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  1. S01.E12: Why Bad Things Happen

    If Netflix kept that suicide show, they'll stick with this if the show gets enough viewers. I read somewhere Netflix goes by how many people finish the season when deciding what to renew. I liked the show overall. Some of the lines about weight and the gay jokes were cringy, but I didn't feel they were punching down like that Heathers pilot. The show was a fun mess, it reminded me of the soap Passions in places. I get the complaints, and agree with some of them, but I will watch season 2 if it comes back.
  2. Tamron Hall -- Today show worker and MSNBC anchor

    I'm glad she got a new deal after her original plans for a talk show produced by the Weinstein Company fell through. Please, please let this be a sign that she's going to wind up on GMA. Strahan can focus on that Live! rip off, GMA in the afternoon or whatever.
  3. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I think Hoda is doing just fine. If Michael Strahan, who has zero credibility or experience in the news biz, can read the news and do serious interviews on that other show, Hoda, a woman who actually worked her way up from local news to NBC, can do what she does on Today. At least they keep Hoda away from the harder news stuff. She knows, they know, we all know that is not her niche anymore. Today has never been a serious news show anyway. The show used to feature a chimp, it's not a show where I think "the first two hours should only be reserved for *real* journalists. Did you see her complaining about how a song like "Mack the Knife" would never be a hit now? She even acted a little perturbed that Billboard named the "Twist" their number one song. Did being married to Frank for so long cause Kathie Lee to acquire the pop culture tastes and sensibilities of a 90 year old? Mack the Knife... She was like three when that song was a hit.
  4. Almost everything about this show, from top to bottom, is scripted, I don't even bother to try to analyze it. The one thing I do get out of this show, though, is that Sugar Bear is probably the most repulsive person on tv.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Today and the rest of the media know how certain voters are going to respond. The better question is why the continue to ask if they've changed their minds. Jenna and Savannah filled in for Megyn yesterday. It made me wonder if they're testing different hosts out in case Megyn, uh, leaves in the near future.
  6. S06.E01 Who Knows Better Than I?

    The hallucination may have gone on too long, but I did like that they showed the system just doesn't take inmates with mental problems seriously. Maybe Suzanne should be in a psych ward, but in prison, they'd stick her in a segregated unit and let her rant all day until her meds kicked in. That's she was anywhere near gen pop in the first place was only for plot purposes and her parents' high priced, well connected lawyers. The guards would get away with their frame job in real life but I need them to get caught. I need a little justice on the this show after Poussey and the general injustices the inmates go through.
  7. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    They said Strahan was not going to host afternoon GMA, but - surprise - he is. He will have three hours of ABC airtime, his Q Score must be through the roof.
  8. GMA Hosts: Let's Judge Them!

    So that's why they've been doing the three anchor thing on the weekends, they're probably auditioning replacements. Jessica Mendoza from ESPN was on today. Apparently Ms. Mendoza calls baseball games, never heard of her, don't even get ESPN, so maybe she's just there to promote ESPN.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    The third hour ratings were stable when Sheinelle co-hosted with Al and Dylan and she's been cohost of the Saturday edition for around three years. There's one reason, and one reason only imo for the fourth hour's ratings slide and she most likely gets a shit load more money than Sheinelle, Hoda, Savannah and about every other host on Today.
  10. All Episodes Talk: The Dating Game for Creeps

    The producer of this show, and The Bachelor, was also the mastermind of Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire. I guess Mike Fleiss and ABC thought nearly 20 years was long enough for people to forget about Multi-Millionaire and the trainwreck aftermath. Most of the Bachelor contestants and a good chunk of the fans probably aren't even old enough to remember that show or the fallout from it, so why not make another attempt at the concept.
  11. The Proposal in the Media: We’ve Got Questions

    Maybe Mike Fleiss's shows are toxic shit shows that actively recruit the worst people possible. I'm surprised more contestants' rap sheets haven't been dug up.
  12. Desus & Mero are leaving Viceland; possibly moving to Showtime I guess it's for the best. They're going to get a lot more money and none of the "fucks" will be bleeped.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    That Bill Clinton interview was something else. Craig did a great job. I think Savannah still has some chops, so I could see her challenging Clinton like that, but Hoda no way. I like Hoda, but she would have laughed it up with Clinton the entire interview. Keeping Craig and Willie around to do more challenging interviews is a good idea.
  14. Heathers in the Media

    Not surprising that they scrapped the series. If this was a show that Paramount really believed in, they wouldn't have delayed it for months. I wonder if this will be quietly dumped either online or on streaming service. It's too bad, I think Heathers may have had something to say. But making kids who are still outcasts in a lot of schools in real life the alpha bullies left a bad taste in my mouth. The so-called traditionally popular kids could have easily been faux woke, but that probably wasn't edgy enough.
  15. Roseanne: Domestic Goddess of All Media

    Yeah, it was really selfish of her not being able to control her Tweeting. I'm sure she got stern warnings before the show premiered and after her David Hogg tweet and she just wouldn't quit. If she just *had* to talk nonsense on the web, there are certain anonymous message boards she could have shared her filth with. Roseanne owes the cast members and crew that really needed this gig a more sincere apology than the one she gave this morning.