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  1. S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    Whoever started it, whoever is right or wrong, Kail has an excellent case for suing Brittany for assault. I saw Kail's head snap back pretty forcefully when Brittany grabbed her hair. I'm surprised she didn't mention it. Of course, she may have and they didn't want to air it. And, from what they showed of Brianna immediately before and following her tantrum, it would appear that Brianna has some sort of mental issue where she blacks out and goes into a rage. Before she went on stage she was angry, but not screaming and stomping. After, she looked dazed, as if she had just come out of a blackout. Girl needs help! The conversation between Kail and Javi seemed very strange. Did they have Kail in some conference room with no chairs so she had to sit on the floor? That was weird. And who is Javi to just wander in and out of any room he chooses, carrying his plate of food, stirring up trouble? Did he not have a room that he was assigned to go to until he was called on set? The best part of this episode was very minimal Jenelle!
  2. There is no such thing as a physical "ticket" anymore. You use the confirmation code to print your boarding pass. Azan can simply text Nicole the confirmation code and she can print her boarding pass from home or at the airport before she boards.
  3. I wonder if Family Chantal ever went through with the private investigation into Pedro's family and if so, will we ever see/hear the results? Will they apologize if the investigation clears the family?
  4. S06.E21: Sean & Dottie's 2018.07.25

    Sean obviously does not have what it takes mentally to live on his own and make decisions on his own behalf. I wasn't watching closely, but his dad came to help, then disappeared? How cold is that??? If something doesn't change soon, he will surely die. This was truly depressing to watch.
  5. Season 5 Discussion: Got Nose?

    Anybody wanna bet the nose lady will be back for surgery #16? Granted, her nose looked bad, but it sounded like she has been hard to please in the past. And, after she healed and they showed her riding her horse I held my breath that the horse didn't knock her off or run her into a tree. She has had some bad nose luck!!! Zoe Saldana might have an issue with her being so insulted at being called an Avatar. I felt a little sad for space elf guy, he seemed like a sweet kid. I just hope he doesn't go blind. Why can't these strange characters just "dress up" without having to undergo permanent disfigurement? Oh yeah. TV. Also weird, we are allowed to see male nipples but not female. Now, what happens if we see a male nipple and the owner comes out as transgender? Do they have to go back and blur her nipples?
  6. S07.E00: First Look

    Usually they have the preparation episode separate ending with the pre-wedding pacing and we have to wait a week to watch the weddings. I was so glad they didn't keep us waiting this time! Just first impressions, Mia does not seem into Tristan much, not just the rejected kiss, but the look on her face.
  7. Same here! I can't figure out if he reminds me of someone I don't like or if it's something else. Hopefully he will turn out to be a good guy. Amber appears to be trainwreck city. Had to laugh at her throwing up in a bucket at her bachelorette! Tristan, Tristan, Tristan. WHY did he have to say that skin color remark on camera?!?! That will come back to haunt him, it already is here on the forum. The experts have asked in the past if marrying a different race was an issue, so I guess this is kind of the same thing, but it just came off R-E-A-L-L-Y B-A-D.
  8. In addition to the hourly wage, the "housing" is probably included, so that adds to his compensation, by at least a couple $$ per hour. Sh*thead, if he thinks he's worthy of a better job, why doesn't he have it already, hmmm? Dude is seriously also deficient in the looks department, what exactly did/does Annie even see in him, especially now that she is in America and can see that her life is no better.
  9. Maybe when Azan found out he wasn't getting as much money as expected, he told Nicole not to bother coming unless she had all the money, so Nicole cashed in May's ticket and called her Mom back to pick up the kid at the airport.
  10. S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    LOL, I see what you did there, Californialove! If there was ever any doubt about the scarcity of brain cells with these two, those asinine tattoos sealed the deal. Who gets their body permanently altered based on a two-minute relationship? AND, decides to make it something as stupid and ugly as a chess piece? Is that a nod to the game they're playing with their fame-whore-ism?
  11. The reunion previews seem to show a younger woman moderating. I hope she's a LOT better than Dr. Drew.
  12. I don't know what kind of "business trip" Mole-ee went to, but when they showed her talking to her mom on the phone, Mole-ee was dressed in what looked like a Santa's elf costume . . . ? It was maddening to see Nicole's mother cave at the bridal store. Either Nicole is having conversations with "My World" away from the cameras, or she is completely delusional. We have not seen Azan agreeing to any of the wedding cr@p Nicole is talking about. Nicole thinks that if she says it, it's true. She really is out of touch with reality. Even though she's bringing this all on herself, I'm going to feel bad for her when it all comes to a crashing dead end.
  13. Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Don't forget the Congradultions. Have some more wine and canvace, Grandma!
  14. SE01.E03: Transformation 2018.06.03

    OMG, that WAS bad! Way too much and not practical for everyday life either. I guess the "big finale reveal" was for the cameras, but it may have been more useful to Lucy if she could have watched the process unfold in front of a mirror and maybe given some input along the way instead of going from male to drag queen in the blink of an eye. She looked like she wanted to run and hide when she saw her reflection. Keep in mind that this show is Leslie's job now. I think being on a reality show pays more than working in a gun shop so it's a win-win. The show may also even provide for the reassignment surgery if the show is successful enough to continue.