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  1. General True Crime Shows

    He was only a police officer from 1973 to 1976 so your utility worker theory may prove to be true. As happy as I am that this monster has been caught - and his arrest is a great tribute to all the people who never gave up - I'm so angry at the idea that he had been married, had children, owned a home, presumably had once worked- in other words - he was just going about his life all these years. But I guess it's better late than never.
  2. General True Crime Shows

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5656217/Suspected-Golden-State-Killer-responsible-12-homicides-50-rapes-ARRESTED.html Apparently he wasn't exactly flying under the radar as at least some of the neighbors were creeped out by his ticking time bomb demeanor. It really makes one wonder what he's been up to all these years and how the people closest to him never suspected him. Apparently he had been married and divorced, and has 3 adult daughters. I wonder if he had given any of them any of the so-called trophies he had stolen - some valuable, some just odd. Not just jewelry but items like a full set of dishes. I haven't read Michelle McNamara's book. Did she give clues about a specific suspect?
  3. Pet Peeves

    Congratulations on 26 years and counting, Suprsuprelevated! Your wedding sounds like it was a wonderful, stress-free way to start a marriage. I get peeved by people who set up gift registries without much thought. Then complain about all the stuff they're stuck with. Or they select things like extremely expensive china sets for twelve. They probably won't get a complete set of it, and they probably won't be able to afford and/or want to complete the set themselves. Plus if they have kids they're not going to be using it anyway. I knew a bride who sold off items received from the gift registry at a yard sale - for pennies on the dollar. Soon after the wedding they realized they didn't really need or want these items but neither felt like returning the stuff to the stores. (They were loaded anyway so the idea of having a yard sale was to her just a fun way to spend an afternoon slumming it.) In fact, years ago I bought a really nice Wedgwood crystal decanter at a yard sale for a few bucks and was told that it had been a wedding gift. I couldn't help but feel bad for the person who went to the trouble of selecting and paying for this gift only to have it sold off to a stranger like it was no different than a used tee shirt. And the woman who sold it to me was young so it wasn't like it had been hanging around her home for years gathering dust. Great deal for a bargain hunter such as myself but a waste for the original parties involved. Maybe gift giving for weddings will eventually become obsolete. People tend to have enough stuff. If they need anything it's cash.
  4. Pet Peeves

    (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to quote the post you were responding to, Suprsuprelevated.) Anyway.... I hate going to stores that don't have cashiers! There's a CVS near me that must be raking in a bundle. It's open 24 hours, 7 days a week and there are always plenty of cars in the parking lot. When they first opened up they had around 4 or 5 cashiers. Then they were down to one cashier. Now there are no cashiers. (But they do have a person who stands at the door to greet you and probably to make sure you're not giving yourself a five finger discount on the way out.)......Now I'm not talking about the ever dwindling numbers of Mom and Pop stores - but a thriving chain store like CVS can afford to pay a few people a living wage to work the registers. So when I see a chain stores without a cashier, I figure it's the result of automation. Because automation has been a major factor behind job loss over the last few decades. So my local CVS doesn't hire cashiers simply because now they don't have to! Sure - why hire someone at any wage when they can let the customers do all the work? So after a long, hard day at your regular job better get used to rolling up your sleeves to work the registers, and just pray they don't come up with a way for us to stock the shelves. LOL
  5. Great list, Flowergirl. Most of those cases sound terrifying but the Lena Baker case was especially tragic. I had never heard of that one before......The ID show, American Monster, recently had a memorable episode about Audrey Marie Hiley. Her son was interviewed in it and you just had to feel for the poor guy. Some clips of old family movies were shown as well. On the surface Hiley appeared as normal as normal could be. I find murderers who have that ability to deceive to be endlessly fascinating.....Come to think of it this list is probably not the best thing to read right before I go to bed. lol
  6. General True Crime Shows

    I went on a tour of Eastern State Penitentiary about 10 years ago and found it to be absolutely fascinating. I remember the recorded tour said that when it first opened (in 1829) the prisoners weren't even allowed to talk. The idea was that they were doing penitence - hence the name penitentiary - and should be reflecting on their crimes and how to make themselves better people. It was a novel concept at the time. However, this particular practice of not allowing talk was abandoned within a few years after a number of the prisoners started to go mad from the isolation.... When ESP opened up, and for quite a few years after, its construction was state of the art - the largest building in the US, the first with indoor plumbing (in each cell which were all scheduled to be flushed once a day) - and hence it was a major tourist destination even back then. If anyone is in the Philly area I recommend stopping by: https://www.easternstate.org/ ..........You're right, Funky-Rat, we need to come up with some better ideas for our prison system. Right now we have hardened gang members thrown in with first time drug offenders, and the main thing they have in common is that majority of them will get released one day, and in worse shape than ever. And when you think of how high the incarceration rates are in the US - that's a major societal problem.
  7. General True Crime Shows

    Yep, that's the guy who used to be her teacher. Nowadays I don't think that a school would be as tolerant of a teacher having an affair with a student/ ex-student. At least I hope that they wouldn't be. Plus she was pretty young when she first met him and apparently had a crush on him. Fiancee or not, it just irked me how Weed made it sound like she was the aggressor so therefore his response was inevitable. (Granted the age difference wasn't as great between Hearst and Weed - but that's the same thing Mary Kay Letourneau would say about Vili.) That said, I was a teenager in the 70's and and looking back I remember it as being the golden age of poor boundaries. One little aside, I remember when the Post Office had Patty Hearst's Wanted poster on display. Ah, memories...
  8. General True Crime Shows

    It's on CNN. It's called "The Radical Story of Patty Hearst". At least one of the airing times is 10 PM (EST) on Saturdays but I'm sure they repeat it throughout the week or watch it online. Not sure how many parts it has but as of yesterday they're up to Part 4. One fun fact that completely skeeved me was how at the time of her kidnapping, Patty was living with a former teacher. It's unclear exactly how old she was when the actual sexual relationship began (15, 16, 17?) but in his interviews he made sure to emphasize that she was the one who pursued him. WTF? Right now I'm watching Evil Lives Here, S3;E6, "the Soap Star's Secret". If ID ever decides to repackage this series they should rename it "Denial Lives Here". So you have this little sociopath running around the home, writing lists of the animals he's tortured and killed, etc, etc. The mother wants to channel all his "energy" into something positive. So what does she do? She enrolls him in karate classes! (Of course these classes come in handy later when she and the step-father try to put him on punishment and tell him he can't ride the motorcycle she bought for him.) And when the actor-brother, Thom Bierdz, receives an illustrated letter from his younger brother, depicting in graphic sadistic detail the ways he wants/plans to kill him, his natural response is : "I didn't think anything of it." Look, I have the utmost sympathy for their plight. They did at least take little Troy to therapists although that apparently didn't help. (Though I wonder how open the mother was in disclosing his behaviors.) And I'm not sure what society has to offer that can really effectively deal with a sociopath (when they're not incarcerated and out among us). But I also find the denial of the family members to be absolutely fascinating. In fact, what I like about this show (in addition to the creepy music) is that they just let family members talk and talk and talk. It's very revealing.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    Lol. If only he were so honest.....The sad part is that he will probably get responses.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    Wow. Regarding Mr. Funky's maternal grandmother - that was some scary shit. There seem to be a thousand and one ways for a sociopath to make the lives of others miserable - legal and otherwise. Family members who can emerge from that legacy without becoming completely unhinged or in denial have my utmost respect. And I agree about the genetic predisposition playing a partial role. Thanks for sharing. All of which brings me to another issue I have with Paris's mother, Charity. Apparently the audience for her forgiveness/denial tour are not only adults. She also talks before kids! Although the kids have incarcerated family members, it seems to me that she is just exploiting them for her own purposes. How on earth is her story going to help them? I can see how it might either scare them or make them feel guilty for feeling normal anger. Or, if there are any budding sociopaths in the audience, it might make them feel entitled to forgiveness should they act out in a heinous manner. I understand that she's gone through a lot, but someone with so little insight shouldn't be able to go on the lecture circuit like she's a paradigm of wisdom. https://www.sacurrent.com/sanantonio/murder-destroyed-charity-lees-family-forever-altered-her-concept-of-justice/Content?oid=2246452
  11. https://www.popsugar.com/home/Heather-Dubrow-New-House-42191774 I wanted to see her house too. The latest I could find was this article from 12/8/17. It was a bit disappointing since the photos are mostly either construction shots, close-ups of decorative details, and family shots. That said - you still get a sense of the look they were going for: grand, monochromatic, and cold. (I actually feel sorry for those kids having to grow up in that house.) The Dubrows probably thought they had achieved timeless elegance with all the marble, metal, black and grey upholstery, and cavernous spaces. But I've got news for them - it's all going to become dated in 10 years anyway. LOL I think all the money they put into it just magnified the limits of their taste. Plus, if it's resale that they're interested in, those mega mansions aren't moving like they used to. There's already a glut of them.
  12. And don't forget Tinsley.....Or they can just change the name of the show to "Real Alcoholics of New York".
  13. https://pagesix.com/2017/12/24/luann-de-lesseps-arrested-in-palm-beach/ Although she's proven to be fairly shame-proof in the past - this is kind of sad. I guess she can't hold her liquor as well as I thought. Aside from the alcohol I wonder what was the trigger? Well, at least now she and Tinsley have something to bond over.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    Well, the grandmother, Kyla Bennett, did wind up inheriting the (trucking?) business of her daughter's father - the same guy who was murdered. The grandmother creeped me out from the start, but apparently her carefree, smiling manner has served her well in life. And what about her rationalization for those violent, misogynist graphic novels she was sending to Paris in prison? How evil can you get? I wonder how the other daughter turned out. Another weird thing - among many - the mother, Charity, seemed to like to style her young son's hair as if he were a girl. It wasn't just that Phoenix's hair was long. In one scene he had barrettes in his hair. It was as if - in her usual unaware, oblivious manner - she was turning him into a replacement for her murdered daughter. That scene with Charity speaking with a group of women was also very strange. The women all looked like they wanted to run for the nearest exit. A motivational speaker she is not.
  15. General True Crime Shows

    Well, I watched "The Family I Had" last night. Made by two independent filmmakers - it's definitely not your usual ID fare. I don't want to discuss the specifics for those who haven't seen it, but I will say that the story of inter-generational familial psychopaths, and the mother's denial (wrapped up in forgiveness), unfolded in a way that was absolutely chilling. So don't let those ads turn you off! It was fascinating.