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  1. New or Upcoming Products

    @MargeGunderson how are you liking the Kush eyebrow gel? I noticed this morning after I scrubbed my face my eyebrows are thicker 🤗 Mine aren't very thin but I wanna get that Jennifer Connelly brow look so I'm glad to have progress.
  2. New or Upcoming Products

    Charlotte Tillbury is coming to Sephora soon items are already sold out on preorder. And yes this is a cruelty free vegan luxury brand! 💸
  3. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    St Ryan of Lavery hosting on Food Network ugh is it going to become like Bravo which used to be nice and became trashy? When i hear immigrant song I think of the Karen O Trent Reznor cover in Girl w a Dragon Tattoo.
  4. New or Upcoming Products

    @callie lee 29 I'm jealous of you. I love perfume but can't call myself a perfume head I sometimes watch Jeremy Fragrance videos and at one point his collection was worth 20g or something (gagging 😩). I was talking on a gossip site w a woman and she named all these niche scents I've never even heard of so casually. I wonder if the high end fragrances are trying to make smaller sizes and the brands want to have more market recogniztion (ala Gucci with its clothing or Hermes like even middle class people in the Midwest know their logos and top sellers). When I was at Neiman Marcus last the Creed counter people were practically begging to make me a sample, I politely shrugged them off to ogle the Tom Ford glowing bottle collection of perfumes and squirt Fucking Fabulous.
  5. @Frozendiva I don't know why it isn't working well for me. I wonder if I got a bad bottle? I was thinking of trying Marc Jacobs Remarcable but it has mixed reviews 😕 A lot of other foundations don't have my shade (or close enough to mine) so it is actually hard to find a new foundation
  6. I think I'm the only person who finds Georgio Armani Luminous Silk overrated. The finish is not great it doesn't really blur or perfect and the luminousity looks artificial. Like lotion hand mixed with the foundation so the flow on skin is not seamless and not from microspheres of mica or minerals but rather droplets of glycerin and oil dispersed. Estée Lauder Double Wear is better at perfecting and Kevin Aucoin Etherialist is better at a dewy glowy foundation.
  7. New or Upcoming Products

    Soliel Blanc is gorgeous. I have two black orchids one is a quarter full then got an unopened backup on Mother's Day. I like his aquatic scents too. I heard one guru say to make them stretch you can layer them with other (less expensive scents). I want to say I've mixed black orchid with Elizabeth and James black and KVD Sinner before and it was nice. I think having smaller less priced purse size atomizers is a genius move. It's handy as hell and less of a commitment. I don't touch up my makeup really (other than lippie) when I'm out or working but I damn sure freshen up my scent after a few hours.
  8. New or Upcoming Products

    That's exciting about the Tom Ford perfume. Some of his priciest scents are gorgeous and unique. Do you know which ones will be in the mini sizes or when they'll be coming out?
  9. New or Upcoming Products

    I know it's expensive for what it is but the Too Faced 20th Anniversary collection and pallete are screaming my name. I'm in love w the packaging. So 90's and Saved By the Bell and Clarissa Explains it All colors and packaging. Bruh 💸 And the colors look great on medium and deeper tones several tuts were uploaded on YouTube and it looks pigmented and complimentary. That's been a problem w me and Too Faced in certain limited edition collections. I'm dying to try deep violet in the crease w an icy blue lid. Apparently a couple shades are dupes for Pat Mc Grath's statement ones in her Mothership collection.
  10. New or Upcoming Products

    Early review but I think it works great! I would definitely recommend you giving it a whirl!
  11. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I don't know @jewel21 I think you rock it pretty well.
  12. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    @pearlite I'm glad things worked out with the raccoons! You were so kind to help them 💕 Besides the "we rate dogs" or "rate my dog" accounts there's one called "I pet that dog" and it's a boy who each day pets a few new dogs and posts a pic and short bio on the dog(s).
  13. New or Upcoming Products

    I'm trying the Milk makeup Kush eyebrow gel this week. It's suppose thicken w heart shaped fibers and hold brows in place but also encourage growth and volume due to its cannibus oil and conditioners. I got Dutch (chocolate) and Grind (espresso shade). I like the look of thick strong power brows I wish mine were thicker.
  14. Yes management didn't do anything at all. It's a similar situation as what @bilgistic went through just trash people who are enabled. The management even said something like why would people do this I said power and the sense of superiority. They told me ignore it and focus on work. Total bullshit. The woman calling me ugly or fat aren't Victoria Secret models themselves and I'm not like deformed. Not that it would matter if someone worked here missing an arm would they call him stuppy and cripple and shit?
  15. I literally only said good morning to her and sat at my desk. Im not one of those people who thinks looks are an achievement or that it's important to be hot but I also dislike aggression and drama. It's not just that it's taking of my things (food, phone charger) and being noisy. Who tells someone they used to be gorgeous and now they're the opposite of that. I didn't know how to reply except that's not appropriate or professional to comment on. She said something about my car yesterday too. Weird place and weird people.