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  1. S04.E05: I'm So Happy for You

    I did too, for the same reasons. I'll admit, I let out a "nice!" when it went into letterbox (and then wondered if they filmed it in both CinemaScope and Todd-AO).
  2. S05E04: Requiem

    I've deleted it, so I can't check, but I thought he was already overseas, and had returned in time to fly the mission on which he was killed. Either way, something else bugged me--if they were denying him military honors at his funeral, wouldn't that also include the flag on his casket?
  3. I love the classic What's My Line, and have been watching the 70s color incarnation that's been on BUZZR this month--man, is it bad. For me, the beauty of the game is its simplicity (and the manners and style of the 50s/60s are refreshing from a fifty-year-later point of view). This 70s version adds too much extra fluff--little games or product demos that take enough time away that many of the guests' sessions are ended early, with the panel not having the full chance to guess. And wow, I can't stand Soupy Sales...
  4. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Technically this probably ought to be in the media thread, but I thought it was worthy of inclusion here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/tv/ct-ent-jeopardy-vincent-valenzuela-20180716-story.html
  5. I'm so glad to hear that, although to be fair, this week's was the one celebrity guest I could get behind.
  6. I saw Minister Chen (well, Francis Jue) in Soft Power last night in Los Angeles. It's an...interesting...show. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/la-et-cm-soft-power-review-20180518-story.html
  7. Pretty much my exact thoughts, although I was going with the Eyes of Justice. I have never been rooting against a victim, hoping that she was wrong and Miguel was innocent, more than this, solely because I wanted Benson to finally get some comeuppance. I should have known that would never happen in today's SVU...
  8. Finally catching up...had the subtitles on for this one, so I could follow along with Ray's French (I now know how to say "turnip"!). I absolutely loved when Pam farted on Archer's head, and the subtitle simply read "[Flatulence]".
  9. Caught up on the last couple episodes this weekend. I think I'm done for good.
  10. S04.E21: Protocol

    The one in Iraq, which was being held by the ISIS militants. I'm kind of disappointed Blake isn't going to join the protocol team. That would have been a fascinating addition to the mix (although probably pretty hard to write interesting TV about). Since that didn't pan out, I certainly hope the writers have something good planned for him.
  11. S02.E02: Picasso: Chapter Two

    I'm only up to this episode so far, but I wonder if they're going to use a lot of the same cast, since not only is Dora a repeat, but the French actor who introduced Picasso to Genevieve is Einstein himself.
  12. Holy cow, you ain't kidding. I've seen a couple shows there, and am taller and (quite) bigger than the average for today, let alone 1910, so I've never been comfortable in that theater. Disney did the same thing when they renovated the El Capitan movie theater in Hollywood. I'm pretty sure they're not the original seats, but it may be the original seating plan, because those are on the tight side as well (although thankfully not as tight as the New Amsterdam).
  13. S01.E04: Victory Party

    Y'know, I thought I was hate-watching it, with all the eyerolls and internal dialogue about how they must have some checklist of what a moving HS-based drama in the 2010s must contain...and then when this episode ended, I had a genuine thought of "ah darn, is that it?". Does that mean I'm actually secretly liking it?? *shudder*
  14. S05.E04: Sex

    Pet peeve/nitpick of the week, in the Kinsey story: It's not the "University of Indiana", it's "Indiana University".
  15. S04.E19: Gator Done

    Why is it that, out of all the wackiness on this show, the thing that bothers me the most is that Toby could not have stayed for Mardi Gras following March Madness in 2012, since Mardi Gras was February 21 that year. (And yeah, I know he technically could have stayed for a year until Mardi Gras 2013, but whatever...)