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  1. Remember to view these poor financial decisions through the same MTV paycheck filter that these girls have. They all (and their extended families) feel like they hit the reality teevee payday motherlode - the sky's the limit! Take a look at the Teen Mom OG and Teem Mom 2 cast to see where they're headed. More babies, lots of moves, cars and dogs. Also, horses, pigs and chickens!
  2. S07.E21: Suns Out, Buns Out

    I'm very grateful that Cheyenne is on this season because I can ff through her scenes and get done watching sooner, LOL! What did Maci win an award for, exactly! Having messed up ovaries??? The only thing that could make this show interesting to me at this time is if Tyler and Catelynn split up and we can watch them destroy each other. I don't find Bristol's divorce interesting because I don't know any of their history or them personally, so who cares really? It will be interesting to see how Gary goes about looking for his bio father. With no identifying info to go on, where does one begin? And really, WHY? Amber. Don't care.
  3. That little person vignette on the cruise ship was one of the strangest things I think I have ever seen!
  4. S02.E12: Tell-All

    Why does Angela fly off the handle at nothing and become so eager to fight? Why has she not given herself a heart attack by now? She and Mah-kull fight and Darcy and Jesse fight and I never have any idea what they are fighting about - do they? Or are they drama junkies? Makes for good reality teevee though. Darcy's cry face looks like a Snapchat filter.
  5. S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    I don't care about Cheyenne or her story. I did something else during her segments. I was very happy to see Tyler and his mom admit that they are losing empathy for Catelynn. Join the club, hop on board! I was grateful to be spared Ryan and Mackenzie. The fact that Ryan threatened to come shoot up Maci and Taylor's home is messed up. Why is this episode called Season 7 Episode 19? It seems like a new season starting up to me.
  6. Here's my take on Tristan/Mia. Tristan has an agenda and is trying to steamroll Mia into following along. He thinks that the whole arrest debacle gives him some leverage by making him look magnanimous and Mia should be grateful that he even stuck around through it all. Mia *IS* grateful that Tristan decided to continue this marriage sham and is trying to go along with Tristan. However, she is being a little (what I would consider) passive-aggressive, because she tells Tristan what he wants to hear but then does whatever she wants anyway. This is driving Tristan nuts because he can't trust that Mia's actions will match the words coming out of her mouth and therefore she is ruining his plan. IMHO it's hopeless and I don't even think the result would be any different if you gave either of them different partners. Maybe Tristan should try 90-Day Fiance?
  7. S7.E00: Where Are They Now? Mackenzie McKee

    I enjoyed this episode. It was refreshing to see relatively normal, WORKING, CHURCH-GOING people dealing with normal issues. Did her mother pass? The show didn't say. If so, I'm so sorry. Mom had a bit of a prickly personality, and I snickered a bit because her bucket list included somewhere with a BEACH, and they end up at a place with NO BEACH. But, they managed to find one. I was confused when the trip was leading up to Mackenzie apologizing to mom for her mean texts and the next thing you see is Mackenzie crying that her mom cared more about the grandkids than her. Wait, what?!!? Whatever, I get that mother/daughter relationships are complicated. I hope they worked it all out before mom passed away.
  8. Thank you ! ! ! Could you hear me screaming the same at my TV Sunday night? Puhleeeeese, "It's not fair"?!?!?! What, are we 12 year olds?
  9. That was a very small-scale ropes course, but I've done one and can't imagine doing any portion of it blindfolded - no way! They are very wobbly and you need to know where to hold with your hands and step with your feet, all while keeping your balance. I was amazed that he never fell. Maybe he did and they didn't show it.
  10. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    I don't know Dallas, but if it is anything like my commute (metro Detroit), it can typically take 45-60 minutes just to drive 15 miles. It's horrible and extremely stressful. When I get home, I don't want to leave again until it's time to go back to work the next day. I would take a smooth, straight shot of 50-60 miles in the country any day over 15 miles of city traffic. That said, Danielle needs to cut back on the fostering to what SHE is capable of handling. What did she do before she met Bobby? I hope she steps it up more in that regard, before Bobby begins to feel used and abused. I also want to add my perspective on her standoffishness. I too was raised with little to no physical shows of affection. It's not that I don't like or want it, it's just that it doesn't come natural to me. Some people just naturally hug when they greet a friend or family member. I have to consciously think about doing it and make that effort. It's just not my default, but I have nothing against it.
  11. S04.E06: Pinata

    The producers just KNEW every audience member would be staring at Hector's hand as Gus left his room, W-A-I-T-I-N-G for it to move ! ! !
  12. Aubrey O'Day AGAIN?!?!? With a different reality ho, of course, from Jersey Shore. Everything she has done to her face/body just makes her look worse. Other than Kim Richards, I don't know any of the others. Mama D is seriously messed up. The producer "insider" interviews at the end are going to be the only reason I continue to watch. I laugh at how they try to tell us that these are REAL people with REAL issues. Whatever.
  13. Robin really does look quite frail and unwell. I hope she is OK. Wow, this boy sounds like serious trouble! I think his only (small) hope is that they can find something wrong yet fixable in his brain. Unfortunately, cases like this involved a lot of intense work with the family and I just don't think the two parents we saw are capable of what it's going to take.
  14. S08.E35: Season 8b Unseen Moments

    That was really weird, but I actually liked it. Both Kail and Barb seemed to be more relaxed, less defensive and the conversations seemed to flow naturally. I had no idea that Chelsea was a spokesperson for some weight loss company. Why do they spend time featuring Amber and Catelynn's business ventures but leave Chelsea in the dust? It's not like Chelsea has so much else going on that they can't show it all . . . ? Edited to add: I'm horrible when it comes to memorizing dates. In school, I never saw the point. Now at least I can appreciate that it would help to demonstrate some level of intelligence. But really, what does it matter what year the Civil War started?
  15. Amber probably didn't have an idea just how bad her hair looked until the show started airing. Also, I'm wondering if the participants are prohibited from making drastic physical changes to their appearance during the filming in order to facilitate the creative editing. I could not believe my eyes the way Amber was slinging that raw chicken around, totally clueless about cross-contamination! Eeeeeyikes ! ! ! Dave was right, though, to not say anything. Amber would not have handled that helpful advice well. Amber and Dave say and do (almost) all the right things. They are like robots. There is no warmth between them. Bobby and Danielle are believable but Dave and Amber are totally calling this in and ready to collect the paycheck.