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  1. Dragon Age: Inquisition (and the Dragon Age Universe)

    The game of the year edition of Inquisition is regularly on sale for less than $20 now. The DLC, especially the last one, was pretty good, it's worth the upgrade to current gen imo.
  2. The Masked Singer

    Marion Jones is 5'10'' and Lolo Jones is 5'9''. How tall is Unicorn? She looks about 6'1'' or 6'2'' in those heels.
  3. The Masked Singer

    I'm going to guess Lolo Jones is the Unicorn after tonight's clues. Flying is a reference to hurdling and her spirit being crushed is the ridicule she received after her spectacular failures at the Olympics. Edit: Maybe Marion Jones is Unicorn. The tarnished reputation fits better since she was busted for using PEDs and she's from Los Angles so that matches up with Hollywood royalty.
  4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

    I loved this and can't wait until it comes out on streaming. I can't stand sitting in the theater alone so I missed the after credit scene, I heard it was good.
  5. Good Morning America

    Yep, Sara's pregnant: https://pagesix.com/2019/01/03/gma-day-co-host-sara-haines-expecting-third-child/
  6. Surviving R. Kelly

    We don't know how controlling and demanding R. Kelly was to that girl. I can't hold her to same level of accountability as the grown-ass men who were forging documents for Kelly to marry a little girl and bringing him girls. That girls parents would have probably told her to shut her mouth if she tried to tell and there's endless speculation over how much or little Aaliyah's own parents knew.
  7. Surviving R. Kelly

    That was very hard to watch and we're only finished with night one. I don't understand why people were saying the doc was exploiting Aaliyah. Aaliyah's story was part of the larger narrative of R. Kelly being a heinous predator, and it's a fact he married the girl when she was 15. Why should that be glossed over? To any victims who may be reading this, of R. Kelly or anyone else, I see you. I believe you and care about you.
  8. Surviving R. Kelly

    The three night, six part documentary explores the numerous accusations against R&B singer R. Kelly and the impact on his alleged victim. Starts January 3rd at 9:00 pm eastern on Lifetime.
  9. S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    Therapy should be the first thing they begin because most of the participants on this show have experienced major trauma. I suspect therapy doesn't come up until later because TLC wants lots footage of their (assumed) personality disorders on full display. I do know a psych evaluation is required before bariatric surgery in the real world, I wonder if people on the show get them but that doesn't get shown.
  10. S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    It was refreshing to see a nice manipulator versus someone who snaps when they don't get their plate of a dozen scrambled eggs and ten bacon NOW. But it could have been less manipulation and more Octavia and her friend became too isolated and got trapped in their delusion and denial. I'm really glad Dr. Now is paying lip service to these people need to be vetted by a doctor before they load themselves in a van to Houston or take medical transport. I'm surprised more people don't get seriously ill or die, maybe they do and TLC chooses not to continue filming or they scrap the episodes.
  11. Deal Or No Deal

    Yeah, the CNBC version has so much filler because they want to keep the episodes self-contained. I agree two contestants an hour is enough; let them tell their sob story at the start of their run and get on with it. I don't understand why they didn't mix in some male models with the case girls. Twenty-six mostly mute hot women and those creepy, Robert Palmer video-esque banker's models seem a little outdated
  12. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    I don't know about stalking, but I remember Raven was asked about him and got super flustered when his name was brought up. Orlando is also incapable of mentioning her without saying they had a sexual relationship. Even if there is no physical stalking, his behavior and remarks are enough to make anyone nervous.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    The lack of any mentions of Raven-Symone during the Orlando Brown episode were glaring, he's been obsessed with her to the point of getting a giant Raven tattoo on his chest. The show must have received requests that Raven not be brought up during Dr. Phil and Orlando Brown's sit down.
  14. Deal Or No Deal

    They keep on repeating the Christmas episode where the guy ends up with $5. He had two good offers there at the end, but he ~believed~ the $750,000 was in his case. I wonder do the producers encourage that type of idiotic, magical thinking or they recruit people with those traits. I guess sensible people taking the first deal that hits six figures is not entertaining enough.
  15. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    That's Jackie Fox? She was on The Chase back when that was still on and did mention she was in The Runaways. She still has an annoying play style.