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  1. MLB Thread

    This was pretty awesome:
  2. S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    People, seriously. Stop posting spoilers in the episode topics.
  3. S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    Upcoming storylines, cast members returning/exiting are spoilers and not to be discussed in the episode topics.
  4. MLB Thread

    I think it’s pretty standard for all the clubs’ preseason games. I actually like the manager interviews for the Astros. AJ Hinch is very personable, he doesn’t drone on.
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    I’m thinking the Zods are meant to be the mortal enemy. Makes the romance with the daughter a lot more Romeo and Juliet. Vex is more of a mortal nuisance.
  6. Debbie is an executive producer of Greys and a prolific director of the show as well.
  7. The One With the Thing: All Episodes Talk

    “Ross is dating someone? Does she HAVE a wedding dress?”
  8. Spoilers and Speculation

    Ha, do you mean KATE Capshaw, Jessica's mother? She wasn't his wife at the time, so it's not like he purposely cast her that way. I think the Indiana Jones movie was how they met.
  9. Yeah, it happens, especially on long-running shows like Grey's. The shows don't often go with what an actor might pitch but they may go with it if they think it's a good idea. April's storyline about losing Samuel was pitched by Sarah Drew.
  10. S02.E02: The Darlington 500

    Carol seemed to make a pretty big deal out of Rittenhouse lineage, maybe her grandmother picked up the gauntlet once her husband died.
  11. S05.E12: Safe House

    The urgency to free them was because Jake's life was in danger by being a cop in general population. Rosa wasn't in gen pop.
  12. The One With the Thing: All Episodes Talk

    Hell, part of Ross's problem when he was spiraling out on Mark jealousy was that it was Chandler and Joey feeding him advice. Colossally bad advice.
  13. S05.E12: Safe House

    I loved how upset Kevin was that Jake held out on the Cage movies he would've actually been interested in watching.
  14. Spoilers and Speculation

    Capshaw may not have wanted to use Spielberg as a leg-up and made her way on her own merit. However, if Shonda ever wanted to break into movies, she probably won't be getting business from any Spielberg productions now.