is going to swerve around in traffic like that, at least put on the sirens. Sheesh. The connection of the barber's nephew and her best friend's heart was a nice touch. I was pleasantly surprised that Ben was so civil and calm with Danny. I was so sure he was going to blow up and cause a scene after his bad day. Even though this episode didn't have any huge revelations or anything, I'm beginning to like spending time with the characters more. It pains me that we get to see so much of Josh Dallas on this show and he can actually handle the screentime as a "boring" father being active about saving his kids and emotionally affected by the situation he's in, yet he was sidelined in a previous show.
  9. With Aladdin and Jasmine, I think they had the "look" down. So it really came down to their script and how they wrote their personalities. Jasmine pretty much started off the animated movie as an independent Princess who wanted to take charge of her life and make her own decisions. A&E made her into a whiner, constantly looking for/asking a man to save Agrabah. So in some ways, her "character journey" in Season 6 was to become that strong person. But I don't think that happened until the very last episode she appeared in, so that made the character grating and annoying. Aladdin on the show started off in a similar place as the movie, an irresponsible young man who lacked confidence in himself. They just had the "Once" version lack courage and double down on his tendency to run away from his problems. Which made him even more of a loser. They had Emma give him confidence, and Aladdin "redeemed" himself by becoming the Genie. By then, I think the damage might have been done already. Now, did they try these approaches successfully with any other characters in other seasons? Because both Aladdin and Jasmine were epic fails. Perhaps because they didn't approach it by starting with the source material - they were trying to stuff these characters into a very poorly conceived Savior mythology that they didn't think through. Like who the hell was the Oracle supposed to be? Did they intend for her to become completely irrelevant? If we asked this question to all the writers in the room, what would they say?
  10. S03.E03: Quite a Common Fairy

    I totally forgot about that. Since we now have I wonder if they had any further plans for Philip/Aurora/Mulan beyond this. Or if at this point, the toddlers through the shiny toy over the fence and it was lost.
  11. S03.E03: Quite a Common Fairy

    What do you mean? One of my best friends tried to kill my mother for years (she tried to kill me once too - we laugh about it now), another married someone who was ultimately responsible for ruining my childhood, and a third left me to die in an apocalyptic situation (don't worry, he changed his mind in the last moment and shiver me timbers when I think how he used to joke about jabbing his sword into me!). I would totally adopt a fourth best friend who tells my significant other that they're in love with them.
  12. S03.E04: Nasty Habits

    I still think the flashbacks in this episode were unnecessary retread with the usual cryptic conversation as an ending, and I still think they should instead done a flashback with Baelfire following up on what happened to him after leaving the Jolly Roger. But I also remember thinking how clever it was that the Pied Piper attracting children was actually Peter Pan.
  13. S01.E05 Other Women

    If they wanted to tell a complete story, Nico should have lost her memory at Episode 11 so there would be 2 episodes to reverse it and give the show a happy series finale. Heck, they could even have started the show with Mel and Nico meeting. There was zero advantage to dropping us into the middle of the relationship including Nico being with her ex which was quickly forgotten. The episode with the fake mom being brought back was also too early to have any sort of emotional impact. The showrunner just doesn't seem very good at pacing and planning. Plot points just come out of nowhere and all the characters with the exception of the 3 sisters are very thinly drawn.
  14. S01.E05 Other Women

    I had the same feeling about it. I know it was supposed to be sad, and it was reasonably well done, but it was hard to fully feel its emotional impact. The evil demon guy's plan makes no sense anyway. All he was after was DNA of elders? How hard would it be to find out about Trip's fishing lodge and go there to check it out? There was no need to murder his partner. It looks like Trip was hiding a lot from Nico. He should have been more nosy about the sisters from the start, if he was investigating the mother's death. Why was he working on the case, anyway? Similarly, I don't care enough about Galvin for a subplot about his evil sex partner. And I don't care enough about the sorority head to care about Maggie telling her the truth. I didn't buy that either. The Elders are awfully intrusive, and their security sucks, considering we saw the paint can being taken. So even that "big bad"/fake scientific guy doesn't even know who is killing elders? I find it annoying when the audience knows way more than the characters. It makes it more frustrating to watch. I think this is the only thing that actually intrigued me on this show so far, which I want to see more on. Even though I normally find Harry annoying and/or boring.
  15. I considered becoming a librarian way back when. Didn't realize how much computers would change things even with basic internet existing. These first two episodes were fun, with the fictional characters come to life. I haven't read "The Tempest", so I'm tempted to read it now. I figured this show's representation of him was inaccurate, and I usually don't like watching adaptations before reading the original source. The first episode was more frustrating, how they let the villain get the chess piece and the earrings. The second episode had its annoying moments too, like how they had to let the villains get away. I liked how they actually used knowledge from the books to defeat/neutralize the threats. For example, finding a mirror to get rid of the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland" and getting to the root of Frankenstein's monster's destructive behavior. Ezekiel trying to use movie knowledge to scare the Frankenstein monster was funny. The different trees at the heart of the library were a neat and amusing concept. I'm intrigued by the missing rooms and the problems with the library.