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  1. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    The first thanksgiving episode kind of set that up to explain why, since most of them had/would have had plans with their families that year. I guess it ended up starting a new tradition. Chandler - No plans. Boycott. Phoebe - No plans. Celebrated with grandmother in December. Ross - Parents went to Puerto Rico. Monica - Parents went to Puerto Rico. Joey - Social pariah. STD posters. Rachel - Missed flight to Vail.
  2. You haven't? I've seen several cologne ads with waxed, impossibly sculpted pretty boys swimming around in a luxury pool in black-and-white.
  3. Only for them to be replaced by Valentines ads. It's a neverending cycle.
  4. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I didn't really get that into Phoebe's personal life storylines, but there were times that I did enjoy her plot of the episode. Like when she temped as Chandler's secretary and helped him realize and come to terms with the fact that his co-workers were now his employees and not his friends anymore. And of course, when Ross kept pestering her about evolution and she dropped him down a peg or two.
  5. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Yeah, I was going to say what likely happened is that her next of kin made no announcement at all and it was someone in the press eventually picking up on it.
  6. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Probably not, because nobody bothered to tell Frank when Lily died, 14 years before. At that point Frances knew exactly where he lived, it was when he was still married to Frank Jr's mom. He most likely just saw an obituary about Frances.
  7. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    It was in the one episode that we actually saw Phoebe's grandmother. FRANCES: It was your mother's idea. You know, she didn't want you to know your real father because it hurt her so much when he left and I didn't want to go along with it but, well then she died and it was harder to argue with her. Not impossible, but harder. PHOEBE: Alright, so, what, he's not a famous tree surgeon? And then, I guess, OK, he doesn't live in a hut in Burma where there's no phones? FRANCES: Last I heard, he was a pharmacist somewhere upstate.
  8. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    He was a pharmacist.
  9. S02.E07: Resting Witch Face

    Airdate: Friday, December 14, 2018
  10. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    I thought it was pretty obvious that Phoebe ran away from home. Where the home was (foster care or the grandmother's) isn't clear, but Ursula received all their mom's personal affects: suicide note, both her own and Phoebe's birth certificates, so I assume she had stayed put. The grandmother was Frances, mother of Lily (adopted mom). There was dialogue once in awhile about Phoebe calling Phoebe Sr. ("I have to call my mom and ask her a left-handed cooking question"). There was a crowd at Phoebe's outside wedding. I like to assume that her family was there for it, even if the actors weren't.
  11. Worst of Friends: Your Least Favorite Moments

    Two-time deadbeat dad? I wouldn't want to see him again. I don't know why Phoebe bothered in the first place, I'd have let him keep walking.
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  13. S04.E13: Opening Night

    Airdate: Friday, December 14, 2018
  14. S04.E12: The Prom

    Airdate: Friday, December 14, 2018
  15. S04.E11: It's Always Open

    Airdate: Friday, December 14, 2018