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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    LOL!!!! It doesn't even occur to them that some of this possible 6-person alliance has already been eliminated. Folks, do NOT underestimate The Hive's ability to still wind up blindsided this week. It's almost as powerful as the forces that are conspiring to blindside production each week.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Fessy's confused fog is lifting? We'll see how long that lasts.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    At this point, if L4 wins the hacker, I bet they throw up Sam, just because they're all pretty done with her. The time they need to expend on her can be better used.
  4. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Of all her crafts she's made, home made play dough is the one that I'm surprised previous houseguests haven't made because it is that simple. Oh, think about what Vanessa would have done with several piles of play dough instead of the Skittles she had to use!
  5. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Well, that's because Vegas is the devil's playground. And that's lots and lots of trouble. /joins the musical movie reference club
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I don't post often but this LiveFeed thread is one of my favorite indulgences every single summer and I have to say, the cast that BB has this summer is making for some pretty awesome reading and viewing of the show. I just watched the Rachel, Angela, Bayleigh conversation about the veto and, oh man, I'm with the rest of y'all, the BB editors best not screw this veto ceremony up for Wednesday's broadcast. I'm sure if I was a live-feeder that both RS and CC would be my BECs but there is no way that Grodner & co are letting either of them go on Thursday because they are TV (and live feeds) gold. Keep on posting and knowing that you've got an active fan in me for all of the snarky reporting and commentary.
  7. S07.E20: Is This Henry Mills?

    So, my fanwank logic for why Henry suddenly was disbelieving this episode when last episode he was definitely on the believing track is that when he and Jacinda kissed and nothing happened, no spell broken, it made him question the small sliver of belief that had started growing last episode. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  8. S01.E08: Multiple Outs

    Or, you know, I've appreciated his work on other shows that I loved, like Smash. He is a talented actor and has a fairly impressive body of work, and probably didn't come cheap for a voice over, credited cameo. My assumption is that his character will have a meatier role in coming episodes.
  9. S01.E08: Multiple Outs

    Yes. I recognized his voice immediately. I'm really intrigued by the mystery surrounding the Black family. You don't cast someone like Jack Davenport for a voice over and shadowy appearance! And this is my first time in the Deception forum - I realized a few episodes ago that, of course, I would love this show, since Chris Fedak is the creator and I loved Chuck back in the day.
  10. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Well, let's hope that NBC gives the show some promo love during the Winter Olympics.
  11. The Music Of Galavant

    I love the Unreleased Collection - finally have "Hero's Journey" and "A Happy Ending for Us" (Chef & Gwynne's poison song) to listen to to my heart's content. Plus, the Menken-voiced demo version of "Your Mother Is a Whore." What I wouldn't give for ABC's censors to have allowed that song and scene. It would have been hilarious! But, the other gem on the Unreleased Collection is "Manlyology," which is the Gareth song from S1 that was cut. The demo version they gave us has Vinnie, Tim and Darren singing and speaking during the song and I'm pretty sure that they actually filmed this song but cut it from the show after focus groups said they didn't think it was believable to have Gareth singing that early in the series (it would have been episode 2, in place of the dialogue where Gareth teaches Richard how to "man up"). It's a shame that there weren't any extras on the DVDs, because this scene would have been worth the price of the DVDs alone.
  12. In my hypothetical S3 head canon, Roberta's deep dark secret was that she is a black widow - she's left a string of dead husbands in her wake - and because she loves Richard truly, madly, deeply, she refuses to marry him, which means that they'll never have legitimate children to take over and rule the 7 realms, so ultimately, Richard turns his "land of wealth and stature" over to Izzy, because she is the most competent ruler around.
  13. While I loved the S2 finale, I never have bought the idea that Gal and Izzy would have been blissfully happy in retirement. In my head canon, they were bored and ready for more adventure/stimulation by the time Baby #1 came along. I do like majormama's idea of Gal being kidnapped, had we gotten a S3 with a limited amount of Sasse. If, by some miracle, Netflix were to decide to make a S3 now that everyone is available, except possibly Omundson (I do wonder how his recovery is going - follow his Twitter and you'll understand what I mean), I could see Madalena kidnapping Richard instead, which would be a nice twist/callback to the beginning of S1.
  14. Season 19: Live Feed Discussion

    Hahaha! Paul just completely put the kibosh on ANY romantic feelings towards Mardi Gras.
  15. Season 19: Live Feed Discussion

    The way Paul has played this season, lying to the jury in his goodbye messages, trying to keep any blood off his hands, I think his calculus is far more about whether he thinks Josh picks him over Dia de los Muertes for F2. If he thinks Josh will take him over her, then Paul will gladly throw the FHoHp3 to Josh and let Josh cut St Lucia's Day. Now, I think Josh is the clearest-headed of the Paulettes when it comes to understanding and recognizing Paul's game, so I hope that he doesn't, at the very end, fall for Paul's obvious bullshit line of "I'm a vet, I can't beat a newbie in F2" since, hello, Nicole did just that, beating Paul no less, just last season. It concerns me that Josh has expressed, to the feeds cameras, uncertainty about who he would ultimately take, if he wins p3 though. I have no doubt he will beat Cinco de Mayo if they're the F2. The bitter jury reports give me hope that he would beat Paul also but the jurors might be really pissed with Josh if he has the chance to cut Paul at the end (talk about the ultimate revenge) and doesn't.