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  1. S05.E03: The End of the Tour 2018.06.19

    Is it just me or did the show seem to be chemistry-testing Josh and Lauren in this episode?
  2. 12 Monkeys Quotes

    2046 Jones: You realize that you cannot remember this moment. 2043 Jones: Benzodiazopene and a half a bottle of whiskey? By morning, you're a dream.
  3. She didn't spend a whole lot of time on Vampire Diaries, so it's not really the same grind as an entire season. She could've gotten through this first Dynasty season thinking, "what did I get myself into, I'm contracted for six more years of this?" And there's also the possibility that they hadn't decided on the Atlanta location until after she'd taken the role.
  4. I interpreted the “I have my life back” as she gets to stay in L.A. with her friends and family, as opposed to having to spend half the year away from them across the country in Atlanta. This is a common complaint from actors whose shows film down in the southeast i.e. Vampire Diaries, Dawson’s Creek. So I’m really not reading that there’s any producer drama, I just don’t think she liked living there.
  5. Maybe they did a focus group and, if the opinions from it were anything like the ones in this forum, there was likely a lot of positive feedback about Alexis and not so much for Cristal.
  6. Favorite Commercials

    Xfinity has a new commercial that cracks me up. Boyfriend is catsitting for his girlfriend and at first the cat hates him. I lose it when the cat stares at him while scratching his claws through his picture on a corkboard. https://ispot.tv/a/dwBq
  7. MLB Thread

    Whatever pads the lead for AL West. Good job, Yanks!
  8. MLB Thread

    Wow. Springer, Bregman, Altuve. Back to back to back homers.
  9. MLB Thread

    I've become smitten with Brandon Nimmo, currently of the Mets. His gleeful grin when he tore out an in-the-park homerun was beyond adorable. Orbit was sad that Chris Archer wasn't able to travel with Tampa Bay for the Astros homestand (they have a prank war). I was supposed to go to tonight's TB @ HOU rubber match, but it's World Series ring giveaway night, I already have one and the game is sold out. So I figured I'd StubHub the ticket and see if somebody had more money than sense. Somebody did, so I watch the game from home tonight.
  10. MLB Thread

    Somebody else always goes on a tear that'll overshadow Trout. Like how Evan Gattis was knocking the cover off the ball all last week.
  11. S05.E03: The End of the Tour 2018.06.19

    Lauren doesn't know yet, does she? I don't think she qualifies as "main" but Diana doesn't really either.
  12. MLB Thread

    Yes, @mojoween, though I may have had a stroke. Definitely had World Series flashbacks. Bregman is the King of walk offs.
  13. Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Reminder: this topic is for spoilers and speculation thereof. Discussion of events that have already occurred should go in the Past Seasons topic. Random speculation on the upcoming season should go in the Unspoiled Spec topic.
  14. Infection wasn’t a thing that was figured out until the 20th century, so I think the show did that right.
  15. MLB Thread

    I don’t think anybody needs a shortstop, though. Machado might find himself back at third base if/when a trade goes down.