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  1. Yeah, I don’t see them finishing this book series. Starz’s track record for not running shows this long notwithstanding, I doubt the actors will want to stick around that long either. It’ll end up being like the Traveling Pants movie series when they realized they weren’t gonna get Blake Lively to do more than the two she signed up for: they’ll cram all the rest of the books into the last movie — or in this case, season.
  2. That’s the needless drama part. Jo left, has been gone for years, Paul doesn’t need her to sign squat. He can get a divorce without her. If he says he’s trying to divorce her, it’s probably just for more psychological torture.
  3. Paul could have already done that, citing abandonment. If a person leaves and disappears, the spouse can still divorce them in absentia. Although this not being the first time I’ve ever watched tv in my life, I doubt this is the case, because it wouldn’t be near as dramatic.
  4. I’d noticed that on my dvr and was kind of confused that the title was different. Now that I see its official, I’ll change the thread title. I guess this is the first episode to not have its name derived from a song title.
  5. Maybe the point of dual flashbacks isn’t to mirror, but to contrast.
  6. I don’t think she could see them, which might’ve been blocked that way on purpose to enable her to keep a straight face and not snort water up her nose.
  7. It wouldn’t have been Fred and Shelley, though. If they’d gone differently, it would’ve been Fred and Julia Duffy, they had the actors optimally paired up already.
  8. The floor was definitely not the right move for corpse placement, for the exact reason we saw: trip hazard. If the stripper didn’t want to sit next to him, I don’t know why they didn’t think of just letting her sit in one of the jump seats.
  9. Leonard and Penny’s disgusted looks at Amy doing her Neti pot in their sink was hilarious.
  10. In all honesty, it was probably Daphne that was the reason Niles ended up joining the Crane men bonding. Frasier and Martin living together, them getting closer was a foregone conclusion but if she hadn't been around, I doubt Niles would've shown up at Frasier's place very much.
  11. The original series’ dress code and the politics that go with it doesn’t have anything to do with this episode, let’s keep it on topic, please.
  12. But that's not makeup. I wonder, if they were going to change it, why not just make Brainiac normal looking like they did in Smallville.
  13. Not yet. A new forum will go up as soon as a title is announced.