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  1. Desus & Mero are leaving Viceland; possibly moving to Showtime I guess it's for the best. They're going to get a lot more money and none of the "fucks" will be bleeped.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    That Bill Clinton interview was something else. Craig did a great job. I think Savannah still has some chops, so I could see her challenging Clinton like that, but Hoda no way. I like Hoda, but she would have laughed it up with Clinton the entire interview. Keeping Craig and Willie around to do more challenging interviews is a good idea.
  3. Heathers in the Media

    Not surprising that they scrapped the series. If this was a show that Paramount really believed in, they wouldn't have delayed it for months. I wonder if this will be quietly dumped either online or on streaming service. It's too bad, I think Heathers may have had something to say. But making kids who are still outcasts in a lot of schools in real life the alpha bullies left a bad taste in my mouth. The so-called traditionally popular kids could have easily been faux woke, but that probably wasn't edgy enough.
  4. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Yeah, it was really selfish of her not being able to control her Tweeting. I'm sure she got stern warnings before the show premiered and after her David Hogg tweet and she just wouldn't quit. If she just *had* to talk nonsense on the web, there are certain anonymous message boards she could have shared her filth with. Roseanne owes the cast members and crew that really needed this gig a more sincere apology than the one she gave this morning.
  5. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    This after all that fanfare about the Muslim neighbors episode and claiming it was Roseanne's way of coming to terms with her issues with Muslims. Roseanne will keep on spouting conspiracy theories and other offensive crap, ABC will make her apologize and she'll make weak, insincere apologies. Wash, rinse, repeat until she finally says something that will cause the advertisers to back out.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    There was a Willie spotting today. He was filling in for Hoda and it looked like Craig was covering that Harvey Weinstein creep's arraignment. I don't need to see Willie on regular Today every day, but once in a while is enough.
  7. S06.E17: Kandi & Brandi

    I'm not a fan of the narration at all. All the participants, from the few with college degrees to the ones I'd be shocked if they made it much past the ninth grade, sound the same. Maybe it's the direction they're getting. Whatever it is, I wish they ditch the narration.
  8. GMA in the News: Good Media Alerts

    They tried an afternoon hour of GMA with Lara and that flop Josh Elliott and it bombed. Maybe they'll have better luck this time. Let's just hope the afternoon show won't revolve around Strahan like the first two hours.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kelly & Ryan is a syndicated. It airs on the Fox affiliate where I live and before that it was on a CBS channel. The KLG & Hoda hour hasn't aired at 10:00 am here in years, some unwatchable local talk show comes on instead. The fourth hour of Today comes on at 1:00 pm after Days and again at 1:00 in the morning after all the late night shows go off.
  10. Show Discussion

    Even a "real news" morning show like CBS This Morning knows the royal wedding is a ratings draw. At least they just sent Gayle instead of the entire cast like Today did.
  11. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    GMA weekend is still a great show. I kind of miss Ron and Sarah's fake feud but the show is still good. I just wish it was 90 minutes or 2 hours like the CBS and NBC Saturday shows.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    The Today Show has never been a serious news show (I hope J. Fred Muggs is well) and I think Hoda and Savannah are fine when there is breaking news to read or report. Being giggly or smiling strangely doesn't disqualify someone from reading the news imo. Megyn's hour is more serious than the rest of Today and she can barely get people to tune in. I don't get why people invoke names of anchors of old. Even "serious" guys like Jennings and Mike Wallace had fluffy BS on their resumes. I have a feeling Jennings would be criticized for having very little formal education and be accused of benefiting from nepotism. All three shows are practically wall to wall with royal wedding coverage. I'm mildly interested and will be up tomorrow morning, but will be glad when it's finally over.
  13. S31.E40: No Defense (Lorenzen Wright)

    Yeah, what the hell was that about? I hope it's being thoroughly investigated and we'll hear something new when 48 Hours does an update on this case.
  14. The Sims

    I played Sims 4 a little bit a couple of years ago, it's just not for me. I miss the open world of Sims 3 and was deeply disappointed I couldn't run all of the expansions at once. I might have to redownload that Sims 2 complete EA gave away a while back.
  15. Let's Talk Modern Consoles (And Handhelds)

    I've had my Switch for a year and have enjoyed it so far. I don't play many games on it, I ended up loving Zelda and play Splatoon 2 a lot, but that's about it. I'm still holding out hope for an Animal Crossing announcement. There's the mobile game, and it's okay, but it's not a full AC title.