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  1. MLB Thread

    Ok, I have gone what seems like eleventy billion baseball games and had never gotten a foul ball. TIL TONIGHT! Tada… Also, someone was wearing this:
  2. Fargo In The Media

    This topic is for media information/discussion. Past season discussion belongs in another topic.
  3. Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    I'm pretty sure the logic is that a bear will break into a darkened car if it smells food in there, but the lodge will have all its lights on and it won't venture near.
  4. If you notice, she's saying puns for her entire speech while she handles whatever vegetable applies to the pun. For instance, when she says "dill," she's holding pickles.
  5. MLB Thread

    Puig may find himself with a one-way ticket to another team. Piss off your manager and teammates, see where that gets you. Ask Ken Giles. Or Carlos Gomez.
  6. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Me too, are you referring to the episode that was playing where Phoebe and Ross were dating the divorcing couple? Because the scene where they get in a huge fight on the divorcing couple's behalf is really hilarious.
  7. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Which Rachel pointed out, but Monica was also stressing that they were kissing in the “super secret hallway where nobody goes,” in that anybody could’ve just walked right up on them. I agree that Monica was overreacting, but I also see her point that Rachel and Ross weren’t really making much of an effort to conceal themselves.
  8. Yeah, the adult diapers aren't for emptying the bladder, it's for the little oopsies that come out when dancing, prancing, sneezing, maybe jumping on a trampoline with the grandchildren (this happens to my mother). The funny thing is how the commercials market them to say, "Look how cute the underwear looks now!" with the patterns and such. Like I'd care.
  9. It's that it's a weird line to give a small boy, who I'm pretty sure does not give a shit whether or not steroids are in his ointment. It would be more effective to have an adult or a teenager say that line, as that's more plausible for me to believe they care about it.
  10. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Well, Rachel lived across the hall. She could've taken the test over there. It's basically just a plot contrivance so that Phoebe can find it in the trash because besides that, Monica's bathroom -- Monica of the 11 towel categories -- had left the bathroom with absolutely no tissue, not even toilet paper. I chalk it up to bad writing, in all honesty.
  11. MLB Thread

    I love that he had Jose Canseco's Rangers hat from the home run bonk. I can never stop laughing at that.
  12. MLB Thread

    Astros had an alumni homerun derby before yesterday's game. Was awesome to see Craig Biggio swinging the bat at Minute Maid Park again. He didn't win, Luke Scott won -- who, by the way, was hitting them really far. He hit at least half a dozen of them into the mezzanine seats, one of them up there into straightaway center. And one he hit off the scoreboard, which is ABOVE the mezzanine seats.
  13. MLB Thread

    Same here. If Beltre doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame, it would be a crime. And you all know how much I hate the Rangers. And in all honesty, he should get in on the weird head rubbing hilarity alone.
  14. TFOL in the media

    I don't think the show held up well at all. The Very Special Episodes always come off as so lame either because they weren't really allowed to delve too deep into the subject matter back then or because the legalities and moralities of the era ended up making the conclusion unsatisfying. And in general, I find the humor to be rather diluted.
  15. MLB Thread

    Those were some awesome 1979 throwback uniforms for the Astros/Mariners Turn Back the Clock Night.