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  1. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    @jewel21 and I hope Steve feels better soon ❤️💕 he deserves the best of everything and I am sorry family shit is piling on what is already stressful AF right now w him, work and your own health. I love this fun size dude who has the makeup and hair game of David Bowie & personality the size of a building and I know his mom fights every day for him and all those in her orbit. Sending good thoughts and vibes
  2. There are only 4 soaps left and all are very different. As far tolerating Tripp I don’t like him and I don’t ship Ciara and Ben. It’s doesnt much matter anyways since I look at ships and characters individually. I like Kate it doesn’t mean every character I will justify or like seeing be violent or want blue streaks in their hair. I hate Abby it doesn’t mean I will hate every character who slaps people. 😂 I do like ‘sitting here and complaining all day’ I’m here to snark and read everyone’s criticism and jokes (as well as the articulate praise). I somewhat like Eric and Sarah together but it’s obvious he’s a rebound for her and she’s being thirsty. I really hope if Rex comes back or Eric doesn’t get Holly she doesn’t drop him like a hot potato cuz he will lose whatever cool he has left. That would be shitty to do to him. It was a week ago Salem time Sarah was getting drunk over Rex and shouting about love being fake and men being liars...now she’s glued to Eric’s side with goo goo eyes and hugs while helping him set up home. She probably hasn’t even gotten a new tank of gas since she dumped Rex and fell for Eric. The flashbacks were nice since it’s so important to show history and tv significance. How many programs still on the air have the accomplishments Days has? I couldn’t help but think about shows like As the World Turns and Guiding Light which had been around ages and cancelled without respect. I grew up on the ABC shows (my paternal great grandparents watched Days. My maternal grandparents watched CBS soaps. My house was AMC and OLTL) it saddens AMC is not still kicking like Days, I still have feelings for that show. I appreciated the clip montage was to a song Doug was singing to Julie since SSH/Julie lovesss Bill Hayes voice and still even now in interviews talks how special he is to her, so I think that was profound to the actress.
  3. How soon is it Sarah will suggest Eric marry her to strengthen his custody case? Why is Brady even so involved except he wants to stick it to Eric and be all up in Chloe’s shit? He’s annoying me. I don’t dislike Sheila or TBoz it’s just that’s she’s on way too often and she’s always saying and doing the same stuff. There is no doubt in my mind Julie and Abby will prevail against Gabi.
  4. I’m trying to find a Peashooter gif.
  5. I have to agree. I love his bone structure and eyes. He, Chad, and Eric are looking great 😍 even when a scene is dull I check them out. Damn Sarah’s practically in love with Eric already. When they were describing the apartment and things he planned for Holly she was totally envisioning herself by his side playing mama/wifey. Brady’s not much better when it comes to Chloe. I was a huge Broe fan but then he was completely different literally and figuratively. I actually think both Eric and Chloe have equal claim to Holly. Chloe has the document and did carry the baby and will raise her with her half sibling. But that document was composed prior to Nicole’s saying she wanted Eric to raise Holly so maybe her views changed? Can the boys leave the Kiriakis living room yet and can Sarah change her dress? I’ve had about enough. I’m also getting sick of Sheila.
  6. Today on The Young and the Rosales Lola makes a nice meal that impresses Devon 😴 Tessa nightmares and moping convince Mariah to side with her against her whole family 🙄 Mia’s thirst is real when she kisses Nikki’s ex stripper ass to social climb and beg for friendship. Nikki whisper agrees if she will get her the scoop on hubby Rey Rey and influence him 💦 Exciting shit Folks.
  7. No the poster was asking about the baby Laura had trouble with and Tom said they were both hospitalized. The conversation clip was quite vague. And to answer the question it was Jennifer. When Laura delivered Jennifer she was losing her mind and during a snowstorm she put the baby on a bus alone and I think wandered off. They both got exposure or hypothermia.
  8. I think it’s from OppoSuits. Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules and Shannon from RHOC has worn some of their themed suits last year on their respective shows. Leo’s hair was especially Johnny Bravo. Today was kinda a bring episode for me.
  9. That could be the case and then launch a murder mystery whodunnit. OT but Wayne Brady’s show Let’s Make a Deal is terrible. I always enjoy when I get the chance to watch The Price is Right and it’s still lit, but this lead in program has none of the excitement or charisma.
  10. Holy Grail Beauty Products

    I love shea butter! It’s the only ingredient helps my hair. Thats interesting about shampoo bars and conditioner bars. Less waste and better for the environment and transport.
  11. HT/Taylor looks so bad here. That profile. 😖🗿 Anywaysss, you’d think on a women heavy cast with a large budget they’d have better styling and hair. They don’t know what to do with poor Anika/Hope. She’s supposed to be the good girl and laid back so they went this weird dated bohemian vintage route. She’s still supposed to be an executive and fashion icon, who is born and bred in LA and Bel Air, and young so I don’t get why they aren’t putting her in Brandy Melville, Aritzia, and those casual model off duty looks with her hair and make up minimal. So... Dr Windsor is a womanizer and gold digger. Believable since doctors don’t make a lot of money especially after 20 years into the job when presumably all student loans are paid off. I hope he cons Taylor out off any dough she has from marrying Forrester men and her Prince ex, then narcs on her for shooting Bill so he can skate away 😂 Steffy needs to STFU guilt tripping Liam like he’s the bad guy in this. She gets this shit from Ridge I swear. It’s absolutely absurd her reaction to Sally kissing Liam warranted hysteria and was a federal crime, but her mom’s attempted murder is like a burp at a dinner party in her eyes.
  12. Julie if the universe keeps giving you marijuana maybe it’s a sign.
  13. B&B : In the Media!

    Annika / Hope looks real pretty there! They should style her with natural Beachy hair and minimal makeup on the show!
  14. That would be fucked up if Taylor uses her new pal Dr Wayne Brady OBY-GYN to cause Hope’s baby to pass away or have birth defects.