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  1. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Yes. When I tell people they don't understand. and the torture is worse than you will ever fathom. 1000x worse. what's especially hard for me is these dogs rescued were stolen from homes so they already trusted humans and these people preyed on that, and they would lay down their lives to protect a person. Some of them just look so baffled or in what I presume PTSD. A few comfort each other and express joy even with their injuries and exhaustion.
  2. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I've had them in a soup and with the seasonings and rice noddles it tastes like gluten free vegan chicken noodle. So it has begun the nightmare hell on earth Yulin. 20,000 stolen companion dogs and cats will be tortured to death as maliciously as possible. It seems so outlandish and unfair this happens to the sweetest most loving trusting creatures. Through my friends network I know of 2 trucks of the animals incepted and saved. They are in poor condition (dehydrated, without food for days in the travel after being stolen, sick, some broken bones) but alive. (There's cocker spaniels, goldens, corgis, Pekingese, calico cats, tabbies all sorts of adorable scared babies). This will go on until the 30th. I hate to post something so dark but this and the illegal dog and cat meat trade are serious atrocities. Hugging my dog extra hard tonight.
  3. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    X besides savagely beating his pregnant gf also physically attacked a gay man in jail. This has nothing to do with his murder. But I only knew of him for his hate crimes and speech- not music.
  4. They really should have kept Sasha and Ivy around.
  5. Liam to Steffy: We'll do this to together. Like we will spend the rest of our lives. Me, an intellectual
  6. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    This morning after dropping George off at my moms my brakes went out, light on almost no pedal resistance. Made it safely to a shop by 7:30 am. While waiting I was walking from a Starbucks in a desolate strip mall. A duck was circling a sewer drain squawking. I leaned over and thought I heard chirping. Called the animal control woman and after opening 4 drains and coaxing 11 baby ducks were saved, reunited w mom, and relocated to a pond. The fact the mom never gave up and the babies had absolute faith in her was so humbling.
  7. Yup. The women are just as bad very superficial sorority party type behavior and conversation. They literally picked on me for being too quiet and serious. Then when I do say hi or good job or answer their chit chat questions I'm ridiculed. I don't care all that much but before I got my own office they'd constantly play music or song loudly off key by my desk to disrupt me. I think it was intentional since they knew I needed to concentrate to read and would laugh mockingly saying "oh is this making it harder for you?" I hope I get the other job it would be a good fit ๐Ÿ˜Š @bilgistic the situation did remind me a tad of your old one where no matter what you did it was interpreted as weird. Too quiet and hardworking they criticized - then if you do engage they say some rude as hell shit.
  8. I work at an IT start up. Like I can't even list all the food we have we even have pies and cakes. But there's organic and healthy stuff too. I'm vegan so there's a few options for me like cous cous and frozen beans and corn and bananas. They ordered a bunch of vegetarian stuff for me this week (evol brand, Morningstar Farms, because they don't know the difference. One of the bitches I work with started eating it all to get my goat but I didn't say anything and wasn't going to eat it anyhow ๐Ÿ˜‚ we also have a bar that we only open on special times. I got the first sale so they had a bunch of champagne toasts the day after. My second sale they didn't tell anyone. Im interviewing Tuesday for a normal and very large established company and pretty excited. Startups can be horrible. My bosses stink and the other sales people are assholes. I am picked on for my dyslexia and being an introvert all the time. I've had time off requests denied. Everyone goofs around or acts like buffoons but I'm the weird one or jerk since I don't behave like some needy jackass and work. At the new job I can tell them I'm the sales leader of my organization (true) and also will be coming with a lot of leads and connections (different type of sales I'll be doing but some same clients like factories, utility companies, printers).
  9. One of the company owners son is an "intern" aka they sit in the office playing wii all day and stuffing his face in the kitchen (we have unlimited free food from kabobs, to Haagen Daz bars, taco bowls, chips, waffles, subs, fruit platters ect) for a paycheck. Anyways he's a real piece of work he initiated conversation w me about something very random "type one diabetes is caused by eating and type two the children kind." I gently said type one is more often child onset and sometimes type 2 is caused by obesity and he blew a gasket how stupid I was and told me to shut up. I just walked away. Holy shit if he's having that level of a hissy fit over something so stupid imagine if he actually gets criticized or rebuked for anything serious. Affluentza much?
  10. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    @Irlandesa I'm speaking of specific people I know - not generalizing or guessing but was trying convey it delicately. He's said all vegans should be wiped out myriad times, never reproduce, he told one of my friends if she didn't quit bitching about animal rights he'd go outside and shoot a dog right hen and there... this is why some people are saying ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ I don't necessarily agree but trying to answer query.
  11. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I think a lot of people who reply with indifference to Bourdain's death maybe people he rubbed the wrong way with some of his comments. He was a controversial fella. I am sad at his passing but I can see why someone might be like meh.
  12. I don't like Sonja. She contributes nothing and I'm bored with her bullshit. The true breaking point was when she almost proudly stated she gave up her dog and cat. And how she resents and shoves around her daughter, Franklin Delano's dog she's caring for. This is the Real Housewives so almost all brag and/or are delusional but they have at least 1 accomplishment. I've had it with the "my yacht" "my help" "I banged this college boy" blah blah. I'll be glad when the only thing she has, her looks finally go so she will shut the fuck up and embrace her Miss Havisham future. She is not enjoyable or entertaining to me. Her voice it grates, it's so squawking and strident. Her nose is too equiline and masculine and she looks like she smells.
  13. I wonder if they intend to drive this through as summer story but if so
  14. Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Fuck Depression ๐Ÿ˜ข From Report of the Week
  15. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    It seems sudden to me since Shepl hasn't always been supportive or complimentary to Kathryn. He was dismissive and meh and Craig was more in her corner and able see any worth. Chelsea was brave sharing her experience and feelings tonight.