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  1. S04.E14: MM 54

    I think we are suppose to infer from this and other zombie lore that since everyone is already infected and turn even if not bit when they die, that it's not getting infected that kills you, it's that the bite from a zombie causes an infection(or causes the infection that you already have to get out of control) that is not curable and kills you and then turns you into a zombie. So you can get the flu and survive, get shot and have an infected wound and survive if you get proper meds, but not a zombie bite infection, which has no meds that can help you fight the infection off.
  2. S01.E10: eXploited

    I don't think she is as powerful without her sisters. She needed to get her sisters out of the facility and needed the mutant underground to help make that happen. Once they were out, then the 3 of them were powerful enough to do everything on there own.
  3. S06.E08: Crisis on Earth-X (2)

    Or her pod hasn't made it to the arrowverse earth yet and the arrowverse clark has also not revealed himself. Or even that the arrowverse's Krypton was not destroyed.
  4. S01.E08: threat of eXtinction

    I wonder if Esme
  5. S01.E03: About a Girl

    Humans on these shows have the most advanced ability of all, 'human ingenuity'. In trek for example, like you said, humans are upstarts. But we're upstarts that are going warp 5 in 100 years and within 200 years of warp flight have surpassed far older species. For instance we know the vulcans have had space flight for 5000 years. So we advanced 10 times faster.
  6. S01.E03: About a Girl

    yes. It appears to be that was a lie to cover for what they were doing. It probably is extremely rare(like say a handful a year), but not once every 75 years rare. We were told that species was much more advanced, so it's likely the Union can't transport living matter yet. But not that transporters don't exist in the universe.
  7. S01.E02: Command Performance

    Also, Spock said there was an old vulcan proverb, "only Nixon can go to China". And Worf quotes an old Klingon proverb, on DS9 "you can't loosen a man's tongue with root beer". And that's not even getting into Riker's love of Jazz music and all the classical music being played in the Abramsverse trek.
  8. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    it doesn't matter what Dany did. She's still a Targ. Just Tyrion didn't do the things his family did, but he's still a Lannister and Sansa is still considered to have married an enemy of the north, because she had married Tyrion, eventhough she was forced to. And Myrcella didn't do anything wrong, but she was punished because of her family. Edmure's baby didn't do anything wrong either, but that didn't stop Jamie from threatening it. So Jon might not care, but we have plenty of evidence that other lords do care and remember. As far as the north is concerned right now, Jon has pledged himself to a Targ(Dany) and a Lannister(Tyrion), who are both their enemies. I also doubt Lannister Armies could have just marched into the North freely, even if Cersei wanted to keep her word.
  9. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Yeah, I think the northern lords have been written ridiculously, but in this case they are right. Everyone needs to remember what happened before. The targayens killed Rickard and Brandon Stark. As far as they know Lyanna Stark was kidnapped, raped and killed by Rhaegar Targayen. The North SHOULD be upset about Jon bending the knee. They might change their minds when the truth comes out, but right now, they have no reason to not be upset and no reason to trust Dany. But if that is not enough, then I don't see how Tyrion could help. If there's anyone the North would hate more than the Targs it's the Lannisters. Sansa herself already gets flack from the North for being married to Tyrion and that was a marriage she was forced into. No like I said above, Sansa like the Northern lords is upset that Jon has pledged himself to the people who betrayed the starks by kidnapping Lyanna and killing her and her brother and father. It would be no different than if Jon comes back saying his has aligned with Tommen or Myrcella(assuming either was alive). They might not be guilty for what the other Lannisters have done, but they are not trusted because of who their relatives are.
  10. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Jon could have had a million men behind him, but would have still rode out to save rickon abandoning whatever plan they made which took the vale knights into account. Also, it's more likely that Ramsay just holes up in Winterfell and prepares for a siege if the knights of the vale were there early. And even with those knights, Jon could not have laid siege to winterfell, in winter. Ignoring the fact that the only reason Sansa doesn't tell Jon is because she's not with Jon in the books to tell him(which is why the writers just swept it under the rug, they wanted the surprise without an adequate reason, same way ravens were flying at light speed this season). Then she should have told him or at least have a better written reason for not telling him, but it wouldn't have saved anyone and Jon would have still rode out to save Rickon abandoning every plan they made with or without the knigths of the vale.
  11. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Sansa had just found a bag full of skinned faces. I think Sansa was justified in being afraid at that point. It was no longer just Arya threatening to show the Northern Lords the old letter.
  12. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    So if Jon knew the Vale was on the way, he would not have ridden out to try and save Rickon?
  13. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    We know this isn't true in Game of Thrones, because Dany, Sansa and Cersei have all said they were raped by their husbands. They knew what rape is and don't just see forced marriage sex as their 'duty'. Even Dany who we have been told loved Drogo said she was raped this season. And like has been said, Sansa had no duty to Tyrion. She was forced to marry him as a captive. This isn't a situation where Ned had arranged a marriage for her. She was a hostage who had no choice and was the Lannisters were not acting in her best interest. We also have book examples of Jeyne Poole, Lyssa Arryn(Tully) bot knowing they were being raped. And a Jamie chapter describes how he wanted to stop King Aerys from raping his wife, but other Kings Guards stopped him. At the end of the day, I think most people know when they are being raped or when they are raping someone. The don't need a law to tell them.
  14. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Me too. I like thinking about the "what ifs?" of it all. I also liked the idea of Jojen and Sansa, but he's dead on the show. Still hoping for the books though. Robb and Margery would have been a power couple too.
  15. S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Meera. I think Ned would have wanted Jon and Meera for a match if anything. Howland would have been ok with it and not thought it a slight, since he would have known Jon's true identity.