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  1. I LOVED Pastor Cal's smackdown of Luke on Unfiltered! Seriously, what Luke said to Kate is simply unforgiveable and heartless. Poor Kate must be getting serious producer pressure to stick around because no one can actually have such low self-esteem to stay otherwise, right? I'm encouraged and relieved that the couples (other than Stephanie and AJ) are waiting a bit to consummate. There seems to be lots of attraction but they are being smart. Anyone who has so much gas that he has to release so much so often should maybe see a dr. and get that checked out. He may have food sensitivities. That would be a definite turnoff for me. I understand it's a normal bodily function, but at least during the first few days you know someone make an effort to TRY to be a little discreet or apologetic after the fact. I also can't wait to see how the couple who each live with their parents resolves THAT issue. I know they will get their own place together, but once they return from their honeymoon it may take a little time to find a place. AWKWARD!!! I'm going to try to give AJ a pass on letting his inner dick show, but yeah, it is a bit of a red flag. Stephanie is otherwise being a very good sport and AJ does have some good characteristics.
  2. Four Weddings

    I think the show tried their best to downplay this nugget, but I caught the brides at least a couple times mentioning the fact that regardless of who won, they were all going on the big honeymoon together. I'm wondering if they had an off-the-record agreement that they would all go together and maybe the winner would help defray the others' costs? I actually like that idea - it would make the competitive aspect a little more relaxed so they could all enjoy the weddings knowing they would enjoy the group honeymoon as well.
  3. OMG the Snowdens are so gross and disgusting! And WHY does this new recruit/applicant feel like she MUST be on her best behavior so that she can be accepted? What the WHAT?!?! Exactly what about this new recruit for the Alldredges looks like a "fit" to be their new wife? I'll try to keep an open mind and watch as they show more of her but from the photos they showed her posting on social media, a polygamist family would be the absolute LAST place she would fit in.
  4. I also think Kelly had buddies planted in the audience to cheer her on. Didn't she claim that she never actually read any of Dr. Phil's books because she's seen every episode of the show so she knew everything Dr. Phil knows? I was mad at myself for (sort of half) watching that stupid episode. Sometimes I wonder if Phil fancies himself to be another Oprah. Oprah has launched the careers of several guests including Phil himself, Dr. Oz, etc. Does he think he's "doing an Oprah" when he pimps out Coach Mike so he can claim that he and his show are so influential that Coach Mike is famous thanks to being on his show?
  5. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Did you all notice that the censors apparently forgot about the follow-up segment? Several f-bombs clearly made it through, along with other words that are normally bleeped out. And, Steven in the follow-up segment. Was that the same person?!?!
  6. Between FLDS and Scientology, it really is shameful that so many children are abused and exploited in the name of religion in this country. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I tune out Phil's grandstanding but I do applaud the people who are helping these FLDS children get out and create new lives for themselves. Regarding the show where the woman was claiming to be electronically targeted by - aliens or some evil power - I must admit that I think this is what Dr. Phil does best. He was able to help this woman to see that what she was experiencing was not logical and more likely coming from an internal imbalance rather than external unknown forces. And he did this all while being respectful and giving her hope that this could be resolved so that she could live a more normal life. I now return you to your regularly scheduled snarking, lol!
  7. Luke/Kate = Nick/Sonia. This is already breaking my heart. Everybody else, I'll wait and see, although I agree with another poster that I really wish they would keep the fighting/crying previews off so that we can bask in the newlywed glow for a bit. I didn't stay up to watch the second Unfiltered, but Jamie looked great in the first.
  8. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Everyone has pretty much covered everything. I just want to add that previously I gave Steven a bit of a pass hoping that his assholery was more of a product of production/editing. However, he basically cemented his assholeness last night, acting like Olga having a baby via C-section was such an inconvenience to his trip for he and Olga to get to know each other better. Will Olga and Richie be better off in America? Will they really? I'd rather see them far apart. Maybe Olga and Richie can come here and we can sent Steven to Russia. Then, throwing them in a room with a pile of pizza boxes was so ultra trashy. Here - eat!
  9. S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Forgive an old lady with a bad memory, but can someone refresh my memory as to why Trixie left in the first place? I remember when she left last season that she was visibly pregnant and I thought she was going away to have her baby. But, maybe I made that up and she was just pregnant in real life . . . ? I was confused when she returned as if from an extended vacation. I just love this show and the Christmas special is always one of my favorite presents!
  10. Botched

    Note to self: Skip the Black Salve.
  11. S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    I'm choosing to believe that Steven is a product of creative editing and producer driven drama. They seem very concerned about whether Olga will get her visa and I'm not sure if that's a legitimate concern or if they're playing it up for the story line. I'm choosing to believe that Olga will get her visa soon and the three of them will happily travel to America together. If Steven is really heinous enough to rip a newborn from it's mother's arms he should hire security upon entering the U.S. because if Eric/Leida and Ashley/Jay feel threatened by social media, Steven would certainly be in imminent danger.
  12. Season 5 Discussion: Got Nose?

    Edie Falco gets a new nose! Did anyone else see the resemblance? Just me? I thought the nose seemed a bit large at her reveal, but maybe there was still some swelling. It was a huge improvement overall. I will never understand the censors' sensitivity to showing (only women's) nipples! It's OK to show all sorts of surgical procedures with drs. elbow-deep in gaping chest cavities, yet we aren't allowed to see a (woman's) nipple! The procedure this woman described doing to herself sent shivers down my spine. Unbelievable! I think she ended up with a very good result, all things considered. As far as the huge butt lady, I felt sorry for her shorts.
  13. S07 E21 Sheila & Rich Dollaz

    Why is this show still on? I watched the entire episode yesterday and today I couldn't remember a single thing about it.
  14. Season 5 Discussion: Got Nose?

    Hellooooo, anybody here, watching the new season? Last night was baseball boobs, eyebags and a pixie. And more Dubrow insulting jabs at Nassif. And a D-list (to be kind) reality celebrity named Tiny that I was waiting to ask the drs. if they could fix her crooked mouth.
  15. S07.E28: Modern Families

    I would have liked to see Tyler take Amber back to the house she trashed and make her clean it up. You know, as part of the "process".