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  1. If Kevin really wanted a child in his life, and could clean up his act, he might eventually qualify to be a Big Brother or something. But from BBBS eligibility requirements, it would take at least three years.
  2. They could set it up as a convention of time travelers, like when Sheldon went in his Star Trek uniform to "study" the medieval fair.
  3. What is a stinger, please? I looked it up but can't find a definition that looks relevant.
  4. Not unpopular here! They could have thrown a party later, and people could wear costumes if they wanted. Yes! Some books say that only married women should wear tiaras, so Amy was about to get her big chance.
  5. Fun to see that Raj still has The Desk, even though it fulfilled its purpose long ago. And yes to his "natural" hair and self-confidence.
  6. Wondering what will happen to FLOTUS. Prison or death would both be fine with me.
  7. PBS's Classical Rewind just played the original Masterpiece Theatre music. Good to hear that. MT changed the music years ago, but even now when I hear the new theme I think "That's' the wrong music!" for a moment.
  8. So Sheldon Cooper is 7 years younger than Jim Parsons. Also, they live somewhere in east Texas, but not very close to Houston? I thought someone mentioned Galveston, but maybe that was one of several places where they had lived.
  9. I still enjoy this show. Unfortunately I do not enjoy the shows that air before and after it. At least SD starts on the hour instead of on the half hour, so I have a better chance of tuning in on time. Still wondering where is the big outside wall where Franco painted the mural in season 1.
  10. Poor Sheldon ... if he was born about 1973 (Jim Parsons was) it is the early 1980s, and Radio Shack no longer has tube testers. Why bother to go?
  11. Q: If April flowers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? A: Pilgrims.
  12. John apparently (1) has little or no leadership experience, and (2) has not worked in engineering on the Orville or on another ship. It would have been more realistic to promote Yaphit to head of engineering (since he was second) and assign John to be second. Then John could see how things work there, and start to develop a leadership style of his own. We will see how well the existing situation works out.
  13. For viewers who believe “I could write better stories myself” or who are curious to see what others might write, here is a fan fiction thread. For starters, here is a link to several thousand stories of assorted quality: https://www.fanfiction.net/tv/Big-Bang-Theory/ If you want to recommend a story, you can post a link here. Please say a little about the story and why you liked it, because peoples' preferences vary.
  14. Yes, this would have been much better. The writers have been showing very little imagination. Each character has a trait or two (Sheldon is arrogant and self-serving, Bernadette is a bully, etc.) and we rarely see other aspects of their personalities. In such a long running show, many viewers want to see more than Sheldon "Sheldoning" for 17 minutes a week. P.S. What if they spent it at the comic book store, and Stuart realizes he still has it?
  15. Maybe John Lamarr grew up on Brave New World planet: “Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m awfully glad I’m a Beta and wear a red hat, because I don’t work so hard.”