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  1. So The Black Fairy wasn't mad that Gideon disobeyed her, eh? They mentioned it in the Rumbelle scenes, but it's irrelevant in the mine tunnels scenes. Weren't they trying to imply at some point that Regina was more powerful than Zelena? Clearly, that wasn't the case in this episode. The Oz bullies were afraid of the axe, but not afraid of Zelena throwing the axe at them with her magic? Henry has been trying to change things AGAIN but "it didn't work"? Do people never learn their lessons?
  2. Instead of calling episodes by their character centrics, we might as well call them by "The Object Of The Week". So this past episode was the Crimson Heart episode. The previous week was the Pixie Flower episode.
  3. She sold that baby a few weeks ago. Don't worry, we'll see the flashback in a future episode.
  4. Why was David asking how many magic beans it would take for them to get back to the Enchanted Forest? Couldn't they just use The Apprentice's Wand? Or any random crystal in the Mines?
  5. Did I mis-hear, or did the promo say next week was the season finale? I thought there were two episodes left. [Edit: I realized the first episode was actually 2-hours, so that does mean next week is the seventh and last episode, since they made 8 hours]. This was a beautifully rendered episode around grief. I was surprised Gilbert's father died so soon, since they could have explored Marilla's past with him a bit more. It raised an interesting point how Anne may not have understood grief since she never got close to anyone before she came to Green Gables. I was a little surprised Marilla opened up to Gilbert like that. Ruby and Diana's bickering was quite amusing. The croup part seemed a bit quick. She hardly breathed in the hot steam before they stuck her out the window to cool her off. I kept expecting the jumping on the bed scene, but I'm assuming the ship has sailed now. I did like Anne and Josephine's connection.
  6. As I said in the episode thread, though, if Blue had such vital information, why did The Black Fairy do something to silence her (through Gideon) episodes ago? Nothing about this show makes sense. Heck, The Black Fairy could have stolen Blue from Gold's shop.
  7. In a season where the number of "good" episodes can be counted on one hand, this episode was actually near the top of the crop. This was despite the utter predictability of the flashbacks and the tiresome main current storyline with Zelena being gullible and doing exactly what The Black Fairy wanted. What made the difference was that Zelena still had a milestone to achieve, and she actually got to do it - making a sacrifice and losing her magic. That was a big deal for her, so even though she's not my favorite character, she was easy to root for and this development actually meant something. They went overboard with Regina being totally hostile until the end, though. The Snow/Charming wedding debacle was clunky, but at least it resulted in one nice Emma/Snow scene, a nice Charming moment, and felt like an appropriate conflict that could have arisen over the timing of the wedding. That's as close to "real life" as we're ever going to get. "As much as I love our unexpected visits", Emma said to Snow. Is that a joke? Or was that all happening off-screen? So Blue knew The Black Fairy's deep dark secret all this time, and she didn't spill? Why wouldn't The Black Fairy have put Blue out of commission immediately when Gideon got to town? This is either really bad planning, or they came up with The Black Fairy's backstory after. Zelena is changed now, but she WAS terrorizing Munchkin villages and she wasn't "pretending", as BFF Tin Man was implying. Who is "The Wicked Witch of the North" who made the Tin Man into tin? Where did Glinda's "girls" go anyway? Did new evil witches come to Oz? The Big Bad Lion was scary until he wasn't. Huh? It's pretty sad when a middle-of-the-road episode like this was probably one of the Top 5 episodes this season. I really hope the momentum is now up and the quality will remain slightly elevated until the end.
  8. She hasn't been seen in 6B... her last episode was in the latter half of 6A - "I'll Be Your Mirror".
  9. I just watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and I can't say I liked it too much. I didn't find Travers, nor Walt Disney all that likeable (though maybe they weren't supposed to be, I couldn't really connect), and the flashbacks felt a bit forced. Was Travers really all that moved by the Mr. Banks redemption in the movie? I don't see what changes Disney DID make to satisfy Travers other than Mrs. Bank's first name.
  10. Let's make a prediction. How much character assassination will The Tin Man possibly take tonight? (assuming he's in the flashback) A) It will be a lovingly faithful representation B) It will be a clever reworking of The Tin Man backstory based on the original book C) It will make scrap metal out of the character while undermining his core personality traits, in order to make some other character look good. ---------- Maybe this episode could have been the musical one... I can totally imagine this showstopping number sung... hopefully it gives you hope. Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that's so depressing you will want to die Somewhere, over the rainbow, smoke is green And the dreams that you dare to dream, they're as rare as beans Someday I'll wish upon a star And wake up with an abrasive Dor-o-thy Where Glinda is some lame old prop She might as well be a chimney top That's where you'll find me Somewhere over the rainbow, Blue is in a coma But no one really cares so Why then, oh why would I? If filler episodes will fly With three episodes left Why, oh why, can't everyone on this show dieeeeeeeeeee?
  11. The first episode is faithful to the book, so it's a good entryway. Part of whether an adaptation works is if it creates the right atmosphere, and this show does an artful job of pulling you into the world being created. That's when the actors can become the character. I would say it can't hurt to try. Is it possible for a new production to ruin an old production or a novel you like? I suppose there is always a slight possibility, but one can usually dissociate a new production and not have it taint the previously viewed or read works.
  12. Six tips for attending the Emma/Killian wedding and reception. 1. Avoid the first row beside the aisle to the altar. That's first line of fire from evil villain making grand entrance. 2. Don't drink the punch. You guessed it... sleeping curse. 3. Find the emergency exits when you first arrive. The Final Battle may pre-empt the First Dance. 4. Those little boxes at each table aren't gifts. They're Pandora Boxes for capturing the evil fairy if she shows. 5. Keep the menu. They were printed on Squid Ink since you never know if The Dark One will be attending tonight. 6. When they say the apple dessert is to die for, they aren't kidding.
  13. That's what makes me the most angry... some retcons are whatever. But this one, even though it's more subtle, is on the scale of eggbaby. There was also the Baelfire retcon from earlier this season. The bottom line is they don't care about the characters they are retconning.
  14. As someone else above said, it reminded me of Dark Swan. And that's not really a reminder I want to have at a wedding.
  15. Oh, for pity's sakes.